35 Presents for Animal Lovers

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There are a lot of people who are animal lovers and it can be nice to be able to buy them gifts which have an animal theme as you know that they will appreciate them. It is not always easy to know exactly what to get though as this is why we have put together this list. It contains a mix of different items and hopefully, you will find that there are some on it that will appeal to you and suit the person that you are buying for. There are different types of items as well as different prices so that you will be able to find something to suit their taste and your budget.

35 Gift Ideas for Anyone Who Loves Animals

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If you are buying for a dog and wine lover then these wine glass charms could be a great gift. There are six of them and each has clear and blue beads with a different charm such as a bone, kennel and paw print. They are designed for putting on stemmed glasses to easily identify whose is whose. They come in a gift box with a polishing cloth.

Wrong picture! Dog lovers will enjoy wearing these dog-themed socks. They come in UK women’s size 3-6.5. There are five pairs in the pack. The socks are made from cotton, nylon and spandex so they are soft and comfortable to wear but are also stretchy and breathable. They have spots on as well as a picture of a dog. They come in mixed colours and designs, so although they are similar they will be able to match different outfits.

Shopping bags are something that most of us will now carry around with us so that we do not need to buy them from the shops. These are 42 x 38cm in size and could be used for all sorts of purposes. On the front, they say ‘I like animals more than people’ and they come in a choice of different colours. They are made from 100% cotton and have long carry handles.

Dog lovers will like this set of four porcelain mugs. Each has a matching dog design on it with at least three cartoon dogs and a pattern on it as well. They are made from porcelain and are 11cm high and 9cm wide at the top tapering down to 6.3cm at the bottom. They are microwave and dishwasher safe and come in a gift box, all ready to give away.

Tea towels are a useful gift to give to people. This is a pair of cotton ones that have a dog design on them. They are 50 x 70cm in size and have cute dogs pictured on them such as a terrier, beagle, poodle etc. They are 230gsm and are machine washable. They have a hanging loop on them too which is useful. They come together tied with a ribbon.

A purse is something that most women will use and so they make a useful gift. This one has an animal design on it. It has a zipper on the top of the coin pouch and opens up to reveal a section for keeping notes and cards which fastens with a pop stud. There is space for credit cards and store cards and there is also a transparent window where you can keep ID, bus pass etc. It is made of PU leather and is 9.5 x 12cm in size.

Fun accessories can brighten any desk and this cat post-it note dispenser can do just that. It is a white cat with a cute cartoon face that holds a set of notes that are included and dispenses one at a time. The notes are 76 x 76mm and a poppy colour. Would make a great gift for anyone that likes cats and uses these types of notes either at home or at work.

Bags can be useful and it can be fun to have one with a good design too. This one is a tapestry bag and it has an animal design on it. There are different designs to choose from which are mainly dogs. It is 20cm x 7cm and it has a long handle. It is lined with patterned nylon and has a zip closure. It can be worn as a shoulder bag or crossbody bag as the strap is adjustable.

Adult colouring books can be a great way that anyone can have fun with art and destress. This one is designed especially for animal lovers and it has 31 different designs in it to colour. The pages are single-sided which means that you do not have to worry about bleed-through so can use alcohol markers or watercolour without worrying and you can remove them for framing.

Hedgehog ornaments can look lovely in a garden, on a balcony or even inside the home. Anyone that loves hedgehogs will be sure to like this pair. They are made of resin which means that they are weatherproof. There is a large and smaller one and they measure 14 x 8cm and 13 x 6cm. The pair will look lovely either displayed together or separately and will fit well in many locations.

Cat and wine lovers may really like this cat sculpture cork holder, It is made from metal with a rustic look to it and has a mesh bottle which you can see through to see the corks inside it. It also has a loop for slotting a wine bottle through to display it. The cat is 9.4 x 7.1 inches in size. The head can be gently lifted off to pop the corks inside.

T-shirts are good to give as gifts as most people wear them. This one will suit a cat lover as it says on the front ‘just a girl who loves cats’ with a picture of a cat and hearts. It is short-sleeved and comes in kids and adults sizes and in a choice of colours. It has a classic fit and is lightweight and is suitable for machine washing and tumble drying.

A dog lover might enjoy receiving this keyring as a gift. It has a square pendant on it with a picture of a woman and four dogs and says ‘crazy dog lady’ on it. It has a white background. The pendant is 1.3 x 2.5cm in size and is made from zinc metal. This means that it is durable and will not rust or corrode easily so it should last a long time.

A set of mugs will be a great gift and these have different chicken designs on them. Each is different but they have similar cute pictures on them. They are made from porcelain and have a 13 fl oz capacity. They are 9cm tall and 8.6cm wide tapering in slightly at the bottom to 7.3cm. They are microwave and dishwasher safe and so are really practical. They come in a box, ready to give away.

Kids that love animals could be interested in this National Geographic book which has ‘125 True Stories of Amazing Animals’. There are lots of photos and facts as well as stories about animals behaving in fun, cute and naughty ways which will be really entertaining. It helps children to learn about animals as well as keeping them entertained with the various stories. Comes in a paperback format and in full colour.

Dog and cat lovers will like this special bedside lamp. It is made from wood and has a dog and cat silhouette cut out of it with a heart. It has an LED light inside which shines from the area that the animals are cut out of. It gives a warm light and it is soft so great for a bedside lamp or just for creating a lovely atmosphere in a room.

Beach sandals can be useful but these are more than just that – they are great fun as well. They are designed to look like fish and they are green in colour. They come in different sizes from 7-11 and will slip on easily so great for the beach, by the pool, in the garden or anywhere. They are strong and lightweight and are flexible so are comfortable to wear.

Everyone with an oven will need some oven gloves and this pair are mitts with a dog print on them. They are made from cotton and are white with brown, black and grey cartoon dogs and bones on them. They are heat resistant with a long cuff and they have a hanging loop on them and they are 36 x 15cm and one size fits all. They would look good in any kitchen.

Mellissa and Doug make lovely art items for children and this is a set of animal stamps. They are great for children that like animals as well as to help them learn about them. There are wooden stamps with different animals on them as well as a rainbow stamp set and coloured pencils. It means that the child can stamp the shapes and then colour them in. The ink is washable and so it is safe for children to use.

Owl lovers will like this cute owl design night light. It is made from acrylic and when lit you can see the shape of the owl holding a mug of drink. It has a 3D effect and is an acrylic piece that is laser cut on a wooden base. It gives a yellow colour using LED light and has a 2m power cable. Great for a bedside lamp or for lighting up other rooms in the house.

Dog lovers will like this paw print design scarf. It comes in a choice of colours and the paw print is in a shimmer foil in different colours on different scarves. They are lightweight and measure 180 x 70cm in size. They are made from viscose and cotton and will be warm but not too hot to wear and if you choose the right colour, could match lots of different outfits.

Anyone that likes tortoises will enjoy receiving this ornament of one. It looks pretty realistic and is made of resin. This means that it is weatherproof and can therefore be put in a garden, yard, on a balcony or anywhere outside without being damaged by the weather. It could also be kept indoors as an ornament on a shelf, fireplace or even on the floor. It is 18cm long and 14.5cm wide.

Children that like animals and want to learn more about them will enjoy this animals game. It is a card game by Brainbox and the idea is to test your memory on all sort of information about animals. Look at a card and see how much you can remember when you are asked a question on it. The game length can be very short or much longer so is flexible and therefore suitable for all sorts of situations.

Origami can be a fun thing to do and is very entertaining. This set is produced by the National Trust and has a nature theme. It has 50 sheets of origami paper with instructions on how to make 13 different items. It also has some poems about nature in it as well. It includes squirrels, snails, foxes and flowers and there are three levels of difficulty with step by step instructions for each item.

Children that are interested in wildlife will enjoy this scratch map poster. It has information about animals from all over the world. The map measures 82.3 x 59.2cm and there are over 70 animals on it for children to discover and learn about. The maps can just be gently scratched to reveal coloured animal pictures and there is a fact sheet to go with it so they can learn more about them all.

Bookmarks are useful for anyone that enjoys reading and this one comes in the shape of a cute sea turtle. It has a cute and funny face and is green and beige in colour. It could also be used as an ornament as it has a 3D head. There are other animals that you can choose from as well, so you can pick the child’s favourite animal or give them several so they can start a collection of them.

Children that like animals may like this animal print onesie. There are different prints to choose from, so you will be able to choose one that represents their favourite animal. They come in lots of different sizes from 2 years – 16 years and they have a lovely soft and smooth feel both inside and out. They have a zip down the front as well as side pockets and a hood. There are elasticated cuffs and ankles and they are made from polyester.

Kids with a sense of humour may enjoy this colouring book of cute farting animals. There are lots of different animals featured in the book such as a bear, kitten, giraffe and penguin but they all have one thing in common – they are all farting. The drawings are simple so that they are easy for children to colour with crayons, pencils or even paints. It comes in a paperback.

A knife set can be very practical and they can also be colourful and fun. This is a six-part set that has knives that are all different shapes and sizes and they all have a different coloured handle. They also have a picture on the blade and each is a photograph of an animal. There is a tiger, peacock, turtle, toucan, butterfly and elephant. The blades are stainless steel and razor sharp with a non-stick coating.

A keyring can be a useful item to attach with keys as well as for use as a bag charm. This one is silver in colour with a gold-coloured paw print and says ‘live love rescue’ on it. It is made of stainless steel which means that it will not rust or tarnish and should last a long time. It is 30mm in diameter and so is a great size.

Anyone that really likes penguins might appreciate this adopt a penguin gift box. The kit will allow the recipient to adopt a penguin for a year. There is also information about penguins inside it with facts and figures and an infographic. The person will get a personalised supporter certificate as well as an island map, postcard and fact sheet. There is also information about marine conservation and the ‘save our seas’ project.

Wooden bookends look really attractive and this pair of owl-themed ones look very cute and are great for those that like owls. They are 28 x 9.8 x 16.5cm in size and they are in two shades of brown. The owls look really cute and are the same and they are made from a nice wood with rubber feet to stop them sliding about. Each owl is on a book, with a book to the side so they work really well on any bookshelf.

A highland cow shower curtain can really make a statement in a bathroom. This one features a black and white photo of a cow and s 72 inches square. It is made from premium polyester material which is water-resistant and will dry quickly. It has an HD print on it which means that it is vivid. There are 12 hooks with it and it has reinforced top header grommets and is very easy to hang up on a rail. It will fit a standard sized bath.

Anyone who has chickens will find this egg collecting apron very useful. It comes in two sizes and has a pattern of brightly coloured hens on it. It has a selection of pockets all over the front which are sized to keep eggs in. The pockets are jumbo-sized and have pleats of material to keep the eggs in safely. This means that you can collect eggs and keep your hands free to pick up more and protect the eggs.

Adult colouring books have really taken off as a good way to relieve stress and for having fun with. This one is designed for fish lovers and has all sorts of fish pictures to colour in. They are all printed on a single page and this means that with a blank back it will be possible to use alcohol markers and other mediums that might bleed through. The pages can also be cut out for framing.

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