34 Gift Ideas for a Girls 2nd Birthday

By Louise
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Just for two-year-old birthday girls and princesses. If you are looking for the perfect gift for the two-year-old girl, we have got you covered here. We have bags, slippers, dresses, tops, dressing up sets and blankets and hair accessories and even a bed. We have interactive and role play based toys, bath time gifts, talking animals, traditional toys such as a shape sorter, a rocking elephant, soft toys, a tent and lots of suggestions to get arty. We have Lego Duplo, Peppa Pig, Tomy, Minnie Mouse and Duggee Dog. We have got you!

34 Presents for a 2 Year Old Girl

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The two-year-old girl will love this delightful present. The idea of this game is to fit the parts of the flower together to create a garden or flower pot and can be used indoors or outdoors. There are an incredible fifty-six pieces in this game set. Colourfully designed, not only will this provide hours of fun, but it is also an educational gift enabling them to develop skills such as focus and creativeness.

This doodling mat will keep the young ones entertained for a long period of time either on their own or with friends. The doodles disappear within minutes so this mat can be used continuously. It is simple to set up and with no mess! This set comes with three pens and a collection of stamps, four patterns and eight shapes for them to draw around. Suitable for young children over two years of age.

This amazing light will provide the perfect and calming environment for your two-year-old to fall asleep. The light produces a light emitting image of stars and a moon on to the ceiling of the youngster’s room with various styles to choose from. You can choose from ten colours for the base of lamp including pink, purple, blues, black, white, yellow, green and orange. Do not forget the batteries!

For the two year old girl in your life; this adorable jumper will be massive hit. With a cute colourful butterfly featured on the front of the sweatshirt, using pinks, green, yellow and white on a dark blue background. Made from natural fibres, this snug sweatshire comes in a multitude of sizes from one years old to eight years old. There is a size 1 to 2 years old and 2 to 3 years old. 2 to 3 years old is better option to maximise wear.

The ideal gift for the little lady with lots of sass! The top has the text ‘Little Miss Sassy Pants,’ in black, whilst the bottoms are a colourful floral design featuring yellow petals and a grey centre alongside lots of black leaves. This set is also available in a range of other colours, designs and with a short sleeve option. Suitable for a range of ages from new born to six years old.

These socks are just too cute! Available in sizes from new born to aged three years old, the one to three years old size will give lots of wiggle room and space to grow. This sock set includes nine pairs of socks. Made mostly using natural fibres, these socks are pink, and each pair has a different design with lots of hearts and cute animals. A sweet gift for the little one.

This endearing back pack in the shape of a unicorn will make a fabulous gift for a little girl. The base of the unicorn is white with a pink nose, cheeks and a grey horn and red ears with a multicoloured bit of hair. Other options include a penguin, elephant, flamingo and a bee but what little girl doesn’t love the mystical and cute unicorn. Great quality, this bag is soft with pink padded straps and super cuddly too.

This fairy dress up set is absolutely adorable! In a light purple, this dress up set includes a little netted skirt, wings in the shape of a much-loved animal, an Alice band with two butterflies coming out of it, and a magical sceptre featuring a pretty star. One size, this set will suit children up to the age of eight years old so plenty years of dressing up.

Suitable for youngsters aged between nine months and thirty-six months, this beautifully coloured, interactable toy in the shape of a carrier for a kitten will educate your child whilst providing so much enjoyment too.  With twenty different themed songs and noises and bold colours the youngsters’ senses will be energized. This play set includes a soft kitten toy with the option of adding on a set of eight Duracell batteries.

This adorable T-shirt is sized from two to three years old, perfect for the two-year olds’ birthday present. With a background colour of either pink, red, baby blue or navy, the text on the front of this T-shirt says ‘I can’t keep calm, I’m only 2’ with a birthday cake and candles illustrated above the text. Made from one hundred percent natural fibres, this is a superb little gift for a little girl!

You cannot go wrong with Disney especially with Minnie Mouse at her Birthday party organised by her adorable cat, Figuro! Made by the world-renowned trusted brand Lego, these junior sized building blocks will create a wonderful play and educational experience between parent and child. Made from quality plastic, this play set is suitable for children aged between one and five years old.

This toddler bed will be a much loved birthday present. Available in two sizes, either 140 cm length by 70 cm width or the larger 160 cm by 70 cm this bed includes the wooden frame with useful drawers underneath, headboard and mattress. The headboard in the shape of a rabbit’s head with its large ears. There are four different colours to choose from – white, mint, pink and grey.

Another Minnie Mouse Disney themed birthday present, this bedding set is so pretty and full of colour. This single sized bedding set includes a pillow case and duvet cover. On one side, lots of Minnie Mouse in her famous red spotted dress and head band, in a heart are depicted. On the reverse side, there are a lot of emoji type illustrations of the outline of Minnie, her eyes, headband and handbag.

The star of the famous TV show Duggee Dog can be purchased as a plush toy. You can choose from three options – Duggee Dog on his own with three LR44 batteries included, or with extra batteries or with a Duggee soft ball. Suitable for children between one year and five years of age, when hugged Duggee Dog can make up to six dog-like sounds. This colourful toy will make a great gift for the toddler.

This traditional pull along type toy by Tomy, will provide lots of giggles as the youngster releases balls then ‘runs them over,’ to pick them up! Boldly and brightly coloured with a multitude of colours including blue, pink, orange, green and yellow, this toy is suitable for children aged eighteen months and older. Aside from lots of fun this toy will also aid in developmental skills such as mobility.

This hair set is literally bursting with pretty hair clips for little girls aged between two and twelve years old. This set includes eleven hairpins, four hair bands and two butterfly grips that are all pink. Some are shaped as animals, crowns, ribbons, stars, leaves and flowers and sparkly, metallic and glittery! Literally a little girl’s dream gift. All of this in a pretty presentation box.

The ultimate birthday gift! This rocker that doubles up as a stroller and features a ridiculously cute elephant with a bow tie in either a pretty pink or baby blue. On touching the elephant’s ear, this will start a sequence of thirty-two traditional tunes. This gift is absolutely adorable with a number of safety features too. Made from wood this rocker can take up a maximum weight of sixty kilograms.

Peppa Pig, a firm favourite of all toddlers! Suitable from ages eighteen months old and upwards this gift set is perfect to distract the youngster when travelling and of course general play. This toy comes in a lookalike travel suitcase that is predominantly blue with pictures of a bus, car, duck, horn, bear, paint pallet and a jack in a box. Inside the case are ‘canvas’ where the little one can doodle with their artwork magically disappearing after a few minutes, ready for them to start over.

This ice cream shop table top playset allows for creative and role play playtime. With a shop display on wheels including a serving area, there are thirty one pieces included in this set, which include cornets, sundaes, sundaes glasses, a board indicating what is for sell and pricing and serving spoons. Predominantly pink, this set is eye catching with an electric mix of colours.

A cute bath time toy consisting of pot for tea, two cups for tea and a couple of cakes, this toy can also be used out of the bath. The teapot and cups are synchronised and are a mix of purple, blue and pink with a swirly pattern. There is one pink and one white cupcake in blue cases with the icing decorated with stars – one blue, one pink and one yellow.

These uber cool smiling unicorn slippers are multicoloured with shades of pink, blues, yellow, green and purple. The unicorn’s ears and horn are a metallic gold colour. Available in children’s shoe sizes 5/6, 7/8, 9/10 and 11/12 the sole on these slippers is ten millimetres high allowing them to be used inside and outside. The outer material is super soft. These slippers will keep the little ones tootsies warm whilst the little one loves the unicorn design.

A fun and educational gift, this set consists of twenty-six fabric books in a beautifully designed storage carry bag. The topic of the books cleverly relates to the A-Z of animals ranging from ants to zebras with the letter featured on one side of the book and the name and illustration of the animal on the other side. The carry case design depicts all the animals.

This pretty pink trainer cup will help the parent to train their little one on drinking from a cup. Designed for little and delicate mouths, this cup features a straw for gentle sipping and two easy to hold handles. Available in three other colours which are blue, green and orange. Suitable for children aged six months and older and requires extraordinarily little effort to clean.

An exciting and colourful bath toy! What is complete without a caterpillar? The caterpillar has a green head and six body parts that are purple, blue, yellow, red, pink and orange. Each part is in the shape of a cup that can be stacked and filled with water making bath time lots of fun! Of course, that also means it is easy to store away when not in use. Suitable for youngsters over 9 months.

This traditional magic doodle toy will make the perfect present for the little one’s birthday. This toy stands on four red leg, whilst the pad is green with bits of yellow and orange. Although you can get this toy in five other colours which are blue, pink, white and two different shades of red. This toy can provide much home time fun but also to distract them from long journey in the car. Included with the stands and pad, are a pencil and two stamps.

No girl should be without a handbag whatever age! This bag is an excellent choice for the two-year old’s birthday present. This pink bag is in the design of a penguin, with flippers and yellow feet and beak. With rosy cheeks this penguin is super cute. There is also a pink strap with the bag of which the length can be adjusted to suit. This bag also comes in black and purple and is suitable for ages one to five years old.

This present will go down a treat! This interactive puppy, called Helen is just so adorable and will keep your little one entertained for hours. Helen works just like a dog. She can move, woof and plays. But she can also sing and dance! Made from plastic Helen measures 20 cm length by 14 cm width. This toy requires three batteries to operate which are included with the toy. A great gift for the little one.

A toddler phone so they practise chatting away alongside many other educational benefits! This multi-functional toy is brightly and multi coloured with main colour being red or alternatively there is yellow one available. Suitable for children aged between 1 year and 3 years old, this toy measures just over 19 cm length by 16.5 width with a depth of just over 4.5 cm. This toy does require three AA batteries which are not included.

This pretty, practical, long-sleeved dress features eleven butterflies on the front of the dress in reds, blues and yellows against a background navy colour. The back of the dress is just navy. The arms are stripy multi rainbow colours. There are eleven other options in designs and colours. This dress comes with two large side pockets on the front of the dress. Great quality, the two year old girl will love this gorgeous dress!

This traditional shape sorting toy will make a fabulous gift for the two-year-old birthday girl. The box and painted shapes are made from wood. Easy to store, the shapes include hearts, squares and stars, painted in red, blue, purple, green and red, and a natural wooden box. Beautifully presented in personalised wrapping, this is a quality toy that will keep your little one entertained and challenged.

This cute set made by reputable brand Lego Duplo for little ones will make a wonderful birthday gift for the two-year-old. This animal set comprises of a Giraffe, an Elephant, a Panda and a Tiger that are all babies. A green and brown tree, plant and pink flower head are also included. What a fabulous learning experience and introduction to animals and zoos. Made from quality plastic this set is suitable for children over the age of two years old.

This incredibly cute Hamster can talk. Made from soft material, this toy Hamster is brown with a white face and tummy with pink hands, nose and ears. The toy measures 16 cm high by just over 7.5 cm diameter. This toy requires three AAA batteries. This charming Hamster will repeat back to you anything you say or any noise you make. This Hamster will become your child’s best friend!

This gorgeous unicorn blanket is fabulous for little ones to snuggle into and keep warm or as a comforter. Measuring 1.2 metre width by 1.5 metre length this blanket is pink with a darker pink and white outlined unicorns. However, when the lights go off, the white bits light up gradually fading out over time. No batteries required. This truly will make such a lovely gift the two year old who loves unicorns.

A colourful toy in the shape of a watering can that can be used inside the home as bath toy or in the garden watering plants alongside Mum or Dad. Suitable for children from the age of six months old. Made from plastic, this toy is hard wearing and sturdy. The handle is blue and yellow whilst the body of the watering can is predominantly orange and green with a purple rim.

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