30 Gifts for Acrobats of All Ages

By Louise
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We have put together this list of gifts that we feel will appeal to people that like acrobatics. Whether they are acrobats themselves, would like to learn or just admire acrobatics then we feel that these will appeal to them. We have picked a variety of items and so there are things suitable for different ages and skill levels as well as different budgets too. This should hopefully mean that you will be able to get lots of ideas of gifts that you might like to buy people with this sort of interest.

30 Presents for Acrobats

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This is a pop socket which is black with a yellow design which says ‘Acro Ninja’ on it and has a picture of two acrobats on it. A pop socket is an item that can be attached to the back of a mobile device. It makes it easier to grip the device and will easily stick to most cases and devices. It can also be popped out so that it can then be used as a stand for when you are watching videos or making video calls.

This is a necklace which has a pendant of a gymnast on. The gymnast is doing a handstand. The pendant is 2.5cm in length, is silver in colour and is silver plated over a zinc alloy and hangs on a sterling silver chain which is 16 or 18 inches in length. The necklace fastens with a clasp. It comes in a gift box so is ready to give away as a present.

This is an Ucon acrobatics unisex backpack. It comes in a selection of colours and is made from a PU material that is waterproof. It has a roll-top with a Velcro fastening. It has outer pockets as well for items that you need quick access too like water bottle, phone etc. The bag has two padded carry handles so that it can be used as a rucksack and easily carried.

This is a paperback book called ‘Individual Tumbling, Acrobatics and Balancing’ by Jack Wiley. It starts at the most basic rolls and evolves to advanced skills and routines. The author was a tumbler at the YMCA gym circus and a teacher and coach as well, having done lots of research in the area and earning a PhD in exercise physiology. The book includes history, clothing, equipment, learning skills and competition rules.

This is a notebook which says on the front of it ‘Acrobatics because it is cheaper and more effective than therapy and more fun than people’ on it. It has a matte cover and inside there are 110 white pages. It can be used for taking notes or writing lists as well as for journaling and a diary etc. A useful gift for anyone who enjoys acrobatics, whether performing or watching.

This is a personalised rucksack which has a picture of two stick figures balancing on a beam on it. Underneath the picture, there is room for a name to be printed. The bags come in blue or pink and have a drawstring top which also form handles so that the bag can be easily carried on the shoulder. It is 45 x 34cm in size and great to use for gym clothing or a PE kit.

This is a beginner’s kit for ariel silk work. There is a 100% nylon aerial silk which is very strong and flexible. The material flows and looks silky but it is soft and comfortable to use and has a medium stretch to make it easy to use. It comes with two screw lock carabiners, rescue 8 / descender and a mountaineering swivel which are very strong and secure. It is easy to pack away and carry.

These are two pairs of kid’s non-slip sports socks. The socks come in a big choice of colours and they have a non-slip grips on the bottom. They wick moisture away from the feet and therefore help the foot to breathe and feet to stay comfortable. The fabric also helps to keep feet warm and so the temperature is well balanced. They are short ankle socks and come in sizes 7-11 and 11-3.

This is a fun toy for children who are keen on acrobatics. They are juggling sticks and they can help upper limb movement, coordination and brain development. They are great fun for juggling with and once the child can juggle with bean bags and balls then moving on to these can be fun. They take some mastering but they look much better in performances and will take more skill to learn.

This is a pair of shiny leggings for girls and they come in lots of different colours and in various sizes suitable for children aged 3-13 years. They are made of 95% polyester and 5% elastane so they are tight-fitting and stretchy and therefore suitable for dancing, gymnastics and other acrobatic activities and help to keep the legs warm in chilly weather. They are machine washable and could be used for any casual wear as well as during sports.

This is an acrobats set of diablo and handsticks. The handsticks are made from aluminium and are ideal for children or adults that are learning. It comes with a yellow string as well as some cool stickers and a mesh bag. The diablo is middle-sized with a fixed axis and is 105mm in diameter and 120mm in length. The sticks are 32.5cm in length and suitable for all levels of experience.

This is a set of wooden gymnastic rings. They come with two straps as well. They are made from high-quality birch and they have quick locking, adjustable straps. The rings are 1.26 inches thick with an outside diameter of 9.25 inches. They can hold a load of up to 700kg and the rope is wide and durable.  You also get hand tape included which you can wind around the rings for extra grip if you need it.

This a gymnastics mat which has a high-quality PU surface which is waterproof and non-slip. It is 6cm thick so provides a lot of cushioning and is in three panels which means that it can be folded up easily when not in use and stored away quickly. It can be used inside or outside and for many uses such as camping, yoga, gymnastics, stunt exercises or acrobatics. Has carrying handles.

This is a jigsaw puzzle with an acrobat circus theme. It is a very busy cartoon picture of a circus tent with lots of people in it performing and watching which looks like it would be quite tricky to complete. The picture has been drawn by Jan Van Haasteren and the puzzle is a jumbo brand. It has 1000 pieces and they are made from cardboard. It is 68 x 49cm when it is complete.

This is a set of juggling balls for a junior acrobat. They are an attractive blue and white colour with a star design. The size and weight of 75g have been purposely chosen to make them easier for young hands to cope with. They are made from PVC and are sewn together with seeds inside and they come in a handy net bag and have full instructions included so it is easy to get started.

This is a set of three juggling rings. They are designed to be used by beginners. They are all different colours for a nice impact when performing. Rings are tricky to master, but once you have learned to juggle with scarves, then beanbags and balls, then rings could be the next step for you. These are soft-touch so they are easy to catch and suitable for children over the age of three years.

This is a book by Duncan Wall called ‘The Ordinary Acrobat: A Journey into the Wondrous World od Circus, Past and Present’. It is a history of the circus with descriptions of some of the acrobatics that are performed. It includes all the thrills of being involved in a circus and the author is involved himself, so as well as drawing from history also includes his personal experiences and readers will end up really appreciating the skills involved.

This is a long-sleeved t-shirt which has black sleeves and white body in a baseball top style. It shows a picture of evolution from ape to acrobat across the chest. It is available in sizes small to XXL and is made from 100% cotton. It has a unisex fit and looks smart in its elegant colours. It is made to order and so is great for the environment too and makes a great gift.

This is a baby vest which has long sleeves, no legs and a popper fastening underneath. It has a picture of an ape evolving to a unicyclist on it. It is made from 100% cotton and therefore will be soft and comfortable against the skin of the baby. It is white with black print and therefore the design stands out really well. It would make a unique gift idea for any baby.

This is an animal acrobats toy made in a traditional style. It is a wooden toy with a coloured shark figure that does somersaults and dances in an acrobatic way. The wood is sustainably sourced and therefore an environmentally friendly option compared to plastic and it helps to improve hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills in young children. It will make a lovely gift for a child aged three years or older.

This is a cushion by Wrendale Designs which has a cute picture of an acrobatic squirrel on it. The cushion is 40 x 40cm in size and the one side has a large picture of a squirrel and the other has a selection of other wild animals featured on it such as a badger, hare, hedgehog, fox and pheasant. The cushion is feather filled and so it is really comfortable to use.

This is a set of three juggling rings. They are made by Eureka and they are made from quality plastic and are different colours. They are a great thing to use to challenge yourself and learn new acrobatic skills. Even f you can already juggle with balls these rings will provide an extra level of challenge for you and the technique can be a bit different. A great gift idea.

This is an animal acrobats monkey toy. It is made of sustainable wood and you play with it to make the cute monkey do acrobatic somersaults as well as dance moves. It is a lovely traditional toy which is suitable for children over the age of three years which helps to develop hand-eye coordination and motor skills in youngsters and would therefore make a lovely gift for them.

This is a hardback book called ‘The Acrobat Family’ and it is a pop-up book. It is a brightly coloured book which shows acrobats twisting and twirling through the story which teaches counting. They balance on top of each other and create a magnificent show while encouraging children to count them as they go. It is a beautifully crafted book which will stimulate the imagination. Would make a beautiful gift.

This is a Janod skill acrobat game. The game is for 2-8 players and the idea is to stack a tall tower without it collapsing. You need to balance the acrobats and discs to form a high stack. It comes with 57 wooden acrobat pieces, 20 cardboard discs, 3 wooden dice and a storage bag. It is a fun game which is suitable for children aged five years and older.

This is a car that can do acrobatic stunts. It is remote control and can do tumbling spins, flips, and walk upright as well as being able to drive like a normal remote control car. Has cool LED lights and easy to use controls suitable for children to use. It takes 3-4 hours to fully charge for 40 minutes of playtime. Makes a fun gift for children over six years of age.

This is a paperback book by Gabriel Tramullas Gentet called ‘The Aerial Movement: Aerial Acrobatics and Calisthenic Volume 1’. It includes theory, practice and a unique methodology which combines biomechanics, programmed training, technique, conditioning and preparatory exercises. It was created as a result of detailed analysis to train gradual movements which link together to form a chain to allow you to understand every key movement. The information was summarised from the study of scientific papers.

This book is called ‘Jack’s Acrobatics A Fun Step by Step Guide to Acrobatic Exercises for the Whole Family’. The story revolves around Jack who wants to put on an acrobatic show and practices all sorts of moves with his parents so this he can perform. The exercises he tries are clearly explained, with diagrams so that all the family can join in a learn motor skills at the same time.

This is an acrobatic challenge motorbike set. There are two bikes in the set and they are 1 / 12, scale models. The pack is 35 x 25 x 25cm in size and the bikes inside are different colours. It would make a great gift for a child who loves motorbikes and likes to have fun playing with them and making them perform all sorts of tricks. Comes in a box so easy to wrap as a gift.

This is a fun acrobatics themed colouring book for adults. It has a selection of acrobatic themed colouring pages with different shapes and geometric patterns incorporated into them. There are two copies of each image in the book so you can have two attempts or share the book with someone else. Colouring is a great activity to help with relaxation and so they can make a great gift for a fan of acrobatics who is stressed.

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