30 Presents for a 4 Year Old Boys Birthday

By Louise
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If you are looking for a gift for a 4-year-old boy, then you may wonder where to start looking. It can feel rather overwhelming to some extent but also tricky to find something that is a bit different or original. We have therefore put together a list of items to help you. There are many different things in the list and they should appeal to boys with different personalities. We have also found things at different price ranges to help you out. Hopefully, you will find the list inspirational and find just the right gift from it for the boy that you have in mind.

30 Gift Ideas for a 4 Year Old Boy

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This is a fun capture the flag game. The idea is that teams work together to make up strategies and try to win. There are 12 different ways to play the game so there is lots of fun to be had. The kit comes with glow orbs to represent the flags, jail markers, territory lights and team bracelets which all light up so it can be played in the dark for extra fun.

This is a fun magnetic building set. There are 74 pieces in different shapes and bright colours that can be used to build all sorts of things. It comes with a booklet to provide ideas on what sorts of things to build. It is a great way to learn through play whether working alone or with a group. The magnets are strong enough to hold together while the items are being played with but kids can still pull them apart on their own.

This is a wooden building toy. It has 96 pieces in it and they can be put together in different ways to make various models. It can make robots, dinosaurs and other fun items. There is a booklet included with ideas on things to build but children can also use their imagination to make all sorts of fun things. Comes with a special tool to help put the items together.

This is a fire engine toy. It is red and white with a large ladder on the top. It is push and go so it will move along when pulled back. It also has lights and sounds using buttons on the top of the cab. There are different types of sound to choose from. The ladder rotates by 360 degrees too so there is a lot of fun to be had with it. It measures 29.5 x 8.5 x 13.5cm.

This is a set of Buzz Lightyear pyjamas. The popular toy story character will be a hit with a lot of children and so these can be used for sleeping but also dressing up. The trousers are green and the top has a design to look like Buzz’s suit. They come in sizes suitable for children aged between 18 months and six years of age. They are made from 100% cotton so will be soft and comfortable to wear.

This is a special transforming robot which comes in a selection of colour options. It looks like a normal toy car but it has a button at the end of the nose to press so that it transforms into a robot. It is 5.31 x 2.44 x 1.22 inches and so is a great size to play with. It is made from ABS plastic so is light and crash-resistant as well. It comes in a box so easy to wrap up too.

This is a lovely wooden teaching clock. It has bright red hands and each of the numbers is clearly written on a different coloured circle. It is free-standing on a wooden base. Learning to tell the time is tricky for most children and so having one of these clocks at home can be extremely useful to help teach this skill alongside school teaching it. It also helps with teaching general numbers and colours.

This is a magnetic fishing game. It comes with 26 fish which each have a letter of the alphabet on them. They have metal eyes which will connect to the magnet on the end of the fishing rod. The fish are brightly coloured. There is a different game on the back of the fish pond base with a colourful doll, so you get two games for the price of one.

This is a hover football with LED lights. The football is flat and will hover over all floor surfaces including carpets. It has foam edges which means that if it hits furniture, walls or legs it will not cause any damage. A great fun alternative to a traditional football which can be played with in the dark due to the lights. Great for parties or just general play at home.

This is a remote-control stunt car. It is available in blue or red and is nice and chunky so great for younger children as well as older ones. It can do rotations and flips and drive both ways up. It has a powerful motor which means that it can move up to 13 km/h. It is made from plastic and so is safe and will not break. It can work on any flat surface including grass.

This is a fun explorer kit. It includes a jacket and hat as well as a pair of binoculars, magnifying glass, whistle, tweezers, net, bug container and plastic bugs. It is great for role play but could also be used to look at real bugs as well as the plastic example ones included in the kit. It comes with a drawstring bag to keep it all in, so it can be carried around easily.

This is a special transforming car toy which comes in a choice of three colours; red, blue and green. The car will transform into a dinosaur. It has LED lights and sound which can make it more fun to play with as it roars and plays music. As the car moves it will automatically change direction if it bumps into things. The car is 3.4 x 7.8 x 3.9 inches in size.

This is an educational matching game. It has lots of questions and answers and can be played with 1 or 2 players. It has 48 lessons and teaches all sorts of skills such as alphabet, spelling, maths, numbers, time, geography, environment, logical thinking, problem-solving, concentration, anatomy, memory, spelling, professions and many more things. A great fun way to learn new things. All comes in a handy box which is easy to wrap up.

This is a Bluetooth, wireless microphone. It comes in three colour choices and is a lot of fun. It has a speaker which can produce a stereo sound which is good quality. It can be linked to a phone and it is also suitable to use a microphone which has noise reduction. It takes two hours to charge and will last 5-8 hours on that one charge. It has volume controls, song chooser, remix adjuster and a headphone connector.

This is a fun spelling game for kids. It comes with large letters and boards with words on and the idea is that the children find the right letters to spell out the words. As well as a picture on each board there is also the word so it is easy for them to match it all up. The letter blocks are made from brightly coloured and smooth wood. They are nice and chunky so easy for children to hold.

This is a fun torch and projector. It can be used as a normal torch but there are also special discs that you can put inside that will project fun pictures up onto a wall or ceiling. The discs have pictures of animals on them but there are other options with different pictures that you may feel will be better suited to the child that you have in mind. There are 24 pictures in total.

This is a garbage truck toy which has lights and sounds. It is really colourful and the lights will reflect off the walls etc when it is being played with. It also has a bump and go feature where it will change direction if it hits an obstacle too, It is made from durable plastic so it will withstand bumps and crashes. It is green with a white cab and has recycle stickers on it.

This is a fun kids hi-vis vest. It is a sleeveless waistcoat in bright yellow with orange piping. It has a picture of a digger on the back in black and says ‘trainee digger driver’ on it. It is made from 100% polyester so looks just like the real thing. It has a hook and loop fastening on the front and there is the option of having more text of your choice or perhaps a name printed on the front. It is suitable for children aged 4-6 years of age.

This is a leapfrog interactive learning tool. It comes with a stylus to write on the mini screen as well as having buttons too. The idea is to trace the numbers and letters on the screen and they get feedback so that they can adjust the difficulty to match their skill level. It is something that they will be able to do independently and learn on their own. It takes AAA batteries.

This is a pop-up pirate game. The idea is that you choose a sword and insert it into the barrel. One of the slots will pop the pirate in the air and if you choose that one you will be knocked out and the rest of the players continue until only one is left. The slot that activates the pirate to pop up changes each time. It is a fun game for 2-4 players.

This is a dinosaur race track which has a fun bridge and obstacles. There is a turntable to put at the end of the track and a double door to drive through as well. There are lots of track pieces that slot together and two cars to drive around. There are 8 dinosaurs, 4 soldiers, 4 trees and a cage, so lots of fun games can be played with it.

This is a fun dinosaur race game by Orchard toys. The board is a running track and up to four players choose a different a coloured dinosaur to move around. It helps children to develop matching and counting skills. It even has shiny medals to be awarded to the winners. It is suitable for children aged 3-6 years of age and comes in a box with a handle for easy storage and transportation.

This is a 12-inch balance bike which has a carbon steel frame so is sturdy. It has no pedals as the idea is that the child will push themselves along and learn to balance while having their feet on the ground. It comes in 4 colours and has a comfortable saddle which can be adjusted in height like the handlebars to accommodate a growing child. The bike is light so easy to control and for an adult to carry.

This is a jigsaw puzzle which is made of wood in different Tetris type shapes. The idea is to use the different shapes to make items such as fish, umbrella, flower and robot and also to just put together in fun patterns. They come in a wooden base which measures 18cm x 26cm in size. All of the pieces are brightly coloured and so are stimulating and fun for children to play with.

This is a dinosaur-themed backpack which is a small size 25cm x 30cm x 10cm so younger children can carry it. It comes in blue, navy and pink with a dinosaur print on it and cute spines across it. It has a main zipped pocket and two mesh pockets on the side. The carrying straps are padded and can be adjusted so that they are comfortable. It has a mesh back so it is not too hot to wear.

This is a fun matching game. It has a board with four rods on it and there is a selection of colourful rings to fit over it. The idea is to take a card and look at the ring pattern on the card. Then see who can replicate that pattern on their rod the fastest. The magnets only work one way up so this means that sometimes they will attract and sometimes they will repel so you can make gaps between the rings.

This is a fun gym playground set for indoors. There are various items that can be hooked up around the home so children can get exercise indoors when they cannot go outside. They fit in a doorway and there is a swing, pull bars, rings and a ladder that can be played on. There is a steel bar fitting to go on the doorframe. Can support up to 300 lbs in weight and fits in a regular doorframe.

This is a fun whac-a-mole game. It comes with two hammers so you can play with someone else. It looks like the popular 1970’s arcade game and there are lots of moles that will randomly pop up and they need to be hit. The hammers are soft and safe and the game has suckers on the bottom so that it stays in place. There are little coins to start the game to make it seem really authentic.

This is a set of fun bath toys. There is a larger blue shark with big scary teeth and four little fish. The shark’s tail has a lever which can open and close its mouth so that it can eat the fish. The shark is 10cm x 30cm in size and the little fish are 5cm x 3cm in size and they are red and green. Will be a great fun toy to keep kids entertained in the bath while parents wash them.

This is a Lego city toy garage. It has 234 pieces and you can make a petrol station with a car wash and there is a breakdown vehicle, fuel tanker and a car. There are also various mini-figures such as the petrol station worker, Harl Hubbs, a mechanic and sports car driver and fun accessories such as a hose and bucket, traffic cones, oil dispenser, mug, exhaust pipes and an oil barrel.

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