31 Gift Ideas for Calligraphy Fans - Choose the Write Gift

Updated on January 13th, 2021
By Louise
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Calligraphy is the art of writing really beautifully and many people like to practice this in order to hone in their craft skills, use lovely writing in scrapbooks or journals or for personal correspondence or art work. If you know someone that does enjoy calligraphy or wants to learn it then you have come to the right place! We have a large list of gift ideas, which means that when you want to buy them something, you will know exactly what to get them! We have a variety of items for beginners and more accomplished calligraphers at a range of prices so you should be able to easily find the ideal gift.

31 Presents for Calligraphers

This is a large calligraphy set by Zigler which has 32 parts to it. There are 4 soft-grip pens, 5 free-flowing nib sections, 20 ink cartridges in different colours, an ink converter and it even includes a calligraphy starter guide. The cartridges come in washable blue, black, green, red, sepia, yellow, pink and orange which means that you can produce pieces of art with the pens. They come in a tin.

This is a book by Kirsten Burke called ‘Little Book of Calming Calligraphy: 15 Minutes of Mindfulness a Day to Keep Worries at Bay’. The idea is that the book is full of beautiful quotes and patterns which can all be traced or copied to help the reader improve their calligraphy skills. The idea is to take some time to take a break and get lost in the beautiful and relaxing movements required to form the letters. There are exercises lasting 5-30 minutes to have a go at.

This is the ‘The Calligraphers Bible’ by David Harris. It is a hardback book which has over 100 different alphabets to practice writing and there are detailed instructions on how to form each of the letters. It has a wire binding so that the book lies flat which makes it really easy to work with. There is also information about tools, materials, basic layouts, illumination and ornamentation. Great value for calligraphers of all levels.

This is a notebook which has pages inside it, specifically designed for practising calligraphy. It is 8.5 x 11 inches in size and has a matte cover. It has high-quality, printed graph paper inside which will help the user to be able to more easily form the letter shapes that they need to make. It will be a useful item for anyone that is trying to improve their calligraphy skills.

This is a set of watercolour brush pens. There are 24 different colours and a water blending pen. They can be used for all sorts of skills such as calligraphy. The soft brush heads on the pens are made of nylon and write smoothly without breaks or splits. They can give a thin or thick stroke and can be used for art work as well as writing. The colours are bright and vivid.

This is a book called ‘The Calligraphy Ideas Book’ by Lyndsey Gribble. It has lots of ideas for techniques, styles and subjects and has more than 80 artworks for inspiration. It has artworks by contemporary and international calligraphers with different and innovative approaches. There are different techniques such as hot foiling, laser cutting and brush calligraphy. There are ideas such as using calligraphy on baubles, wrapping paper and even customising your tools.

This is a Hethrone calligraphy set which has 14 pieces. It comes with a dip pen that has 11 nibs and black ink. Therefore, there is everything that is needed for anyone starting out in calligraphy. They all come in a retro box, with a cute design on it. The pens are high grade and allow smooth writing and the ink absorbs really well. The set will allow the user to add elegance to their writing and so makes a lovely gift.

This is ‘Calligraphy for Dummies’ by Jim Bennett. This is a beginners guide which will allow you to be able to learn the italic alphabet and then discover the strokes that you need to make. You will learn how to angle the pen and join the letters. It covers tools, alphabets, the various letter looks, creating a poster, sign and certificate and common mistakes. It even has ideas on making money from your newly learned skill.

This is a calligraphy set and practice pad. The set is in a lovely wooden box and contains 2 dip pens and 4 artists inks with 12 different nibs. The practice pad has 50 sheets of crisp white paper to practice on. There is a guideline sheet with the pad, which you can slip between each page so that you can write in perfectly straight lines as you practice your new skill.

This white mug has black writing on it which says ‘introverted but willing to discuss calligraphy’.  It is made from high-quality ceramic and the words are printed on both sides so it works for left and right-handers. It is suitable for hot or cold drinks and is strong with an easy-grip handle. It would make a fun and practical gift for anyone that does enjoy calligraphy and has a good sense of humour.

This is ‘Calligraphy for Kids’ by Eleanor Winters which has lots of information. It has sections on tools and techniques and ideas for projects as well. It is aimed at children and they can even use chisel tipped markers rather than having dip pens or special sets of calligraphy equipment. They start with simple shapes then move to italics, gothic lettering and Roman calligraphy. The skills they use can help children to make cards, write poems etc.

This is a special Chinese brush rack designed specifically for holding calligraphy pens. It is 9 x 2.4 x 3cm in size and is made from porcelain. It is a pretty piece as well as practical as it means that you do not need to put the pen or brush down on the table and dirty it or leave it in the pot of ink and get the nib too saturated. It has a slight blue/green colour and a high shine to it.

This is a Chinese calligraphy set. This is very different from the dip pens that we might normally use as it is a set of brushes. There are 7 in total which are made of manmade hair and have a wooden shaft. There are seven different sizes and they are designed for painting and practising kanji. They come in a very pretty gift box which is made from fabric-covered card.

This is a magic calligraphy set for children. It helps children to be able to write neatly. There are lots of letters and numbers in the books for children to write over and they then disappear and they can use them again and again. Once the ink is dry it fades away so that they can have another go. They are great for any child learning to write separate letters and perhaps even for adults who want to improve their handwriting.

This is a Chinese calligraphy/kanji brush holder. These have a loop on the end and so the frame has hooks on it so that the brushes can be hung on it. Once assembled it measures 34 x 10 x 37cm and it has an oriental and vintage look to it. It has 12 pins, 6 on each size and so can hold 12 pens at once. It is made of wood.

This is a glass dip pen set. The glass pen is made from high borosilicate glass and there are options of picking different designs of pen, each which has a glass nib. The nib holds a lot of ink and can write 40-50 words per dip. Also included are five bottles of different coloured ink with 7ml ink in a bottle which are blue, green, red, pink and black and a pen holder. They come in a pretty box.

This is a special water writing cloth for practising calligraphy. It can be used with just water to practice strokes and letters and then when it dries out it can be used again. It is an environmentally friendly alternative to using up lots of paper. It is great for practise and is 70 x 43cm in size. It comes with a brush and a little pan which will hold the water that you need and has a slot to rest the brush.

This is a calligraphy journal which contains an introduction to the art of calligraphy and then exercises to do in order to get started. It will help anyone who wants to make a start with calligraphy or those that need to pick up the hobby again and need something to encourage them. It has 172 pages and is 210 x 260cm in size. It has 160gsm paper inside which is thick enough to use with calligraphy or brush pens.

This is an inkwell dish which is made of porcelain. It has a blue inside and a patterned outside and the handle also doubles as a brush holder and it has a smooth surface which is glossy and means that it is easy to wash when you have finished with it. It is also easy to carry, so it is not easy to spill the contents if you are moving them somewhere.

This is a print which has a white background and a calligraphy symbol on it in kanji style. There is a choice of different words that you can have on the print and you can also pick the size of the print as well. This means that you can pick the appropriate size and word for the person you are buying for. It comes unframed so you can choose a frame or just give it as a poster.

This is an Arabic calligraphy set. It has 5 bamboo Qalam pens which will produce traditional style writing. It also comes with a black ink bottle which is 100ml in size. There is also an ink well with a gold coloured lid which has a hexagon design. It also has a Mekta to cut the nibs and a pen holder made of bamboo. It is ideal for practising Thuluth, Naskh, Dewani and Kufic.

This is a book called ‘Shodo: The Quiet Art of Japanese Zen Calligraphy’ by Shizi Sato. It teaches the Japanese art of Zen calligraphy covering a brief history and its links to Buddism and then teaching the brushstrokes needed and then a basic 30 characters or Zengo. Then styles are explained to help beginners and more advanced students learn this art.

This is a set of ten fountain pen inks by Hethrone. They are each 15ml bottles and they have ink suitable for calligraphy and other crafts inside. They are black, blue, red, pink, turquoise, Bordeaux, green, purple, orange and brown and so there is a good selection to choose from. They all have a secure lid so will not leak easily. They come in an elegant black box, so great for gifting.

This is a calligraphy print which has ivory paper with the poem ‘If’ by Rudyard Kipling printed on it. The print is A3 in size (29.7 x 42cm) and the word ‘If’ is printed in gold foil and the rest is a digitalised printing of the poem handwritten using calligraphy. The ivory paper is 220gsm and acid-free. It comes rolled up in a postal tube. It will fit in a standard A3 sized frame.

This is an abstract piece of artwork which features Islamic calligraphy on it. It is a printed canvas and comes in a selection of size options. The white background allows the black and multicoloured design to really pop off the canvas. The canvas is stretched over 18mm kiln-dried solid pine frames. It is printed using UV resistant inks so it will remain vibrant in colour even after a long time.

This is a wall sticker which has a calligraphy design on it. It is 130 x 52cm in size and there are ten colours to choose from. It is easy to apply – just like a transfer. It has full instructions and when it is on the wall it will look like it has been painted. It has Arabic calligraphy and says underneath ‘So, which of the bounties of your Lord will you deny?’

This is a paperback book by Paper Peony Press called ‘Lettering and Modern Calligraphy A Beginners Guide: Learn Hand Lettering and Brush Lettering’. It is a guide and workbook which teaches five different alphabet styles, upper and lower case letters and it will even help with design and composition. There are lots of pages where you can try out the lettering. There are also 15 projects at the end of the book as well so you can use the skills that you have learned.

This is a selection of letter stencils in a calligraphy style. There are 40 in all with 26 uppercase and 26 lowercase letters and well as 10 numbers and 18 signs so that you can write all sorts of things using them. They are durable and washable so they can be used lots of times. It is possible to use them on many different surfaces using different pens, paint, pencils etc when using them.

This is a hoodie which comes in grey or black and has a Japanese calligraphy symbol on the front. It has long sleeves with a drawstring through the hood and a front kangaroo pouch pocket and a hidden phone pocket. It is hand screen printed in England and the fabric is heavyweight and soft. It comes in sizes small – XXL and is made from a polyester and cotton mix. A great gift for a calligraphy fan.

This is a pen and nibs set for calligraphy. The pen comes in different colour options and each is made of glass and each holder comes with five different nibs which are different sizes. It comes with a metal flange for holding the nibs so they are offset from the pen which is known to be a better way of writing. It is a dip pen and so designed to be used with a bottle of ink. They come in a pretty box, so make a lovely gift.

This is a lovely wooden box containing a Winsor and Newton calligraphy set. There are 8 x 14ml bottles of drawing inks, 5 calligraphy nibs in different widths, a reservoir for nibs and a wooden dip pen. The inks are gold, silver, nut brown, black, canary yellow, scarlet, emerald and cobalt so great for using on different colours of paper. There are instructions included with tips and example alphabets. Comes with free delivery.

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