26 Gift Ideas for Bird-Watchers. They'll Love to See These

Updated on August 12th, 2021
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Bird watchers can be an interesting bunch, tracking a particular bird or breed or just enjoying a variety of birds. They might like to feed them at home or go to outdoor spaces to observe them there. Buying them gifts can be great fun as there are all sorts of bird related items available. To bring a bit of their hobby into their home or to give them something that will enhance their hobby is sure to delight them. Whether they are old or young, male or female there will be something in our list that will get them twitching!

26 Brilliant Presents for Bird Spotters

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Any bird watcher with a sense of humour will love Bill Bailey’s Remarkable Guide to British Birds. Known as a comedian he is also an avid bird watcher and the book has all sorts of interesting facts as well as drawings and cartoons by him. This is certainly not a traditional book for bird watchers, but whether the person is serious or just likes birds, this can provide them with all sorts of fun facts.

This white 10oz ceramic mug is made in the UK and says ‘I love tits’ and has pictures of 7 different birds on it. The blue, coal, great, willow, marsh and crested tits all feature on it with a coloured drawing and the name underneath. The mug is microwave and dishwasher safe. It comes in a sturdy gift box so you will not even have to wrap it before you give it away!

This fun notebook has a black and white cover with both black and white text. It described the perfect day of a birdwatcher on it. It has white lined paper inside so can be used as a journal, diary or to note down the latest birds that have been spotted. It has 120 pages, measures 6 x 9 inches (15.24 x 22.86 cm), so is very portable and has a matte-finish cover.

These children’s binoculars are great quality. They are made from shock proofed material which is soft coated with no sharp edges. They are easy to adjust and use and can be quickly disassembled to fit in the carrying case. Being bright orange, they will even be quite tricky to lose! They even have a one-year warranty. Great for bird watching but also any outdoor spying activities such as looking at the countryside or at stars.

This charming bird bath has a unique bronze metal effect finish and the dish is designed like a clam sell. The bronze stones and bird features will really make it stand out in the garden, while attracting all sorts of birds. It is weather proof – made from tough plastics so it can stay out all year round. It comes packed in a box ready to assemble with easy to follow instructions.

These are the worlds lightest professional level binoculars. Therefore, perfect for taking anywhere to observe birds. They have 10x magnification and are 100% waterproof and fog proof. They are suitable for use with or without glasses and the eyecups can twist up for shaper focus. They come with a carry case, strap and gift box and are covered with a lifetime guarantee. Will free delivery, these would make a welcome gift.

This small cast iron bird bath is a stylish addition to any garden, yard or balcony. It measures 23.3 cm x 16.2 cm x 12.5 cm and features a maple leaf with a bird resting on it and is freestanding. This is a small size so ideal for gardens which attract smaller birds but it is heavy so a large bird perching on it will not tip it over.

This short-sleeved t-shirt with white picture and writing is designed with the birdwatcher in mind. It says on it ‘the flock is strong with this one’ and features a lot of birds on wires. It comes in sizes suitable for men, women and children and in a choice of colours – black, navy, cranberry, Kelly green and dark heather. It is made from a cotton and polyester mix and is suitable for machine washing.

This comedic shot glass is a great gift for anyone that loves wetland birds. It features a picture of an egret and says ‘egrets, I’ve had a few’ on the front of it. This could be a cute decorative item, perhaps on a bar, dresser or sideboard, in a drink’s cabinet or featured in a glass fronted kitchen cupboard but is also a practical drinking glass for those that enjoy spirits.

Any fan of wetlands would love this wood carving of a feeding godwit. The piece is hand carved and painted using sustainable materials by a Fairtrade company in Bali. It is a quality piece featuring a good likeness of a very elegant bird. The long, curved beak is pointing downwards as if the bird is feeding and the bird, which has painting details to the wings and face, is standing on a lightly painted wooden block.

Bird Bingo is played just like a traditional bingo game but instead of matching numbers you match birds. The boards and cards are beautifully illustrated will all sorts of birds from all around the world. There are 64 bingo chips, 1 board, 12 cards and brightly coloured counters in this game that children will find lots of fun. It even includes an unusual fact sheet about the birds featured.

This RSPB guide is a great find for anyone that is new to spotting birds and needs a simple way to identify them. It features over 150 common European birds and gives you information to make it easy to tell which birds you are looking at. It even has ways to tell apart birds that are commonly confused. It is written by a leading ornithological expert and writer, Rob Hume.

This is a printed scarf with a robin design. It comes in five colour options cream, black, blue, purple and red with the same robin watercolour motifs on them all. It is made from soft viscose polyester which is soft washable material. It is 90 x 180cm so lovely and big so can be worn in different ways around the neck or even unfolded to go right around the shoulders. Great for a Christmas present.

This is a blank journal with a vintage style illustration on the front and back depicting a group of cranes. The cranes are Red-crowned or Japanese cranes and they are fabled to live 1000 years. It is 6 x 9 and has 100 pages which are cream and lined. This means that you can use it for anything you wish such as a journal or diary, for notes or even recording the birds that you have spotted.

This spotting scope or monocular telescope has a 20-60×60 zoom and is the ideal tool to use for watching wildlife such as birds. In with the price you get a tripod, lens protection cover, eye piece, phone adaptor and carrying bag so you will be set up to use it right away. It has shock absorbing armour made from rubber to protect it but remains lightweight for easy transport.

This lightweight, high powered monocular will make bird watching a breeze. It is waterproof and lightweight so perfect for taking out on hikes or just using from your kitchen window. Being half the weight of typical binoculars and small it is easy to carry anywhere, even to leave in the car and it magnifies by 10x. It even has a 90-day peace of mind guarantee and free delivery.

This electrically heated vest is suitable for men or women in size L-XL and in a Cameron-grey colour. You can choose between back and front heating or have both and you can control the temperature of the heating too. It can keep you warm when you are out and about, particularly when you are standing still such as when bird watching. It is completely safe with no risk of electric shock.

This is an ebook with a birdwatching theme called The Big Twitch by Sean Dooley. The book documents the authors real life challenge of beating the Australian twitching record. He takes a year off to travel the length and breadth of Australia to see more than 700 birds in a year. He spends his inheritance, loses his career prospects and any opportunity to find a girlfriend to concentrate on reaching his dream.

This is a Nitehawk brand pop-up tent with camouflage colouring. Great for anyone that wants to remain hidden, such as when bird hunting. This is a top quality product which also comes with a carry bag, pegs and guylines so that you have everything you need. It is made from polyester so it is strong and it is also very lightweight so really easy to transport. The dimensions are 150cm x 150cm x 160cm.

This cute pin badge has a lovely photograph of a robin on it. The robin is showing off its red breast, perched on a branch and has an inquisitive look on its face. It is 1 inch in diameter and has a rear pin metal fastening so it can be easily attached to clothes. It comes in a plastic bag all ready to give away as a lovely gift.

This funny short-sleeved t-shirt is great for any bird watcher with a sense of humour. It has the words ‘bird nerd’ on it and three birds depicted above it. It comes in sizes for men, women and children and in many colours: black, navy, asphalt, slate, baby blue, red, silve, grass, olive or pink. It is lightweight, can be machine washed and is made from a cotton and polyester mix.

This retro style enamel mug has a print of birds, leaves and berries on it. The birds are blue with some yellow/orange detailing. The main colour is white and it has a silver rim. It is long-lasting and very durable and great to take out with a flask when bird watching, using for camping trip or just at home. It is 80mm tall with an 86mm diameter and 280ml in depth.

A shopping bag always makes a great gift as everyone is trying to make sure that they do not use too much plastic. This bag will really catch the eye as it has a funny slogan and great picture. It says ‘Beware crazy bird watching lady’ and has a picture of a pair of binoculars with birds resting on them. It is 38x42cm with long handles and is hand washable.

This bird table comes fully assembled so it is ready to use right away. It has a design to attract smaller birds and keep away pigeons as well as cats. It Is hand built with sustainable low carbon FSC timber. It is 4.5ft high which has been chosen for optimal viewing angles and comes assembled in just two parts. It is made in the UK and has free delivery.

This unique bird feeder will look so cute hanging in any garden and make a very original gift. It is a small white bench which hangs from a tree or bird table. In the bottom of the bench are spaces to put seeds or other bird food so you can watch your feathered friends perching there and feeding. The white back of the bench allows for a clear view of the birds feeding in front.

This is a camouflage net which can be used to hide large things such as your car. It is 3m x 5m in size and it is oxford fabric with a khaki, green and brown mottled colouring. It is polyester material and can be cut to size to make it the right shape for what you need it for. It has a five-year guarantee so you can be sure of the quality.

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