31 Gift Ideas for a 3rd Birthday Boy

By Louise
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If you have a three-year-old boy to buy gifts for, then you may be wondering what you can get for them. It might be the case that you want something original or unique or just that you are really not sure what to get. Either way, the list that we have put together should be useful for you. We have lots of different things listed and therefore, you should be able to find lots of items that you feel will be suitable. We have made sure that there is a good variety of items and at different prices so that there will be things to suit everyone and every budget.

31 Presents for 3 Year Old Boys

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This is a construction toy – it is a racing car that you can take apart. It has 30 pieces to it and it comes with an electric drill so that you can use it to do up the screws. The car is designed to be put together and taken apart multiple times. When it is built it can be switched on and it will make engine noises and the lights will flash.

This is a foam pogo stick style jumping toy. It comes in a variety of colours and has a cushiony base with padded handle. The material is anti-slip and so it is safe to use. It is a great way to train hand-eye coordination and motor skills as well as helping them balance. They will have lots of fun bouncing and there is a fun squeaker in the base as well.

This is a car transporter full of cars. It is a black truck which has six cars inside it. The truck is made from plastic and the cars are metal. They also come with a selection of road signs and cones so they can be set out to make fun roads and scenes. The truck is 20 x 9 x 12.8cm and each car is approximately 7 x 2 x 3cm in size.

This is a cute magnetic fishing game. It has a circular pond for the fish to go into and wooden fishing rods to catch them. The fish have metal eyes which stick to the magnets on the end of the fishing rods. On the reverse side of the pond, there is a different game with a doll. There are 26 fish and each has a letter of the alphabet on it, so it can be used for learning as well.

This is a special torch projector. It comes with different themes and this one is animals. There are 24 images of wildlife which can be projected onto a wall or ceiling of a dark room using the torch. There are three interchangeable discs that go inside it each with different coloured pictures of animals on it. The head of the torch can be twisted to focus the image which will be up to one meter wide.

This is a balance bike. These have no pedals and the child will scoot along, so they will be more in control of the bicycle and it will allow them to build up the right core strength to use a regular bike when they are older. It comes in a choice of colours and is lightweight so easy for a child to control and a parent to carry. It is made from rustproof carbon steel and has puncture-proof tyres.

This is a night light for children which is shaped like a dinosaur popping out of an egg. It is LED so low energy and has a rechargeable battery that works for 10-20 hours on a 2-3 hour charge. It has different colours as well as different modes and there is a remote control to change this. This means that it can be used to create fun light effects in the day and then a relaxed light at night.

This is a vehicle city playset. It has a play mat with roads on it and comes with trucks and a crane to play with on it as well as street signs. There are 10 vehicles and they all have pull back functions so they move automatically and some have moving parts. The mat is 31.5 x 27.6 inches in size and it all comes in a plastic box with a handy carrying handle so it can be easily cleaned away or carried around.

This is a double-sided board on a base. It is magnetic on one size and a chalkboard on the other. The magnetic side is also a whiteboard. The base is also a storage box and there are magnetic puzzle pieces, chalks, pen, eraser and instructions inside it. It means that the child can create lots of different scenes with them. The pieces can be used to make animals and plants.

This is a very cute elephant top. It is black and grey and comes in various sizes to fit children between the ages of 1 and 7 years of age. It has a classic crew neck and is made of 100% cotton which means that it will be soft and comfortable to wear. The elasticated cuffs and bottom mean that it will stay draught free and cosy. It can go in a washing machine so is easy to keep clean.

This is a marble run which has lots of pieces. It is made of plastic and there are various tubes and connectors to make a really large maze for the marbles to run through. There are 30 marbles that come with it as well so lots can be set off to make lots of noise and colour or they can be raced. They can be built in lots of different ways to create different mazes.

This is an LED head torch that looks like a dinosaur. It has a fabric band which is coloured and patterned to look like dinosaur skin and on the front is a dinosaur head which lights up in the eyes and mouth. It even makes a roaring noise so kids will have loads of fun with it. There are three light modes which include a constant light and a strobe effect.

This is a cute doodle book. It has a choice of different animal print covers. Inside it is made of black erasable canvas and the idea is that the children can use the 12 pens that come with it to draw pictures which can then be rubbed off with wet paper towels so that they can reuse it again and again. There is a pen pocket and it folds shut so it is really portable.

This is a crocodile hoodie. It is available in a few different styles and colours which have spikes and ears on the hood and zip down the front. The spines continue down the back as well. It comes in various sizes to fit children between the ages of 1 and 7 years of age. It is made of 100% cotton which means that it is really soft and comfortable as well as warm to wear.

This is a magnetic building block set. It has 36 different pieces in different shapes, colours and sizes which will fit together to make different geometric shapes. It has 18 squares and 18 triangles which can be used to make various models. It comes with an instruction booklet as well as a high-quality storage bag. It is a set that can be added to so the child can build bigger things.

This is a scooter. It is blue and black and has flashing wheels so is great fun to play with. It has a direction lock which makes it safer for beginners but it can be turned off once they are old enough to know how to control it properly. It has a relatively large front wheel which makes it more stable and smooth as well as a fairly chunky back wheel. The three-wheel design makes it safer. The handlebar can be adjusted in height.

This is a 12-inch balance bike which can be scooted along without having to use pedals which makes it easier for younger children to learn how to control a bike without having to learn to pedal as well. It is green and black and has a comfy saddle. It has puncture-resistant tyres and the seat height and handlebars can be adjusted in height as the child grows. Suits children of a height up to 3ft 6inches.

This is a pack of walkie talkies. There are three and they are different colours – all very bright and cheerful. It has simple instructions so that they are easy for even young children to use. They can be used inside or outside and there is great voice technology so they sound really clear and it is easy to understand what they are saying. Has an adjustable volume and can mute background noise.

This is a fun dinosaur toy that can be built and then played with. It has lots of colourful building block pieces and comes with plastic tools to join it all together. It is designed to be suitable for tiny hands to use. It has an on switch with realistic sounds and lights on it so is fun to play with once it has been constructed. A STEM toy which is fun and suitable for children aged three years and above.

This is a fun sticker book by Usbourne. It is on the theme of building sites. It will be an interesting choice for little children that are fascinating in large vehicles such as cranes, trucks, cement mixers etc. The book has 130 stickers and it allows the children to create all sorts of fun scenes with them. It is a useful item to take out and about as it will keep a child entertained in a car, at a restaurant or when visiting people without being noisy or messy.

This is a dinosaur-themed car race track. It has a 142 piece track which easily slots together and there is a fun bridge in it as well as a double door. It has a military-style vehicle to go on the track and there are dinosaurs and trees to go around it. The car is battery operated and so It can move on its own. It has a Jurassic Park type theme which will be great fun for children.

This is a fun tumble tower game. It has brightly coloured pieces that are stacked in a Jenga style tower. The blocks vary – each representing an animal. There are animal cards and a dice which you can use to choose which brick you need to remove from the tower. It is a fun game which helps with problem-solving skills, creativity and hand-eye coordination, while the child has lots of fun.

This is a set of air dry clay. There are 24 pots of clay that can be used to model all sorts of things and then will dry quickly with no need to use an oven. The set comes with instructions as well as tools and moulds. There is a cutter and rolling pin as well as small tools for precise cutting and making patterns. There are plastic facial features and printing tools. There are also fixings so that you can make keyrings and phone charms.

This is a piano mat. It has built in songs that children can dance to as well as 10 piano keys that they can play with their feet. It has different instrument sounds and there are also numbers and colours on the mat to help younger children with recognising these. It is durable so can withstand children jumping on it and it is wipe clean. It can be folded up for easy storage.

This is a wooden clock for learning to tell the time. It has clear red hands and brightly coloured blocks with the numbers on them. It comes on a solid wooden stand which means that it is stable as well. It is really simple and easy to use and will make it easier to teach children how to tell the time, either in a classroom or at home. Made by Jaques of London.

This is a play food set. It can be great fun for children to play with the set – where they can pretend to prepare and serve food. It comes with boxes for the burger, chicken and nuggets and with yoghurts, ice cream, tarts, fries, pizza, omelette, waffles and a steak. It also has plates, cutlery and a tray. Great fun for role play games or to be used with a play kitchen.

This is a remote-control robot which will sing, dance and interact which comes in white with either pink or white details. It will follow gesture controls and it has a sensor to move it away from obstacles. It can entertain with its walking and speaking as well as singing and dancing. It can record up to 50 programmable actions. It has a rechargeable battery which will take 120 minutes to fully charge and then provide an hour of play time.

This is a special Mickey Mouse Clubhouse themed book. It has eight illustrated books which come in a special module with a read aloud function. It means that the story can be chosen and a button pressed for it to be read out. Each story has fun sounds as well as very expressive narration. It will help young children to have more independent reading experiences and enjoy reading books.

This is a kid’s helmet which could be used for cycling, skateboarding, scooters or skating. It comes in a choice of colours and is impact resistant. It has a strong ABS shell and an inner SPS shell which is shock absorbing but also soft. It is adjustable which means that it can fit children from the age of three until they are eight years old. It is comfortable and breathable.

This is a classic train set. It is a retro style with an engine and carriage. It has a working headlight and makes realistic train sounds. There is even a station included as well as the tracks. There is 4 meters of track in total and the train measures 18.5cm in length. It is easy to assemble and there are three different track configurations that you can make. Takes just 2 x AA batteries.

This is an electric train which will leave a trail of dominoes as it drives along. It has lights that are on when it is moving and it will make a sound as the domino drops. The idea is that you stack the dominoes into the holder and adjust the direction before you set it off by turning the chimney. It will then drop the dominoes at regular intervals. The train is 6.3 x 4.33 x 2.75 inches in size.

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