40 Gift Ideas for 10 Year Old Boys

Updated on December 8th, 2021
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If you need to buy a gift for a boy, it can often be hard to know what to buy. Boys can be particularly tricky to buy for, especially as they get older. This is why we have put together a list of ideas for gifts for 10 year old boys. We hope that we have covered enough different ideas, so that everyone will find something that will inspire them to buy a perfect gift. We have a range of items at different prices, so there should be something to cover every taste as well as every budget.

40 Presents for Boys Aged 10

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This is a mini drone. And quadcopter all in one. It is black and red in colour and is a hand controlled drone, which can be also controlled using the remote control. It is a fun toy, which can be played with inside or outside and even has an obstacle avoidance sensor, which will protect it from breaking easily. It comes with rechargeable batteries and a USB charging cable – so everything you need to play.

This is a perfect introduction into BMXing with this entry level bike made for youths. The 20 inch wheels and shiny black look make it the perfect bike for a new rider. The alloy calliper breaks are sure to stop you whilst being the most effective breaks whilst maintaining their quality for a long time. The bike is great for getting kids into the outdoors for exercise and some fun.

This kids waterproof bag is perfect for outdoor activities. Premium quality and with two durable rope straps its ideal for any activity like walking, swimming or football. Lightweight with multiple compartments there is plenty of space to store your things for on the go travel with ease. Standing out with a camouflage design it would make the perfect school PE kit bag.

This Razor sport s scooter is the ideal gift for a young active child. With safety in mind the Razor scooter is made with steel for strength and stability. With urethane wheels they are durable and very sporty looking. The scooter supports up to 100kg making it perfect for 6+. With and easy to fold mechanism it can be folded up and put in the car for easy transport.

This indoor basketball hoop is baskets of fun with 3 indoor balls and a safe shatterproof backboard its amazing safe fun for children. The hoop can be attached on a door or wall with included brackets for endless fun anywhere around the home. The small basketballs are designed for kids small hands for fun and easy playing.

This is a National Geographic make your own volcano kit. Build it from scratch, paint and have fun with this easy to follow science experiment. This is perfect for getting a better understanding of volcanos, whilst keeping it fun and interesting with the volcano learning guide. Made of plaster and weighing a whopping 1.5 pounds its sure to entertain with its realism and look.

This is a tiny, fun retro mini arcade game of Tetris, the 10cm keychain comes with a ring to attach to your keys or to just play with. This is a great gift for a youngsters first set of car keys to stop them losing them. The keychain is lightweight and small making it perfect to put in your pocket when your going out.

Children will enjoy sinking into this fun Spiderman shaped beanbag. Made of a soft fabric and in the iconic Spiderman colours its sure to excite. The beanbag is lightweight making it portable and easy to wash quickly with a wet cloth making ideal for a kids playroom. Filled with a soft filling its perfect for playing with toys on the floor.

This is a joke book called ‘The Don’t Laugh Challenge’. It is part of a series of joke books, but this one is especially designed for ten year olds. It is a fun game where each child takes turns in reading jokes and then acting out scenarios and using silly faces to try to get the other one to smile or laugh in order to earn points. You need to try not to laugh yourself but make the other players laugh.

This is a smart watch designed for children. It comes in blue or pink and has the capability of making a two way phone call, voice chat, night flashlight, remote camera, maths game, alarm clock, analogue clock, digital clock and contacts can also be added on it. It even has an SOS feature, which children can press and it will call up different numbers until someone answers to help them.  This can be put into do not disturb mode during school time.

This is a spider robot made by Science Matters. It is a great gift for children that like technology, but it could also be fun for any child that likes to play pranks as their spider can creep up on people. It is designed to be made up first, so that is part of the fun and then it will be able to climb up and down slopes as well as on flat surfaces.

This is a fun game. It is called ‘IQ Puzzler Pro’ and it tests logical ability. It is a compact game with room in the plastic container to store everything, which means that it is easy to keep tidy and is also portable. The booklet with it gives various challenges that need to be solved and it also has the solutions to them. It has 3 playing modes and 2D as well as 3D challenges to solve.

This is a great t-shirt for a football lover as it says on the front ‘Eat, Sleep, Football, Repeat’. It is a short sleeved t-shirt and comes in black, pink, hot pink, navy blue, sky blue, royal blue, red, purple and white. It comes in sizes 3-4, 5-6, 7-8, 9-11 and 12-13. It has a standard fit with club collar that is a rib crew neck and is machine washable.

This is a Brainbox game with a football theme. The box includes 54 cards as well as a die and timer. The idea is that you study the front of the card and try to learn as much as you can while the timer goes through. Then you throw the die and have to answer that numbered question, which is based on the information on the other side. The person that gets the most right wins.

This is a pocket microscope made by the Natural History Museum. It is 5.1 x 16.2 x 12.2 in size and are just 141 grams, which means they are light and portable. They have a 20x and 40x zoom and a LED illuminator, so that things can be seen really well. The magnification is good enough to inspect flakes of skin and things of a similar size. It comes with slides, cover slips and a lens cloth.

This is a black short sleeved t-shirt which says on the front ‘This is what an awesome 10 year old looks like!’. The writing is in grey and blue and there are also two thumbs pointing upwards in the design. It is made from 100% cotton and comes in sizes 9-11 and 12-14 – so even a taller 10 year old boy will be able to get one to fit. It has a classic fit with a round neck and is made by Buzz Shirts.

This is a ‘Horrid Practical Jokes’ set.  It contains 10 traditional practical jokes which any young boy will love. There are things like a big selection of fake flies, a whoopee cushion, nail through a finger, flies in ice cubes, plastic poop, fake sick and fake wounds. They are great fun jokes, which any child would love to play on unsuspecting adults or friends. This will go down a treat with any child with a wicked sense of humour.

This is an electric motor circuit kit. It comes with 4 crocodile clip leads, bulbs, bulb holder, battery holder, motor, rocker switch, propeller fan and instructions, so that you can make parallel and series circuits. It has everything that you need to complete a fun science project – you just need to supply batteries. Great for any child that is interested in physics or circuits, for home schooling or general fun at home.

This is a metal pin art sculpture gadget. It is an 18cm x 13cm structure with a series of metal pins that you can press in to make a sculpture. It is very easy to use and you can keep changing the way it looks, so it provides a lot of fun. It just has to be shaken to start again and it means that you can constantly change it for lots of different impressions. It is easy to stand on any shelf.

This is a space torch and projector. It is a fun item, which will project brightly coloured images onto a wall or ceiling. There are three slide discs included and each has 24 pictures on it, which as NASA and Hubble telescope pictures. It can be focused with a simple twist and the images can project so they are up to one meter high. It comes with replaceable batteries included.

This is a fun dart board with safe darts. The board is stippled, so that the darts will attach to it without any need for sharp points. It is 16 inches in size and has a bracket, so it can be played on a table and there is a nail hole for wall hanging as well. It comes with six safety darts with plastic ends in two different colours, so two people or children can play at a time.

This is a magic speed cube. It is a fun and challenging puzzle with music, lights and different coloured faces. There are four different game modes with speed, memory and multi player modes, which will keep everyone entertained. It is a high quality toy and is very flexible to manipulate so the blocks are smooth to use. The music has a volume control, so it can be turned down when needed. Great for hand/eye coordination.

This is a fun stomp rocket. Kids will have hours of fun with this. It has a launcher which has to be stamped on in order to push the rocket into the air. The harder they stamp, the higher it goes. It can go up to 400 feet into the air, so will never fail to thrill children. It comes with three rockets, is very quick to assemble and there are no batteries required.

This is an official Liverpool Football Club Dressing gown. It is red in colour with a hood and long sleeves. The edge of the gown, sleeves and pockets are in black. It is made from 100% polyester and has a woven crest on it as well as a tie fastening. Fits sizes 3-4, 5-6, 7-8, 9-10, 11-12 and 13-14, so great for young fans of any age. A great gift for a Liverpool fan.

This is a fun book that will fascinate youngsters with a curious mind. It is called ‘Why is Snot Green?’ and it is by Glenn Murphy. It has all sorts of other questions as well, that children may or may not have thought of. They are all questions which have been asked at the Science Museum and there are five sections in the book covering: Lost in Space, The Angry Planet, Animal Answers, Being Human and Fantastic Futures. It has doodles inside as well as interesting information.

This is an interesting blank comic book for kids. It is a paperback book which is marked out ready, so that children can just fill in their own comics, adding in the drawings and the text. It is a great way to get their imagination flowing. There are 100 pages and it is 8.5 x 11 in size. There are tips included on how to make a good comic as well as information about word balloons and special effects.

This is a writing tablet. It comes in a selection of colours and is 8.5 inches and an e-writer. It comes with a stylus and the idea is that drawings and writing can be done on it and then be easily erased to use again. It takes a small battery and there is a clearance button that will black the screen so you can start again. Saves money on paper as well as helping the environment, as it can be re-used many times, unlike paper.

This is a fun pair of boys swimming shorts with a Lego Ninjago theme. They are brightly coloured and feature the different Ninja-go characters in square panels but has a red waistband which is plain. They come in sizes suitable for ages 5 to 12 years. They have an elasticated waistband and are made from 100% polyester. They also have a draw string and so are comfortable but can also be kept on snugly.

This is a fun set of two hover footballs. The balls allow children to be able to play football but in an unconventional and fun way. They are made of foam so can be used indoors without causing any damage to floors or furniture and can be used on carpeted or hard floors. They have LED lights which glow in the dark so it can be fun to play inside without the lights on. The air cushion helps it to move around more easily and rebound off things.

This is a fun lava bouncing ball. It is an interesting ball as not only does it bounce really high but the lava design changes colour with the UV rays of the sun. It will change from yellow to red when the UV hits it and will be a lot of fun to play with outside. The high bounce makes it unlike other balls too, so there are so many games that can be played with it. It comes boxed which means that it is easy to wrap before giving away as a gift.

This is a fun smart football. It has a counter on it and can count when it has been contacted. This means that you can easily see how many times you have touched it when you are trying to keep it up in the air. You can challenge your friends to beat your score or try harder to beat your own record. A great idea for any child that enjoys football and wants something a bit different to play.

This is a fun Star Wars t-shirt, which is black with white writing on it. It says ‘Star Wars You don’t know the power of the dark side’ and has pictures from the film on it. It has short sleeves and all of the writing and pictures will glow in the dark. It is a size suitable for children aged 9 – 11 years and has a classic fit with crew neck.

These are fun bike wheel lights. They come in a choice of colours and they are lightweight and compact and fit along the inside of the wheel. They will not only help the bike be seen better, but also help with illuminating the road. They are LED and waterproof and they can either be set to constantly on or just flashing. They are really easy to install and even come with spare batteries.

This is a fun hoodie which is white with black eyes and mouth on it, which is a smiley marshmallow design. It is also available in black with white eyes and mouth. It is available in various kids sizes and is made with a cotton faced fabric which is fleecy inside so it is warm and comfortable. They have a drop shoulder design and no cords around the neck for safety. It is made from 80% cotton and 20% polyester and has a double fabric hood with ribbed cuffs and hem.

This is a fun anti-gravity set made by Kidzlabs. It has instructions and various parts to allow children to make different things and learn at the same time. Using magnetism they will be able to levitate items and rotate things in mid air which will entertain them, but also teach at the same time. There are lots of separate projects that they could try, so should keep them entertained for a long time.

This is a short-sleeved t-shirt which comes in navy black or red. Each has white writing on it which says ‘I paused my game to be here’. It comes in sizes suitable for children ages 7-14, so there should be a suitable size for a 10 year old boy. It has a classic fit and is printed with premium quality vinyl and will not crack, fade or peel. It is made from 100% cotton and is machine washable.

This is a pair of novelty black ankle socks. On the bottom of one sock it says ‘Do not disturb’ and the other says ‘I’m gaming’ and has a picture of a handset on it. The writing and picture is in white, so it really stands out from the black.  In terms of size, they are 20cm along the bottom of the foot and 10cm high. There are also longer sizes and different colours and designs available if required.

This is a book called ‘What’s Happening to me?’ It is a great book for boys to understand what changes they should expect as they go through puberty. It explains things in a sensitive way and does not just deal with physical changes but emotional issues and other things that might be going on. It is a great book for parents to read and then to pass on to their sons, so they can answer any questions it may bring up.

This is a fun kids camera. It has a 32GB SD card and USB cable so it is all ready to use. It has a soft silicone shell which protects it so that it is shockproof and therefore if it falls or is dropped it is protected. This means that it is suitable for even the clumsiest of children! It is also easy to use and there is a neck lanyard, so it is easy to carry when out and about.

This is a set of pyjamas for fans of Tottenham Hotspur. They are shorts and a short-sleeved t-shirt and both have the club logo on them, with a large one on the top and smaller one on the shorts. They come in either all navy or navy shorts with a white top. They are available in various sizes suitable for children aged 2-13 years of age. They are made from polyester and cotton, have an elasticated waist and a V-neck.

This is a pair of kids goalkeeper gloves. They are blue and have the Man City badge on them. The palms are white and the backs have a light and dark blue pattern. They are official Manchester City merchandise and come in sizes suitable for children aged 5-10 and 10-15 years. They have an adjustable Velcro wrist fastening which has ‘Man City’ written on it. They come in an official poly bag.

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