31 Presents for 3 Year Old Girls

By Louise
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If you need to find a gift for a three-year-old girl, then you may not be too sure what to get. It can often be tricky to find something original which they have not got already and something that they will also really like. We feel that the list that we have come up with will help with that as we have carefully selected items that we feel will particularly appeal to girls of that age but are also quite varied so you should be able to find something that they will specifically like. They also have a range of prices so there will be something that works for your budget.

31 Gift Ideas for a Girls 3rd Birthday

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This is a medical play set. It has a case and inside there is a pair of glasses and a badge so they look the part and a stethoscope, thermometer, medicine, flashlight, oral mirror, tweezers, hammer, tray, scissors, syringe and scalpel. It is a fun set for any little person who would like to work in the medical profession or just loves to play role-play games. It is all safe for little children and fun too.

This is a set of four Disney princess jigsaw puzzles. The puzzles each have different princesses on them and they have different numbers of pieces. So, there is a 12 piece puzzle with Cinderella, a 16 piece with Arial and 20 piece with Jasmine and a 24 piece with Snow White. The puzzle is made by Ravensburger so it is good quality and should last well. Each of the puzzles is 19 x 14cm in size.

This is a cute jewellery and makeup role-play set. It all comes in a pretty case with a handle and inside there are different makeup and jewellery items. It is pink in colour and has lots of items inside including a hairdryer, mirror, brush, necklace, bracelet, rings, lipstick, perfume and nail polish. There are different compartments in the box for different items. It is 26 x 21 x 89.5cm in size.

This is an electronic doodle pad. It is a writing tablet which has a cute frame that looks like a cartoon cat and comes in a choice of colours. It has a fish-shaped stylus to write on the screen with it. It has black pages and when written on they come out with rainbow colours. It is easy to clean the screen and start again, but there is a lock function so you can make sure that this is not done accidentally. It is lightweight and durable.

This is a cute owl shaped rucksack. It is really brightly coloured and has little owl ears and feet on it. There are other animal options as well. It is made of waterproof material and has padded shoulder straps which are comfortable and they can be adjusted for a good fit. The bag is 5 litres in capacity and measures 27 x 21 x 9cm in size. It has a main zipped compartment and mesh pockets either side.

This is a fun shopping list game by Orchard Toys. The players each have a shopping list and have to collect the items on the list in their trolley. There are little cards with the items on from the list and the idea is to turn one over when it is your turn to see if it matches. If it does not then you turn it back and the others have to try to memorise where it is if they need it and pick it when it is their turn.

This is a pink and black balance bike. A balance bike can help children to develop the muscles needed for cycling in an easy way by scooting along and steering. The bike is 12 inches and designed for 2-6-year-olds. It is lightweight which means that it is easy for a child to handle and for an adult to carry. It has a height-adjustable seat and handlebar. Has solid tyres so no need to inflate.

This is a Ravensburger jigsaw puzzle with a Peppa Pig design. It has 35 pieces and it has an underwater scene on it with characters from the television show. The puzzle measures 26 x 18cm when completed. The pieces are premium quality and this means that it should last a long time and so will be able to be played with lots of times. It will be a popular gift with Peppa Pig fans.

This is a cute set of items for dress-up. It is a box and inside there are three pairs of shoes in different colours, 2 tiaras, earrings and a necklace. The shoes are different colours and styles so they can be matched to different outfits and they have a sturdy and wide heel so they are safe but the child will still feel grown-up. Will be great fun for pretend play and dressing up.

This is a Princess Aurora outfit. It is a pink dress with gold detailing that comes with pink gloves, a wand, necklace, ring, earrings and a tiara. It comes in various sizes for girls aged 2 – 8 years of age. It has a ruffled applique bodice and gold detailing on the skirt. It has a V collar with drop shoulder and long-sleeves. It would be lovely for dressing up and parties.

This is a robot toy. It looks really cute and it comes with 20 animal cards so that it can play guessing games. It will guess what cards the child has. It can also move forwards and backwards and left and right. The robot will also repeat things that you say when you record speech and it has 20 songs that it will play and then dance to as well.

This is a play makeup set. It has a case which contains all sorts of pretend makeup items. It has lipstick, eye shadow, compact powder, toe separators, blusher, nail polish, glitter, mascara, puff, foundation and brushes. However, none of the items are real so little children can pretend they are putting on makeup like Mummy with no mess at all. Great for little girls who want to pretend and play.

This is a special drawing board that lights up. It comes in a choice of A4 or A3 sizes and comes with a special pen to use with it. The board comes with invisible ink which can be used to make pictures that will then show up when the light pens are shone on them. They are 5 different stencils that can be used with it so it is easy to make fun pictures.

This is a Melissa and Doug magnetic wooden dress-up doll. The doll is a ballerina and there six different outfits to place on her. The outfits have several parts to them so can be mixed up so that there are lots of different combinations that she can wear. There is a stand for the doll so that she stays securely in place while different outfits are places on her using the magnetic pieces.

This is a Barbie Fairytale dress-up doll. Barbie comes with a selection of accessories to be dressed in. She has a princess outfit with skirt, bodice and tiara, a mermaid outfit with tail and crop top & a fairy outfit with skirt, bodice, wings and shoes. Great fun to play with and the outfits can be mixed up with each other or with other Barbie clothing. Comes in a themed box.

This is a Malibu Barbie playset. It is a house which opens out to create a large play space. It has two stories and there are six rooms including a kitchen, dining room, living room, bedroom, bathroom and patio. There are fun functions like turning the living room wall to make an entertainment room or opening the bathroom vanity to reveal the shower. Comes with accessories such as tables and chairs.

This is a My Little Pony Friendship Magic set. There is a purple unicorn pony with a gold tiara which has a telescope and a book. It has a push-button on it and will say over 25 phrases and sings a song. A cute plastic toy with a mane that can be styled and brushed. It comes in a box so it really easy wrap up before giving away as a gift.

This is a Peppa Pig toy electronic phone in pink. It flips open and has a backlit screen. You can call up the characters and hear them talk to you and there are quiz questions which you can answer by pressing the various numbers on the keypad. It helps colour and number recognition. It also helps improve communication skills and encourages concentration and attention. It is also a fun item for any Peppa Pig fan to play with.

This is a Peppa Pig shopping centre. There are two floors and four shopping areas. There are backgrounds which can be changed to create six different shops such as a greengrocer, cookie and cake shop. There is a working lift and microphone. It comes with a Peppa Pig figure and twelve accessories such as tables and chairs, shopping trolley, shopping basket and tills. Needs 3 x AAA batteries for the sounds, microphone and lift to work.

This is a lifelike Reborn doll. It is 55cm and looks realistic. It weighs 3.3lbs and is made of silicone and cloth with a jointed body. It feels really soft to cuddle and has hand-painted facial features and handmade wig hair. The doll comes with a magnet pacifier, bottle, birth certificate and protective bag. The doll wears a pink tutu style skirt, white t-shirt with cupcake design and has a floral hairband.

This is a cute little ragdoll in a floral dress. She has red and white striped tights and red shoes, which are fabric. The dress is a grey colour with small groups of flowers on it and on the top, it has the image of a doll. She has wool hair tied up with red ribbons. She is 40cm in size and is soft and cuddly. Is suitable for children over three years of age.

This is a set of three mermaid dolls which are bath time toys. The three dolls vary in size but all have tails and crop tops in matching colours. They come with a comb and mirror as well as two handbags. The larger doll is 21cm long and the two smaller dolls are 13cm long. They can be played with in the bath but also outside of the bath if preferred.

This is a set of Frozen themed knickers. There are five pairs and they are almost all different. Some are plainer with a small picture and others have pictures all over them. All have both Princess Anna and Elsa on them. They have a pretty scalloped edge and elasticated waistband. They are made from 100% cotton and so they will be soft and comfortable to wear. They are official Disney merchandise.

This is a Disney Princess themes kid’s bed. It is pink with a head and footboard and side guards. They are all painted with the Disney princesses. The bed is 143 x 77 x 63 in size and is made from MDF which is sturdy and easy to assemble. It fits a standard cot bed mattress 140 x 70cm in size. It has a pair of useful storage drawers underneath.

This is a princess bed canopy. It has a pointed fabric top with an overhang which pink which can be attached to the wall. There are pink curtains that hang down over the bed and tie back and they have pretty little stars on them. It makes a pretty private area over the bed and will make any little girl feel really special.

This is a unicorn fleece in a blue colour. It is super soft and fluffy and so will be loved by any girl. She will be able to just curl up in it or put it on her bed. It measures 116cm x 170cm. As well as unicorns the print has rainbows, mermaids and stars on it. It is a lovely size that they will not outgrow and so it will last for ages.

This is a set of Crayola pipsqueak markers and 40 sheets of paper. The mini markers are chunky and easy to hold, come in a big mixture of colours and they are slotted into a carry case. The case can open to reveal a drawing board on the bottom half to put the paper with the pens all in easy reach. The ink is washable and the set is durable and portable.

This is a Disney princess themed tin case. Inside the case is a big selection of art materials. There are 16 felt tip pens, 16 wax crayons, 10 colouring pencils, 8 paint discs, 2 stampers, a note pad, a sticker sheet, safety scissors, ruler, brush, sharpener, eraser and HB pencil. They all fit in slots in the case so everything can be kept neat and tidy. They all have the Disney princess theme with printed patterns on them.

This is a pair of Princess Jasmine pyjamas. They are purple in colour and says on them ‘Aim for your dreams’ and have a picture of the princess with the lamp and Abu the monkey. The pyjamas have long sleeves and long legs and are therefore nice and warm. They are made from 100% cotton. They have a regular fit and are in sizes suitable for children aged 18 months – 4 years of age.

This is a unicorn mug which can be personalised. It is white in colour but on the outside has a pink print with unicorns, rainbows and clouds on and a space to put a name on. The image is on both side of the mug so it is suitable for left and right-handed people. It is 11oz so a good size and it is microwave and dishwasher safe so very practical. It comes in a gift box.

This is a pretty fairy costume in purple. It has a tutu style skirt with wings, a wand and a headband with butterflies on it. The skirt has three layers of tulle and can be worn alone as a skirt and it is 30cm long. It has an elastic waist so will fit girls ages 3-8 years. The wings loop onto the arms with elastic. The headband may be a bit tight for an older girl.

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