31 Gift Ideas Suitable for 7 Year Old Boys

By Louise
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Boys are not always that easy to buy for as they seem to have fewer interests than girls, particularly when they are young. We have decided to help though and have put together this list of ideas that we feel will make perfect gifts for seven-year-old boys. We have included a big range of items so that there will be things that are suitable for every boy. We have also included items at different prices so that there will be something that will be suitable for all budgets.

31 Presents for a 7 Year Old Boys Birthday
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This is a Kindle Kids edition. It comes with a choice of different coloured cases and is purpose-built for reading with a black and white glare-free screen and a week’s worth of battery life. It includes a year’s worth of Amazon Kids+ which gives the child access to lots of different books that they can read for free. It has Audible built-in as well when paired up with Bluetooth headphones.
This is a Lego Creator set. It is a robot figure. It has 207 pieces and full instructions to build the figure as well as a manta ray and sea plant. It is a 3 in 1 set which means that there are other models which can also be made with the pieces. In this case, it can also be made to make a submarine and underwater crane. Great fun for children aged over seven years of age.
This is a 20-inch mountain bike. It is red in colour and is suitable for children aged 7-10 years old. It has an adjustable saddle and handlebar which means that they can be raised as the child grows. The bike has front and rear brakes for safety and it has mudguards to keep the rider clean and dry when they are using it. It has a handy stand as well.
This is a stunt scooter which comes in black and blue. It is great for learning tricks and it has an aluminium foot brake to keep the rider safe. It has printed grip tape on it to stop the feet slipping off which also looks really cool. It has high tolerance bearings to give a smooth ride. It is made from durable steel so can withstand the rough treatment it might get when doing stunts.
This is a pair of pyjamas which have a space theme. They are black in colour and have blue cuffs and edging around the collar. On them, there are all the planets with their names beside them. The pyjamas come in sizes suitable for children aged 2-10 years of age. They are made from 100% cotton and are soft and breathable. The long sleeves and soft fabric will mean that they are warm and cosy. They are machine washable.
This is a K’nex building set. It has parts and instructions to build ten models. You can build a rocket ship, dinosaur, lizard, fish, snail, birds, car and other things too. The pieces are compatible with other building sets made by K’Nex so you can build bigger things as well and of course build lots of other small things from your imagination. Comes in a box so easy to wrap up.
This is a watch which has an analogue and digital time on it. It also displays the date and has an alarm function and light. It is water-resistant and comes in a selection of different colours. It has a 9.13-inch strap which is made from soft PU material and so it is really comfortable to wear. It has 10 notches and a buckle so it can fit really comfortably.
This is a pair of flashing gloves for kids. There are six different modes and they glow in all sorts of different colours and they can also flash as well. They have the batteries included and even come with a spare set as well. They are fun for Halloween or discos or just for going outside in the dark and having fun. They come in three different sizes for different ages of children.
This is a Secret Decoder activity set. It is by Melissa and Doug and has a secret decoder game, seek and find book, secret message activity pad and magic reveal sticker sheets. It is a fun set which all comes in a handy box which not only makes it easy to wrap up but will be a great way to store everything between uses and perhaps to carry around too.
This is a short-sleeved t-shirt which has a warning sign on it which says ‘Warning! I’m not listening’ on it. It comes in different colours and in sizes to fit children aged 3-14 years of age. It has a ribbed round neck with taped neckline and a classic casual style. It is made from cotton so is soft and comfortable to wear and it is machine washable so easy to keep clean.
This is a really large kite. It is made from weather-resistant and anti-tear nylon which is really durable. It has fibreglass rods as well which is really strong which means that the kite will not break when it hits the ground. It is really easy to put together and to fly. The kite is 110cm wide and 65cm long so it looks really good. It also has a 140cm tail which looks really impressive.
This is a magnetic lab set by Galt. It is a kit to encourage STEM development in children while having fun at the same time. There are activities such as driving a racing car without touching it, making rattlesnake sounds, performing levitating tricks and more. It has a 24-page lab book with instructions on how to do nine fun experiments. It contains all sorts of accessories to do the tasks.
This is a fun water bottle with a football theme that is collapsible. It is black and white like a football at the top and bottom with a green pitch design in the centre. It has a 500ml capacity and has a flip-top spout. It is leak-proof and drop resistant and will fold down. It comes with a carabiner on it so that it can be easily attached to a school bag or belt.
This is a Manchester United dressing gown. It is red in colour with black trim and has the team badge on it. It is available in a selection of sizes to fit children aged 3-14 years. It is made from 100% polyester so it is soft and comfortable to wear. It has a half elasticated back and tie belt with large pockets on the front. It is an official MUFC item.
This is a fun Spiderman outfit. It is an official outfit and it has a printed jumpsuit in the blue and red design with a matching snood to go over the head with mesh eyes to see through. It is made of polyester and it comes in sizes suitable for children aged from one year to ten years old. It would be great for Halloween, dressing up, world book day, parties or just general play.
This is a pair of Fortnite tracksuit trousers. They are comfortable joggers which come in black with white writing on. They are available in various sizes for children aged 7-14 years of age. They are made from 100% cotton and they have a drawstring fastening. They are soft and comfortable to wear in bed or when relaxing around the house and will also be warm as well with the elasticated ankles that will keep out draughts.
This is an illusion lamp. When it is switched on it lights up in the shaped of a 3D rocket. It would be fun for a bedside table or desk and has a remote control to operate it easily. You can select different colours, modes and brightness level so can set it up to be a calming nightlight or a bright light to work from or a colourful flashing light for playing.
This is a Lego set of Hogwarts Express from the Harry Potter books. It includes platform 9 ¾ as well as a bridge. It also has a luggage trolley, briefcases, newspapers, wands, chocolate frog, ice cream, wanted poster and station sign. Includes Minifigures Harry Potter, Ron Weasley and Scabbers, Hermione Granger, Remus Lupin, Trolley Witch and a dementor.  A really detailed set which is fun to build and play with.
This is a flying orb which can be controlled with the hands. Just throwing it into the air will get it started and it is easy to guide around as the motion sensors will respond to your hands with no remote control. It has lots of different moves and tricks that you can learn to do with it. It takes just thirty minutes to charge for five minutes of fun playing time.
This is a fun pull back car. It comes in green, red or black and it is designed to look really cool. There are also two motorcycles that are incorporated into the car which can be removed and played with separately. It is durable and strong so it is virtually crash-proof. It just needs to be pulled back a little and it will move forwards on its own. Press the ejection button and it will release the bikes while making noise and lighting up.
This is a science kit to make a spider robot. The idea is that kids will work through the instructions and carefully build the robot and then they will be able to play with it. They can then use the spider for pranks to scare people as the eight legs exactly mimic those of a spider or just play with it to entertain themselves. A great way to have fun and learn at the same time.
This is a digital watch designed specifically for kids. It has a radio, games, music player and pedometer built-in as well as a flashlight and a touch screen. It comes in blue or pink and even has a camera so that selfies can be taken using it. It has a soft strap with a buckle so that it can be made to fit comfortably and securely to reduce the risk of the watch getting lost.
This is a set of gaming pyjamas. They are mainly blue with multicoloured gaming handsets on them but the front of the top is white with ‘game over’ on it and a larger handset design. The pyjamas come in sizes suitable for children aged 6-12 years of age. They are 96% cotton and 5% elastane which means that they are comfortable and stretchy as well as soft and cosy to sleep in.
This is a fun Lego Technic kit to make a pullback monster truck. It has 128 pieces and has huge chunky tyres. It has a heavy-duty front bumper as well. It has a red, black and grey colour scheme with flame stickers to put on it to make it look really cool. It can be combined with the police car in the set to have some fun chases.
This is a blue sweatshirt with an Olaf design on it with autumn leaves and wind. It says ‘be cool’ on the front of it too. It comes in selected sizes to fit boys between the age of 18 months and eight years of age. It has long sleeves and is made from 100% cotton and so it will be warm and comfortable to wear. It is officially licensed Disney merchandise.
This is a remote-control robot toy. It can do different fun things such as dancing, boxing, driving or loading. It self balances on its wheels and has a strong transmitter so can be controlled from as far as 65 feet away. It can also respond to motions and sound and it has LED lights. It is 9 inches tall and it has batteries inside it and inside the remote controller in order to power it.
This is a lunch bag with a Fortnite theme. It is blue and black with characters on it printed in a camo style. It has a mesh pocket on the side for holding a water bottle and a grab handle on the top. It has been designed to keep lunch fresh inside and it measures 25 x 20 x 8cm so there is room for plenty of food items inside.
This is a fun mini drone which lights up. It is a quadcopter with bright LED lights in either blue or orange. It is durable because it has a protective circle around it so when it bangs on things or crashes it will not break. It can do different tricks as well as speeds that can be carried out using the remote control. It can be used inside or outside.
This is a hover football with goals. It is a fun game with a light-up disc to use as a football. It has soft bumpers so it can be used inside without damaging any furniture. It is rechargeable and comes with the pieces to make two goals to play with. It has a charging cable supplied as well so it is easy to plug it in when needed, Makes a fun game to play inside.
This is a Fortnite themed stationery set. It includes a 15cm ruler, HB pencil, 4 coloured pencils, sharpener, eraser and notebook as well as a pencil case to keep it all in. Very handy for using at school as well as at home for writing, drawing and having fun. It comes in a themed box so ready to wrap up easily to make a really great gift.  Great for Fortnite fans of all ages.
This is a laser gun set. There are four guns and vests in different colours so four people can play against each other. It is safe and will not cause any harm to the eyes or any other body parts. The shooting distance is up to 60 meters away and the guns can be set to different weapon modes. There are realistic sounds as well as lights to make the game lots of fun.

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