23 Slam Dunk Gifts for Basketball Lovers

Updated on April 28th, 2021
By Louise
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Whether you know a basketballer or a basketball super fan you will find the perfect gift for them here. From the traditional basketball kit such as: basketballs for children and adults from the standard to branded, to the illuminating type and trainers, clothing items, pumps, net replacements. Then we have the more innovative gifts such as: items to enable night time goal scoring and items that you can use to create a competitive environment where you practice on your own, and cool gifts like inspirational keyrings, bedding, bottle openers, collectable items, and drinks containers. Whatever you choose you can rest assured to have a happy basketball fan.

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This super cool basketball has the ability to vary colour under different light conditions. In daylight the ball will stay its original colour of white, whilst under sunlight it will change to a multi-colour blend of pastel blues, yellow and purple. Made from synthetic leather, this size 7 ball has a circumference of just under 50 cm and is generally suitable for players over 13 years old. This ball is easy to grasp and smooth to touch.

This size 3 basketball is the perfect gift for the aspiring and young basketballer and will provide hours of fun. It is suitable for children aged between 3 and 8 years old and comes in a variety of colours, including blue, pink and purple, to suit both boys and girls.  It is made of rubber, the circumference is approximately 55 cm and weighs 310 grams.  This ball will arrive deflated.

The perfect Christmas or Birthday gift, this basketball hoop is great quality, robust and easy to assemble. Sand or water can be put into the base to ensure its steadiness. The height is adjustable so the youngster will not outgrow this gift. Made from steel covered by PE, the net is made a polymer this hoop does not need to be put away during winter months. With catchy and bold colours this gift will provide hours of fun.

The must have accessory for all basketballers, a pump for inflating basketballs. There are 13 parts in this set which include: a blue coloured pump, adapter, air hose and ten needles. This pump can be used to inflate a variety of sports’ ball other than basketballs. Weighing just 50 grams, the length of the pump is just under 15 cm. This item would make the perfect stocking filler.

This funky basketball is unique in that it will change into a three-dimensional effect to look like a disco ball when in the dark. Made from synthetic leather, polymer and rubber, this ball is hard wearing, sturdy and long lasting. The ball is a standard size seven and is suitable for adults. Also included with this ball is a pump, two needles for inflating the ball and a bag to store the ball.

For the basketballers with hoops this gift of two quality net replacements will be a great gift option. The nets have twelve round links, and the total perimeter is approximately 53 cm to fit hoops universally. Made from nylon to enable a smooth goal delivery and to withstand all weather conditions these nets are hard wearing. There is a choice of colour which are either red and white or just white.

This sized seven standard basketball with the Chicago Bulls official colours, red and black, and logo would make for an impressive gift for the basketballer, basketball fan or even a collector. This ball is made by Spalding, the authorised supplier of balls for the NBA. A great quality ball made from rubber with bold colours. Suitable for fans of any age and both girls and boys. The ball is delivered in a deflated state.

A pocket-sized gift with motivational qualities, this key ring features an orange spinning basketball with black lines set in an outer silver coloured ring. It is attached to a chain with a plaque depicting a basketballer shooting a goal and space to customise the wording or you can choose the wording ‘one man can change the world,’ or ‘I can accept failure, but I can’t accept not trying.’ Another great stocking filler.

This fetching and branded basketball that is of standard size will make a fabulous gift for the basketball fan. This eye-catching basketball features a neon yellow / green design with the famous Nike ‘tick’ on a black background.  Measuring just under 48 cm and made from synthetic leather and rubber material, means this basketball is soft to touch. It is of high quality with a good grip.

A gift for the Basketballer who needs a little support. This large sized knee support has a perimeter measuring 37 cm to 42 cm. Blue in colour with the official NBA and Dallas Mavericks logo featured on the top of the support.  Slip proof and made from Elastane and Polyamide to provide good support in the areas needed, but still with a lightweight feel and maximum comfort. Can also be used for other activities in addition to Basketball such as running.

An excellent gift for the competitive basketballer who wants to practice on their own but with similar conditions to playing against another team. With catchy orange outline these mannequins can be adjusted in height from 168 cm to 245 cm. Easy to set up and reposition as required the mannequin is suitable for children and adults. This mannequin can also be used for other recreate other sports environments such as netball.

The ultimate gift for the teenage boy that is a Basketball fan. This striking yellow basketball top features the ‘Lakers’ logo and wording and of course their colours.  The number ’23,’ is illustrated on the front of the top, the renowned Le Bron’s game number. Available in sizes small, medium, large, extra-large, and extra extra-large. Made from polyester this loose fitting top can be worn all year round both on the court and off.

These stylish Men’s branded Adidas Basketball high top trainers are available in primarily black or primarily white and will make for a special gift. They come in a large selection of sizes from Men’s size 6 to size 15. Superb quality and long lasting these trainers seem to reduce moisture content.  A great fit and extremely comfortable the top of the trainer provides effective ankle support.

A fun bath time gift for the budding basketballer! This set includes a basketball loop, two suctions and three mini basketballs. It is suitable for boys and girls between the ages of two and five years old. Made from quality plastic and safe materials the size of the package is 14 cm by 14 cm and is therefore easy to store and transport. This gift will deliver hours of fun for youngsters.

A first-rate gift to bring basketball to the young basketballer enthusiast’s home, which help to fine tune goal scoring skills. This machine measures 1.85m high by 1.5m in depth and 68 cm in width and weighs 9 kg. The steel frame results in a sturdy machine to aim shots at that will also automatically score those goals. This machine can easily be put up and stored away and comes with four balls and a pump. A terrific gift!

A little darkness will not stop the aspiring basketballer with this gift. Night-time practice can happen with these super cool lights emitting diode lights that are powered by the sun. These securely enclosed lights will fit around your basketball hoop using the fittings supplied. You can choose from eight different programs that control the frequency of the lights coming on and going off and you can also choose from seven different colours too.

An accessory for that fancy dress or beach party, this brightly coloured inflatable ball has a diameter of 14 cm. This ball can be used in an internal or external environment. With an orange coloured background and black stripes this ball looks like a basketball. It is suitable from the age of six years old. Durable and made of plastic this ball weighs very little.  An accessory to your basketball outfit this ball will make you stand out in the crowd.

This is an awesome gift for the basketball fan. This bottle opener is fixed to the wall saving time searching around for a bottle opener. Easy to fit to both metal and other surfaces with the fittings included. Made from quality materials, the top of the plaque is the actual bottle opener with a goal and net at the bottom to ‘catch’ the bottle top. Not only is it functional and looks good, it will also make an amazing addition to the basketballer’s kitchen.

A lovely designed mobile drink container for hot and cold drinks, this is the perfect accessory for your female friend or family member who is crazy about basketball. The design is featured on a grey steel background and illustrates a net with a basketball about to go into the net and the words ‘Crazy Basketball Lady,’ in black. Yellow coloured stars surround the design. The bottom of the container is black as is the handle and lid.

Whether you are looking for a secret Santa or birthday gift, this mug will not fail to disappoint the basketball fan. The main part of the mug depicts half a basketball in orange with black stripes whilst at the top of the handle, a goal is featured in white with an orange rim. It can hold 430 ml of your drink of choice, both hot and cold drinks. Made from heat resistant material this mug has a smooth surface and will look cool at work or at home!

The stocking filler choice for a basketballer or basketball fan. This set consists of a mouse mat and a coaster. The design features a basketballer scoring a goal in a classy sepia finish. Great quality items with a high quality and smooth finish these items are easy to clean. Whether this set is used in the office or at home, the basketball fan will never be too far away from a reminder of their favourite sport.

The most amazing gift for the basketball fan! A signed photograph from arguably the most well-known basketballer in history, the Chicago Bulls player – Michael Jordan. The photograph of Michael Jordan scoring is set on a black background with his autograph, his name and club. This good quality gift measures 29.7 cm width by 21 cm length and 4 mm depth, equating to approximately A4 size. A lovely gift.

This duvet set will brighten up any room! Featuring the real-life effect of a basketball on fire, on a blue and red coloured background. A real ‘wow’ factor. This set comes in two sizes – single and double. The single set includes a pillow case and a duvet cover whilst the double has two pillowcases and a duvet cover. Made of synthetic fibre this bedding is super soft and cosy.

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