31 Gift Ideas for Ballroom Dancing Fans

Updated on March 2nd, 2021
By Louise
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Ballroom Dancing is a hobby which is growing in popularity among the young and old and therefore it could very well be the case that you know someone that takes part in it. If this is the case, then you might be interested in this list of gift ideas that we feel ballroom dancers would love. We know that it is not always easy to pick the right gift, but are confident that with our varied and interesting list, you will be able to find something that you think will suit the person that you have in mind.

31 Presents for People Who Love Ballroom Dancing

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This is a set of edible cake toppers which are silhouettes of couples dancing together. There are 12 in total which are made of thick, edible wafer and there are four different designs showing what looks like jive, tango and other dances. The images come printed on a sheet and you just cut them out and then stick them on icing or buttercream, so that they stand on a cake.

This is a book called Craig Revel Horwood’s Ballroom Dancing: A Strictly Fantastic Step-by-Step Guide to Mastering All Your Favourite Dance Moods. It includes the history, foot positions, turns and more information about the following dances – waltz, social foxtrot, quickstep, tango, rumba, samba, cha cha cha and jive. It includes style tips from Len Goodman too.  A great way for anyone who wants to get started with ballroom dancing or just to learn more about it.

This is a Ballroom Dancing notebook. It has a white cover with black writing on which simply says ‘Ballroom Dancing’. Inside there are 100 pages which are printed in a grid pattern. This means that it can be used for marking down foot positions, for journaling or just taking general notes. It is 6 x 9 inches in size and therefore a great size to carry around and to use whenever needed.

This is a pair of men’s ballroom dancing shoes. They have a one inch heel and they comes in sizes 5-11 with some half sizes. They come in different designs with some plain black pairs, some black and white and some patent leather and others suede. They have an indoor sole and are made from leather and have a lace up closure so you can get a really good fit.

This is a fun mug which says on it ‘keep calm and keep dancing’ on it with a picture of a glitterball. It has high quality print which will not come off and it is microwave and dishwasher proof, which means that it is very practical as well. The design is printed on both sides and it comes in a strong white mug box, which protects it and makes it easy to wrap up.

This is a girl’s ballroom dancing dress. It comes in a selection of colours such as: black, red, purple and blue and has an irregular cut skirt, it is sleeveless and has a design based around a leotard. It has an elegant design and the ruffled skirt is suitable for wearing in many different types of dance – great for competition or training. Comes in sizes suitable for ages 3-4, 5-6, 7-8, 9-10, 11-12 and 13-14 years.

This is a Strictly Ballroom Dancing CD which has a selection of 26 essential dancefloor classics. The tracks cover lots of different dancing styles both ballroom and Latin such as: waltz, foxtrot, tango, quickstep, Viennese waltz, cha cha cha, samba, jive, rumba and paso double. They have no singing and are performed by the Columbia Ballroom Orchestra with rhythms which are exactly right for the specific styles. The CD case tells you which tracks are for which style of dance too.

This is a pair of ballroom dancing shoes which are silver with some areas of sparkling glitter. They have a 1.2 inch heel with a buckle closure and are made from PU leather. They are made by Tappers and Pointers and are for girl’s sizes 11, 12, 13, 1, 2, or 3 with a medium width. They are a good price for this sort of shoe, so ideal for a girl first starting out to try and see if she likes dancing and if this sort of shoe works for her.

This is a resin ornament which is a sculpture of a couple dancing together. It has a rectangular base so it stands up securely and it is black with the heads in silver. It has a smooth finish and there are two different designs to choose from. They are 28cm high and either 18 or 21cm wide depending on the style that you choose. Has a sleek and elegant look.

This is a fun scoring paddle made by Strictly Bad Dancing. It has a pad with a spiral binder on it on the top part, so you can turn the pages to find the score that you are looking for. Great for using while watching dancing or other talent style shows on the TV or for other situations when scoring could be appropriate such as – when playing games, at parties etc.

This is a brooch which has a couple ballroom dancing on it. It is 7.5cm long, 7cm wide and has a woman in a large red dress with black trim and a man in a clear crystal suit. The brooch is totally covered in crystals including the faces and there are gold coloured metal accents as well. Comes in a pouch and gift box, so all ready to give away as a gift.

This is a special shoe brush which is designed to be used on dance shoes. It has a wooden handle and is therefore easy to hold. The brush part is designed to help keep ballroom shoes in really good condition and prolong their life. The idea is to use them after every use of the shoes. It comes with a velour protector for the brush. Made by Katz Dancewear.

This is a children’s hoodie which says on ‘eat sleep dance repeat’. It is long sleeved with a pocket on the front and comes in a big selection of colours such as: black, fuchsia pink, grey, maroon, navy, red, yellow, blue and in sizes 3-4, 5-6, 7-8, 9-11 and 12-13 years of age. A great gift for any child that loves to dance, whether ballroom or any other type of dancing.

This is a set of dancing cake toppers. There are squares which say ‘keep calm and keep dancing’ on them with a glitterball pictures. There are also gold coloured ‘10’ paddles. There are 12 cake toppers in total and there are six of each design. They are made from thick edible wafer and they are suitable for placing in buttercream or icing so they will stand up on top of any cakes.

This is a chopping board which is made from bamboo and has ‘keep calm and keep dancing’ engraved on it’ it also has a crown above the writing. It is a great gift for any dancer but particularly for a ballroom dancer or a Strictly Come Dancing fan. It can be used for chopping things on, but also as a cheese board or for serving other sorts of food items.

This is a paperback book called ‘Better Late than Never’ by Len Goodman (also available in Kindle format). It is the true story of how the man, born into poverty the son of a costermonger started his living by running the fruit and veg stall and became a welder, but dreamt of becoming a professional footballer, on breaking his foot was recommended to train in dancing for strength and started winning competitions.

This is a 1000 comic puzzle which depicts a ballroom dance. There are loads of carton couples on the dance floor, as well as judges and people in the audience. The picture was created by the artist Jan Van Haasteren and the completed puzzle measures 68 x 49cm in size. It is a fun image which anyone that enjoys watching dancing or taking part in dancing will enjoy putting together.

This is a women’s fringe skirt suitable for Latin dancing. It comes in black, blue, green, purple or red and in sizes XXS – XXL. It is made from spandex and has a tassel design, which means that it will flare out when the dancer is spinning and twisting to emphasise their movements. The length is 35cm on the short side and 45cm on the long side as it is cut at an angle.

This is a book called ‘The Sexual Politics of Ballroom Dancing’ by Vicki Harman. It is a book which looks into how gender is negotiated and performed in ballroom and Latin dancing and the writer draws on her own experiences. She also looks at the history of how gender roles have been set in dancing and the impact it has now through choosing a partner, attending lessons, forming networks and taking part in competitions.

This is a book called ‘Behind the Sequins’ by Shirley Ballas the head judge on Strictly Come Dancing. It is the story of how she grew up on a rough estate and left home at 14 years to compete in Ballroom dancing with two marriages and a personal tragedy along the way. She is one of the most renowned dancers in the world, retiring in 1996 to coach and teach.

This is a Strictly Come Dancing CD. It is made by the BBC and there are 40 songs, which have been danced to over the last ten years of the series. The songs are performed by Dave Arch and The Strictly Come Dancing Band, as well as a bonus song written by Dave Arch, Tommy Blaize and the man in the hat as well as ‘Crazy in Love’, ‘Don’t get me Wrong’ and many more.

This is a fun ceramic mug. It is white in colour and has ‘Queen of the dancefloor’ printed on it in black with a crown on the letter ‘Q’. It is a 10oz mug so a good size and will be ideal for any drinks to be served in it. It is also dishwasher and microwave safe. Would make a great gift for anyone that loves to dance, whether they like Ballroom dancing, any other style or just bopping about in their kitchen.

This is a black pop socket which says ‘eat sleep ballroom repeat’ on it in white. It is designed to be stuck on the back of a phone to make it easier to grip. It can also be popped out and be used as a stand, which you will be able to use when you are watching films or making video calls using the phone. Will stick to most devices and cases.

This is a set of dancing themed cufflinks. They feature a dancing couple in black with silver coloured trim and the back and fixings are also silver coloured. They have a flip back so are easy to use. They come in a smart gift box which means that they are all ready to give away to someone that is a fan of dancing or who dances themselves and wears shirts that need cuff links to be worn with them.

This is a personalized bag for ballroom dancing hit. It has a picture of a couple dancing on it and a name can be printed on it as well. The bag has grab handles on the top as well as a shoulder strap and comes with a separate drawstring shoe bag. The bag comes in black with pink trim, black with white trim, pink with white trim and purple with white trim.

This is a novel called Dances and Dreams on Diamond Street by Craig Revel Horwood. It is a story set in Camden in the 1990’s about a family of friends who rent a room in a house and they get on, but have fights at times and will still be there for each other having a drink and impromptu kitchen disco. A professional dancer turned choreographer looks after them all and the story follows a year in their lives.

This is a bookmark with a ballroom dancing theme. It has an attractive metal stem which has a pretty floral design on it and is silver in colour with a pendant hanging off the end, which is round with a white background and a black silhouette of a couple dancing on it. The pendant is 25mm round. It would make a lovely gift for a dancer that enjoys reading books.

This is an apron which says on it ‘I’d rather be ballroom dancing’ in white with a picture of a couple dancing. It comes in black, blue, red or pink and is 33 inches long and 23 inches wide with a tie waist band that can be tied as tightly as required, so that it fits different waist sizes. This apron should be able to fit everyone. Great idea for a dancer that loves to cook or bake.

This is a Beryl Cook poster which depicts two ladies ballroom dancing. It is 28.2 x 24.2cm in size and is printed on high quality poster paper. It is brand new and it is a great print, showing two large ladies wearing black and white dancing. The floor is orange and yellow so they really stand out. It is unmistakably a Beryl Cook picture and great for fans of hers as well as fans of dancing.

This is a poster of a couple dancing. It is 11.7 x 16.5 inches in size and it is a painting of a couple ballroom dancing. The man in a black suit and the woman is wearing a red dress with a long flared skirt. It is printed with fade resistant ink and using an industry standard Giclee printing process, so it is guaranteed to be good quality. It is sent in a stay flat envelope, so you know that it will reach you in great condition.

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