31 Presents for Campers

By Louise
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There are lots of people that really enjoy camping. Being outside and away from civilisation appeals to lots of people and it can also be a cheap holiday for many. Therefore it is likely that you know someone that enjoys it and you may like the idea of buying them gifts that are related to camping. If this is the case then we are here to help you. We have compiled a list of items which we think will be appreciated by anyone that enjoys camping and will hopefully be useful to provide gift ideas for those buying gifts for them.

31 Perfect Camping Gifts

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This is a cabin tent which is really easy to set up. It fits 4 people inside and it is waterproof with welded corners and inverted seams to stop water from getting inside. It is made from double-thick fabric which is built to last and can be set up in as little as a minute. It is 4ft 11inches high in the centre and lower at the sides and has 8 x 7 feet interior size.

This is a lightweight foldable rucksack which could have all sorts of handy uses such as hiking, camping or cycling. It comes in a selection of colours and has one large zipped pocket with three zipped front pockets and mesh side pockets as well with buckles above to keep long objects stable. It is made from durable Oxford fabric which is lightweight but tear and water-resistant. It has two-way zippers which are heavy duty.

This is a pair of camping lights. They are tent lights and are waterproof so they are designed to help you see your way to the tent in the dark. They have different light modes – full, half and flashing and they can be hung from things using the convenient loop. They need three AAA batteries and are very light. They are very bright to help you to see easily in the dark.

This is a camping lantern. It is designed to fulfil three different functions. It has a mosquito trapping function, is an LED light but can also be used as an emergency flashlight. You can easily switch between six different modes, most are different levels of brightness but you can also choose UV or SOS flashing modes. It can attract mosquitoes from 5 meters away and shock them. It is lightweight and easy to carry.

This is a folding camping chair. It folds up really small and fits in a carry case so it is easy to transport. It comes in a choice of colours and is made of lightweight polyester which means that it is easy to wipe clean as well. It has an armrest with a cup holder in as well, so is very convenient to use. It has a durable steel frame which is strong but lightweight.

This is a camping mat. It is inflatable and has a pillow part to it which inflates fatter. This means that it can be used as a mattress when camping. It comes in different colour options and is single bed size. It is made from premium 40D nylon fabric and is soft as well as waterproof, breathable and wear-resistant. It is light and easy to roll up once it has been deflated.

This is a folding camping table. It has lightweight aluminium legs which fold down so that it can be easily stored or put into a car. The tabletop can easily be removed from the folding legs and can be rolled up so it all packs away into a very slim pack. This means that it can easily be carried around for picnics as well as fitted into the car for camping trips.

This is a special folding windshield which can be put around a camping stove to stop the wind blowing out the flame. It is made of polished aluminium and is lightweight at just 250g. It has ten panels which means that it can be moved into different shapes to fit around your camp stove. It comes with a pouch to fit it into once it has been folded up. Great gift idea.

This is a thermal fleece blanket which is highly suitable for camping trips, It is charcoal in colour and is 150 x 120cm in size. It is snug and warm but also lightweight, which means that it is portable and so suitable for camping and will help to keep you warm all through the night. It is 200gsm and made from a soft fleece which could be wrapped around you or used on a bed.

This is a collapsible folding dish drainer. It is a useful item to use when camping or in caravans. It durable but also lightweight and holds plates upright so that they dry quickly and also has slots for utensils. Then it can fold up so that it can easily be stored away when not being used. Comes in two contrasting colours which are random so you get a surprise when it arrives!

This is a camping toilet in a grey colour. It has a 22-litre capacity and weighs just 1.5kg. It is a handy item to be able to use when you are camping if you are in a remote location. It is 37cm high and 37.5cm wide and has a seat and lid on top of a bucket. It can be used in caravans, for camping or other outdoor uses when there is no public loo available to use.

This is a set of camping utensils in a handy zipped bag. It has tongs, scissors, spatula, serving spoon, knife, rice paddle, cutting board and bottle opener each with a place in the case. The case is made from tough woven cotton and has a handy carry handle on the top of it. The items are dishwasher safe and so really easy to keep clean. It is small in size so easy to pop in the car.

This is an enamel mug. It is black with white dots on it and has a metal rim. It is suitable for camping because it is durable and therefore less likely to break than a ceramic mug. It is 13 x 10 x 8.7cm and can be used for hot or cold drinks. It is available as a single mug or you can buy a four-pack of mugs if you need lots of them.

This is a handy first aid kit. This has 92 different items in it and they all come in a handy zipped bag. It is red in colour so that it is easy to see when you need to grab it quickly. It contains all sorts of useful things such as plasters, wipes, bandages, gauze, tape, medical scissors, tweezers and a blanket with a useful first aid guide as well.

This is a camping cookware set. It includes a kettle, non-stick pan and pot with thermally insulated handles, 2 stainless steel cups with silicone protectors, 2 stainless steel plates, 2 cutlery sets (knife, fork, spoon and storage bag), a cleaning cloth and a carry bag. It is great for one or two people and the pans are made from anodized aluminium and are non-stick so they are easier to clean.

This is a camping hammock. It comes in a choice of single or double size and in different colour options. It is easy to set up and is compact and lightweight and can easily be folded up to put inside a carry sack so that it can go anywhere with you. It is made from parachute fabric so that it is really strong and will not fray or tear. It is also easy to keep clean.

This is a pair of camping slipper for ladies. They have a faux fur inside to keep the feet really warm. They are purple in colour and have a textile upper. They have a hard sole so can be worn outdoors. They are slip on and have a regular shoe width. They are snug and warm to keep the feet really toasty and comfortable when camping, even if the weather is cold.

This is a portable folding barbecue. It is 15.35 x 11.41 x 2.95 inches in size and it is for use outside. It has foldable legs and is designed to stand on a table or desk but could be used on the ground. It is made from stainless steel so it will not rust or deform. It has ventilation holes each side to help it to burn well, you just need to add charcoal and then put the grill on the top. The size is suitable for 3-5 people.

This is a mini heater designed for camping. It is made from stainless steel and can distribute heat all around it to avoid energy-wasting. It is for use outdoors and is rustproof and durable and so should last a long time. It is also lightweight which means that it is easy to carry around for use when camping. It easily fits on a gas burner with a handle so that you can easily take it off the heat without burning yourself.

This is a portable inflatable bed. It is great for camping and it is small and light and so easy to carry. It has an automatic inflation system and will provide a comfortable surface to sleep on. It can accommodate 2-3 people and has a comfortable sponge inside to make it cosy to sleep or to sit on. It rolls up easily when not needed and comes with a handy bag to put it in so that it is protected between uses.

This is a portable camping shower which can pump hot or cool water. It has a battery which when fully charged lasts for 45 minutes. It weighs only 0.65kg so is light to transport and can therefore be taken anywhere. It is designed to be hung from a tree and has a 1.8-meter shower hose. It can be USB charged using a car adapter etc and there is a charging cable included.

This is a Coghlans camp stove toaster. It is designed to use on gas burners and it can handily toast four slices of bread at the same time. It is a coated steel plate which has holders on it for bread to prop them up. The holders can be folded away when they are not needed. This means that it can become flatter for easy transportation to and from the campsite.

This is a stainless steel camping kettle. It holds up to three litres of water and will whistle when it comes to the boil. It has an insulated handle making it easier to pour. It is a lovely shiny red colour and is made from polished stainless steel which not only looks good but is durable and will not rust. It has a bottom diameter of 18cm and a height of 20cm.

This is a pop-up mosquito net tent. It is 190 x 200 x 150cm I size and can easily fit over a double bed. Could be handy when sleeping outside or in a tent to provide protection. It has an 18 hole mesh design which keeps out all sorts of insects. It pops up automatically and has high strength support wire to keep it in shape as well as two-way zippers on each size for easy access to get inside it.

This is a waterproof tarpaulin to use as a camping tent. It is 3m by 3m and it will provide a rain shelter and could also be a useful flysheet as well. As well as being waterproof it can also be used as a sunshade and it has six attachment points with aluminium pegs so it stays firmly in the ground. It is easy to install and can be used to sit under for picnics, at festivals, when camping etc.

This is a camping pillow. It is ultra-light and comes in black, blue or green. It is really durable so will not leak air from it. It has a removable cover which can be washed between uses which is made of breathable cotton which is soft and comfortable. It is ergonomic and gives head and neck support in whatever position you choose to lie down in. It is easy to inflate and deflate.

This is a portable camping sink. It s a handbasin with taps on it. It is made of plastic and is easy to assemble, There is a soap dispenser and a towel holder incorporated into it. There is a water tank which can store up to 17 litres of water and there is a built-in foot pump to get the water out of it. It has wheels to make it easy to move around.

This is a camping axe made by Fiskars. It comes in a choice of sizes and is designed for cutting logs and branches so that you can gather wood for your campfire more easily. It has a very sharp blade made from hardened steel with a coating. It has a durable handle with a finger guard and allows a firm grip for safety. It is easy to sharpen the blade and it has a storage case with it.

This is a pop-up tent which could be suitable for use as a toilet or shower. It is very easy to put up and take down and just needs tent pegs to secure it. It is silver coated so reflects the sunlight to keep it cool and block UV light. The 190T polyester is waterproof as well. It has a side window for airflow but also offers privacy. Can be used for a toilet, shower or for changing. Folds up to a compact size for easy transportation.

This is a solar power bank. The idea is that you use the power from the sun to charge it up during the day and then use it to power phones, tablets etc. It has enough capacity to charge a phone 6-7 times and has various output ports for this purpose. It comes with a user manual but is simple to operate and can charge two devices at the same time.

This is a pack of butane gas bottles. You can choose from different sized packs depending on how much you think you will need such as 4, 8, 12, 28 or 56. They are used for camping stoves and heaters and therefore are very handy if you are camping. You will need to be careful with them and store them carefully so bear this in mind when deciding how many to order.

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