35 Gift Ideas for People Who Keep Bees

Updated on September 6th, 2021
By Louise
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If you know someone that is a bee keeper then you might like to choose them special gifts related to this. It can be tricky though, perhaps to think of something original or to have any idea at all as to what to get for them. We are here to help though and have put together a big list of items that we think will help you to get some fresh ideas that you can think about. Hopefully you will find something that suits your budget and that you like and feel will make a great gift for them as well.

35 Presents for Bee Keepers

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This is a beekeeping suit which comes in Large, XL and XXL. It is super thick so can protect the wearer from being stung by bees. It has elasticated cuffs to stop bees getting inside and a detachable folding hat so the wearer can see but the bees cannot get to their dace. There is a Velcro fastening around the zipper on the hat and jacket. The smock can be used without the hood for general purpose wear.

This is a special stainless steel tool to scrape out bee hives. It is 260mm in size and it will not bend and is very durable due to being made from tough metal. It has a hole in so that it can be stored easily. It has a mini crowbar design so that it can pry apart the parts of the hive and the scraper will remove the wax, honey and any debris that is inside.

This is a paperback book by Gene Stratton-Porter called The Keeper of the Bees. It is a story set in outback America with lots of lovely descriptions as well as information about bees. It is a gentle book with a lot of descriptions of the countryside and tales of a laid back life where the main character was wounded in WW1 and thought he was dying so left hospital to live out his life but makes friends, work, purpose and love.

This is a pair of fun mugs. They both have bees on them which are drawn in a pretty way with yellow and black colouring, one says Queen above the bee design with a crown above the word in black and the other says keeper underneath the design. A fun gift for any couple, but particularly one that likes bees or keeps bees. They come as a set and are microwave and dishwasher proof.

This is a hat and veil designed for bee keepers. It is a lightweight cotton hat which has a stainless steel rim to allow the veil which is worn over it, to stay away from the face of the wearer. It is good for those that are observing bees but not getting too close. There is a bib with it which can be worn under a top layer of clothing to stop bees getting inside the neck of clothes or on the skin.

This is a pair of beekeeping gloves. They are white goat skin leather gloves which means that they are soft and flexible but tough to prevent stings and they are also long lasting too and easy to use. They are long gauntlets and elasticated so bees cannot get inside. They are 49cm long and 17cm wide and are designed to fit men or women and are guaranteed to be sting proof.

This is a special Beekeeping logbook. It has a pretty flower and bee design on the front and inside there are pre written logs so you can just fill in the details. So, you can put in the details of the hive, weather, how much honey, brood, space, the temperament, population and details of eggs, larvae, pollen, honey and any problems and notes. It is printed on high quality white paper with 100 pages and 1 log per page.

This is a pretty tea towel with a design of bees and hives. There are flowers as well and a person collecting honey in a pattern which repeats across the towel. It is made from 100% cotton and has a hanger in the top left hand corner. It is suitable for washing in a machine and measures 48 x 74cm. A pretty, thoughtful and practical gift which will be welcomed by any bee keeper.

This is a bee hive smoker which is made from stainless steel. It has a heat shield and comes with a pair of cow hide bellows. The heat shield means that the user will not burn themselves. There is a floor spacer so there is an air pocket at the bottom so that there is a good flow of smoke and the funnel allows it to be easily directed. There is a perforated base plate which can be removed so that it can be cleaned.

This is a special entrance gate for a beehive. The idea is that you seal the entrance up so that there are just small gaps for the bees to get in and out. This prevents other larger creatures getting in such as rodents, who might be looking for somewhere warm to sleep or be after the honey for themselves. They would also disturb the nest and distress the bees. They are reusable and made from galvanised iron.

This is a pretty little tray with a bee keeper design on it. It has a beige background with white hives and bees, colourful flowers and a bee keeper. It measures 15.5 x 11.5cm and so looks really cute and could be used to store a few things on, such as snacks or sweets or for carrying two mugs of tea or coffee on. A practical and pretty gift for anyone that loves bees.

This is a set of oven gloves with a bee keeper design. The gloves are a fold over design which can easily hang on an oven door with a mitt either end. They are 18 x 88cm and have the pretty beehive, flower and bees design all over them. They are made from cotton with polyester wadding so are machine washable. There is a hanging loop for storage when not in use.

This is a very cute Playmobile set with a beekeeper and hives. It is part of the Playmobil country series and it features a figure in a beekeeping outfit with a smoker, a hive with a removable roof and inside there is a box with the honeycomb on it. It even comes with three small honey jars. It is a great set to teach little children about bee keeping or to give to children whose family keep bees.

This is a PVC apron with a beekeeping pattern. The print has a design of hives, bees and flowers which repeats all over the cloth. The apron is 81cm long x 59cm wide with a yellow neck loop and tie. The PVC finish means that it protects the wearer from getting wet clothes when they are washing up, cooking etc and it is also easy to wipe clean when needed.

This is a bee catcher box. It is made from high quality plastic which is non toxic and lightweight. It has small air holes in and is harmless to bees. It makes it easy to catch the queen bee and the eggs can be laid inside. Then the larvae can be removed when it is ready. It measures 7.5 x 2.5cm in side with a hinged lid on one end and plastic bung on the other.

This is a short sleeved t-shirt which says on it ‘I just want to drink beer and hang with my bees’ with some beer bottles on it and the word bees in a honeycomb design. It comes in fits suitable for men or women and sizes small – 3XL. There are also different colour options – black, navy, asphalt, dark heather and purple and they all have white and orange writing on.

This is a set of four coasters each of which have a bee keeping theme. The print is taken from an Ulster Weavers cloth and it depicts a female beekeeper by a hive and hive with bees around it as well as flowers. There are two different matching designs. Would make a lovely gift for a bee keeper that enjoys whimsical designs and they come with free shipping as well.

This is a set of 4 placemats with a beekeeper pattern on them. The picture shows pretty white hives with a female beekeeper, bees and flowers in a lovely design with a pretty limited colour palette of beige, yellow, blue, green, pink and white. They would really brighten up a table and also provide protection from hot dishes and plates. A practical and pretty gift that any bee lover would really enjoy.

This is a bag with a very unusual design of a heart shaped hive with flowers around it and some honeycomb. It measures 18 x 21 x 6cm inside and is made from polyester. The picture is printed on a white panel but the rest of the bag is black with a long adjustable strap. It has a high quality print which will last and has inner pockets so that you can easily store different items.

This is a pair of bee hive cufflinks. They are gold coloured and they are a matching pair and designed exclusively for the makers. They come in a gift box so look really lovely when you give them away as a gift. A great gift idea for someone that keeps bees and wears dress shirts that need cuff links on them and an original gift idea.

This is a cosy sweatshirt with the words ‘let it’ and a bee on it. There is a choice of navy, mustard or wine red and they are available in a fit for women in sizes small – 2XL. It has long sleeves and a round neck and is designed to have a relaxed fit in a casual style. It would suit many different outfits and would be great for any bee lover to snuggle up in.

This is a set of wax foundation sheets for using in a bee hive. They are designed to be suitable for British National, WBC and Smith hives and are 34.5cm x 20.5cm. They come in batches of either 10, 50 or 100 sheets. They are designed to fit exactly into the frames in the hive but the frames are not included. A very useful and practical gift idea for a bee keeper.

This is a beehive strap with ratchet. It is 5 meters of nylon strap which is sturdy and thick. The clamp is made from solid steel so it holds together firmly and securely. It is really easy to use and you can change the straps length to suit your purpose. They can be extremely useful for beekeeping and therefore would be a welcome gift for anyone that has a hive.

This is a fun pair of black ankle socks. In white it says on them ‘I’d rather be’ and there is a picture of a beekeeper by a hive. It is written on the leg part of the sock. They are men’s socks to fit shoe sizes 5-12 and they are made from a cotton blend material and so will be stretchy and comfortable to wear. A fun gift for a beekeeper that loves their bees.

This is a selection of beekeeping rearing tools. It allows the Queen to lay her eggs directly into a plastic plug which keeps them safer and you can give them some royal jelly and encourage them to develop. You get all of the kit that you will need with 100 brown cell cups and pots and bungs so that you will be able to more easily breed the bees successfully.

This is a lovely mould to make a cake topper with a bee theme. The mould is 85mm x 85mm and has three designs of a bee, four designs of a different bee, a honey pot and honey jar. The mould can be used for sugar paste, fondant, chocolate etc so you can make pretty shaped items to put on the tops of cakes or biscuits or you can use it for clay, fimo etc for non edible decorations.

This is a pot cloth with a bee design. It is an Ulster Weavers design with hives, bees, flowers and a bee keeper and has gold/yellow edging. It has a hook on the corner for hanging up and is used instead of an oven glove to grab hot pan handles or to stand a hot pot on. It measures 21 x 24cm and is 100% cotton with polywadding filling. It has free delivery.

This is a short sleeved t-shirt with a bee on it which says ‘show me the honey’. It is available in black, asphalt, dark heather, heather grey and heather blue. It comes in sizes suitable for children aged 2-12 years of age and men and women sized small – 3XL. It is made from cotton and polyester so is comfortable and washes easily while keeping its shape. It is a classic fit with crew neck.

This is a pretty yellow purse with a bee theme. The centre of the purse has a gold coloured bee on it and on the zip there is a bee in a honeycomb. The inside of the purse is lined with pretty coloured fabric. It is a pretty coin purse with a zipper and one compartment so great for coins, although a few cards will fit inside it as well.

This is a special swarm trap for bee keepers. It is made from high quality material with a loop on the top so that it can be attached to a pole and lifted high up into a tree or bush. It has three layers of wire to stop the bees from escaping and the bottom can be tied up once the bees are inside. It is waterproof and wind proof.

This is a photo frame with a bee on it. It is 7 x 7cm so is small and cute and has a silver coloured bee on the top and silver coloured legs on the bottom. It has a glass front and a hinged back which opens so that you can put a photo inside. It comes in a gift box so all ready to give as a lovely gift to anyone that likes bees.

This is a pair of 925 genuine sterling silver earrings with a bee design. They have a really cute look to them and are a stud type earring which are 8mm in size so really small. They lie flat so will not catch in hair and have a butterfly fastening. Made by a British jewellers, they come gift boxed so they are ready to give away to anyone that really loves bees.

This is a special wooden roller with stainless steel or plastic needles on – you can choose which. It is used for uncapping frames before placing them in the extractor. It reduces the mess which can often happen when uncapping and is better than the knives that are normally used. It causes minimal damage to the cells and is easy and comfortable to use. It measures 33 x 10cm in size and would be a very useful gift.

This is a beehive for a solitary bee. It is made from wood and is designed to be placed in a garden. It can attract garden pollinators and because it is for a solitary bee they will not be aggressive. You can open it up and see the inside so if they have laid eggs you will be able to have a look at them and therefore it makes a great educational gift for children.

This is a plastic bee feeder. It is designed to be put at the entrance to a nest to build up bees in the spring and summer. It is really easy to use and will allow you to feed the bees with water. It is lightweight and durable and made from a plastic which is non-toxic and safe. It measures 13.2 x 15 x 8.4 cm and would make a very practical gift for a bee keeper.

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