29 Presents for Anyone Who Loves Ariana Grande!

Updated on June 17th, 2021
By Louise
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Ariana Grande started her career in acting at the age of fifteen before becoming and world famous singer, releasing her first studio album in 2013.  She is loved worldwide and known for her catchy pop and R and B music style and collaborations with other leading artists. Perhaps her wider audience came in 2017 following the incident in Manchester at the end of her concert. Our suggested gifts cover all ages, all levels of interest to ultra fans, and include CD’s, decorative items, clothing, her perfume range, notebooks to name just a few. We are certain you will find that perfect gift for your loved one that is a fan of this artist.

29 Gift Ideas for Ariana Grande Fans

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A gorgeous gift that features three of Ariana Grande’s perfume, each with a capacity of seven and a half millilitres. The packaging is absolutely gorgeous in a paper based type packaging material in a baby pink colour and in the shape of a cracker. At each end of the box where you can ‘pull the cracker,’ are two pink ribbons. The package measures approximately thirty centimetres long, with a width and depth of around seven and a half centimetres.

An ideal stocking filler or gift for your little one’s friend’s birthday are just a couple of ideas. This colouring book will ensure that the colouring is near perfect with the colour by numbers theme and suggested colour scheme. With a whopping seventy two pages of colouring to do this gift is sure to keep the youngsters or even older people entertained for hours whilst providing an activity away from electronics.

A gorgeous body mist, called ‘Sweet like Candy,’ with a divinely floral fragrance. The can itself is pink with the letters of the name of the fragrance depicted in capital letters and in different shades of pink. On the front is the name of the fragrance in a normal text with ‘by Ariana Grande,’ underneath. The fragrance weighs one hundred and fifty grams with a capacity of around 237 millilitres.

A remix CD of some of Ariana Grande’s greatest hits from her ‘Yours truly,’ and ‘My everything,’ albums with a predominant dance style. Released in 2015, this CD featuring fifteen tracks was only available in Japan and as such is imported from there. The tracks featured on this CD are ‘The way,’ ‘Right there,’ ‘Baby I,’ ‘Problem,’ ‘Break free,’ ‘Bang Bang,’ ‘Love me harder,’ and ‘One Last time.’ A cool gift for the ultra fan!

Another Japanese import to complete the Ariana Grande album set, perhaps? Ariana Grande’s first release from 2013, this album features solo work and colloborative releases with some of the big names such as Big Sean with ‘Right There,’ and Mika with ‘Popular song.’ The front of the CD depicts Ariana Grande in a standing pose with a light pink background, and her name and the name of the album.

This music book provides all the notes from some of Ariana Grande’s greatest hits for the budding pianist, guitarist and vocalist. Tracks include ‘Break free,’ ‘One last time,’ ‘Problem,’ and ‘My everything.’ The front of the book is illustrated using a black and white iconic photo. Measuring thirty centimetres in length and with eighty pages, this will make a wonderful gift for the Ariana Grande fan with musical aspirations.

A lovely gift perhaps for the older fan who is interested in learning more about Ariana Grande. Released in 2017, this audio book starts at the beginning of Ariana Grande’s career as a child actress and contains interviews and stories about her. This audiobook measures one hundred and forty two millimetres width with a height of one hundred and twenty five millimetres. Just be warned that swearing features on this audiobook so not for kids!

A very pretty notebook that the Ariana Grande fan can write their thoughts down, lists of things to do, lyrics to their favourite Ariana tracks or anything else. The notebook has a light pink colour and the text ‘What would Ariana Grande Do?’ in a mix of darker tone of pink and blue. There are one hundred and twenty pages in this notebook. Maybe a little gift for a goods school report or stocking filler.

This biography gives a real insight to Ariana Grande’s life and her world. From her formative years, then to her acting career and her success as an artist. It also pays tribute to the fans that lost their lives and those that were affected by the attack in 2017 and the incredible way in which she supported Manchester and her fans. This book is not authorised but is highly recommended.

A comfy hoodie with the Ariana theme. This white hoodie features a black and white photo printed onto the front of the hoodie of Ariana Grande in her iconic pose. In this pose she is holding her head in one hand whilst touching one of her shoes with the other hand. The hoodie is available in a wide range of sizes and is suitable for both men and women. Unusually this hoodie does not have the trademark pouch.

One for the youngest Ariana Grande fans! This uber cool cap is chiefly blue with a cartoon type image of Ariana Grande blowing pink bubble gum and winking. The background design on the cap is space like with shiny stars and pink galaxies. The perimeters of the cap runs between fifty centimetres and fifty nine centimetres whilst the front part of the cap juts out just under seven cenitmetres.

An Ariana Grande themed gift that is also very handy and useful. This popsocket attaches to the back of the phone or tablet and with the ability to elongate this tool can make viewing films, making video calls and taking selfies much easier. In with the Ariana Grande theme, the top of this popsocket has a pink and white marble effect background with a capital A in a pink gold with the name, ‘Ariana’ across the middle of the ‘A.’

A perfect gift for the young fan who loves Ariana Grande. This bedding set fits a single bed and consists of a duvet cover and two pillowcases. The design on the divet cover and pillowcases in the same. With a primarily baby pink background, the centrepiece is artwork featuring a colour photograph of Ariana Grande smiling. This gift will make the bedroom of the Ariana Grande fan come alive.

Known mainly for her bunny ears, Ariana Grande has also been known to support cats’ ears too. This product makes an ideal gift with a two-set pack of sparkly material cats ears on a hairband that can be affixed to the little one’s head. One pair of the cat’s ears are black with a subtle silver glimmer, whilst the other pair are silver with a sparkly sheen finish. Not only will these head bands look fabulous, but they will also keep hair in place.

A gorgeous, elegant T-shirt in a wide range of sizes for girls and women. The base colour is black with a photo of Ariane Grande using black and white photography. The photo shows Ariana posing in her trademark rabbit ears, with her name under the photograph and the name of the tour, ‘Dangerous Woman,’ underneath. Made primarily of soft natural materials, this standard fit T-shirt has the cool factor.

A beautiful piece of art for the fan of Ariana Grande or fan of music of that type or era. This photo of the songstress is in a monochrome style and in a pose sitting on a stool. The actual print work measures just under fifty seven centimetres in width with a height of just under eighty six and a half centimetres. This particular selection comes with a stylish black frame.

A large comfy case for a pillow (pillow not included) made from natural fabric material and measuring seventy five centimetres in length and fifty centimetres in width. This rectangular shaped case features a colour photo of Ariana Grande whilst on stage wearing a sparkly outfit and with her hair tied back, singing with a microphone. Her name, Ariana Grande is also depicted in joined up text. This gift is sure to decorate the superfan’s bedroom perfectly.

One for the Ultimate Ariana Grande fan, this blanket features a three-dimensional photo impression in colour with Ariana Grande wearing a white vest top and looking back at the camera. Her name is also shown in white text with some red colouring complete the illustration. This blanket is huge and will make a fabulous throw for the fan’s bed or sofa or to snuggle up to in those cold days.

With a gorgeous floral and fruity scent, this longer lasting Eau de Parfum by Ariana Grande is a fabulous gift choice for the Ariana fan. Or even for the loved one who appreciates a beautiful smelling perfume. The bottle is gorgeous with a cut glass edgy pink bottle and gold coloured opener. On one side of the bottle is a nod to Ariana’s trademark, the rabbit featuring a fluffy white circular tail.

One very cool and beautiful accessory for the young lady’s bedroom who adores Ariana Grande. When switched on this table light beams out a silhouette type image of Ariana Grandealong with the text ‘Dangerous Woman.’ There are multiple colour options that the lamp beams including warm white, red and blue. The lamp is operated using touch. This table lamp is powered by batteries and requires three double A batteries.

A cute add on gift, stocking filler or even for the Ariana Grande themed party. This set of badges includes six badges portraying images related to Ariana Grande. The size of the badges range from 2.5 cm to 3.2 cm. Four of the badges features photos of Ariana Grande in a mix of black and white and colour. Of the last two, one is a baby pink colour with the singers’ name in blue and the last one, blue with the words, ‘Head in the clouds,’ with a visual of a cloud.

A super cool for the Ariana Grande super fan or maybe for a party theme. This cut out cardboard figure of Ariana Grande stands at over a metre and a half high. The image on the cut out, is in colour and the photo is of Ariana Grande in a lilac party dress with suede lilac above knee boots. A sparkly choker and with her hair tied up in a pony tail completes this look.

A fabulous gift to encourage the person who has just started to learn the piano, and who loves Ariana Grande’s tunes. This piano book contains the notes for some of the greatest Ariana Grande tracks, with fourteen tracks included over eighty eight pages. The front of this paperback book features a headshot of Ariana Grande looking up, with blond hair, with multicoloured lights lighting up her face.

Ariana Grande’s fourth album release in 2018, this CD features the singles, ‘No tears left to cry,’ ‘God is a Woman,’ and ‘Breathin.’ Also included are a couple of collaborations with other high-profile artists, Pharrell Williams, Nicki Minaj and Missy Elliott. There are a total of fifteen tracks on this album. A lovely gift for the loved one of whom Ariana Grande is one of their favourite artists.

Perfect for a weekend pamper sessions with the Ariana Grande tunes turned right up. This body scrub is fragranced with the same gorgeous fruity and floral scent of her perfume, Ari. The body scrub comes in a reusable pouch that is white with a pink label with gold triangles. A purple box in the centre of the label with the text,’ Ari by Ariana Grande,’ in white capital text.

An Ariana Grande theme notebook with lined paper for the teenage or adult to scribble notes down in. On the front of the notebook is a black silhouette photo of Ariana Grande against a white background, with her name in red capital letters underneath. The notebook contains one hundred and twenty pages to jot notes down in and measures approximately twenty three centimetres length by fifteen centimetres in width.

A stunning piece of art work to put up on a wall in the home of Ariana Grande fan. The artwork uses a hardened natural fabric base, and depicts a photo of Ariana Grande on stage, sitting down with a mouthpiece. The colour scheme of this piece of art are various tones of red. This piece measure forty give centimetres high with a side of thirty centimetres.

Everything to know about this superstar, this book outlines Ariana Grande’s background and life over sixty four pages and is aimed at the younger audience from age eight years old and above. Packed with stories and photos, this is a busy book and bumper filled. The size of this book is approximately twenty two centimetres long with a width of about fifteen and a half centimetres and a depth of one and half centimetres.

Another enchanting scent from Ariana Grande’s perfume range, this perfume is called Cloud with a fruity and plant based scent. The bottle has a wicked design with the base in the shape and style of a white cloud and with the star’s name in silver text, whilst the actual bottle is in a sky blue colour. The size of this bottle is fifty millilitres and comes delivered in a multicoloured blue and purple box with a cloud on the front.

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