31 Presents for Someone With Arthritis

By Lewis
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Arthritis is a condition that impacts a lot of people and can cause them discomfort. If you know someone that has it, you might like to buy them a gift that helps them with their symptoms in one way or another. It is not always easy to know what to get though. We have therefore put together a list of items so that you are able to have a look at what sorts of things are available. You should be able to look through the list and be able to choose something that you feel will suit them. There are items with different prices too so you should find something that fits your budget.

31 Arthritis Related Gifts

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Heat can sometimes really help with pain and so this heated shoulder massager could really help with arthritic pain if it is in this area of the body. This machine has different speed settings and can massage to help with the relaxation of muscles. It has a heat therapy mode which can also be very useful. It is made of breathable mesh and PU leather to make it comfortable to use.

Compression gloves can help some people who get arthritis in their hands. These are made with cotton and elastane so they are comfortable but also provide pressure. They have a seam-free design and are fingerless. They come in three different sizes and the idea is that they provide compression and warmth which helps to comfort and give pain relief. The fingerless design means that you can still read, do chores or use a phone while wearing them.

Hemp gel is thought by some to be able to soothe and provide pain relief in a natural way. This is a joint and muscle relief formula and comes in a 500ml tub. It will relax muscles, improve circulation and loosen stiff joints and tendons. It has natural anti-inflammatory ingredients as well as ones that will cool to provide relief especially if massaged in. It is easily absorbed and non-greasy.

Turning keys is something many of us do easily, but if you have arthritis in the hands, then it can be really difficult. This set of keywings will help with this. They can be easily attached to keys in order to give them a thicker and larger area to grasp when turning them and they have pimples on them to help with gripping them. There are three in the pack and they are different colours.

If arthritis is a problem in the feet then this foot massager could make a really welcome gift. It has deep kneading, air compression, scraping, rolling and a heating function. It can stimulate nerves and help blood circulation which will relax the feet. It massages the insteps and the ankles using airbags and has an optional heating function which can help with the pain. There is an easy to use touch-sensitive panel to control it.

If your feet suffer from pain then having comfortable slippers to wear can make a big difference. This pair is designed for women and they come in four colours and in sizes 4-9. They have a wool knit-like upper with a faux fur lining which is really soft and warm. They are easy to slip on and they have an adjustable strap to keep the foot secure. The base has memory foam and they have rubber soles.

Using cutlery can be difficult for anyone who suffers from arthritis. These are designed to help with this as they have large weighted handles to make them easier to control. They have a rubber grip so they are easy to hold as well. The tool part is stainless steel but is flexible to allow it to be bent to help out with eating. They come in grey or black and there are four pieces in the set.

Neck pain can often be helped with warmth and this special neck warmer could provide that relief. It is shaped to fit around the back of the neck and over the shoulder and comes in grey and blue. It is 16 x 16.5 inches in size and is in sections that are all filled so it stays in place easily due to the weight distribution. Heat it in the microwave and then it will help to warm the area and provide relief.

A foot spa or bath can provide a lot of relief for the feet in different circumstances. They can help to provide relaxation and warmth which could help with the pain of arthritis or with other foot problems. This one has calming bubbles in the water at a temperature that you set and it has massage rollers that turn under the water to soothe the feet. It has easy touch panel controls.

The novelty t-shirt could be a hit with arthritis sufferers. It is black with short sleeves and says on it ‘Sons of arthritis ibuprofen chapter’ and has a picture of the grim reaper – all printed in white. It is made from 100% cotton so is soft to touch and comfortable to wear and comes in sizes S-5XL. It is machine washable and can be ironed apart from on the design.

Opening jars can be hard for quite a lot of people, but if they have arthritis then getting a good grip on the lid can be really tricky. Therefore, this special jar opener can help. It is designed to open things of different sizes, so can open bottles as well as wide jars and sizes in between and has a built-in bottle opener. It is dishwasher safe as well and so easy to keep clean.

Heat therapy gloves can work well for helping with arthritis pain. This set comes in blue or pink and are made of thick, durable fabric which holds in the heat. They have lavender-scented heat pads inside to keep the heat around the finger and hand joints. They need to be microwaved and then inserted into the gloves. The mittens have no finger or thumb part so the whole hand is in one cavity, so great for when watching TV or otherwise sitting around.

If knee pain is a problem then this heating pad could really help. It can be used to keep the knee really warm and provide relief for pain from inflammation or injury. There are three temperature options and it has a two-metre cable so it is easy to still move the legs around a bit even when it is plugged in. The size is adjustable to fit most sizes of legs.

Gardening can be tricky with arthritis because tools are not that easy to grip. This set has been designed specially so that they are much easier to use. There is a handheld fork, rake and trowel as well as a pair of gloves that have been designed to help. They have an angled design to put less strain on the wrist and fingers. They are made from stainless steel so are durable.

Arthritis sufferers may like this t-shirt. It says on it psoriatic arthritis awareness and has a ribbon design, all in white. The t-shirt is short sleeved and available in different sizes for children and adults and also available in different colours. It is lightweight and a classic fit and is made from cotton and polyester which means that it can go in a washing machine and tumble drier.

Arthritis in the hands can be very sore and this special hand massager could help. It is battery powered and will use compression of hot air to provide comfort and relief to the hand. It has different modes of pressure and intensity with heat therapy to ease soreness and warm up the hands to provide relief. It is wireless and portable so convenient to use. It is recharged using a USB cord.

Pain in the neck and shoulders can be helped by heat and so this heat pad could be the answer. It is about 2.1lbs in weight and sits on the shoulders and down the back. It is a heating pad that also has a vibration mode. It takes just two minutes to heat up and it can help to reduce pressure in the neck and shoulders and it fits well so could be worn during exercise, relaxing or when walking around.

Massage can sometimes help with pain such as arthritis. This massage ball could therefore be useful particularly for people who do not know anyone that can massage for them. It is easy to grip in one hand and is designed to roll on the body. As it is manual you can use it on yourself and decide how hard you want to press to control the depth of the massage.

Creams can sometimes help with arthritis pain. This hemp cream is designed for joints and is natural. It can help to provide gentle relief from everyday pain and joint stiffness. It has pure hemp oil as well as comfrey leaf, menthol crystals, rosemary essential oil and camphor essential oil. It has a pump applicator that is easy to use and it is easily absorbed without stickiness as it is rich but light.

Acupressure foot massages can be soothing, relaxing and help with pain. This pair of slip on sandals can replicate this massage due to having raised areas on them. Just wear them to walk and feel the benefits of the massage. They come in a selection of sizes so you can find the right one and they can be adjusted to fit different width sizes. They come with instructions and spare parts.

T-shirts can make useful gifts but, like this one, they can also be used to portray a message. This one says on it ‘This family fights rheumatoid arthritis together’ with two hands holding a ribbon. It is short-sleeved and comes in a variety of colour options as well as in sizes small – 3XL in fits for men and women. It is made of cotton and polyester and it is, therefore, soft to wear.

Foot pain can be helped by massage and so this massage roller could bring some relief from the pain of arthritis. It can help to target trigger points, eliminate knots and relax tight muscles. It can be used in other parts of the body as well to provide help and pain relief. It is made from high-quality materials to give long-lasting performance and they are washable and easy to use.

Deep tissue massage can help with pain and this handheld machine can provide that. It is rechargeable and cordless and can be used on different parts of the body. There are different heads to provide different effects and it has a heated massage function. Heat can really help to soothe away aches and pains and so it could be very useful to help cope with the pain of arthritis.

Bath salts can help to produce a relaxing bath and these are specifically designed to help with soothing muscle and other aches and pains. It has 100% natural Dead Sea salt together with eucalyptus and rosemary for a soothing and relaxing experience. It will help to reduce muscle pain as well as joint problems and inflammation to give a relaxing and soothing experience. There are other therapies available for different types of pain.

Pain in the elbow joints can be relieved by wearing compression sleeves. This one is pink and comes in a choice of sizes. It helps to support the elbow and it will apply pressure evenly across the areas which helps to provide pain relief from many elbow problems including arthritis. The fabric is designed so that it is soft and breathable and it absorbs moisture to give a cool feeling.

Arthritis in the hands can be helped by keeping them warm. This hand massager also provides heat to the hand that should help with hand pain, not only through providing relief due to relaxing muscles that may have tightened but also to provide warmth which will help to soothe, improve circulation and reduce soreness. There are touch buttons to control it easily and it can take a battery or be mains powered.

Massage can really help with pain and with this wooden massage ball, you will have a tool on hand to be able to massage yourself at any time of the day. This one is 70mm in size and it is yellow and made of wood. It will stimulate and improve circulation and can be used in lots of places on the body to help to soothe pain and provide comfort.

If you struggle with neck problems, then having a proper support pillow can be important. This one has a special shape and it is also memory foam for comfort. It is skin friendly as it is made from an Hypoallergenic and breathable material and helps to provide great support for the head and neck. It measures 64.5 x 34 in size and helps to provide a more comfortable and better sleep. It has a washable case.

Sitting with a poor posture can cause aches and pains and makes some conditions, such as arthritis hurt more. Therefore this u-shaped seat cushion could be useful. It is designed to be used in an office chair to help to support and correct posture which helps back conditions. It is made from memory foam so it is comfortable and will mould as it responds to the heat of the body.

If you have problems with your hands, such as arthritis then you may benefit from these hand exercise balls. They come in three colours and each has a different level of resistance. They are made of thermoplastic rubber which will go back to its original shape once it is squeezed. They have an egg shape and they are small enough to be able to fit in your pocket to take out and about.

Cold therapy can help with pain relief and this medical cold laser can be used for this purpose. It comes with sunglasses to protect you while using it. It gives an effective dose in 10-30 minutes. It can be used for all sorts of conditions and it is painless and easy to use. It takes batteries and it can be charged up when needed – you can use the battery indicator to see when it needs it.

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