26 Gift Ideas for a 5 Year Old Boy

By Louise
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Buying gifts for children may not always be easy which is why we are here to help. If you need gifts for a five-year-old boy then it will be well worth taking a look at our list. We have included a variety of different items that you can choose from so that there is likely to be something that will fit with all personalities of boys. You will also find that the list has items that vary a lot in price. This means that you should be able to find something easily that will fit in with your budget as well as pleasing the child that you have in mind.

26 Presents for a 5th Birthday Boy

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This is a short-sleeved t-shirt which says on it ‘This is what an awesome 5 year old looks like’ and has a design with thumbs pointing upwards. It is grey in colour and in a size suitable for 5-6-year-olds in a classic fit with a round neck style. It is made from 100% cotton which means that it is soft and comfortable. It is also machine washable so it is easy to keep it clean.

This is a Lego city research shuttle spaceship. It has 273 pieces and it builds the research shuttle with opening cockpit and large opening doors. Inside there is space for the storage drone that can also be built. It also comes with two astronauts mini-figures and a scanner. Makes a fun set for any child that is interested in space or is just a big Lego fan as it is fun to build and play with.

This is a children’s watch. It is waterproof and comes in different styles and colours. The strap has dinosaurs on and there is also one on the face, but there are different animals and items on the different options that you can pick. A fun watch can be a great way to encourage children to start to be interested in learning how to tell the time. This watch has clear numbers and hands to make it easier.

This is a Lego Technic kit to make a cement mixer lorry. It is fun to build the lorry but also to play with it as the drum can be set to rotate as the lorry moves along and there is a handle to pour it out. The cabin door can open and there are bricks that look like concrete. It has 1163 pieces and is 42cm in length so it will take a while to build and provide lots of entertainment and fun.

This is a fun kid’s game called ‘Shark Bite’. The idea is that you remove items from inside the shark’s mouth really carefully so that it does not close its mouth and bite. You need to use the little plastic fishing rod to remove the number of items that are specified by the roll of the dice. There are fun and colourful items inside and it is an exciting game for 2-4 players.

This is a kids piano keyboard set in black or pink. There are 37 keys so lots of room to play with both hands. It has demos and songs on it to play with as well as rhythms and drums to use. It has a record and playback functionality as well. The volume can be easily adjusted as well. It comes with a microphone so that the children can sing along as well.

This is a wooden spelling game for kids. It comes with different cards that have a picture of an item and its name next to it. The idea is that the child looks through the brightly coloured letters to find the right ones to match up with the name of the item. The cards are double-sided and there are 28 of them so lots of short words to learn to spell.

This is a friction powered toy car that transforms into a robot. There are different colours and styles to choose from and they are 5.31 x 2.44 x 1.33 inches in size. They are easy to transform at the press of a button. They are made from durable plastic which means that they can withstand rough play and crashing. Comes in a box so is easy to wrap up before giving away.

This is a fun space-themed play tent. It has a rocket shape with fins and a blue colour with planets and satellites printed on it. It provides a cosy space for them to play inside and it also folds down which means that it can be easily stored when it is not being used. It is big enough for up to three children to play inside and has windows so they can look out or parents can look in and check on them.

This is a fun construction set. It comes with an electric screwdriver and screws so that the different shaped pieces can be attached to the carry case to make patterns and pictures. Everything is made of durable plastic and the pieces are big and easy for small hands to use. The case is 24 x 30.5 x 6cm in size and all of the tools and pieces fit neatly inside so it can be easily stored.

This is a fun Galt pack of glider planes to make. There are various pieces of foam board enclosed to fit together and make the planes. There are pens included so that they can be coloured in first and there are also stickers to decorate them with. It comes with nose weights too so that they will fly well. A fun kit which is creative and can also make things that can be played with afterwards.

This is a VR headset which will help children to learn languages. It is a fun way to learn Spanish, German, French, Italian, English and Chinese. It will need a smartphone to be inserted inside it to work and then games can be played which will help the child to learn the various languages. It is compatible with phones that have Android 4.4 or iPhone 5 or later (but not iOS 12) above with gyroscope function.

These are children’s mittens on a string. They are cute and colourful and the string will mean that they will not get lost if it is threaded through the sleeves of a coat. They are really thick and warm and so comfortable to wear on cold days. They have a double layer so work even when windy or snowy. They have a comfortable elasticated cuff and are a size that should fit children aged 3-6 years of age.

This is a fun maths based learning game called Catowl. The idea is to count groups of items really quickly which will be an extremely useful thing to learn to do. There are clear instructions and a video to explain how to play the game. Everything is bright a colourful to make it look fun and it comes in a sturdy box which will be easy to wrap up as a gift.

This is a fun dinosaur t-shirt which can be personalised. The t-shirt has a picture of a t-rex on the front of it and a name of up to 20 characters can be printed below it. It is short-sleeved and white and available in various sizes suitable for children aged 5 – 13 years of age with a classic fit. It is made from 100% cotton so will be soft and comfortable to wear.

This is a large kite that looks like a bird. It has an eagle printed on it which makes it look really cool when it is in the air. It is quick and easy to assemble and is made from rip-stop polyester with fibreglass poles so it will last and even has a lifetime warranty on it. It has a 180cm width with a 50m flying line and a handle to keep a good grip on it.

This is a quoits ring toss game with music. There is a green microphone which plays music and it can be adjusted to different heights. The idea is that children enjoy dancing to the music while they throw rings and try to get them over the pole. Could be a great party game or just for general fun at home with friends or family. Comes in a box and easy to assemble.

This is a fun doodle book with a difference. It is possible to erase the pictures inside it. The books have black double side pages and come with pens that can be used to draw or write on them. Once you are done, you can just wipe off the pages with a wet paper towel and start again. It is portable with a pen holder with it and less wasteful than paper pages. It has 14 pages and 12 pens altogether.

This is an activity book for children. It has all sorts of mazes, puzzles, dot to dot, drawing, spot the difference and colouring in it to keep children entertained for hours. It even has stickers in it. It is made by Usbourne so great quality and would be great for car journeys, public transport, holidays or visiting people when children need entertainment. Has a bright and colourful cover which kids will love.

This is a fun science kit for younger children. It has a lab coat, badge and goggles so they can look the part and role play. It has test tubes and stand, beaker, jug, magnifying glass, measuring spoons, pipettes, funnels and tweezers with an instruction booklet to carry out some fun experiments. They are safe for young children to do with adult supervision and will get them excited about science.

This is a digital camera designed specifically for younger children. It comes in blue or pink and is shockproof so can cope with rough treatment. It also has fun functions like a 4x zoom for photos and a video recording function. There is also a built-in puzzle game. It includes a memory card so that lots of photos can be taken. The battery is rechargeable. It is small and lightweight.

This is a fun word swat game. The players each have a mini, plastic fly sway and there are cards which look like flies with words on. There are different difficulties of words and the children have to swat the words with their fly swat. They will enjoy using it and they will be learning to recognise words at the same time. There are nearly 200 different words to learn.

This is a remote control helicopter drone toy. It has a built-in rechargeable battery and is lightweight. It is simple to operate which means that it will be easy for even beginners and younger children to use. It has colourful LED lights and so it looks really pretty when it is flying. The idea is that you throw it in the air and keep your hand under it while it is flying and that will keep it in the air.

This is a fun colouring puzzle set. The idea is that the child uses the markers provided to colour in all of the wooden puzzle pieces. Then they slot them together to make 3D items. There are sets with different themes such as animals, aircraft and insects so you can pick the one most suitable to your child. It is a fun task for them to do and then they can play with the items they have made or display them.

This is a rainbow lab set made by Galt. It includes equipment and instructions to get kids interested in science. There are rainbow glasses, crystals to grow, chromatography experiments and all sorts of fun to be had. Equipment is included such as test tubes, rack, mixing tray, pipette and goggles which looks like the real thing but is durable and easy for younger children to handle and use. There are 12 experiments in total.

This is a fun catch and toss racquet game. It comes with two racquets and a selection of balls. The idea is that one child throws a ball to the other who tries to catch it on the racquet as it will stick there. They then throw it back. They are hard and softballs provided with one set for the catch game and the other to just hit back and forth like normal tennis.

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