33 Gift Ideas for a 6 Year Old Boy - Perfect for Birthdays or Christmas!

By Louise
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Buying gifts is not always easy and it can be a big help sometimes if you see some suggestions from others. We have therefore put together a list of items that we feel will be appealing to six-year-old boys. We have picked a range of different things so that you will be able to find something suitable for the boy that you have in mind. They are also different prices so there should be something that will fit in with every budget. Hopefully, you will be able to get some good ideas and will find the best gift possible for them.

33 Presents for a 6 Year Old Boy

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Hover footballs can be a great way to play football and have fun, even inside the house. They have LED lights so you can play with them in the dark. They can hover above all floor types such as carpets and hard floors. They have foam edges which means that if they hit walls or furniture they will not cause any damage, they will even not hurt legs if they hit those.

Remote control cars can be great fun and this one is an off-road monster truck style vehicle which is nice and chunky so great for younger children. The thick bumpers and premium alloy body mean that it can cope with collisions. It can cope with chunky obstacles and the battery will last for an hour when it has been fully charged. The 2.4Ghz transmitter allows children to be able to play together without frequency interruption.

It is not always easy to encourage kids to get active but this pogo jumper will do. It is fun to use and it has a squeaker in the base which means that children will have even more fun using it. It comes in a selection of colours and so you can choose the one you think that they will like the best. They are also very soft and spongy so safe for young children to use.

If you are buying for a child that is a fan of space then this projector torch will go down well. Not only does it work like a conventional torch but it also has slide discs that can be put in it to project pictures onto walls or ceilings in a dark room. There are three discs, each with NASA and Hubble telescope photographs. Just twist the lens head to focus the pictures.

A walkie talkie might seem a bit old fashioned in this world of mobile phones but it is actually a great alternative for kids to use which is much cheaper. It may not have all of the facilities that you get with a phone but they will still be able to chat with each other and play all sorts of fun games on it. This set is a pair which come in different colour options and they have a three-mile range.

Monopoly is a fun game for people of all ages, but it can be a bit tricky for youngsters to grasp. This is why this Monopoly junior game could be fun. It will introduce some of the principles of the property trading game but it a more child-friendly way. It will help them with their counting skills but the smaller scale board with kid friendly properties will make the game more fun and it will not take so long to pass go and get paid!

Drawing without paper might seem impossible but this pad can help children to achieve it. It is a tablet which is used with a stylus to create all sorts of fun pictures. It is great for on the move or at home and it can easily be rubbed out when you have finished or used a picture frame to display drawing that they are proud of. There are different lighting effects, 4 different pens to draw with and a sponge wipe to clean.

Any budding chef would love this little chef set. It includes an apron, chef’s hat, potholder, oven glove, 15cm wooden spoon, 13cm whisk, 20cm rolling pin and 5cm cookie cutters. There are different colour options and they can all be used for real. So, the fabric items can be worn and used and then washed easily in a washing machine. The cooking items can actually be used to make real cookies.

Science is something that children have to learn all through school and so getting them enthusiastic about when they are young and in a fun way can be really beneficial. This Galt Science Lab is designed to do this. It has 20 experiments with full instructions including a floaty ghost test tube, kaleidoscope bouncy ball and lively lava. It comes with the equipment you need including goggles and magnifying glass.

Most little boys like dinosaurs and cars and these combine both! They are pull back cars which are in the shapes of dinosaurs. There are six different cars in the pack and they will run easily on a hard floor or table. They are all different and based on real dinosaurs such as a T-Rex and Triceratops and are 5 inches long. Packed together in a box, they will be easy to wrap up as a gift.

Robots are run to play with but this one is a bit different. Not only do you build it first and then play with it, but it is a spider robot which means that it can be used to scare people. Children will learn about how robots work as they piece it together and then they will have a toy that they can have lots of fun playing with. They can even alter the model so that it moves in different ways.

If you want kids to get outside then this can be a great way. It is a rocket launcher kit. The foam rocket is placed on a tube and then the child jumps on the launcher and it will shoot into the air. There are two rockets with a different launcher for double the fun and they have an LED light inside so can be used at night for extra fun. It is soft foam which could be used inside but it will have the opportunity to fly higher if used outside.

Kids that love dinosaurs will really enjoy using this dinosaur head torch. It has an adjustable strap which looks like the skin of a dinosaur and there is a plastic face part that will go at the front of the head. The lights shine from its eyes in a red colour and from its mouth. It can be set to a strobe light or a constant light and the dinosaur roars as well.

A t-shirt makes a great gift as it is useful, but this one is also funny as it has a hazard sign on the front of it which says ‘Warning! I’m not listening’ on it. The t-shirt is short-sleeved and comes in a choice of colours each with the yellow and black warning sign on it. It comes in sizes suitable for children aged 3-14 years of age. It is made from cotton and is therefore soft and comfortable to wear.

Educational toys need to be fun to keep children engaged and this is exactly what this talking UK map does. It is a large map with areas to touch which will speak and give information. It has information on landmarks, flags, countries, anthems and interesting facts. It has over 300 pieces of information which means that kids will learn loads about the country that they live in and their parents might too!

Being creative is really easy with the modelling clay set. The magic clay will air dry so it is easy for kids to make all sorts of models and then leave them to dry. As well as 24 different coloured pots of clay there are also accessories such as facial features and limbs that can be used to make fun creatures. It comes with tools and a project booklet so kids have everything that they need.

Taking photos and video is really easy for kids with this camera. It is also kid-friendly so is shockproof and easy to use and it will stop them needing to try to take adult ones which can be too complex and fragile for kids. They include a 32GB card so there is plenty of storage space, They come in blue or pink and have a handy built-in rechargeable battery.

Flashdash is a cube with lots of lights on it. The idea is to try to race the moving lights while spinning the cube. There are also memory games programmed into it as well. It also can do a fun light show. It can improve hand-eye coordination as well as brain skills and is a fun game to play alone. It takes 3 x AAA batteries. There are fun sounds but there is a volume control and mute if required.

Wearing a watch is something that will not only make a six-year-old boy feel grown-up but it will help them with telling the time. This one has an analogue and digital display to help with this but also displays the date and has an alarm function. It is sporty and black and blue in colour and is even waterproof up to 50m. It has a PU resin strap which is soft and comfortable.

A t-shirt always makes a great gift and this short-sleeved one will be a hit with tractor fans as it says on it ‘You can never have too many tractors’ with a picture of a tractor on it. It comes in a choice of colours and sizes suitable for kids aged 3-14 years of age. It is made of cotton which means that it will be soft and comfortable and it is machine washable.

What is more fun than a toy car? A toy car that you can take apart and then build again! This car comes complete with electric drill and screws so that it can be built and taken apart. There are 26 plastic parts which are chunky so even young kids can easily handle them. They will even learn a bit about the different parts of cars and how they fit together.

Getting kids outdoors is something parents are often trying to encourage and this bug catcher kit might help. It includes a hat, nets, binoculars, fan, torch, compass, whistle, bug clamp and a bug box. There is even a drawstring bag to keep it all in. Children will have lots of fun exploring out of doors to see what bugs they can find. The kit comes with some plastic bugs to start them off or for pretend play.

Playing games together can give families a lot of fun and this game is suitable for younger children. It is for 2-4 players and there are different ways to play. It has a round playing board with clue cards, detective rings and detective marks. The idea is to pick up a card and match the items on the card from the playing board. It is can help memory and improve attention span.

A money box is a great way to teach kids about saving money. This one looks like a safe and comes in a selection of colours. It is made from plastic and has a wide slot for notes as well as a small coin slot as well. There are numbers on the front so that you can set a password to it so you can only open the door when the password is put in. It is 5.31 x .31 x 7.28 inches in size.

These warm socks have a fun blue dinosaur picture on them. They are really soft and cosy as they have a fuzzy inner which will keep the feet really warm. They are made from polyester and elastane so they stretch to fit and are cosy and comfortable as well. They have slip-resistant gripper dots on the bottom so they are safe to wear even on hard floors. They are suitable for children aged 5-8 years.

A water bottle makes a very useful gift and this one looks cool too. It has a football and football pitch design and it even folds down so it is easy to store when not in use. It holds 500ml of water and is leakproof and drop resistant so great to go in a kid’s school bag. It comes with a carabiner too so it can be easily clipped onto the outside of a bag or onto a belt to make it simple to carry it around.

Learning and having fun is something that this toy globe supports, It will take a child on an augmented reality journey around the world. They are no borders or names on the globe but the app that they can download can be used to discover this information and much more about the cultures, inventions, animals, weather and monuments across the world. Comes in a box with passport, compass, stamp, country flag stickers and a guide.

Lego is a great toy and this Lego Creator racing car set will be really appealing. It has 109 pieces and builds a multicolour car which can also be rebuilt into a hot rod or a speedboat. It means that there is three times as much building fun to be had with this set than with other Lego sets. The pieces are chunky and so suitable for younger children to play with.

‘Level 6 Complete’ is written on the front of this long-sleeved t-shirt which also has a picture of a gaming handset on it with rainbow colours behind. It comes in a choice of four colours and in sizes small – 2XL. It is made from a cotton and polyester mix fabric which means that it is soft and comfortable to wear and it can also easily be cleaned in the washing machine.

All kids need bedding and getting them something they like might even encourage them to go to bed on time. This set has a football theme with a pitch and football design on it in green and blue. It is a single bed size and is made from 50% cotton and 50% polyester which means that it will be soft and comfortable. It is machine washable so really easy to keep clean.

Batman fans will really love this pair of batman pyjamas. They have a long-sleeved top with black sleeves and a Batman picture on the front and a pair of black trousers with blue elasticated cuffs at the ankles for a snuggle fit. They come in various sizes for children and are made of cotton apart from the front printed panel which is polyester so they will be really warm and cosy to wear.

A pair of cosy slippers are essential for children to have in the winter and these cute dinosaur ones will go down a treat. They are available in different colours and in shoe sizes 2 -9.5. They are easy to slip on and off and have a flexible and robust sole so they are easy to move in but provide support. They are made from plush material to keep the feet really warm and cosy and they are lightweight.

Having a good raincoat is a must for any child and this waterproof coat comes in a chic design too. It is wind and waterproof and has press studs so that it can easily and quickly be closed. The collar stops the cool air going down the neck when the hood is down. It is lightweight and has reflectors on it for safety and two pockets on the front. It is made from 100% polyester and it is machine washable.

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