31 Presents for a Boys 2nd Birthday

By Louise
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We have chosen selection of gift ideas that will make the little boy’s two year old birthday and very happy day. The range of themes including construction, animals, farms, space, sea life, Dinosaurs, football and fishing. These gift suggestions go from the excessively big, like a bed to something a little more compact but nevertheless lots of fun like the toy keys! We truly have found some lovely gifts for you to choose from, eradicating your need to look any further. We have books, electronics, tools, traditional gifts that are timeless like the car park or the pull along toy. We also have a range of clothing suggestions such as a Dinosaur hooded coat. You need look no further!

2 Year Old Boy Birthday Gift Ideas

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This traditional looking and wooden educational calendar and clock toy is eye-catching. This board toy features a weather section with a sliding scale from sun to snow, seasons, days from Monday to Sunday, months from January to December, the date from 1st to 31st and a large clock face illustrated in the centre of the board with hours and minutes depicted. A great toy for 2 year old boys.

This illuminous red Fire truck will be much loved by the 2 year old boy. A great toy for play between the toddler and adults who can act out different roles. This busy truck will automatically change direction when it bumps into an obstacle. The truck has a lot of different coloured lights which also make lots of fire truck related noises. Taking three AA batteries that are not included with this set.

The ultimate pull along toy for the toddler, the design is of a digger with lots of learning opportunities for the little one and even more fun. The digger moves and speaks with the bucket section moving. Four balls are included with the digger which the toddler should be able pick up from the floor using the digger’s bucket. The balls are red, green, purple and yellow.

This busy toy will challenge your little Bob the Builder. Stored helpfully in a repairs van that can be moved around on its wheels, the toddler will find the repair man alongside his tools, such as a hammer and accessories such as screws. The tools can be used to put the accessories into the wood with perfect sized slots. Made from wood with some plastic elements this gift will keep the two-year-old boy amused for hours.

These Little Builder stickle bricks will keep the youngster occupied for hours. Made by renowned children’s brand Hasbro there are a whopping thirty parts included. The stickle bricks come in bright colours that are blue, orange, yellow, green, purple and many different shapes such as long thin rectangles and hollow squares. The toddler will have so much funs making things out of these blocks.

Toy Story never fails! This Buzz Lightyear dressing up set will make your two year old boy feel like a Super Hero. Or even Woody or both? With the customary green Buzz bottoms and white with green top, this outfit can also double up as a pyjama set. Made solely from natural fibres, this quality outfit your little one will love roleplaying as Buzz for some time.

These ferocious looking dinosaur cars will be loved by the young boy. You can choose from a pack of four or pack of six cars and they will keep the toddler amused for years to come whilst developing their knowledge of Dinosaurs and history in general. By pulling back these cars and letting them go, the car will move fast forwards. T-Rex is featured as expected as is the Stegosaurus.

The toddler boy will have so much fun with this toy! A pull along bubble maker in the shape of a lawn mower. The youngster will be able to join Mum or Dad whilst mowing the lawn. The toy is fabulously coloured red and blue and comes in a brightly coloured box. The toy comes with some bubble mix and can be used outside or inside. You will need to get three AA batteries.

This is a full-on Dinosaur activity mat made from natural fibres with nine dinosaur figurines that are hand crafted including all the favourites. The mat measures 80 cm by 70 cm. This toy comes in a box with handle for easy storage and to move. For solo playtime or play with friends and family, this is a toy that your toddler will never tire of and will provide lots of role play development opportunities.

This T-shirt is exactly what it says on the T-Shirt, Awesome! Available in choice of Navy or red, on the front of the T-Shirt is the text ‘This is what an awesome 2 year old looks like,’ in white with an outline of two hands doing the ‘thumbs up’ on each side of the ‘2.’ Made purely from natual fibres, the two year old boy should definitely be wearing this T-shirt to their birthday party.

This very sweet bike should be your toddler’s first bike. In an eye catching blue, this bike gives the young boy the opportunity to get used to a bike. This bike is recommended for boys between two and six years of age and the height of the saddle can be changed, so this gift will be used by the birthday boy for some time. Easy to put together the little boy will truly love this gift.

This uber cool ‘Smelly Wellies’ game can be bought on its own or alongside another game such as ‘Shopping List’ or ‘Little Bus Lotto.’ Great for playing at home or when on the move. Perfect for two year old boys this game needs a minimum of two players up to a maximum of four. The aim of the game is to fit the parts of the Monsters wearing Wellies into their correct place. Lots of fun!

The cover of this book is adorable with an illustration of a cute green dragon with purple wings. There are thirty pages in this book, and it is beautifully illustrated. The book is interactive asking the young reader to ‘not open the next page’ or ‘to blow the candles out.’ Written by the well respected Tom Fletcher, this book will be chosen as the night time reading book all the time.

A book for night reading together, this book tells the tale of the Tiger who came to Tea. A lovely little story told over thirty two pages, this book is beautifully illustrated. The size of the book is perfect for little people, at 28 cm length by 22 cm width. This book is timeless and will be read time and time again and one of those books that should feature on your bookcase.

No boy’s birthday would be complete without a football related gift. This football themed toy will provide hours of fun but with an educational element. When the ball is kicked into the football net, sounds and lights come on truly making it the winning shot! Good quality and sturdy this gift is very colourful with oranges blues and greens. Batteries and football are not included.

These toy keys have been made to emulate the key sounds such as the sound of locking, a car starting, a horn, bell and some light music too. On the front are the buttons for your toddler to press for the sounds whilst a light goes on relative to the button they have pressed. On the back is the speaker. You will need to get two AA batteries for this gift.

Like being at the Fair, this toy comes with a mallet and balls.  The four balls included in this set are red, blue, green and yellow and have a diameter of 28 mm. Made from wood, the idea of this game is for the little one to use the mallet to push the ball down into the matrix and watch as the balls go to the bottom. The youngster will be mesmerised.

What youngster does not enjoy a bit of fishing. Made from organic components this set includes a decorated fabric cloth representing the fishes’ home, six fishes coloured brown, orange red, yellow, blue and green and a couple of rods for fishing of which one is orange and the other blue. Easy to set up, the young one when holding the rod will catch a fish when the hook is in close proximity to the fish. Lots of fun on their own or with family.

This tractor set will make a fabulous gift for the two-year-old boy. This is a gift that the little boy will need to make up for himself, with of course some helping hands. Included in this set are thirteen sections of the tractors including tyres and roof section, and a battery-operated drill with two different sized heads for the drill. Don’t forget the batteries! So much fun with an educational benefit with this toy.

This is one very cool gift idea! A hooded coat with dinosaur ears and spikes featuring on the hooded section which is blue and grey. Good quality material, this long-sleeved hooded coat is comfy to wear. The front of the jacket is primarily blue and orange, with the image of the dinosaur a mix of blues and an open mouth with red tongue. The sleeves are blue with grey cuffs.

This delightful gift will make the birthday, boy a happy boy! Featuring a tree with holes in it, the idea is for the little one to get the worms out of the holes using Mumma bird and then feeding the baby bird. A fun gift with educational aspect in recognising eco systems and food chains along with other sensory developmental skills. This toy can be played with either horizontally or vertically.

This projector styled torch will make for a spectacular gift for the two-year-old boy who will be able to choose a reel of pictures from four different options to view. Each reel has a theme which are animals, sea life, transport and space. The torch is red and blue and features a red on/off button and an area where you can change the reels. The torch measures approximately 12 cm and is perfect for little hands.

This super cool trike will make a winning gift for the two year old boy. In the design of a red and black beetle, this trike can be used inside and outside will help the youngster develop skills for riding a bike when they are a little older. You can also choose from the design of Bee, Butterfly and Grasshopper. This trike is easy to put, take down and store.

This traditional type of wooden puzzle features nine types of pets. The idea of this puzzle is to match the animals up to the area that has been cut out for them.  It is a very attractive board with lots of animals and birds flying around with reds, greens, blue, yellows, grey, black, brown and white. There are other options available including safari, farm and vehicle themes.

The ultimate gift for young two year old boys! The car park with filling station and car washing section, is made from wood and has two levels and comes with two model cars, one blue and the other red providing hours of enjoyment either on their own or with friends and family. It can also be easily stored and has a handy handle to carry it around. This gift will be played with all the time for years to come.

This back pack has the ‘wow’ factor. Made using natural materials, the front of this backpack features a robotic cartoon character with lots of colour such as grey, blue, red, yellow, green, black and white whilst the back is black mesh like. There are different compartments allowing your little boy to find things easier and the belts that are dark green can be moved to fit the toddler’s size.

The baby blue training cup will help the parent to train their little one on drinking from a cup. Designed for little and delicate mouths, it features lots of dinosaurs against a clear background with two easy to use blue handles for toddlers. The Dinosaurs are blue, green and red. Suitable for children over four months old. Made from material that is hard to break.

This amazing toddler bed with a Dinosaur theme will put a smile on the little boy’s face. Mainly white the end of the bed features four happy Dinosaurs walking together with a blue and yellow theme. The headboard consists of an illustration of a smiling Dinosaurs head. The dimensions of this bed are 1.42 metres long with a width of seventy seven cm and height of fifty nine cm.

This uber cool sea world bedding will look amazing on the toddler’s bed. This bedding set comes in one size and comprises of a duvet cover and pillowcase. Reversible on one side three big sharks are illustrated with smaller fish and other under water species.  On the other side there are many more sharks and fish illustrated and are a lot smaller. Primary colours for both designs are blue, pink, orange and yellow.

This incredibly cute rabbit will make a lovely gift for your little boy helping him to sleep. Reactive to the little ones cries, calming tones will be activated but can also be used to encourage him to go to sleep. There is also a timer on this toy to avoid the little one awakening through manual operation. This toy also produces light onto the ceiling lighting up a range of coloured stars.

This foam play mat will provide a safe area for the little one to play but also can be used to build shapes. They come in packs of 9 squares, 18 squares, 27 squares or 36 squares. Each pack is equivalent to three quarters of a metre squared. Easy to clean each mat measures just under 30 cm wide and length with a depth of 0.7 cm. With bold colours you cannot go wrong gifting these play mats.

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