32 Presents for Bridesmaids - Beautiful Reminders of The Perfect Day

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When we get married, it is very likely that we will have bridesmaids and we will probably want to thank them for the job that they have done for us. They may have helped us a lot or just behaved well if they are little. However, finding a nice gift for them is not always easy. We have therefore put together this list of gifts, which we hope will help you to be able to find something suitable for the bridesmaids that you are buying for. Whether they are old or young and if you want something useful or fun, sentimental or not, then we hope you can find it here.

32 Gift Ideas for Bridesmaids

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This is a fun novelty gift which is a bridesmaid’s survival kit. It is an organza bag which measures 11 x 16cm and full of small gifts that any bridesmaid would find useful on the day. Attached to the bag is a laminated card which explains why each gift will be useful to them. It makes a really different gift and is at a budget price, which means you may give it as an additional extra just to show that extra gesture of thanks.

This is a pretty personalised gift box with bag for a bridesmaid. The box can have any name on it which is printed on the top and it comes in a choice of two sizes. Inside the lid it says ‘bridesmaid’ and has the date on it. You can choose between different coloured boxes and text, so you can get the exact look that you want, with a choice of name, including a gift bag as well which is plain in a matching colour.

This is a pretty heart shaped wooden plaque. It says ‘Thank you for being a bridesmaid on our special day’ with some hearts surrounding it and has a hole in the top with a waxed black thread through it. This can therefore be used to attach to a present or to hang around the neck of a bottle. It measures 9 x 9 x 0.3cm and is made from birch wood.

This is a light up bottle. It says on it ‘for my fabulous bridesmaid you’re an absolute star’ and has a cork in the top of the bottle and some twine around the neck with a message tag on it. You can write a message on the tag which is personal. The bottle contains LED lights, so that it will light up and look even more special and can be kept to brighten up any room.

This is a lovely bracelet which has a knot in it. It comes in a choice of rose gold, gold or silver colour and it has a design, that means that it can be stretched open to fit any wrist. A round 1cm pendant hangs from it and you can choose one with any letter, so that you can personalise it for the recipient. It is simple but elegant and so would be a great gift for anyone as it will match with many different outfits and styles.

This is a very cute ,Tatty Teddy,. It comes in a box and has the ‘Me to You’ logo on its foot. It has the blue nose and patches that all Tatty Teddies have, but is holding a pink heart which says ‘Bridesmaid’ on it and has two pretty flowers on the top of it. It is 7 inches long and would make a lovely gift for a bridesmaid, particularly a younger girl.

This is a heart shaped trinket box with an engraved lid. You can choose what to engrave the lid with and it can have up to six lines of writing with the first three in larger font than the later ones.  So, you can choose to put a thank you message for your bridesmaid with a date too. They can be used for a gift or even to just put some sweets inside them.

This is a fun badge in the shape of a shield. It looks like a vintage style school badge, but it is pink with the word ‘Bridesmaid across it. It is made from domed resin so it has a nice shiny finish to it. It is gold on the back which matches the gold edge and writing on the front with a pin fastening.  This would be great to wear to a hen party or just to give to the bridesmaid as a keepsake.

This is a bag, with a zip fastening that can be used for makeup, pencils, nail varnish, collectables or other things. It comes in black or a natural off white colour and on the front it can have a name and the word ‘Bridesmaid’ in either gold, glitter gold, glitter red, glitter rose, silver or copper, so it will really stand out. It is made from 100% cotton and measures 28cm x 18cm in size.

This is a wooden box which can be personalised. It is a hinged box made from stained pine, which measures 8cm x 8cm x 5cm and can be personalised with a name and letter on the front of it. The letter is large and the name is written across it in a unique style. They are cute little boxes and can be used as gift boxes to put something in such as jewellery, other gifts or for favours or sweets.

This is a bag which says ‘Bridesmaid’ on it which can be used as a gift bag. It is 24cm x 30cm and in a natural cotton colour with grey writing on it. The size of the bag is suitable for holding a bottle plus another gift. It is great if you have a few smallish things that you want to give as a gift and you do not want it swamped by a larger tote bag, but you still want something that they will be able to use again.

This is a photo frame which says on it ‘Special Bridesmaid’. It is a silver coloured frame in landscape with the writing underneath in black with some butterflies. It will make a lovely gift with a picture inside it perhaps of the bride and her bridesmaid. It is 5 x 3.5 inches in size, so it will be easy to find a picture of the right size to place inside it.

This is a special mug which is white and has ‘Bridesmaid’ written on it in black with a pink heart design underneath and inside the rim. It is 9.5cm high and 9.5cm in diameter. It is a lovely gift to give, either as a thank you at the ceremony or for the bridesmaid to use when she is getting ready. It is made from glazed ceramic and therefore dishwasher safe.

These are pretty personalised hangers which can be used to keep clothing on leading up to the big day and then be taken as keepsakes. There are 4 font styles to choose from and they come in a set of 5, so you can personalise each differently with their role and name and the date if you wish. They are wooden with a trouser bar for stability.  They measure 45cm wide by 25cm.

This is a lovely ‘Tatty Teddy’ gift box designed for a bridesmaid. Inside there is a set of bed socks in a lovely pink with ‘brides’ on one and ‘maid’ on the other. There is also a plaque which says on it ‘will you be my bridesmaid’ so it is just right to give to someone to ask them to help you out. They both come in a really pretty box. The socks are in size 4-7.

This is a lovely thank you gift for a bridesmaid. It is necklace which has a bow pendant and it comes on a card which says ‘A little thank you to my beautiful bridesmaid, this is to say thank you for helping me tie the knot today’. The chain is 18-20 inches in length and is adjustable and comes in a gift bag. The necklace is made by Joma Jewellery.

This is a gin glass which can be engraved. It is 8 x 8 x 18cm and comes in a cardboard gift box. It can be engraved with any message, so you can choose a thank you message, a name, date or whatever you wish. There is also a choice of fonts to pick from. It is dishwasher safe and the engraving will not disappear even with lots of use and washing.

This is a fun pair of slippers which are white with gold writing on. They are a slip on design with exposed toe and say on them ‘team bride’. They are great for getting ready before the wedding or to relax afterwards when the high heels can finally be removed! They are towelling and are therefore comfortable to wear and have a spongy sole which is very comfortable and made from thickened EVA.

This is a fun gift to give someone you hope to be your bridesmaid. It is a chocolate hamper, which has a message inside the lid which reads ‘Will you be my bridesmaid?’. Inside there is a big selection of different chocolate bars such as Twix, Crunchie, Flake, Fudge, Wispa, Curly Wurly, Boost, Aero, Picnic and much more. Delivery is included and the flat box is designed to fit through a letterbox.

This is a notebook which has a pretty floral cover and says on it ‘My Bridesmaid planner and organiser’. It is split into useful sections, which means that it is easy to be able to know where to put everything. It has contact lists, clothing sections, a general wedding planner and things to do months and weeks before the event. A useful book which can serve as a general planner as well as a wedding one.

This is a charm for a bridesmaid. It is heart shaped with blue diamante stones around the edge of it. Inside the white heart it says in black, ‘today you are our bridesmaid but one day you’ll hold the bouquet. Keep this charm for something old for your own wedding day!’ It makes a cute gift and a geat idea to give to a bridesmaid that is young and not already married herself.

This is a fun notebook for a bride to give to her bridesmaid. It is Friends inspired with a black background and white writing and says ‘The one where you’re my bridesmaid’. A great thing to give to the person you would like to be your bridesmaid and a useful book too as it has 110 pages which are 6×9 inches and is full of lined pages to use for any purpose.

This is a very pretty box of items to give to a bridesmaid. It contains a rustic wooden heart photo frame, a scented t-light candle, a silver plated daisy and pearl look necklace with ‘bridesmaid’ backing, glass t-light holder, white rustic hanging heart and a bag of white chocolate jazzies. The inside lid of the box can be personalised with a name to make it really special. The box is 30cm x 20cm x 10cm and has pretty tissue inside it.

This is a lucky sixpence gift for a bridesmaid. It comes in a gift box which says on it ‘Thank you for being our bridesmaid we couldn’t said ‘I do’ without you’. The coin is underneath and is clean and polished and dates between 1948 and 1967 and has ‘good luck always’ engraved on it. It also explains that the lucky sixpence is a symbol of good luck and this one will bring luck in anything you do.

This is a personalised dress bag. It is a carrier to cover over a bridesmaids dress and it can be embroidered with any name. It is 62 x 21 inches in size and has a clear window, so it is easy to see what is inside it. It will help to keep the dress clean and neat and you can order one for each of the wedding party to protect their garments and to easily see whose is whose.

This is a satin bridemaids robe which comes in a choice of pink, navy blue, purple, coral or black and are ideal for dress trying on, alternations or dressing on the big day itself. They have the word ‘Bridesmaid’ on the back of each of them and come in sizes Small – XXL.  They have inner ties and a belt to keep them on snugly and they have a loose fit.

This is a print which says on it ‘Once in a while right in the middle of an ordinary life love gives us a fairy tale. Please be a part of mine. Will you be my bridesmaid? Love from [name]’. There is also a picture of two mice kissing and some hearts on it. They can be personalised with a name of choice and come printed on A5, A4, A3 luxury card or an 18mm MDF wooden block.

This is an engraved champagne glass. You can choose any personalisation, but you may want to have the word bridesmaid, their name and the wedding day and perhaps some interlinked hearts on it. It comes in an organza bag and will be handy for having a drink before or during the wedding and/or to be used at home or put by as a keepsake. A useful and personal thank you gift idea.

This is a lovely canvas bag. It is made from 100% cotton and is a natural cotton colour with the words ‘and so the adventure begins’ written on it in black. It has a zip top closure and sturdy handles. Great to give to a bridesmaid to keep all her bits and pieces in ready for the big day such as: shoes and jewellery. It measures 52 x 37.5 x 13.9cm.

This is a set of wine bottle labels. There are 4 in total and each has a floral design top and bottom with ‘Will you be my bridesmaid’ written in the centre. This means that you will be able to stick them to any bottle of wine and then give them to the ladies that you wish to be your bridesmaids, as a special way to ask them if they would like to help on your big day.

This is a lovely wooden photo frame. It can be personalised and there is a choice of 4 x 6 and 5 x 7 inches. The frame is wooden and says on it ‘Today my bridesmaid forever my best friend’ with room for a date underneath.  A lovely gift idea and you can put a photo of you both together in it before you gift it to them. A lovely thank you gift idea.

This is a special ‘Cinnamon Bay’ wedding candle especially designed for a bridesmaid. It has a lovely pear and freesia scent which most people will like. It is made from natural soy wax so is suitable for vegans. It will make a lovely addition to a thank you box of gift bag, if you are putting one together or just to give on its own. They will burn for around 40 hours in total.

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