30 Presents for Badminton Players

By Louise
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There are lots of people that enjoy playing sports and badminton is one that many people of all ages like to play. It is likely therefore, that you might know someone that likes to play and this means that you will possibly like the idea of buying them a gift that is related to their hobby, when you are choosing things for them. It is not always easy though, to come up with an idea that is fun and original. However, you might be inspired by this list that we have come up with. It has a variety of suggestions which should provide you with plenty of ideas of gifts that you could get them.

30 Gift Ideas for Badminton Fans

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This is a complete family badminton set. It includes four badminton racquets, six shuttlecocks, two posts and a net as well as a carry case to keep it all in. It is portable which means that as well as being able to be used in a garden, it can also be taken to the park or beach to be used. With four racquets it means that you can play doubles with friends or family.

This is an adjustable net which can be used for different sports such as badminton or tennis. It can be used indoors or outdoors as well. It is really easy to set up in just a few minutes but can be folded down to fit in a carry case so that it can be taken to the park, beach or on holiday. The poles can be adjusted to three different heights – 107cm, 120cm or 155cm, so that it can be used for different games.

This is Senston branded badminton racquet. It comes in a choice of colours – gold, pink, white, black, purple, red or silver. It is made of graphite which means that it is very light but durable as well. It has a specially designed high tech frame and is great for beginners and casual players. Comes with a full size storage bag so that it is protected and easy to carry when not in use.

This is a novelty set of glow in the dark shuttlecocks. They make it fun to play after dark and each of them has a switch inside to light it up and it will stay on during the game. They are lightweight and made from goose feathers and there are four in the box and they are different colours – red, green, blue and one that flashes. The light lasts for four hours.

This is a men’s short-sleeved polo shirt. It comes in sizes small – XXL with a slim fit and in a big range of different colours and patterns so you can get one that suits the person. They have a collar and two buttons on the neck. They are made from 100% polyester and have moisture wicking so they are comfortable to wear during sport. They are machine washable so easy to keep clean.

This is a 12 pack of goose feather shuttlecocks made by Shengjie. They are white and come in a long tube. They each have 16 goose feathers on them and they are lightweight. They are really durable with the premium feathers being really sturdy, so they last a long time and there is a cork head for steady flight. The card tube protects them in transit and also ensures they keep their shape in between games.

This is a pair of ASICS Men’s badminton shoes. They are blue, white and neon green and they come in sizes 8, 8.5, 9 and 10. They have an open mesh upper which provides breathability and comfort and have a reinforced resin on the forefoot to provide durability and protection. They have a gum rubber sole which grips well on the floor and they lace up so that they can be securely attached to the foot.

This is a pair of men’s casual sports shorts. They are available in black, army green, grey, peacock blue and dark grey each with reflective strips and in sizes small to 4XL. They are made from a lightweight and breathable fabric but they are also durable. They wick away moisture to keep the wearer dry and comfortable. They have an elastic waistband with drawstring fastening and a zipped pocket on each side.

This is a Victor badminton racquet. It is blue in colour and it is made of graphite. It has an isometric head with a sweet spot meaning that it has a high level of punch control. It has multifilament strings which are robust and so it will last well. It comes with a full-length bag to keep it in good condition and to protect it from being scratched or dented.

This is a badminton set designed for kids. There are two racquets included but they have large round heads and short handles so that they are easier to use. They also come with three brightly coloured shuttlecocks which are easy to see and therefore easier to hit. The strings are shock-absorbing making it easier for children to play. They come with a carrying bag with two straps so it can be carried like a rucksack.

This is a junior size badminton shoe. It is white with black trim and red laces. It has a synthetic outer material with small holes so they are breathable. It is medium width and sizes six. The shoes will provide great support when playing badminton or other indoor sports. They have power cushioning to protect the knees and ankles.  They also look good with the red highlights of colour with the black and white.

This is a pair of wrist sweat bands made by Vidillo. They come in a selection of different colours such as grey, white, yellow, green, blue, orange and red. They are 4 inches wide and they are made of cotton. These are lightweight and soft and can be used for all sorts of different sports. They are great for badminton as they will stop sweat running down the arm on to the hands as you do not want them being slippery.

This is a Yonex branded racquet bag. It comes in black, blue or red and it can hold up to three racquets in it. It has a main compartment for them as well as an interior pocket for accessories. It has a shoulder strap to carry it with, which is adjustable so you can get it to a comfortable length. It is 75cm long, 10cm wide and 35cm high. It is lightweight and durable and made from vegan friendly synthetic material.

This is a set of Nangy 95 badminton strings. They are 0.69mm in size and they are red. They are made from a braided fibre winding over a multi filament core which means that they are very strong. They give a medium feeling and are designed specifically for badminton. Very useful for anyone that wants to be able to restring their own badminton racquets. They come in a plastic bag to keep them in good condition and protect against moisture.

This is a book which is available in paperback or Kindle edition and is called Badminton: Steps to Success. It is an illustrated book by Tony Grice. It teaches all the skills and tactics that you need to play at the highest level, but deals with all the basics as well. It covers serves, forehands, backhands, clears, drop shots, smashes, drives and more so that you can master all the techniques you need to win the game.

This is a book called ‘Badminton: Techniques, Tactics, Training’ by John Edwards. It is a full colour paperback guide by Crowood Sports which has sound and practical advice helping you to advance your skills whether you are a beginner or a more advanced player. It has information on kit, key points, coaching points, club play and is written by an active county coach and tutor assessor and has 150 coloured photographs.

This is packed of mixed colour sports socks made by Yonex. The socks are white, beige and black and are ankle socks with a logo on the top. They come in small, medium or large sizes. They are sports socks, designed to be worn with trainers and are suitable for all sorts of different sporting activities such as badminton or other sporting activities. They are comfortable to wear and should help to prevent soreness.

This is a badminton trainer. It is easy to carry and so can be used in different places such as the park, beach or gym. It has a base to be filled with sand or water to stabilize it. There is a telescopic rod and string from the top. The line is then attached to the shuttlecock. Then you can practice hitting the shuttlecock over and over again, even without a partner.

This is a set of badminton handle grip rings. There are six in the pack and they come in mixed colours, so you can match them to the colour of your racquet or your grip. They are durable and reusable and they are made of silicone. They are lightweight as well as soft and stretchy and they are very easy to use. They will help you to be able to protect your badminton racket.

This is a metal water bottle which is white and has black lettering and pictures on it. It says ‘Crazy Badminton Lady’ and has a picture of a net, racquets and shuttlecocks on it, also in black. The bottle has two handy caps, one with a carabiner so that it can easily be attached to a bag or belt and the other with a sports cap for easy drinking. The lids are attached together.

This is a short sleeved badminton and tennis t-shirt which has a round neck and no collar. It is a limited edition Yonex brand in a blue colour and is unisex and a normal fit. It is ideal for wearing when training and during matches as it is quick drying. This makes it comfortable to wear.  It is made from polyester and is therefore easy to wash and keep clean.

This is a special wrist wallet. It is a sweatband and sports aid which can be used to store valuables such as coins, watch, phone etc while playing sports. It comes in a selection of colours and has two pockets, one with a zip and one fold over which can accommodate larger items. It is a useful way to keep items safe during sports activities as well as other times such as when hiking, at concerts, festivals, fishing etc.

This is a fun coaster with a badminton theme. It has a green background with pictures of shuttlecocks all over it which are white with a yellow band. The coaster is 9.5cm x 9.5cm in size and it has a high quality gloss finish on the top which can be wiped clean with a non slip cork backing underneath that will protect surfaces from heat and cold and also will prevent scratching.

This is an apron that has a large picture of a shuttlecock on it. It comes in black, blue or red and it made from 100% cotton. It has high quality vinyl print on it. It is 60cm wide and 87cm long and is absorbent and heavy weight so great for cooking, baking, BBQs or crafting. It has fabric ties which mean that it can be adjusted to fit most waists.

This is a hoodie which says on it ‘It’s in my DNA’ and has a picture DNA symbol with shuttlecock inside. It has a relaxed fit and is available 5 colours in sizes small – 2XL. It is made from a cotton and polyester mix fabric which is soft and comfortable on the skin and is breathable and non-clingy. It has a drawstring around the hood and a pocket on the front of it.

This is a keyring with two badminton themed pendants on it. One is a racquet and the other is a blue shuttlecock. They are made from high quality stainless steel which means that it looks shiny but it will not rust or corrode and it is really durable. It would make a lovely gift for a badminton player which they could use to put on their keys or as a bag charm.

This is a pair of cufflinks which look like shuttlecocks. They are made by Ashton and Finch and are therefore good quality and they are 3D and look just like feather shuttlecocks. They are made of brass but are silver in colour and have a twist fixing so are very easy to use. They come in a gift box, so they are all ready to give away as a lovely present.

This is a necklace pendant in the shape of a shuttlecock. It is made from stainless steel which means that it has a shiny, silver look and will not rust or corrode. It comes on a 60cm chain and is 32 x 18mm in size. It comes in a gift bag and that means that it will be well protected and all ready to give away to someone special that likes badminton, as a special gift.

This is an enamelled badge in the shape of a shuttlecock. It is made from metal with a metal pin on the back and enamelled on the front in white and black. The shuttlecock is a feather one. It measures 18mm x 25mm and has a butterfly clasp which means that it will stay on really securely when fitted to clothing or a bag. It is a low price and even comes with free delivery.

This is a special training log book specially designed for badminton players. It is a soft cover book which is 6 x 9 inches in size and has places to record the details of your different matches. For example, you can note date, score, coaching notes and the name of the person that you played against. There is space to record two matches on each page and there are 125 pages with some that have lines only for notes at the back.

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