34 Gift Ideas for People Who Play Board Games

By Louise
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Many people and families enjoy playing board games. There are a nice variety of games to choose from, but sometimes it can be a bit tricky choosing one that is a bit different or original. This is the reason why we have put together this list of items that we think board game lovers will enjoy. We hope that it will inspire people that are looking to buy gifts for those that love board games.  So they will be able to easily buy them a present that fits within their budget and will be something that they know will make the recipient really happy.

34 Presents for Board Game Fans

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This is a board game called #Kids vs Parents : Do You Know Your Family?’. Children and parents team up against each other to answer lots of questions about their everyday lives. It is a great way for them to find out more about each other and see how much they know. There are two sets of cards enclosed, one set parents ask kids and one set where kids ask parents. There are 50 cards in total.

This is a board game called ‘Counter Attack : The Football Strategy Game’. This is a game for two players who are both football fans. The aim is that you play moves on the pitch in order to try to win. It seems easy to understand but the tactics are tricky which makes it more fun. No two games are ever the same as you get different team members with different skill sets and will need to work out the best way to win.

This is a family board game called ‘Herd Mentality’. The questions in the game are things like ‘would you rather have robot arms or robot legs?’ and the aim is to try to guess what most players will say. If you are in agreement with most of them you win cows. If you are the only one to opt for a certain answer you will get a pink cow. For 4-20 players aged 10 years and above.

This is ‘The Logo Board Game’. This is the second edition of the game with all new questions. The idea is to try to identify more logos than the other players. You move around the board and answer questions from a stock of 1500 on themes, pictures or pot luck cards to see whether you can win. The game is for 2-6 players from 12 years of age. There is also the option of a Christmas, Food and Not for Kids edition.

This is a Monopoly Junior Game. It is for 2-4 players and is an introduction to the more complex standard Monopoly game. Children will need to count and collect Monopoly money to win. They are cute tokens of Little Scottie. Little T-Rex, Little Penguin and Toy Ducky to play with. It is a quick game and simple to follow, so great for children from five years of age. They have to buy properties and pay rent and try to get the others bankrupt.

This is a trivia game called ‘I should have known that!’. It is for two or more players and there are lots of questions, which seem obvious but perhaps are not. You get points deducted for every wrong answer and there are 400 questions to have a go at such as ‘How do you say Japan in Japanese’ and ‘Is a penguin a bird?’. It is for adults and children over the age of 14 years.

This is a Scrabble board game. It is the original game for 2 – 4 players where the idea is to make words with the highest scores. It comes with 100 letter tiles, four racks, a game board, letter bag and instructions. Each player takes it in turns to pick from their seven tiles and spell out the highest scoring word that they can find. Players continue until all of the tiles are used and the highest scorer wins.

This is a game called Pictionary Air. It is made by Mattel and you need to download the app to play. Then the player has to sketch their drawing in the air. This is picked up by the app if the device camera is pointed at them, so contestants can see what they drew. You can give kids more time to play and you can even record the game to enjoy at another time. Comes with 112 double sided clue cards.

This is ‘The Game of Life’. You move around the board landing on squares where you have children, adopt pets or get paid. There are fun surprises along the way in this game, which is suitable for 2-4 players over the age of eight years. Move your car around the board and pop in pets and children as you get them until your car is full up! Has a fun spinner and the player with the most money at the end wins.

This is the classic game of Jenga. The idea is simple, you stack up the bricks and then take turns in removing one brick at a time and placing it on top of the pile. However, if you make the pile fall over you will lose! It is a fun game for children aged six years and above and takes a steady hand to win. You have to carefully judge where to remove a brick from and once you have touched it you cannot change your mind!

This is a board game version of the quiz show Tenable. It is for 2 – 6 players. The idea is to find ten of everything as you climb the scoring ladder to success and to eventually win the game. It is suitable for adults and children over the age of ten years old. The question might be ‘the 10 least used letters in the English Language’ or ‘the 10 most popular seaside resorts in the UK’.

This is the boardgame for the TV show Catchphrase.  For 2-4 players the idea is that they have to try to solve the puzzles in order to win. Each player hosts a round and there is a bonus catchphrase to solve for more money. Once everyone has taken a turn at being the host it is the player with the most money that wins. It comes with 86 double sided regular cards, 15 double sided bonus cards, 48 single sides super cards and a Mr Chips card holder, with boards, money and a sand timer.

This is the second edition board game of ‘Would I Lie to you?’ based on the TV series. It is for 2-8 players and there are true and false facts to try to guess. There are truth and lie cards which are played, so it is a lot of fun for the players to try to work out whether the information is true or false.  Sometimes the person reading the question reads a truth and sometimes they make up a lie and it is for the others to guess.

This is a board game from the quiz show ‘The Chase’. It has an electronic timer in it and the idea is to try to beat the four chasers by answering general knowledge questions accurately and quickly. The game is for 3-6 players and there are over 1000 questions in it, so you should be able to play it a lot of times before you run out of fresh questions to ask.

This is a Scooby-Doo! Version of Cluedo. You move around the gameboard as your favourite characters from the TV series. It is the classic game but just with different characters, rooms and weapons. A character has been abducted and they were taken from a certain room and an item was left behind by the monster. It is up to you to find out where they disappeared from, who disappeared and what item was left behind.

This is the classic game of ‘Operation’. Use the tweezers to remove the plastic parts from the patient, but if you touch the side it will buzz and you will have to give up. Includes all the classic parts from the original game such as: the bread basket, wishbone, Adams apple and Charlie horse. Collect the money if you remove the part and the player with the most money wins.

This is a wooden chess board game. It includes the board and all of the chess pieces required to play the traditional game. The board folds in half, so that it can be easily stored. The board and pieces are made of wood and so look really good. It all comes in a traditional box with a vintage look to it and makes a great gift for any adult or child that likes games.

This is a Snakes and Ladders and Ludo game. It has a solid wood board which is reversible, so you can play one game on each side. It comes with wooden playing pieces and dice so that you can play either game. Great fun and traditional games that all children will love to have a go at. Both games are for 2-4 players and suitable for adults and children to play.

This is the game of Mouse Trap. The game is for 2 to 4 players and for children aged from 6 years and upwards. It helps children to develop skills in construction, cause and effect and decision making and for that reason has been reviewed by Mensa for kids. You move around the board collecting cheeses and stealing cheese from other players and you will need to watch out for the trap as you go.

This is a Connect 4 shots game. It is for two players who choose to be red or yellow.  Like the traditional game they need to get four in a row to win.  But this time they have balls to throw at the board and if they land in the right place they will be able to make their lines. Miss and they might help out their opponents to win.

This is Countdown the board game. It is for two or more players aged eight years and older. There is a countdown clock and you play the letters and numbers games just like in the popular TV show.  As there are lots of combinations of letters and numbers you will be sure to get a different game experience each time you play, so it will never get old. Comes with cards, a board and ten sided dice.

This is a Cheatwell Game called Topix. The game is played against the clock and you have to find as many answers to the topic as you can in the time. All the answers have to start with a certain letter as well, so you may need to name animals, cities of Europe, Items on a Menu or Things that have 4 legs, restricted by the letter you have chosen and the time limit.

This is the card game Uno. It is a fun game for 2-10 players where they have to match the number of colour of the card just played. The player to use up all of their cards first is the winner, but they will have to pick up a card if they cannot go. The player to put down all of their cards first is the winner. Simple rules but there are some tactics to make the game more fun.

This is a Yahtzee game. It is the classic game with a new look as the dice and shaker have more of a casino look to them. The idea is to get different combinations when you roll the dice each time to try to get a score high enough to beat your opponents. It is a fun game with some elements of luck but also needs planning to try to get the best possible score.

This is a board game called ‘Don’t Panic’. It is a quick thinking naming game. There are lots of different subjects and four different difficulty levels. You are against the clock and there is a wind up timer with a bell. You have to name a number of things depending on skill level such as: 3 things that crawl, 5 things you lick, 6 things you bike into, 5 Greek islands. The harder questions are meant for adults and younger children could always be given hints.

This is a board game called ‘Race to the Treasure’. It is suitable for children aged five years and above. They learn all sorts of skills such as strategy, maths, decision making and co-operation while they have fun. The idea is to create a path from start to end, collect the three keys to open the treasure and beat the ogre. The children have to work together to win the game.

This is the ‘Mr & Mrs’ board game family edition. As well as questions about your partner there are also ones about family and friends, so it can appeal to more people. It is suitable for adults and children aged over ten years and has over 1000 questions in it. It is great fun and you can find out a lot of things about your family and friends that you may not have known before!

This is a board game called ‘Don’t Say It!’ It is a word game designed especially for children to play. The idea is that the player has to describe something for the others to guess, but there are certain words that they are not allowed to say when they describe it. There is a time limit and they need to try to get the others to guess before the time runs out.

This is a board game called ‘Game for Fame’ for families. It is for 4-16 players and you split into teams and pick a card to start your quest. There are lots of challenges and storylines which will keep all of the players amused. You start as a penniless nobody and the aim is to become the wealthiest celebrity by the end of the game. You have to go through a number of auditions with silly twists to see whether you can progress.

This is a battleship game but it has planes. It has planes as well as ships so you have to sink the ships and crash the planes of your enemy in order to win. This game is for two players and it is easily packed away into two portable boxes to be played anywhere. All the fun of the classic game, whether played on a board with pegs or paper and pencil it still retains the same fun.

This is an electronic game called ‘Bop it!’. It is a fun game for children aged over eight years. They have to hear the commands and quickly react to them. The unit commands players to take 3 actions in a random order, which they need to do in order to win. You can play alone or with other players. It has three different volume levels as well, so you can make it the right volume for you. Comes in a box so ready to give away.

This is a wooden hockey game. It is a fast sling puck game on a wooden board. There is one board and ten puck pieces and the idea is to use the elastic band to shoot the pucks through the small gate to your opponents’ side of the board. Whoever clears their side of the board first will win the game. Great fun and good for fine motor skills too.

This is a Question of Sport game. It is a trivia game based on the TV show. It has 350 sporting questions, which will test the sporting knowledge of all of the players.  There are also physical and mental challenges to play as well. The content is compiled by the writers of the quiz show so the questions are just like the ones that you will hear on the show.

This is a pocket size party game of acting, drawing and describing called Randomise. It lets the player choose if they want to act, draw or describe in order to get across the identity on their car. It is a fun game which will have everyone playing it laughing. It is easy to set up and learn and is very portable, as it is just the size of a double deck of cards.  Suitable for 4 – 40 players.

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