34 Gift Ideas for a 9th Birthday Girl

By Louise
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If you want to buy a gift for a nine-year-old girl then you may wonder what to get. It is not always easy to find something that is unique and suitable which means that you may wonder where to start looking. We can help as we have put together a list of items that we feel will appeal to girls of this age and so you will be able to look through it and get some ideas about what to buy for them. There is a big mix of items and they cost different amounts of money so you should be able to find something that you think they will like that is within your price range.

34 Presents for a 9 Year Old Girl

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This is a lamp which has a 3D effect. It lights up in the shape of character that will look 3D and there is a selection of different characters to choose from. It looks good in a child’s bedroom, perhaps on their bedside table. It has three light modes and you can choose a single light, gradual changing colours or one specific colour. It can be powered by batteries or using the 5V USB cable supplied with it

This is a swivel chair for children. It is for use at a desk and is covered in fluffy material with a unicorn design to it. There are other design options to choose from as well. It swivels by 360 degrees and can hold up to 250lbs. The seat has a variable height of 67-75cm with a seat width of 41cm and a depth of 34cm. It is great for doing schoolwork at a desk and also playing computer games.

This is a special marbling art paint kit. It has all the supplies that you need. There are 8 different paints of 53ml each, 2 pots of carrageenan, a large water tray, 8 clothespins, 6 papers, a dropper, 2 plastic styli, a comb, brush, measuring spoon, rope and instruction book. The kit gives you enough materials to make lots of different marble art pictures and to create fun effects.

We all know young girls love jewellery so why not get them the perfect 9 bead bracelet to celebrate their 9th birthday. Each bead represents a year and is made of sterling silver which will not leave your skin discoloured or itchy. Included in this gift set is a cute gift bag, box for the bracelet and tissue paper to wrap it up making it the ideal all in one gift.

This fun and creative gift is great for anyone who is just starting to like makeup. With 10 different lip balms to create it will sure spark their scientific side by mixing the different components to create the final product. 2 tasty flavours of mint and lemon are included with all the pieces to have your own mini lip balm bar.

This is a fun, creative and uplifting colouring book for girls. With 64 pages it has hours upon hours of fun colouring which is great for hand to eye co-ordination and creativity. The colouring book cover reads ‘Rebel colouring for girls: motivating messages & marvellous mantras to create’. The book is filled with uplifting and motivational quotes and pictures to keep you colouring positively.

This compact and cute camera packs a punch with great quality and durability, The shock proof design is to make clumsy kids less likely to break it. With lots of fun filters and different modes you can create fun and silly videos and pictures. It also features 5 fun mini games making it the perfect companion for a long day out of pictures, videos and fun.

This is a set of glitter tattoos. It has lots of different tattoo designs which can be easily applied to the skin. It has 27 tattoo stencils and 4 sparkly colours so that it is easy to make different tattoos on the skin in plain or multi-colours. There are lots of different stencils such as lips, cupcake, stars, gecko, mermaid, dolphin or unicorn. The tattoos can last on the skin for up to 7 days.

This is an art set which has a pad of black paper which can be scratched to reveal the pretty colour underneath. It comes with a wooden stylus to scratch with and it can be used for all sorts of things. It could be used for pretty writing, perhaps notes and to draw pictures or make patterns. It comes with a selection of stencils so that these can be used to make some designs.

This is a wooden bedside table in the shape of a butterfly. It comes flat packed and is easy to assemble by screwing it together. It is white but could be painted before assembling if required. It has two cut out butterflies as supports for the round top and so it looks pretty. Would be useful for a lamp, books etc for beside the bed or elsewhere in a bedroom where storage is required.

This is a bean bag chair. It is available in a selection of different colours and it is 84cm x 70cm in size. It is durable and water-resistant and is made from a fabric that is easy to wipe clean. It can be used inside or outside but needs to be kept dry. It has a rounded shape with a deep seat that creates a high back shape. It is lightweight so easy to carry around the house.

This is a kit to make a charm bracelet. It has three silver-plated chains so you can make three bracelets. It also has 20 metal beads, 15 pendants and coloured glass beads so that you can make bracelets with an adjustable size of between 17 and 22cm. The charms include a rose, flamingo, leaf, star, ballet shoes, bird, moon etc and the beads also have pictures such as a turtle, crown, bag, owl, plane etc.

This is a box of items to make sparkly 3D cards. It has cards and gift tags inside which you can decorate with stickers, pom poms and sequins. There are also stamps that you can use to print greetings inside the cards. It comes with glitter glue, a zigzag scissors and heart shaped card punch, so everything that you need to make all of the cards and gift cards. A fun item which will make useful cards to be given away.

This is a tile art set which is magnetic. The idea is to turn the ties into fridge magnets once they are done by sticking the rubber magnets to the back of them. The tiles have cute designs and come with paint so that you can decorate them. They come with detailed instructions and they are simple to use – just draw a picture on the tile, paint it with the paint provided and when it is dry stick on the fridge using the supplied magnet.

This is a DIY bracelet craft kit. The kit comes with a knitting board and the idea is that you use the coloured threads provided to make bracelets. There is enough thread to make 22 bracelets and there are also beads to decorate them with. Great for making with friends and family or to make to give away to friends. Great fun to make, to give away and to wear.

This is a tie-dye art kit. It comes with 18 bottles of dye in different colours. It also has protective gloves, rubber bands, protective surface cover and instructions. The idea is that you can use the kit to dye all sorts of items such as pillowcases, t-shirts, socks etc. There is enough dye to dye up to 36 projects and they can be used by individuals or for a fun activity for a family or friends to do together.

This is a fun nail painting set. It has useful pens which have the nail polish in them. They also come with toe separators, sticker sheets, glitter and topcoat polish. There is even a makeup bag to keep it all in. The idea is that you paint your nails, stick on glitter gems or stickers and then protect with the topcoat. Great fun to do with friends or family.

This is a hoodie which is available in pink or black. It can be personalised with a name and above the name, there is a picture of a gymnast. The top is made of cotton and polyester which means that it is soft and comfortable to wear. The name and gymnast are made from machine cut diamantes which will really sparkle. It comes in sizes suitable for girls aged between 5 and 13 years old.

This is a rechargeable 1080p digital camera. It comes in a choice of colours and can take still photographs as well as videos. It has a playback mode, can be used as a webcam and is suitable for vlogging. It magnifies up to 16X. It has 44 megapixels resolution and HD 1080P for video. It has an SD slot and includes a 32gb T Flash card for external storage.

This is a short-sleeved t-shirt which has a warning sign on the front which reads ‘Warning! I’m not Listening’. It is available in a selection of bright colours as well as black and white and in sizes suitable for children aged three to fourteen years old. It is made from cotton which means that it is comfortable to wear and feels soft. It has a relaxed fit with a club collar. It is machine washable.

This is a kit to create your own lip gloss. It is a fun craft kit which has information about creating cosmetics. It includes an lip balm base, colourant and 3 flavourings Oh So Citrus, Mixed Berries and Very Cherry. It also has 5 mixing containers and 5 storage containers for mixing and storing the balms. There is an illustrated instruction booklet which means that it is easy to make the products. Comes with carry case and 80 stickers to decorate as you please.

This is a unicorn themed letter writing set. It includes writing sheers and notecards, envelopes, washi tape, stickers, pom pom pen, ink stamps and a mechanical pencil. It all comes in a really attractive box with different compartments to keep the items in the set and it has the same unicorn pictures on it as the items inside. It will make letter writing a lot more fun – can be used to send letters to friends and family.

This is a special pack of soft clay designed specifically for slime making. It is smooth and stretchy and once you add water and slime activator you can make butter slime. You can also add colour and scent to make clay slime. You can also use it to make bead slime, foam and other items. It comes with instructions that are easy for kids to follow. It is smooth and stretchy to make really fluffy slime.

This is a pair of pyjamas. The top is long-sleeved and has LOL on the front of it with the O being a laughing emoji. It is black with a red collar and cuffs. The trousers are pink with the emoji pattern all over them. They are made from 100% cotton so will be soft and comfortable to wear in bed. They are in size 9-10 years and are machine washable so easy to keep clean.

This is a pair of crop tops by Calvin Klein. They come in grey and pink or white and black. They have a razorback style and elastic along the bottom with the Calvin Klein logo on it. They come in size 8-16 so it is easy to get a good fit as they are made from cotton with elastane. The tops are suitable for machine washing and are therefore really easy to keep clean.

This is a pack of girls briefs. They come in a mix of different fabrics and there are six in the pack. There are different sets with different fabrics such as flowers, polka dots, stripes, animals, rainbows, hearts etc. There are various sizes suitable for girls between the age of 2 and 12 years of age. They are made of 100% cotton and are therefore soft and comfortable to wear.

These are mirrored heart-shaped stickers. They are designed for sticking on a wall. The stickers vary in size between 11.5 x 10cm and 3 x 2cm and they are self-adhesive so easy to stick on a wall. There are 16 stickers in total that can be arranged in a variety of ways.  They are reflective, although not as sharp as a traditional mirror and they provide a safe alternative for a child’s bedroom.

This is a set of star-shaped fairy lights. They are for indoor use so would be great in a bedroom perhaps attached to a wall or bookcase. They are pink in colour and so give a cosy glow and create a warming atmosphere in the room. There are 30 in total and they come on a 3m lead. They have a discreet cable which means that they will look prettier.

This is a secret diary which has a unicorn design on it with 80 pages. It has a lovely cover which has sequins on it which will change colour when they are stroked. The diary comes with a magic pen which writes secret messages which can only be seen using the light. It also comes with some stickers that can be used inside the book or for other fun projects.

This is a faux sheepskin rug in a grey colour. It is lovely and fluffy and would make a cosy addition to any room including a child’s bedroom and would work on a carpet or hard floor. It comes in three size options and so you can choose the one that will work the best. It can even go in a washing machine and tumble drier so it is really easy to keep clean.

This is a Crayola light up tracing pad. It works like a lightbox and lights up the items so that they are much easier to trace. It can be used for tracing pictures or lettering and is therefore great for artwork or writing. It comes with ten blank sheets of paper and 12 short coloured pencils. There are also ten tracing sheets with different designs on them and a graphite pencil.

This is a ten-piece hair chalk set. It provides temporary hair colour. They can also be used for face paints as well. There are five vibrant colours and five metallic colours and they are fully safe which means that they are suitable for children to use. They are suitable for use on all colours of hair. There are ten different colours and they will last for 80 applications to hair.

This is a set of wall art with a butterfly design. The stickers are 120 x 80cm in size and they have the design of a girl with wings sitting on a branch and surrounded by butterflies. It can be applied to walls, furniture, desks, tables etc as long as they have a smooth and clean surface. There are other designs available as well. They are made from PVC and are waterproof and durable.

This is a bedding set with a reversible design. On one side it is pink with white stars and on the other side, it is grey with white stars. The set includes a single duvet cover and a pillowcase. It is made from 50% cotton and 50% polyester which means that it is durable and soft but also comfortable. It is machine washable and can go in the tumble dryer.

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