33 Presents for an 8th Birthday Girl

By Louise
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There are a lot of things that you could buy an eight-year-old girl for her birthday but sometimes the choice can just seem overwhelming or you may feel like you want to get something which is a bit different. This is why we have put together this list of items for you to consider. We have picked a big range of things so that you will be able to find a great gift for the girl that you have in mind. We have carefully looked at the costs too and been sure to pick things at different prices so you will be able to find something on budget.

33 Gift Ideas for an 8 Year Old Girl

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Writing a journal has been recognised as something which can be beneficial for mental health and this HappySelf journal has been designed to really help children with this by encouraging them to use it for a few minutes a day. It is designed to help to promote happiness, develop positive habits and nurture enquiring minds. It helps to foster a growth mindset to help to improve confidence and self-belief. It also encourages kindness, advocates mindfulness and improves self-awareness.

Making these suncatcher pendants will be fun for most girls. There are 18 different designs to make including flowers, butterflies and a unicorn. The idea is that they are coloured using the glass painting pens provided and then use the beads and gems to decorate them. There are also chains and cord to hang them on so that they can be made into necklaces or other jewellery or just hung up in a window.

This bluetooth microphone with built in speaker is perfect for any aspiring young singer. On the microphone there are control buttons on the front to control the music that’s playing and the volume of your voice. Compatible with almost all bluetooth devices including iPhone, Android and Samsung its perfect for a family get together or a solo singing session.

This temporary chalk is made from safe and non toxic materials, safe to use on your skin and face its great for any young girl wanting to change their hair around short term. With 6 bright and standout colours to choose from you can customise your hair anyway you desire. With an easy to apply colour comb it is easy for children to use on their own. It is easily washed out and can be changed anytime to keep your haircut interesting.

This VTech pink kids smartwatch is the perfect first watch for a young girl. Made of durable plastic and a splash proof screen it is reliable and long lasting. Weighing only 200 grams it is lightweight and comfortable to wear on your wrist. This watch is amazing for introducing children to the world of technology in a safe way .

Painting is a great way to get your creative side out, including 3 brushed and a set of acrylic paint you are in for hours of entertainment. Easy to use for children on their own as the colour key is printed on the paint tubs and the canavas. The size of the canvas is 40 x 50cm, perfect for displaying your work of art on the wall or on the fridge.

A water bottle is a very useful thing for anyone to have and this one is a lot of fun as well. It is one that can be coloured in which comes with markers and stickers. It means that the bottle will be given an individual look and will be fun to decorate and to use. It also comes with a bonus pencil case to colour in as well as a unicorn keyring. The bottle has a carabiner on the lid so it can be easily hung off a bag.

Painting nails can be lots of fun and this nail art kit is designed especially for children. You can paint it on and then easily peel it off again. It includes six solvent-free nail polishes with nail stickers and heart-shaped sprinkles and there is an 8-page manual which gives loads of ideas for different art that you can do. It also has an emery board and toe separator.

Tattoos can look fun but children cannot get permanent ones but they can play around with these temporary ones. There are lots of stencils so that they can easily use the glitter included in the box to make all sorts of designs. They can use just one colour of glitter or a mix to create fun tattoos. The 28 different designs include hearts, stars, cupcake, animals and lips. Tattoos last up to 7 days.

Girls will often like to use a shoulder bag to carry things in such as their lip gloss, coins, sweets, small toys etc. This is a lovely bag for kids with a cat design that comes in a selection of colours. The bag measures 4.3 x 3.9 x 1.9 inches and has a thin shoulder strap which is adjustable. The bag has a magnetic closure so things will stay safely inside.

A secret diary can be a fun gift for any girl. This one does not have a lock on like many do but it comes with a special pen which writes in invisible ink that can only be read under UV light which can be shone from the light on the end of the pen. The book has a lovely unicorn design and comes with a selection of stickers as well.

Tie-dying can be a lot of fun and this kit provides lots of materials so lots of things can be dyed. It has 18 colours of dye with squeezy bottles to apply it as well as gloves and rubber bands and protective cloth. All that is needed is the items to dye such as t-shirts, pillowcases, scarves etc. It can be a lot of fun to do and the dye is safe for kids to use.

Having fun and being creative are just two of the things that can be done with the spirograph kit. It comes with all the equipment you need to make all sorts of interesting patterns. It has all of the plastic parts as well as pens and spiro putty to hold the pieces in place on the page while they are being used, It has a 10 page guide book to get you started.

Having a stationery organizer can be extremely useful but building it yourself can make it much more fun. This Lego Dots set will provide you with what you need to decorate a two sectioned desk organiser. There are lots of coloured dots and you can use the patterns suggested or make up your own to produce a pretty desk accessory. It has 405 pieces and other Dots sets can be used to provide alternative coloured pieces.

Headbands make a fun accessory for kids to wear and this kit will provide them with the necessary items that they will need to make them. There are ten in total which they will be able to decorate with rhinestones, flowers, feathers, butterflies, ribbons and pom poms using the glue provided. Full instructions are included so it will be easy for children to be able to make these alone or with their friends.

A backpack can be an extremely useful gift, whether for use at school or home. This one comes in a choice of colours and has a funky pineapple design on it. It has a large main pocket as well as two front pockets which all have zips. There are also mesh pockets on the side. There are padded handles to carry it easily as well as a sturdy grab handle on the top.

Hoodies are very popular because they are comfortable to wear and this one can also be personalised. It has a silhouette of a gymnast on the front and a name can be put below all in diamantes. The top comes in either pink or black and is available in various sizes suitable for girls aged 5-13 years of age. The top is made from 70% cotton and 30% polyester so it is soft and warm.

Origami animals can be great fun to make and this beginners set has everything needed to make different birds. It has coloured paper with stickers so the animals have great character when they are made and it is more fun than using plain paper. There are fold lines on the papers to make it easier to follow the clear instructions and make them. The paper is pretty and great quality so will not tear easily.

Many girls really love bath bombs and so it can be a lovely treat to buy them some as a gift. This set has essential oils so they are relaxing too. There are 12 in this boxed set and they all have different scents. They include lavender, vanilla lemon and blueberry so a big range and are individually wrapped so their scents are preserved. They have 100% organic and natural ingredients and are suitable for vegans.

Brush pens can be a great way to create some really pretty artwork. This set of 24 has dual tips with a flexible brush on one end and a fine tip on the other so they can be used for fine and less detailed art. There are 24 different colours which means that there is a good choice. The ink is pigment-based watercolour ink so great for quality work like calligraphy, manga, crafting and any colouring or drawing.

A personal item can be really great and it can make a young person feel really proud that they can use an item that they have made. This messenger bag is a great way that they can express themselves. It has a pattern on it and comes with pens so that they can colour it in. It will be a great starter project which will be fairly straightforward and boost their confidence.

T-shirts can be useful presents and this one is fun as well. It comes in a selection of colours and it has a print on the front saying ‘warning! I’m not listening’. It is made from cotton which means that it is really soft to wear and very comfortable. It comes in sizes suitable for children aged 3-14 years of age and has short sleeves. It is machine washable so easy to clean.

Kids love trainers and these will be popular as not only are they available in great colours but the sole has lights in which flash. They are available in child size 9 – adult size 8 and they can be recharged just like a mobile phone. They have laces and Velcro closure and have different light modes to choose from. They even come with a remote control to change the settings and the colours of the lights.

Most kids love to make things, especially if they can use them. Therefore they will probably like this lip balm lab. The idea is that they make the lip balms and can then use them or give them away. It comes with 5 lip balm pots, a pot of base, 4 juicy flavours, 3 sparkly glitter pots, mixing bowls and tools, stickers and a makeup bag. This means that they can mix the ingredients to make the lip balms and then decorate the pots and store them in the make up bag.

Artistic children will like this LCD writing tablet. It comes with a stylus and can be used to draw pictures as well as write and create interesting effects. When done the picture can just be erased for next time. The stylus has different tips for different effects but you can even use a finger if you like. It has a non-glare screen which will be fun to use and the whole thing is durable and portable.

Books can make such great gifts as some children will read them over and over again. This 22 book collection of Magic Ballerina books will keep a child amused for a very long time. They will be able to get lost in Darcey Bussell’s series of books from number 1-22. There are little illustrations on some of the pages which means that they are good for those children that need pages broken up a bit.

Melissa and Doug make great toys and this is one of them. It is a secret decoder kit which gives kids the chance to crack codes uncover hidden clues and reveal secret messages. It has 50 activities inside the box including activity pages and books as well as stickers. It is a fun set of items for any young sleuth or a child that likes problem-solving or doing quizzes.

Articulate is a fun game and this version has been developed especially for kids. The idea is to describe a word without actually saying it and in this box, there are words and topics designed with children in mind so they will be able to play along and have lots of fun with the rest of the family. For 4-20 players. Great for zoom parties, large households or family gatherings.

Learning to sew is a really important skill to learn and this first sewing kit can start to form those skills. There are several different craft activities for kids to do with this kit. They are able to make a little bag, picture frame, jotter pad and small purse using the items included and the thread. There are pre-cut foam pieces and cord with a large bodkin to sew with.

A fun game that portable can be very useful and this game of Randomise is pocket size. Players can choose between acting, drawing or describing to get the random identity on their card across for others to guess. It can have really funny results and really bring a family together having lots of fun and there are different levels of difficulty. It is portable so it can be played anywhere and is for 4-40 players.

A cosy onesie can be a really welcome gift for any child. This one glows in the dark so is good fun as well. It comes in sizes for children aged 3-14 years and it has a unicorn pattern on it and comes in either pink or purple. It is made from super soft fleece so is really comfortable to wear as well and has a zipper fastening down the front of it.

Creating cards can be a fun thing to do when you are inside and it can be lovely to then send them to friends and family. This kit has contents to allow you to create 30 postcards to send to a BFF. There are ten felt pens included in a range of colours as well as stickers so the cards can be coloured and decorated to look really special before they are sent.

Having a fun game to play can be a great way to stave off boredom and so a great gift to give. This game by Melissa and Doug is called suspend and the idea is to balance the rods and try not to knock down those that have already been hung up. A fun family game for children that comes in a handy tube that it can be stored in when not being played.

Making bracelets can be a lot of fun and this set has everything that is needed to make a selection of pretty charm bracelets. There are 6 coloured metal charms which are a heart, butterfly, flower, star, cupcake and handbag and 3 silver charms which are a dog, strawberry and phone and then plenty of coloured and silver-coated beads to make bracelets with. There is elastic and cotton to make the various designs.

Many girls like jewellery and if they do then this delightful set could really please them. It includes a watch with pink strap, butterfly pendant necklace and butterfly bracelet. There are other themes as well such as cats, unicorns, flowers and hearts. The jewellery is silver plated and everything comes packed in a pretty presentation box. The watch has quartz movement and a replaceable battery so it will last a long time.

Performing magic is something that can bring a lot of joy to children and this set from Marvin’s’ Magic will allow them to learn a selection of fun tricks. There are different tricks to learn and they all come inside a tin to keep everything neatly stored. They can learn mind-reading, changing cards, cat clip, spiked coin and many other fun tricks. There is even a secret magic notebook included.

Many girls that like perfume would love to have a go at blending their own scent. With this set, they will be able to do this. It will teach them all about perfume blending and provide a selection of fragrances that they will be able to use to make their own blends. It comes with bottles, pipettes and gloves so they can make some perfumes of their own and stickers to put on the bottles.

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