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By Louise
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If you know someone that is a fan of astronomy then this list of items could be handy for you to look at. We have compiled a list of gifts that we think will appeal to the people that like astronomy. There are all sorts of different ideas and they could really help you if you are looking for a gift idea. It is so important to get it right as well, you do not want to confuse astrology with astronomy, for example as that could end in disaster. So we are here to help you out and have put together a list of items that we think astronomy lovers will really enjoy.

33 Presents for Astronomy & Stars Fans

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This is a book by Andrew Cohen with Professor Brian Cox called The Planets. It was published to go alongside the television series of the same name. It is an exploration of the universe discovering each planet in turn and explaining discoveries that have been made with NASA photography.  This is alongside the text to fascinate the reader as it has pictures on every page. Would make a great coffee table book.

This is ‘The Astronomy Book: Big Ideas Simply Explained’. It is a DK book and explains planets, stars and black holes as well as the big bang. It is written for young adults and has the answers to all sorts of questions to help the reader to learn all sorts of interesting information. It covers different time periods and uses graphics and engaging writing to make the subject matter easy to understand.

This is a pair of XP binoculars which are an elegant black colour. They are compact and lightweight so great for carrying about. They will magnify by 8 or 10 times so they can see a long way. They have a neck strap so they can be comfortably worn, as well as a lens caps for each eye piece to protect them. There is a cleaning cloth, a carrying pouch and a manual that also comes with them.

This is an LED torch which shines with a red beam. It is a flashlight that can be used to signal but also for night vision. It is zoomable as well, so you can pull out the lantern to use it as a spot light rather than a wide angle. Made from durable aluminium, which is water resistant and also small enough to fit in the pocket. Can take rechargeable batteries or regular ones.

This is a Celestron reflector telescope, although there are other models such as refractor ones available as well. It has a 76mm lens and is very easy to use. It is quick and easy to set up and has a star pointer finder scope. The eyepiece has an erecting prism in it for great viewing for terrestrial and astronomical objects. It comes with a rugged tripod with 1.25 inch steel tube legs which is rigid and stable.

This is a Celestron 52291 C5 spotter which has a 5 inch Schmidt-Cassegrain optical design. It has starbright XLT coatings and a 25mm (50x) eyepiece. It comes with a water resistant soft sided case. It is so good that it was chosen by NASA for some of their space shuttle missions. It is light, weighing only six pounds and 11 inches in length and so very portable and gives a crisp view.

This is a National Geographic telescope which is yellow and black. It comes with a mount and tripod. It gives up to 100x magnification and will allow the user to see the moon, planets and our earth. It has a lens diameter of 50mm and a focal length of 600mm and the diagonal mirror allows land observations as well. The robust tripod provides a safe stand. It is light and quick to set up.

This is a antique leather bound brass telescope which is six inches in size. It has a wooden box with it as well. The telescope works as well as being decorative too. It is a nautical replica and so great for collectors of marine items as well as pirate fans. It does expand a bit so that it is larger than the box when used and then folds again to be put away. It magnifies a little bit and is a fun decorative item.

This is a star projector which you can use inside your home. It projects 60,000 stars on to your ceiling. It is possible to change the projection angle and focus and it has a timer and a shooting star function. It uses 3w LEDs inside. There are two interchangeable projection disks that you can use to see the stars of the northern hemisphere. It is black in colour and comes with a poster, a manual as well as a mains adapter.

This is a special sticker which looks like there is a hole in your home and you can see space through it. It is a large sticker so may need more than one person to attach it to a wall successfully. Needs looking at from an angle to see the effect, so you will have to plan carefully before sticking it up. It could also be stuck on a ceiling or floor as well as a wall.

This is a crystal ball with a solar system engraved in it. It is made from high end crystal which makes it transparent and glossy. The planets are labelled so it is easy to see which is which, so it can be used as a teaching aid. It lights up in three different modes, so you can choose slow flashing, quick flashing, constant light in white, red, green or blue. It is easy to use.

This is a pair of kid’s binoculars. They are 4 x 36 and great for using out of doors. They come in vibrant red, green or blue colours and provides enough magnification for kids to see things more clearly. They are portable and also durable. They will help to get a child more interested in being out of doors and observing the world around them.

This is a solar system planetarium in a box. It will help to teach children about the solar system and they will be able to assemble it and paint is as they learn. There are instructions included so that it is easy to do. It is suitable for children aged eight years and older. It measures 13cm high and 20cm wide when it has been put together and the planets are all to scale.

This is a wall hanging which shows the moon on it. It is a tarot card image of the moon, which shows the moon above the land with stars around it. It is 130 x 150cm in size and so could be hung on the wall or used as a throw on a sofa or a bed spread. It is made from polyester which is machine washable and therefore means that it is easy to keep clean.

This is a paperweight which has the solar system inside it. It is 11.4 x 9.4 x 15.2 cm in size and is spherical with a base to balance in. It has a diameter of 3.1 inches. The planets and sun are different colours and sizes, so it is easy to identify them and it could even be used as a teaching tool to show children the locations of the planets and to start a conversation with them about astronomy.

This is a spaceman costume for a child. It is white with silver details, silver gloves and a soft helmet. The outfit includes a jumpsuit, gloves, helmet and reusable name tag to put on it. It is machine washable so can be worn over and over again. It fits children aged 3 – 6 years of age and would be great for a fancy dress party, space themed party, dressing up outfit or just for a child that wants to be an astronaut!

This is a set of solar system stickers. They each have a picture of one of the planets or the sun on them in bright colours with the name written underneath (The Earth, Mars, Uranus, Saturn, The Sun, Jupiter, Venus, Neptune and Mercury). The stickers are on a roll and there are 200 in total and each is 1.5 inches.  These will be great for children who are interested in the solar system.

This is a 3D puzzle of the solar system. It is an educational tool which is about 52.2cm x 39.7cm x 11.8cm in size. There are 146 pieces to the puzzle and it also includes an introduction to each of the planets, so that the children doing the puzzle can learn about them while they are doing the puzzle. It is designed for children aged six years and older to be done with parents for those that are younger.

This is a globe with a wooden base that lights up. The globe has a surface which can be written on, so it can be used to teach things. The Earth globe has capitals and major cities, waterways and a physical map in colour. It also contains 88 constellation patterns, which show up when the LED light is switched on when it is night time. Powered by USB so no need to use batteries.

This is a giant inflatable solar system. Each of the planets is a different colour to make it easier to identify them. It includes a pump to inflate them and a puncture repair kit. They will also deflate so that they can easily be put away when not needed. They include an activity guide and it all comes in a box, so easy to wrap up before giving away as a gift.

This is a single bed duvet set with a space design. It is black with space shuttless and planets on it with a blue background that has white stars on. It is made from 50% cotton and 50% polyester. There is a single duvet cover, which is 135 x 200cm as well as a pillowcase which is 50 x 75cm. They are machine washable and can be tumble dried so easy to keep clean.

This is a cushion cover with a planet theme. It is 18 x 18 inches and has a picture of a planet on it – marbled colours with black rings around. It is on a beige background with some stars and other shapes around it. It is made from polyester and is printed on one side with a hidden zip, so that it is easy to get the insert into it. You could buy an insert to go with it before you gift it or let the recipient choose one.

This is a celestial themed duvet set. It is black with a silver print on which shows suns and moons in a repeating pattern and there is a navy and gold option as well. It comes in single, double and king sizes and they come with a duvet cover and one pillowcase with the single cover and two with the double cover. They are made from a mix of polyester and cotton and the set is reversible.

This is a shower curtain with a solar system on it. It has a navy background with the sun and planets in different colours. It is available in different sizes – 69 x 70, 69 x 78, 69 x 86 and 69 x 94 inches. It includes hooks so that it can be easily attached to a shower rail. It is mould, mildew and soap resistant and is machine washable and fade resistant.

This is a solar system bracelet. It has a selection of stone beads in different colours to represent the planets. There are eight different colours as well as a selection of black beads. The coloured ones are lapis lazuli, aquamarine, labradorite, tiger eye, red agate, blue emperor stone, opal, gold foil and white jade. They are threaded on to a high quality braided rope and the bracelet is 18-24cm in diameter.

This is a heat change mug. It is black and when you add a hot drink, 11 constellations will appear on it. It is ceramic and holds 10oz of drink. The mug can go in the microwave but not in the dishwasher. The constellations are Cassiopeia, Perseus, Sagittarius, Hercules, Andromeda, Scorpius, Taurus, Ursa Major (Big Dipper), Ursa Minor (Little Dipper), Orion and Gemini. Great for someone who is interested in the stars.

This is a set of planet stones. They come in an elegant black box and there are eight stones, which are spherical and different types of stone so different colours. There is Labradorite, Serpenggiante, Red Obsidian, Sodalite, Tiger’s Eye, Topaz, Green Aventurine and Cat’s Eye. They come in a presentation wooden rack made from walnut, so they can be displayed as an ornamental item. The rack has holes in for the stones that are different sizes as the spheres are different sizes.

This is a short sleeved t-shirt which has cartoon pictures of the sun and the planets on it. It is available in sizes suitable for children aged  2-12 years of age and for men and women sized small – 2XL. They come in different colours – black, navy, dark heather, heather blue and purple, but they all have the really bright design on them. They can be washed in a washing machine so are easy to keep clean.

This is a special item from Gift Republic. It is a gift set where you are able to name a star. The idea is that each kit has the location of a different star and the recipient will name that star and once sent off they will get an A4 poster confirming that their name is the official name for that star. The box also contains information on the history of stars, intergalactic facts and figures and a constellation poster.

This is a set of 100 postcards which all have pictures of the earth and space. They all use pictures taken by NASA showing all sorts of different things. The cards have information about the item in the photograph too. They could be a great gift for an astronomy fan to either keep for themselves and use to learn more, to put in a frame on the wall or to send to other people.

This is a pair of black ankle socks which have a white design showing constellations on them which is all over the sock. They are men’s socks and fit size 6-11. They are made from polyamide, cotton and elastane so they are comfortable, breathable and stretchy. They would make a great gift for any man that is interested in astronomy and the stars. They might even learn something from reading their socks!

This is a pair of earrings which have Saturn shaped pendants on them. They are both the same and are in a dangle style. They are handmade using Tibetan silver. They would make a great gift for anyone that is a fan of astronomy, the planets or perhaps just of Saturn. They are unusual too, making sure that the wearer would really be noticed, but in a good way!

This is a mouse mat which has a picture on it of Saturn and its rings. It is 23.8 x 20.2 x 1.3cm in size and is a useful item for helping your mouse to move more smoothly over your desk and to protect the desk from the rubbing motion of the mouse. Would look good in an office or at home on a desk by a computer. It has free delivery as well, so makes an affordable gift idea.

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