37 Presents for an 8 Year Old Boy - Perfect For Birthdays!

By Louise
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As children grow up it can get more difficult to choose presents for them. So, if you have an eight-year-old boy to buy a gift for, then you may want some ideas as to what to buy him. We have therefore put together a list of ideas that we think will be useful to you. We have included a range of different items so you should be able to find a good few things which will suit the boy that you have in mind. We have also included items at different prices in order to cater for all budgets as well.

37 Gift Ideas for an 8 Year Old Boy

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Wearing a watch can be a great way to encourage a child to learn to tell the time. This sport watch comes in a choice of colours and has the time in analogue and digital to help with this. It also shows the date, has an alarm function and a light. It is waterproof up to 50m. It has a silicon strap which has 10 notches for the buckle so it is easy to get it to fit securely.

Lego is always a popular choice with children and this Lego book includes Lego elements and instructions to make 16 crazy action contraptions. They are fun to build and each is a chain reaction. So, there are different parts to it which will lead to something fun happening such as putting a gum wrapper in the bin or spinning a bottle top. They are fun to build and play with.

Remote control cars are always a hit with young boys. Made of rubber and very durable it can withstand bumps and crashes. This car is a powerful 4 wheel drive with 360 rotating wheels for stunts. Perfect for all terrains like snow, sand, rocks, gravel and concrete making it ideal for any fun situation. The car spins, flips and smashes into walls no problem by design. Batteries and a controller are included.

This double sided magnetic dart board is a great safe alternative to the classic game we all know and love. The darts have a flat head to greatly reduce the chance of any damage, meaning no hospital trips or holes in the wall. The dart board is double sided for two fun games to play. The game rolls up for easy storage when not being played.

This kids fitness tracker is the perfect companion to a keep fit fanatic or part time walker. With modes from walking, running and cycling its very versatile. Features include tracking your heat rate, counting steps, calorie counting and blood pressure and many more. The water resistant watch is perfect for outdoor use and wont break in the rain.

This magic set is sure to amaze any onlookers, with 225 easy to learn tricks there is plenty magic to go around. Perfect for building social skills and hand to eye co-ordination. Included in the famous kit is a magic wand, mind reading cards, magic theatre and many more. With 111 pieces there is many hours of learning tricks.

This is a safe dart gun for indoor and outdoor use. With 100 soft foam darts and 3 shooting modes there’s heaps of fun. Included is a re-chargeable battery and compatible cable to charge it. The toy is the same dimensions as the real life thing creating a realistic but safe and fun playtime. Perfect gift to get any gun toting gamer outside.

This is a funny Xbox themed door hanging plaque reading ‘Can I just finish this game’. the signs dimensions are 20 X 0.5 X 10 centimetres. This makes it the ideal size for hanging on the door of any gaming kids bedroom or games room. The background of the sign is black and the green and white text is to represent the Xbox colours.

Kids love to experiment and this Horrible Science kit will not only provide them with the ingredients and instructions to do various experiments but will explain how they work as well. The kit will help them to make a lava lamp, make slimy snot, launch a rocker and watch a volcano erupt. There is a 32-page booklet to explain everything. Needs a few common household items for some experiments to work.

A t-shirt makes a great gift for a child as it is always useful and this one is fun as well. It is short-sleeved and has a warning sign printed on the front of it which says ‘I’m not listening’ on it. It comes in a selection of colours and the yellow and black sign stands out on all of them. It is made from cotton so is soft to wear and comes in sizes 3-14 years. It is machine washable.

Many parents appreciate it when children have toys that will be fun and help them learn and this is exactly the case with this 2 in 1 solar robot. It teaches STEM skills while the child has fun too. It has lots of parts so that it is possible to build different robots such as a dog-bot, walker-bot, beetle-bot, row-bot and turtle-bot. They all have a solar panel to power them.

A board game can be a great gift to buy for kids and this one is called Football Billionaire so will appeal to boys that enjoy football. It is a trading game where you need to purchase clubs, buy stadiums and create the perfect team by collecting the best players. You can also hire and fire managers, close deals with agents and swap players in order to win trophies and avoid relegation.

Star Wars is something that a lot of children like and if they are fans of the film then they will love to make these paper starfighters. The book has 40 sheets of custom-designed paper with instructions on how to fold them into Star Wars ships. The instructions are really clear which means that they are suitable for children over the age of eight years to be able to easily make.

Harry Potter is a character that all children know and so they will be likely to be excited if they are given this Harry Potter Lego set. It has the Hogwart’s Express, as well as Platform 9 ¾ and a bridge with a selection of characters, from the film including the trolley witch. It will be fun to build and to play with afterwards. There are many fun accessories as well as characters in the set.

Funny t-shirts can make great gifts and this one is black with short-sleeves and says on it ‘This is what an awesome 8 year old looks like!’ on it with hands that have upwards pointing thumbs on them. It is made from 100% organic cotton so it will be really soft and comfortable to wear. It comes in two size options for children aged 7-8 and 9-11 so there will be a bigger option for a taller child.

Darts can be a fun game, but for younger children, it is not safe to play and even for older children it may not be something their parents want them playing, especially inside. This set is safe though as it has a multicoloured, circular board with a hook on the back. There are eight balls which will stick on the board when thrown at it. The idea is to try to hit the targets which have the highest scores.

Having a game to play in the car, on public transport, in a waiting room etc, that can just fit in your pocket and is easy to play on your own is really handy. This IQ Puzzler game fits that description. It is a small case which contains a selection of balls in different colours. The idea is that they have to be stacked together in different ways to form the shapes in the booklet.

Many children enjoy playing with drones and this one will be fun. It is hand operated so needs no remote control. It just needs to be thrown into the air and it will detect obstacles and fly away from them so you can use your hands to direct it. It can fly in all directions and the built-in gyroscope will detect if it has not been operated for a few seconds and it will hover at a lower height.

Learning anatomy may not seem that appealing to most children, but it is something that could be extremely useful to them. This chart about the body is really fun as not only does it help with learning this, it does it in an interesting way. There are buttons to press to receive facts about the body and then quizzes to test your knowledge. It covers the body, muscles, organs and skeleton.

A lot of children enjoy playing Roblox and if they do then they will like this hoodie. It has a picture on the front of lots of Roblox characters. It comes in a selection of different colours and there are a few different designs as well. It is made from high-quality cotton which is medium thickness so will be warm but not too hot and it is also soft and comfortable.

Building a toy and then playing with it can be a lot of fun. This stunt buggy comes with all of the parts needed to make it. It has lots of printed panels that can be slotted together without glue to form it. There is also an electric motor and battery box to help the foam wheels to cope with all sorts of terrains. There are detailed instructions so it is easy to put together.

Riding a bike can be a lot of fun but it is important that kids stay safe as well. Having good lights can therefore be very helpful and these special bike wheel lights can really help a child be seen. Used alongside a front and backlight, they will fit inside the wheel of the bike to make it even more visible in the dark. There are different colour options to pick from – either just one colour or a mix of colours can be chosen.

Getting kids outside is something that parents are often trying hard to do. It can feel like a battle at times, but this bug catcher kit can help. It has all sorts of interesting things to play with outside. It has a hat and bug catching nets, a torch, fan, whistle, compass, binoculars and bug box to help encourage children to explore the environment around them. There is even a drawstring bag to carry it all in.

A t-shirt can be more than just a piece of clothing and this one really is. It has a special panel on the front which can glow in the dark. The idea is that you draw on it and the pattern will show up in the dark. They come in sizes for kids and adults and have a classic fit. They are made from 100% cotton which means that they are comfortable and soft to wear.

Binoculars can be a fun thing for children to play with and these toy ones can therefore make a great gift. They come in a selection of bright colours and are a good size for children to hold. They are easy to focus and can magnify up to eight times with crisp images. They have a very soft material around the eyepieces so that eyes are kept protected at all times.

‘Dude Diary’ is a book which has all sorts of interesting activities to do inside. It has places to write all sorts of things such as favourite candy bars, friends and gaming scores but also areas for writing what is on your mind. There are also what-if scenarios to answer as well and all sorts of fun activities to take part in. It is designed for boys to write and draw in and then lock up and hide away.

Firing this toy rocket will be fun for all children. It is made of foam which means that it will not do any damage when it lands but it is also light in weight which means that it will be able to fly a long way. It is launched by stepping on an air pad, which shoots it off the pipe at the end. Kids will have great fun seeing how high up they can make it go up in the air.

Learning about history will be a lot of fun with these History Heroes cards. The cards have famous people from London on them and there is information about what they did and the idea is that one person reads out the facts and others have to guess who they are. It is a great way to learn about what different people have achieved and how they have had an important impact on history.

Many parents may have played the game of Simon as children and this is the more modern, wearable version. The idea is still the same, watch the lights, memorise them and recall them, but this time it is done on a cool headset. It is possible to play solo or to challenge your friends or family to play against you. It requires 4 x AAA batteries in order to work.

Roleplay is something which can be a lot of fun for kids. Therefore, this set of superhero capes could be something that they will really enjoy wearing and playing with. There are four different ones in the pack with masks. They are not official characters but they look like they are similar to Batman, Spiderman, Captain America etc. They are brightly coloured. The masks are soft and can be adjusted to fit.

An oversized sweatshirt blanket can be really lovely to snuggle into and this one is designed to fit children aged 7-14 years, It has a warm hood and a Fortnite design to make it warm and appealing. It is made from polyester which means that it is soft as it is fleecy and it is also suitable for machine washing which means that it is easy to keep it clean.

Practical jokes are really enjoyed by some children and you are buying for a boy that loves to do pranks then they will really enjoy this kit. There are plenty of fun things for them to fool people with such as A fake smashed glass illusion, prank insects, whoopee cushion, fake poo, fake sick and nail through the finger. There are 15 in total and there are instructions included on how to use them.

Sticker books can be a lot of fun and this one has all the stickers needed for children to build their own cars. There is a supercar on each page which is missing parts and the stickers are at the back of the book so that children can easily find them and complete them. The cars include a rally car, Le Mans car, pro Mod Racer, SUV and many more exciting cars.

Football is a passion that many children have and this 3D construction kit will therefore appeal to them as you can build a football. This is an Everton club football as it is blue and white and has the club shield on it. The kit comes with instructions and lots of small bricks to build it. It will need adult supervision and help to put it together, especially for younger children.

Kids love wearing pyjamas, whether they are going to bed or just playing at home in comfort. This means that it is always handy for them to have a lot of pairs. These camo style ones will be a big hit. They are green on the main part of the top which has camo sleeves and pocket and camo trousers. They come in sizes suitable for kids aged 6-13 years old. They are made from a cosy cotton mix fabric.

A onesie can be a great item to wear to relax in or to bed. This one is a gamer style one which is black with a white print with handsets on it. It has longs sleeves with elasticated cuffs and ankles so it will be really warm and comfortable. It is made from 100% cotton and so is lovely and cosy to wear. It is machine washable so it is really easy to clean – assuming you can convince the child to take it off!

A wallet can be a useful gift and this one looks cool as well with its camo print. There other colours and designs to choose from though. This wallet s 4.9 x 3.2 x 0.9 inches in size and it is a trifold style with hook and loop fastening. There is a zip on the outside and inside there is an ID window and a keychain with 4 x card slots and a cash pocket.

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