29 Presents for Bloggers of All Ages

By Louise
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If you are choosing gifts then sometimes it can be tricky and that is why we have put together this website. This specific list of gifts are items that we have specifically chosen with bloggers in mind. There are lots of people these days that enjoy blogging and if you know any then you might want to find them a gift that relates closely to their hobby. This may not be easy if it is something that you do not know much about and so we hope that our list will be able to provide you with some ideas so that you can buy a gift that you are pleased with and that they will be as well.

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This is a blogging planner. It is a workbook which has a black cover with title and picture on the front. Inside there are guided areas to help you to plan your next blog post. It has spaces for information such as the title, category, type, keywords, tags, content, resources, sponsors, links, social media and checklist. It allows blog posts to be carefully planned before they are written. It is 8.5 x 11 inches with white paper inside.

This will be a fun gift for anyone that writes. It is a necklace with a typewriter pendent on it. It is a silver colour and there is an infinity link with crystal gemstones on it as well. It comes in a velvet bag, which keeps it safe while being transported but also gives you pretty packaging to allow you to give it as a gift without wrapping it up.

This is a sweet tin. On the lid it says ‘This belongs to an awesome blogger’ which is written in white on a blue background. It measures 6cm high and 12cm diameter. Inside there are some loose sweets which are lemon sherbets. It is a cute little tin which could be used for other things once the sweets are eaten such as keeping memory cards, paperclips, pins or other small items – perhaps even refills of sweets!

This is a fun baby vest which says on it ‘future blogger like my mummy’. It has short sleeves with an envelope style neck and a popper fastening underneath. It comes in black or white and in sizes newborn, 0-3, 3-6, 6-12, 12-18 or 18-24 months. It is made from a soft polycotton material, has been professionally printed so it will not crack or fade and has free UK delivery.

This is a drawstring bag which says ‘I am a blogger’ on it. The ‘I am a’ is in black and there is a black line underneath. On the line the word ‘blogger’ is written in red and looks like crayon. It is 37.5 x 44cm in size and is made from polyester. The drawstring closure is also used as the straps to carry it on your back. Great for sports kit, gym kit, swimming etc.

This is a book called ‘Blogging 2020 : An essential Guide to Marketing your Blog and Making Money Online from it, including Tips for Setting up Multiple Streams of Passive Income using Affiliate Marketing and More’. It is by Matthew Shields and includes a marketing strategies to make your blog into an income stream for you including how to find a niche, success stories, using advertising, selling products and much more.

This is a book called ‘Make Money Blogging : Step by Step Guide for 2020 : How to Start Blogging, Write Contents, Get Traffic, Make Money from Blogging’ by Jessica Ker. It teaches you how to build a site with no experience, how to get traffic, how to convert readers to customers, how to make money and much more. Great for someone starting up or someone looking to expand their blog and their reach.

This is a cute teddy bear wearing a little white t-shirt which says ‘I love bloggers’ on it. The word love is in a red heart. The teddy is plush and cuddly and looks really cute in its t-shirt. It is 20cm high and is a lovely gift to show a blogger that you know how much you think of them as well as providing them with a lovely gift that they are likely to treasure.

This is a fun sign which is in neon blue it says ‘Blogger Parking only violators will be ridiculed online’. It is 12 x 8.5 inches in size and has a LED light inside to light it up. It has an on/off switch and a standard plug to make it easy to use. It is made from aluminium and so is durable and it can be easily fixed on to a wall. It is transparent and so easily shows the light through.

This is a pocket mirror which measures 6cm x 6cm x 0.8cm in size. It has a white top and says ‘I am a’ in black with a line underneath. Written on the line in red is ‘blogger’. The mirror has a compact design so it opens up to reveal two mirrors inside one on the inside of the lid and one on the inside of the base. It is slim and portable and a useful item to keep in a bag, pocket, car or drawer.

This is a fun mug. It is 11oz in size and it says on it ‘caution’ in red letters then ‘blog writing’ in black and ‘in progress’ in red. The red words have a box around them in red too. The mug is 80mm in diameter and 92mm high and is microwave and dishwasher safe. Would make a great gift as it is practical as well as fun. Sent in a double lined box to keep it well protected.

This is a mouse mat which is white in colour and says on it in purple ‘keep calm I’m a blogger’ in purple with a crown above it. It is a full colour print with a fabric finish to it so it is non-slip. It measures 235 x 197mm and is 4.5mm thick. It protects the desk and helps to mouse to run more freely to make it easier to use. It comes with free delivery.

This is a special blog post planner. It is an 8.5 x 11 inch journal and has 120 pages so plenty of room to write lots of notes and information about what you are going to put in your blog posts. It is portable so it can be carried about to jot down ideas wherever you are. A useful book to have in which there are guided boxes so that you can easily put down all the details of the posts that you are planning.

This is an aluminium water bottle in white. On the outside it says ‘Best. Blogger. Ever’ on it in bold black print. It holds 21oz and has two lids. One is a sports cap for easy drinking and the other has a carabiner on it so that it can be easily attached to a bag or belt so that it can be carried anywhere. It is a great alternative to plastic water bottles.

This is a children’s t-shirt which says ‘future blogger’ on it using professional methods that are long lasting. It is short sleeved and comes in red, navy, grey, black, blue, green and white and has short sleeves. There are various sizes available from 3-4 to 9-11 years. It is a Fruit of the Loom t-shirt which is 100% cotton so it is high quality and can be easily machine washed to keep it clean.

This is a fun sweatshirt in grey with black writing on it which says ‘That’s what I do I blog and I know things’. It is a unisex style with long sleeves and a round neck which is twill taped and comes in sizes small – 2XL. It is made from a cotton and polyester mix so it is comfortable and keeps its shape well. It can be washed in the machine too.

This short sleeved t-shirt says ‘That’s what I do I blog and I know things’ on it and it comes it a selection of colours – baby blue, silver, grass, Kelly green, orange, pink, heather grey and lemon. It has fits suitable for men or women and comes in sizes small – 3XL. It is made from a cotton and polyester mix and is suitable for machine washing. It has a classic fit with a round neck.

This is a pillowcase which is a natural cream colour and says on it ‘bloggers gonna blog’ in black writing across it. It has an invisible zipper so that it is easy to put a cushion inside it and you can decide whether to do this yourself or let the recipient put it over one of their existing cushions. Will work on a bed, sofa or even in a car or office.

This is a children’s hoodie which says on it ‘blog and chill’. It comes in a selection of colours – red, black, fuchsia pink, gold, maroon, grey, royal blue and navy. It comes in sizes 3-4, 5-6, 7-8, 9-11 and 12-13 years. It has long sleeves and a large pocket on the front as well as a hood so will be warm and comfortable. Made from 50% cotton and 50% polyester.

This is a cylinder duffle bag which says on it ‘blog and chill’. It comes in three colour options – a navy blue bag with white straps, black bag with fuchsia straps or black bag with black straps. There are handles as well as a shoulder strap and the zipper goes right across the top. It is 20 litres in capacity and measures 50 x 25 x 25 cm, so great for gym kit, swimming kit or overnight clothing.

This is a denim cap which says on it ‘eat sleep blog’ in bright yellow with little figures on it. The denim is black so the yellow really stands out from it. It is made from cotton and has an adjustable band on the back so that it can fit all sizes of head. It has a long stiff brim so it will shade the eyes and face from the sun as well as allowing the wearer to show the fun message on it.

This is an apron which says on it ‘blog and chill’. It comes in black, blue, red or fuchsia pink. It is made from 100% cotton in a heavy weight twill fabric and has a 60cm width and 87cm length. There is a loop around the neck and fabric ties that you can tie yourself so that it is easily adjusted to fit any waist size. A practical gift for anyone that likes to cook or bake.

This is a fun ceramic mug. It is white in colour and has a picture of ‘Little Miss Blogger’ with the name and ‘Roger Hargreaves’ written underneath. Little Miss Blogger is grey with a laptop in one hand and a mobile phone to her ear. It is microwave and dishwasher safe which means that it is extremely practical and it comes in a box so it is all ready to give away as a great present.

This is a paperback called ‘The Mummy Bloggers’ by Holly Wainwright. It is a novel about three different women that blog who are very different. When they are all nominated for the same award it results in hilarious consequences as they try to compete with each other to prove that they are the most deserving. It is a great light read for anyone that likes a book which makes them smile.

This book is called ‘Branding for Bloggers’ and is by Zach Heller. It is all about how to use marketing to make your blog a success. It explains how a strong brand is really important and how to define it, establish it and then use it to get a larger following and to start making money from the brand using networking and social media as well as other techniques to grow and succeed.

This is a keyring which says on it ‘keep calm I’m a blogger’ in white writing with a crown above it on a pink background. The keyring and backing is made from solid nickel so it is durable, silver in colour and really shiny. The front is glossy over the print so it looks really good. It also comes in a black giftbox which looks elegant and means that it is all ready to give away as a gift.

This is a special bottle opener fridge magnet. On the white front it says ‘I am a’ in black with a black line underneath. Written on the line in red it says ‘blogger’. The back is magnetic so it will stick to a fridge but it also has a slot cut out of the back which can be used to take the tops off bottles. It is 5.7cm in diameter and a useful item. It comes in a pack of three.

This is a coaster which has a black background and printed on it, it says ‘keep calm I’m a blogger’ with a crown above it. It has a gloss finish which means that it looks good and it can be wiped clean if necessary. It is 3mm thick and has a wooden back which means that it protects the surface underneath and is non-slip. It has a durable feel and therefore makes a great gift.

This is a fridge magnet which measures 50.8mm x 76.2mm. It has a bright yellow background and in white it says ‘professional blogger coming through’ and has a picture of a person putting something in a waste bin. It is actually available in other colours as well such as black, white, pink and green. It has a glass finish on the front and a solid durable backing with a magnet.

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