33 Amazing Gifts for Book Lovers

Updated on August 17th, 2021
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It is really fantastic when you can come up with the perfect gift for someone. If you know anyone who loves books, then you will find that these gifts will be perfect for them. Alongside giving them the latest book by their favourite author, why not give them one of these fantastic gifts to go with it. Whether it is something useful, novelty item or something that will make them stand out from the crowd, there is the perfect thing in this list. There is something for every budget and each can be delivered to you or directly to them.

33 Presents That Are Perfect for Anyone who Loves to Read

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These white ankle socks are a practical and fun gift for the book lovers in your life. They are made from luxury cotton with non-slip black grip on the bottom which not only says ‘Shhh!’ on one foot but ‘I’m Reading!’ with a book picture on the other. These are perfect for any friends or family members who are avid book readers and have a great sense of humour!

This is a lovely cotton mix short sleeved t-shirt which has a coloured picture of book shelves with white wording saying ‘There is no such thing as too many books’, which is written among the books. The cotton tees come in a selection of colours and sizes for men woman and children so whoever the book lover is in your life there will be one to fit and suit them.

This stainless steel charm bracelet is hypo allergenic and has a series of book related charms on it. The four charms are a pair of glasses, a heart with ‘Book lover’ written on it, a book and an ink pot with quill. The bangle is adjustable to fit the wrist of any booklover and come in a velvet pouch which makes it the perfect gift for the book lover in your life.

This beautiful journal is an ideal gift for book lovers. This is because not only does it provide everything you need for a good journal but it has specific sections related to reading such as books borrowed, lent or given, book group contact information and book sources. It is a portable size and has 216 pages. A great gift for anyone that loves journaling and reading or maybe treat yourself!

This Alice in Wonderland scarf has quotes from the book as well as some of the beautiful, original illustrations from John Tenniel. It contains over 20 images, quotes and logos printed multiple times in black on the white polyester scarf which is 180cm x 50cm. It is super soft and therefore the perfect treat for anyone that loves books and particularly for Alice in Wonderland or Lewis Carroll fans.

Magnetic poetry is such fun and this is a book lover special which has over 200 words which have been picked especially for book lovers. This means that it has all sorts of words that are perfect for anyone who loves books and wants to be creative with poetry or just leave messages. Great for fridges, lockers or metal surfaces. A fun and creative gift for anyone that loves words, poetry and books.

This handcrafted pendant comes on a 61cm chain and has a lovely C.S.Lewis quote making it the perfect gift for fans of the author or any book lover. It reads ‘There are far better things ahead than any we leave behind’ and it has a protective glass domed top over the engraved silver setting. It comes in a gift bag and so would make the perfect gift for a C.S. Lewis fan or any one that loves books.

Bookmarks cam be great gifts for book lovers but they do not always last. This metal bookmark will not only last a life time but is also engraved with pretty flowers and butterflies and has a pendant which reads ‘Between the Pages of a Book is a Lovely Place to be’. This comes in a velvet pouch and so would be the perfect gift for anyone that loves to read.

This tote shopping bag will make the best gift for anyone who is one of the grammar police or who just loves things that are written correctly! It comes in a great range of colours, is practical, 100% cotton and ethically produced. We all want to do our bit for the environment, but why not have some fun at the same time with this fantastic and practical bag.

This mug has a great phrase on it that all book lovers will be able to relate to. The white mug has a picture of a pile of books and says ‘Yes I really do need all these books’. As well as being microwave and dishwasher safe it has a large easy-grip handle. It would make a fantastic present for anyone that always seems to have their head stuck in a book.

This novelty rechargeable LED lamp is practical and fun. When you open the book it fans out and lights up and you can change between seven different colours to find the one that you like the best. It provides a portable light source, which is fantastic if you like to pick up your book and read anywhere. Therefore, a fantastic and very original gift for the book lover in your life.

These cushion covers make an excellent gift to anyone that likes to read. Not only do they include book covers in the design but they look super stylish. Measuring 17” x 17” they will fit an 18” cushion and look great in any home, especially that of someone that is always reading. They are made in the UK by a small business so you will be supporting a needy company as well as giving a fantastic present.

This set of four badges would make a great and fun gift for anyone that loves reading. They have different slogans on – ‘I heart books’, ‘Bookworm’, ‘Books are awesome’ and ‘The book was better’. They are either white or black with clear writing on them and some have a picture too. They are all 1 inch in diameter so will allow any book lovers to make a clear statement about their hobby.

This LED clip on booklight makes the ideal gift for anyone that loves to read in bed or in dimly lit rooms. It doubles as a bookmark and can be used on books of all shapes and sizes. It is flexible so you can tilt it and even comes with batteries. It is very portable and lightweight and therefore is a great gift for anyone that is always reading.

This classic fit, lightweight, short-sleeved t-shirt comes in a variety of colours and has the slogan ‘All the cool kids are reading’. It is a 100% cotton or cotton mix top (depending on colour) which can be machine washed and even goes in the tumble dryer. It comes in many sizes for men, women and children and therefore can make a fantastic gift for anyone that you know that really loves reading.

If the book lover you know seems to have every book then this book can be the perfect one for them. The Book Lovers’ Companion will tell them what they need to read next. It is actually a list of novels, so if you need a gift for someone who loves fiction and is always looking for something different to read, this could be the perfect thing for them.

This is the perfect keychain for anyone you know who loves reading books. Not only does it have a cute book pendant on it but also has an engraved part with an inspiring, hopeful and strengthening quote about reading and books on it. This practical stainless-steel keyring is hypoallergenic, durable and comes in a velvet pouch so makes a fantastic and useful gift for anyone that is obsessed with reading.

This set of bookmarks makes a great gift for anyone you know that loves to read, particularly families who may have many books on the go at once. They all have great quotes on with different colours and designs and are all waterproof and therefore very sturdy. You can pick from a selection of different designs and so choose the perfect one for you or to give away as gifts.

This unusual item is a page holder which allows you to hold a book open with just one hand. A very original idea which is extremely useful too, whether you want to rest one hand or do other things with your other hand. It is made of comfortable, smooth hardwood and available in three sizes so you can find the perfect one for the book lover that you know.

These are just the cutest little earrings you will ever find. They are shaped like mini copies of the book Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. They are handmade and have sterling silver hooks and come on an earring card in a cellophane bag. The books are 1.9cm tall and 1.3cm wide. They would make the perfect present for a Jane Austen or Mr D’Arcy fan but also any book lover.

This is an unusual poster which has a list of 100 books. As you read all of the books you scratch them off the poster to reveal a picture underneath. This not only makes a great novelty gift for a book lover but will also help them to pick the next book they read and set them a challenge of completing them all. Comes in a strong plastic tube.

This is a pretty pencil case wrap with tie, which can be used for storing plain or coloured pencils. It has 72 elastic loops to tuck the pencils into, is made from 100% strong polyester canvas and is machine washable. It keeps pencils clean, tidy and protected by keeping them safely wrapped up. The book design makes it the perfect gift for artists, students or colourists that also love books.

This gift wrap is the best thing to wrap books in. The paper is deigned to fold perfectly around a book to make wrapping easier, as well as having designs that perfectly suit books. It Is 49x40cm and printed on heavy weave paper with a choice of designs. Pick from brown paper, Victoriana, marbled paper, satchel design or a selection of different quotes. The perfect way to wrap any book.

If you know someone who hates their books to get spoiled when transporting them then the metallic book buddy is the perfect thing for them. It is a padded book sleeve which will protect the cover form creasing, folding or getting dirty. It has a 100% cotton cat and crescent moon design outer with metallic gold detail. You can pick from different sizes and each is handmade. The perfect gift for those that treasure books.

This little book holder will hold your book open as you read. It comes in either grey, lilac, blue, pink or mint and will allow you to keep your book open as you read. It is lightweight so you can carry it with you easily. It was even awarded ‘Gift of the year’. The perfect thing for anyone that loves books particularly those that like to keep their books open to refer to them such as cooks.

This is a unique tool that will allow you to easily keep your book or magazine pages open. It is a thumb ring which you put on and then use it to hold a book open with just one hand. This is perfect for anyone that needs to read with just one hand or that likes to do this as it can be much more comfortable. It is also light to carry about and the perfect gift for anyone that reads a lot.

Anyone who has a lot of books would love these animal bookends. They are antique look cast iron design and colour and are a cute addition to any bookshelf. You can choose between a pair of mice, frogs, cats and chickens and each pair comes with free delivery. They weigh 500g so are capable of holding a lot of books. A fantastic gift for someone that loves books and animals.

This is a journal that you can use for recording details of books that you have read. You are prompted to note down details about the book such as a memorable quote, plot summary and the names of the characters as well as details about the book and a rating for it. It also has blank pages. It is perfect for anyone that goes to a book club or that reads so much they forget what they have already read.

This soy wax candle with wood wick comes in a glass jar container. Not only does it look pretty but when you burn it has the scent of old books, with notes of tobacco and space. This will give an old book shop feel to any home so perfect to burn while relaxing and reading a good book. The perfect gift to help any book lover really feel relaxed.

This four pack of heart shaped bookmark page corners is the perfect gift for anyone that reads. They come in a selection of colours, 2 brown, 1 coffee and 1 wine red. You can just slide them on the page you are reading to mark where you are and they are soft so do not damage the book. They are made of genuine leather and come in a leather bag, so perfect for giving as a gift.

If you are looking for the perfect gift to allow a book lover to access a huge range of books in one handy, lightweight device then the Kindle paperwhite will be the perfect gift. It is waterproof so no worries about using it in the bath or pool and it even comes with audible so you can listen to the books if you have Bluetooth speakers. Available in a choice of colours.

The Amazon kids edition comes with a child friendly cover and 1 year of Fire for Kids unlimited books which gives free access to thousands of titles. It has a glare free screen, long battery life and even comes with a 2-year guarantee. It also comes with audible. This is the perfect gift for children that love reading and want a way to read free of the distractions of a normal tablet.

The Fire 7 Tablet is available in four colours and options for either 16gb or 32gb internal storage. It also has two cameras and can be hands free with Alexa. It can not only be used for reading books but also for surfing the web, watching videos and listening to music. It is a great gift for that book lover who wants a tablet to read on but also something that will do a bit more.

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