29 Gift Ideas for Autistic Kids

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Children with autism have different needs to other children. They are unique and sometimes find that they need different items to stimulate them as well as to help them to reduce their anxiety. They may have trouble fitting in and so some items that can help them to feel more relaxed can really help. They may also have sensory issues that can be helped with certain toys or they may have difficulties with learning which may mean they need some extra help at home. This selection of toys have been specially picked as they could be particularly helpful for children that have autism.

29 Perfect Presents for Children With Autism

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These stretchy string sensory toys can serve many purposes. You can twist and pull them, which can help with relieving stress and they are non-allergenic, non-toxic and safe for children to play with and even fine for them to chew. They can help to calm down children, reduce anxiety and focus their attention but have the added benefit of being able to be made into different shapes, letters and number to be used as a teaching aid.

These liquid bubble toys can be a great tool for relaxation and concentration. You get three in a pack and when you turn them over the coloured liquid drips through the colourless liquid to form pretty coloured balls that slowly float downwards. Can be used for stress relief and they also take about a minute for the coloured oil to go right to the bottom so can be used as a timer.

This is a gift box with a selection of fidget and sensory toys. It contains 2 stress relief balls, 2 soybean squeeze, 2 flippy chains, and 3 large size stretch strings. They are brightly coloured and they can be used as fidget toys. These are top quality products which are nontoxic and durable and all in a nice box. You can choose to give the whole box full or separate them out to give as individual gifts.

This is play foam in a packet of 8. This is perfect for sensory play for autistic children. The foam never dries out and comes in different colours. It can be formed into any shape and wont be ruined. The play foam is toxin free and 100% safe for children. It is great for developing sensory perception and fine motor skills.

This is a fun and exciting projector for a kids room. It includes projections of different kinds of dinosaurs and in 8 different colours which is great for stimulating their imagination. Made with safety in mind it has no sharp edges and is also made of recycled plastic. It can either be powered by AA batteries or a USB cable.

Children are fascinated by rockets and space so this is the perfect gift for a child with an interest in the solar system. This fun and safe game for the garden is great fun for children to play with friends building confidence and friendship skills. This game is great for getting children to play outdoors and spark an interest in how gravity works. Firing 3 foam rockets and not needing any batteries it is ready for unlimited fun right out the box.

This is a foam pogo stick perfect for indoor use without scratching the floor. This is a great toy for children to play with to build up their balance, confidence and dexterity. Its great daily exercise for children and is made with safety in mind with a soft handle to avoid any injury to the hands.

This worry plaque can be used to help with reducing anxiety. The idea is that you have a fairy door with a hand print on. You place your hand on it and give your worries to the fairies. It will start by glowing red when your hand is on it and then it turns to green when the fairies have taken your worry away where they will take it underground to make into wish granting dust.

These necklaces are designed for chewing for stress reduction. They come in a mixed colour three pack in red, blue and yellow which are made of food grade silicon. They come in a Lego piece shape so they have a satisfactory texture. They are easy to clean and very light to wear. The chewing should help to reduce anxiety and stress and they can easily be washed in between uses.

These animal finger puppets are great fun and can used as a learning aid too. There are ten different animals included in the pack such as a rabbit, duck, frog, panda, hippo and zebra. There are all bright colours and great for helping children to play communication and creative games. They can be used to help children to make up stories in order to help oral communication and logical thinking skills.

These morning and evening routine charts can be really handy for children that find it difficult to manage without a routine. The two charts have tasks on for the children to tick off as they do so which really helps them with their communication skills. They not only have a list of tasks but each come with a picture which means that even children that are not able to read will be able to do it.

This worry monster makes a really cute toy. It really can help with reducing anxiety as well. The blue and orange striped soft toy has a mouth closed with a zip. The idea is that children write down their worries and pop them inside the mouth and zip it up. The worry monster will eat up their worries and they will disappear. It is also a soft and comforting toy to cuddle.

The fibre optic lamp can be really relaxing. The ice blue colour can produce a calming atmosphere to any room although it is still bright. It can be good for using in a child’s bedroom to help them sleep due to the soothing colour and otherwise creates a fun colour effect. The base has transparent crystal like pieces that refract a pulse of changing light to give a calming pattern.

This is a tent for children that can be used for playing with or going to bed inside. It can fit over a single or bunk bed and is really easy to pop up. It allows your children to be sealed inside a secret world at night which could help them feel calm and find it easier to sleep. It has night sky graphics on it so the child can look at these while falling asleep.

This mini jellyfish aquarium can add a restful feel to any room or classroom. The lifelike mini jellyfish have realistic movements and swim around the tanks in a slow and soothing way. The tank also has restful coloured lights which help with the peaceful feel of it. It is 22cm high and 8cm across and is a well-made sturdy design with on/off switch on the base and is suitable for use by adults or children.

This keyring has a pendant on it which reads ‘Jesus loves autistic kids’ and has a picture of a hand made up of jigsaw pieces being held by a smaller plain hand. It is 45mm in diameter and made of metal and plastic and printed in blue, red, yellow and turquoise colours. They can be delivered for free and there is even a 30-day no quibble returns policy if you change your mind.

This is a Kindle HD8 Kids Edition Tablet. It is a great way for children to be able to unwind and relax as they can play games, use educational apps, listen to audiobooks and watch movies & TV shows. With parental controls, parents can be confident that they will only be consuming content that is age appropriate. It even comes in a kid proof case in case they drop it.

This maths learning toy is a lot of fun. You can twist it to form different sums and then need to find the right answer. In bright colours it can be appealing to all children and it is a good size for children to hold. Each circular piece joins together with a magnet to make it easy to twist and spin. twisting action could make it suitable for use as a fiddle toy.

These lightweight cotton gloves have 3 colours of LED lights in each finger so they light up in red, green or blue and either flash, have all colours on or go on and off at a gradient. They are sized 4-12 and suitable for boys and girls. They have six flashing modes and you can change it using the on/off switch. The gloves are breathable and stretchable and are warm in the winter.

These flippy chains make great fidget spinners. They come in packs of three in three different colours. They are stainless steel and can be rolled and twisted in the hands to help reduce anxiety. They are rust resistant and very durable so should last a long time. Each has a coloured plastic part in either red, yellow or black. They come in a Mciskin gift box all ready to give away.

This large butterfly keyring is made using the autism awareness colours. It is handmade and made of metal but has faux gems in blue, orange and yellow/gold. There are also some charms on the chain joining the butterfly pendant to the keyring and they have a hope ribbon, spoon and a letter – this can be personalised to be the initial of the recipient. It is 9cms long in total and comes with free delivery.

This pack of modelling clay is a delight to the senses. It has 24 different colours of clay in it so it can be used to make all sorts of creations. It comes with a clay tool, book of things to make and accessories to make fun animals. The clay dries in the air so there is no need for special drying out techniques. The clay is non-toxic and safe and does not fade or crack once dried.

This clock is great for teaching children to learn the time. Learning how to tell the time is something that even the most accomplished children find tricky so this can be a great help. It reads out the time and has a sleep mode where it plays classical music which can be used at bedtime to help children to sleep. It helps the child develop all sorts of skills such as motor functions, logical thinking, concentration, memory, numbers and time.

This is a bubble lamp with LED lights. It has fish inside a tube of water with a colour changing LED light. The colours are soft and soothing and there are bubbles which also create a relaxing effect. It comes with fish that you can add into the lamp if you wish. It is 90cm tall and has a secure base to stand it on a desk, bedside table or anywhere else in a home, classroom or office.

This outdoor explorer kit contains all sorts of accessories which will allow your 6-12 year old child to develop all sorts of skills. The kit includes a wind-up flashlight, shock proof binoculars, insect net, cleaning cloth, tweezers, compass, 3 in 1 whistle/compass/thermometer, accurate lensatic compass magnifying glass, bug viewer jar with magnifying lid and a storage bag with drawstring top and a fun camouflage print to store it all in. Great to encourage children outside and to explore nature.

This book is really useful for parents who have a child that is autistic. It is called ‘Perfectly Autistic in every way’ and is by Emma Kendall who herself has autism as does her son. The book is full of useful tips on how to bond with your child and to explain to them that they have autism and how to help them to cope. All explained in a friendly and helpful way.

These unique wooden blocks are calming and stimulating at the same time. The blocks have wooden edges but have coloured middles in calming pastel shades. They can be unpacked from their box and packed back in, sorted by colour but they also have different things inside which make different sounds. You can look through the transparent coloured centres to see the world in a different colour. They aid motor skills, curiosity and colour differentiation.

The Autism Language Launcher by Kate C. Wilde is a book to help children develop communication skills. The idea is to help a child to turn their sounds and words into proper conversations. It is a step by step guide which has been developed using the authors decades of experience. The guide will give parents, caregivers, professionals and educators the help they need to help develop language skills in a child with autism.

This is a Lenbest travel tray which can be used by children for all sorts of activities. The tray design means that it can be used on the lap in the car, on the sofa or other places. It has mesh pockets to store things like drinks bottles, books, toys and pens and there is an erasable top that can be drawn on directly with the pens that come with it.

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