31 Gift Ideas for AC/DC Fans

Updated on March 2nd, 2021
By Lewis
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If you know someone that is a big fan of ACDC then you might like to buy them gifts that are related to their obsession. If you know very little about the band then it can be quite hard to know what might be the best things to buy for them. We have therefore put together a list of items to help you. There is a selection of different types of things so that you will be able to find something that you will feel will suit them. They are different prices as well which means that you should be able to find something that will suit your budget.

Presents That Rock for Fans of AC/DC

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Pocket watches can make fine-looking gifts and this one is antique gold in colour with an ACDC picture on it. It opens up to reveal a white face with black hands and numbers on it. It is 36mm in diameter and has a chain to go with it in a matching colour. It is scratch-resistant and durable and the clock is quartz and battery-powered. Comes in a gift box.

Anyone that remembers vinyl or who has heard about them will be impressed with this wall clock that has been made from a vinyl record. It has been cut to the shape of the ACDC band members and in the middle, there is a working clock which is black and white. The main clock is black and 30cm in size and it has a quartz clock movement which is silent that will require one battery.

Doormats do not just have to be practical but they can be fun as well. This one is red and white and says ‘ACDC for those about to knock’ on it and has a picture of a canon. It is 40 x 60cm in size and will therefore fit in front of most doors. It is made of coir and will therefore be great for removing dirt from shoes before people enter the house.

Monopoly is a fun game and this one has an ACDC theme which means that it will be fun for fans of the band. It is the same exciting property trading game but you have to invest in gold and platinum records in order to try to see if you can win the game by making the other players bankrupt. It even has themed playing pieces such as a canon, TNT, cap, pile of money and bell.

T-shirts are useful and therefore people like receiving them as gifts. This one is a Black Ice themed t-shirt which is grey in colour. It comes in sizes S – XXL and has short sleeves with a crew neck and a regular fit. It is made from 100% cotton and is therefore soft and comfortable to wear. It is machine washable as well. Would make a great gift for an ACDC fan.

Mugs are always useful gifts and this one is white porcelain and has an ‘ACDC’ logo on it. It is wrapped all around the mug so part of it is visible from each side. The mug has a 320ml capacity and so is a decent size and it will be a great gift for someone that is a big fan of the group. It could be sent directly to them or you could order it to be sent to you and then wrap it up before handing it over.

If the person that you are buying for smokes then they might like this lighter. It has ‘Angus’ on it and there is a picture of him on the lighter with a black background. It is a windproof lighter so is easy to use even outside. It comes gift boxed as well so is all ready to give away as a great gift for a fan of the band. They may want to use it or just keep it as a collectable.

A keyring can make a great budget gift and this one has the ACDC logo which is red in colour on it. It is made of metal which means that it is strong and durable. It measures 6.5 x 2.7cm in size and it is therefore lightweight. It will look good when used with keys but could also be used as a bag charm and also could be kept as a collectable item.

Hip flasks make fun gifts and they could be useful as well. This one has an ACDC theme and it also comes with a funnel so that you do not spill the drink when filling it and two 1oz metal cups to drink from which also have an ACDC theme. They all come packed together in a gift box which means that they are ready to give away as a present.

An ACDC fan would like this Slash themed t-shirt. It is black in colour with a white cartoon-style picture on it. It is available in sizes S – XXL and comes with a regular fit and it has short sleeves. It is made from cotton which means that it is really soft and comfortable to wear. It would make a useful and fun gift for any fan of the band.

A neon sign will really show how much you like ACDC. This one is blue in colour and lights up with the band’s logo. It is 30 x 22cm in size and it is made of transparent acrylic. It will really stand out when t is switched on in a dark room and it has LED lights which will last a really long time. It will be a fun gift to give to a fan of the band.

If the person you are buying for buys a stringed instrument then they may really like this pack of assorted guitar picks. They each have a different ACDC themes design open them and they have a medium gauge. They come in a blister pack so are all ready to wrap up and hand over as a fun gift. The recipient may want to use them or just keep them in their pack as a keepsake.

Face masks are something that we all need and this one is black and has ‘ACDC’ on it in white. It means that the wearer can show that they are a fan of the band and make wearing a mask a lot more fun. It is a double fabric layered mask with a fabric binding which means that it can be washed and reused lots of times so a better option than the throw-away ones.

A lot of us have lots of cards to store these days such as credit card, debit cards and loyalty cards and so having a cardholder can be really handy. This one will hold six cards and it has an ACDC picture on it to make it more fun. It has two pockets in it so you can organise your cards more easily. A handy gift that will be great for fans of the band.

Caps can be great as they will shade the face from the sun, keeping the sun out of the eyes and shading the face. This one is black and has the ‘ACDC’ logo on the front in white and so it is great for fans. It has adjustable Velcro on the back so that it can fit most sizes of head. It is made from 100% cotton and is an officially licensed product.

POP vinyl makes some great collectable figures and fans of SCDC will like this one of Angus Young. It is a chase edition and it is quite a rare figure. It is 9cm tall and it comes in a box with a viewing window. This means that it can be displayed in the box to preserve the value and help to keep the item clean and undamaged. Makes a fun gift to give.

Belt buckles can really finish an outfit or add an interesting touch. This one has the ACDC logo on it and it is made from a zinc alloy metal. It will fit on a belt that is 38-40mm wide and it is 10 x 4.5cm in size. It is a great budget gift idea that will please a fan of the band. They could use it as a decoration if they did not want to wear it as a belt buckle.

Wallets are really useful items to have and this one has a fun ACDC theme to it. It is black with a red print on it and it has lots of slots to put cards in. It has a chain on it with a leather loop on the end. It is 11cm in size and would make a really great gift for a fan of the band as it will be useful for them as well as a fun thing for them to use. They will really appreciate the thought that went into choosing it.

A boxed mug can make a great gift as you can send it directly or wrap it up easily. This one is black and says ‘ACDC back in black’ on it. It is made from ceramic and is therefore durable and has a large handle. It is 11oz and therefore a standard size and is dishwasher safe so it is really easy to clean as well. It is an officially licensed product.

Watches are items that many people love to wear and some even collect. Collectors and ACDC fans will enjoy receiving this themed watch. It has a black leather strap with a buckle fastening and a black and white face which is 3.8cm. It keeps good time as it is quartz and it runs on a battery but is not waterproof. It comes in an elegant black gift box nestled in protective foam.

Beanie hats are really great at keeping the head warm in cold weather. This black one is not just plain though – it has the ACDC band logo on the turnup. This makes it a really great gift for any fan of the band to wear in the cold weather as they will stay warm and show people that they are a fan of the band. It comes in one size but it should stretch to fit most sizes of head.

T-shirts are useful as most people wear them and this one is grey with short-sleeves. It has an ACDC theme with the band logo, their photo and ‘highway to hell world tour 1979/80’ on the front of it. It is available in sizes S-XXL and has a slim fit with short sleeves. It is made from 100% cotton and so is soft and comfortable to wear and it will also be easy to wash.

Badges are a great choice for a budget gift and this set is great as you get five different badges in the pack for a very low price. They all have an ACDC theme and they could be used for all sorts of things such as putting on hats, jackets or bags. They come in two sizes with one larger badge that is 38mm and four smaller ones that are 25mm in size.

Neck warmers are growing in popularity as they can also be used as face masks. This one has a fun ACDC theme and is black in colour. It is made from soft, comfortable material and also absorbs sweat. It is suitable for many different uses and can even be worn on the head, as a turban, balaclava, headband or as a wristband. It is machine washable so easy to clean.

A truck kit may not seem the obvious thing to buy for a ACDC fan but this one is to build the band’s tour truck. It is a 1:32 scale model and has 132 parts and is suitable for adults and children over the age of ten years. It includes a single piece cabin with a separate grill, a one-piece chassis on the semi-trailer. It includes glue, brush and paints so everything that you need to make it.

This messenger bag would make a really useful gift and it will be appreciated by ACDC fans as it has the groups logo on it. The bag is black and the logo is red with a white outline. It is made from polyester so is strong and the long handle can be adjusted. There is a flap over the top and inside there is a zip so everything inside is secure. It is official merchandise.

ACDC fans will like this Thunderstruck themed t-shirt. It is black and has short sleeves and a crew neck with double-stitched cuffs and hem. It is made from 100% cotton which means that it is soft and comfortable to wear. It has a regular fit and comes in sizes small – XL. It is machine washable which means that it is really easy to keep it clean and looking good.

Stickers can make interesting gifts and this black sticker with the ACDC logo in white will make a big impact. It is high quality and can be used on cars. It is weatherproof and so will last for 5-7 years without fading. It is 180mm x70mm in size and is cut using the latest plotter technology. It has a professional look and fans will be proud to have it on their vehicle.

Fans will like this ACDC calendar. It has a large picture on each page either of all of the band of one member. It is 42 x 29.2 x 0.8cm in size and it has 12 pages and is a3 size. It has ample space by the dates to fill in birthdays. The picture could but taken out and framed if they want to be kept once the year is over and the calendar no longer needs to be used.

Tin signs can make interesting wall art and this one has an ACDC theme to it. It is 30 x 20cm in size and it is high quality. It is made of aluminium which means that it will not rust even if it is used outside. It has pre-drilled holes in it, which means that it is all ready to hang up with nails but tape could also be used. The edges are folded in so that they are not sharp.

Jigsaws are great gifts and this one will be pretty tricky. Although it is only 500 pieces it has a mainly black ACDC theme which will mean it could be quite tricky to find the right pieces. It will make a great gift for any ACDC fan that enjoys doing jigsaws. Great for doing on a rainy day or when you cannot go out and need something challenging and entertaining.

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