29 Presents for a 5 Year Old Birthday Girl

By Louise
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There are quite a few gift options for five-year-old girls, in fact so many that it can get rather overwhelming. If you are looking then you may wonder where to start and what sorts of things you should be picking. This is why we have come up with this list of items which we hope will help. We have picked a selection of things at different prices in the hope that everyone that looks at the list will be inspired. There should be something there that will make every little girl happy whatever she is in to and at a price that will suit you too.

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This is a little shapes puzzle. It is a tin which has 36 wooden pieces inside and pattern cards so the child can use the blocks to make the different patterns on the card. It is fun to play and they can make their own patterns as well as the ones on the cards. Everything packs neatly into the tins so can be put away easily and is portable.  It is suitable for children aged three years and above.

This is a box set by Galt which is a kit to make mosaics. There are fairies, a toadstool house, owl and butterfly to make. There are lots of self-adhesive tiles to stick to the pictures to make them. They are each numbered to make it easy to do. There are 5000 glitter and foil tiles in the kit to stick on the six tiles. Suitable for children over the age of five.

This is a cute role play jewellery set. It comes in a case and there is a mirror in the inside of the lid. There are all sorts of play items inside such as a hairdryer, nail polish, rings, bracelets, necklace, lipstick, comb and perfume. The carry case folds up to make a handbag with a handle on the top and shoulder strap. Helps little girls to feel just like Mummy with their own bag, jewellery and makeup.

This is a set of little fairy princess jelly shoes for children aged 4-7 years. The shoes come in a carry shoe box which has a shelf for each pair so they can get used to the idea of tidying up. They have a soft PVC front with rubber safety grips and are 19cm long. They are all different so they can pick different pairs to go with different outfits or swap them when they feel like a change.

This is a pair of kid’s winter gloves. They are thick plush mittens with a string tied between them so that they will not get lost. They are made from thick wool and has a thermal fleece lining so they will be really warm and cosy to wear. They come in three different designs so you can pick one that will match their coat or has a design that they will like.

This is a colour your own messenger bag kit. The kit comes with a bag that has a picture printed on it and a set of felt tip pens so that it can be coloured in and comes with glitter gem stickers too. It has a mermaid design on it with unicorns, flowers, hearts and rainbows. It has a pink strap on it which can be adjusted so that it can be made comfortable when being used. It also comes with a matching pencil case to be coloured as well.

This is a unicorn stationery set. It has a lockable notebook with a unicorn and rainbow design, pencils, a pen, stickers, ruler, sticky notes, eraser and pencil case. The notebook is 5.7 x 8.26 inches in size and has 96 sheets. All of the accessories also have the same unicorn design and pink colour. It all comes together in a themed box, so ready to give away as a gift.

This is a set of Disney Frozen pyjamas. There is a picture of princesses Anna and Elsa on the front of the top which is long-sleeves. The trousers and sleeves of the set have a blue background with a snowflake and heart design and the princesses initials on them. They come in various sizes for children aged from 18 months to 10 years of age. They are officially licensed Frozen merchandise.

This is a Magical Fairies jigsaw puzzle. It has 50 pieces and measures 50cm x 35cm when complete. The picture is of fairies in a garden in front of a treehouse with a rainbow above them. It is a bright and bold picture and the pieces are great quality, made from laminated card which is made to last. The picture is by Kate Brazier and the puzzle is made by Jaques of London.

This is a glow in the dark onesie. It comes in a choice of pink or purple and has a unicorn and star design on it. It comes in sizes suitable for children aged 5-14 years of age. It is really comfortable, made from super soft fleece which makes them cosy to wear. They have a zip all the way along the front making it easy to get on and off.

This is a jewellery set to make. The idea is that you can make four keepsake lockets. The set comes with flower gems, sequins and charms to put inside the lockets. There is also a little punch which can be used to make heart-shaped confetti which you can put inside them as well. There are also pony beads and silky cord to make the necklaces to hang the charms on.

This is a wallet bag which is fluffy. It comes in a choice of colours: beige, brown and pink. The beads have a pretty bow on the flap and a long shoulder strap. They are great for any little girl to carry all of the things she needs such as small toys, coins, lip balm etc. It is soft and so will not scratch or feel rough when being used and it is durable and will last a long time

This is a science kit. It comes with all sorts of items that will make a young child feel like a real scientist and will give them an interest in science. It comes with a lab coat, badge and goggles. Then there are funnels, measuring spoons, beaker, flask and test tubes in a stand. There are experiments to do such as colour changing cabbage and effervescent beads with full instructions included.

This is a Disney Princess backpack. It is purple with pink trim and has pictures of all of the princesses on it. It has a main compartment and a smaller front pocket and mesh pockets on the side. It is 33 x 267 x 10cm and great for using for days out, school etc. The carrying handles are adjustable so that they can be altered to make it comfortable to wear.

This is a unicorn watch. The strap is made from high-quality silicone and is lightweight. It is pink and has a unicorn design on it. The face is white with black numbers and the hands are pink and purple. The numbers are in a fancy font but still clear and easy to read. The watch is water-resistant. It will help encourage children to want to learn to tell the time.

This is a set to make friendship bracelets called best friend bands. It comes with boards to weave the bands as well as different coloured threads and beads. The set comes with instructions so it will be easy to work out how to make the bracelets. There is enough thread to make 22 bracelets in total, so there is lots of fun to be had and girls can make bracelets for themselves or give them away to friends and family.

This is a fun game for making balloon creatures. It comes with a balloon machine (in a choice of colours) and all of the kit required to make different designs. It has different colours of balloons and the idea is to use them on there own or stick them together and then use the accessories provided to make different things. There are instructions so that you can make all sorts of little animals.

This is a Galt set with everything you need to paint your own tea set. It includes miniature ceramic teapot milk jug, sugar bowl as well as four cups and saucers. There is paint included so that you can paint them like the items on the box or create your own designs. Once dried the child will then be able to play with the set and have tea parties for their toys.

This is a jewellery box. It comes in either a fairy princess or a horse in a barn design. They are 16 x 12.2. x 9.1 cm in size. Inside the lid, there is a mirror and if wound up it will play a tune when the lid is lifted and the fairy or horse will turn around. There is plenty of room to store jewellery or other precious things. It comes in a gift box so ready to give away as a gift.

This is a unicorn pen and pencil case set. The pencil case comes in a choice of different colours and designs and is made of high-quality PU material which is stretchy and has a sturdy zip fastening. It measures 9 x 18cm in size.  Inside it are ten different pens which are different coloured gel pens which give a nice crisp line. The nibs are 0.5mm so a good size.

This is a magnetic drawing board. It comes in pink or blue and the idea is that it can be used for drawing instead of using paper. It is reusable but it could be used as a photo frame if you wish to keep and display the picture. It has colourful lighting effects. It comes with the drawing board, ten cards, 4 pens and 2 cleaning cloths. It is lightweight and great for using on the move.

This is a build a bouquet set. It has 171 pieces which include a base which looks like soil. Leaves, petals, stamens and other flower parts all in different colours. The idea is to mix and match the different flower parts to make all sorts of different designs and patterns. They can design a flower garden or make bunches of pretty flowers. They are made from durable plastic so will last a long time.

This is a wooden magnetic game for children. It has different geometric-shaped magnetic blocks and a magnetic whiteboard to place them on. There is also a whiteboard pen so you can draw pictures incorporating the shapes. There are 5 of each shape and there are eight shapes, so plenty to play with and they come in different colours. They are durable and can be used to form letters, numbers and objects.

This is a set of twenty different hair accessories. Included are hair bands and slides in different designs to create all sorts of different looks. They are all soft to use so they will not hurt the head. They come in a storage box which has a drawer which slides inside a bag with handles that can then be used to carry them around or keep them neatly stored in one place.

This is a set of items to make eight different hair bands. It has all the materials required with no stitching needed. There are flowers that can be used to decorate them with once the ribbons are plaited together. It is a kit that can be used by a child on their own to make hairbands for themselves or to play with together with friends so they can make them together.

This is a little notebook which says on it ‘I am 5 and this book is about me’ on the front and has a cute cartoon design on the front. Inside there are lined pages so that the child can write whatever they like inside. It is 6 x 9 inches which means it is a great size for carrying around. It just needs a pencil and then the child can use it at any time for writing or drawing.

This is a book by Julia Donaldson called ‘The Singing Mermaid’ which is illustrated by Lydia Monks. It is a lovely bright picture book about a mermaid that joins a circus to become famous. However, despite being loved by the crowds, she is locked in a tank and soon wishes to be free. It has a rhyming story and on every page, there are beautiful illustrations with glitter which will appeal to young children.

This is a star projector nightlight. It comes in pink, purple or blue and can project patterns up to 15ft away. The lights can be adjusted and it is not too bright so will not stop children from sleeping. It has a starry projection and night light mode to choose from. They can help a child to feel safe and soothe them to sleep. It can be powered by batteries or USB.

This is a book called ‘The Slightly Annoying Elephant’ by David Walliams. It is a picture book and is warm and funny. It is illustrated by Tony Ross and so has delightful pictures to accompany the story. It the story of how an elephant arrives at a child’s house one day, is rather bossy and turns out to be quite annoying. A fun book to read aloud to a child.

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