30 Hot Candle Gifts

By Louise
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There are lots of people that love candles and like to relax when using them. They may even collect them or enjoy trying different ones. We know that it can be hard to choose one though as there are lots available and so we have put together a list of our favourite candles so that you can pick from them and find the right one for the person that you are buying for, or maybe even treat yourself at the same time. We have picked a selection of different ones so there should be something suitable for every taste and budget.

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This is a Yankee Candle which comes in a pretty glass jar with a lid. The fragrance is called ‘A Calm and Quiet Place’ but there are other options to pick from if you prefer. This one has a mix of jasmone, patchouli and amber musk to give a peaceful aroma. It burns for up to 150 hours and the lid can be replaced between burns to preserve the scent.

This is a six pack of cactus shaped tealight candles. There are six different candles each with a succulent design. They are smokeless candles too which means that they are cleaner and they are 152g and burn for about 2-3 hours each. They come in box tied up with a ribbon so make a lovely gift for someone who loves unusual candles, succulents, plants, gardening or all of the above!

This is a Yankee Candle in a jar. It has a cinnamon stick fragrance and burns for up to 150 hours. There are options for smaller jars and other sweet smells as well. The lid stays on between burns to preserve the fragrance for when the candle is burning. The jar is pretty so will look nice on a shelf until the candle is burned. It even comes with free shipping.

This is a Shearer Candles branded tin which has a white candle inside with an Egyptian Cotton fragrance. The tin has a silver coloured lid with a blue design around it and measures 72mm x 75mm. The candle has a burn time of 40 hours and the scent is smooth, silky floral with notes of rose jasmine and carnations with a touch of clove to warm. It is made in the UK.

This is a tray of 9 pillar candles. They are 60 x 150mmm in size and they will burn for around 45 hours. They are white in colour or you can choose ivory if you prefer. They do not drop and are unscented. They provide a relaxing atmosphere and a flickering flame, which is great for cosy evenings, relaxing in the bath and things like this. They are made by Spaas.

This is a pack of 50 tealight candles by Zuvo. They are white and they have a burn time of around 8 hours each. They are unscented and made from wax with a cotton wick so they burn without producing smoke. They are 3.8cm x 2.3cm and can be used for all sorts of burners, as floating candles or on their own and the tin holder is even recyclable once the candle has burned.

This is a set of scented candles. There are three in total and they are goji & tarocco orange, persimmon & copal and French cade & lavender. They come in a jar with a lid on to keep the fragrance inside until the candle is lit. Each has a burning time of 20 hours. They come together in a box so are easy to wrap up and ready to give away as a lovely gift.

This is a Neom Organics branded candle in a glass container. The candle has 6-8ml of pure essential oils which have been blended specifically to help reduce stress. It contains jasmine for optimism and its heady fragrance, rosewood to balance mind and body and to add a spicy tone and lavender for relaxation. It is 75g and made from vegetable wax and is designed for a small room or for travel use.

This is a Woodwick brand candle which is a medium size with an hourglass shape. It comes in a glass jar and will burn for up to 60 hours. The scent is linen and designed to fill the whole room with perfume while it burns. It has a wick which crackles as it burns to imitate the cosy sound of a fire. The hourglass design has a wider opening so there is a melted wax pool to provide a more consistent fragrance.

This is a cute cat tealight holder. It is wooden and the cat is curled up asleep with the tealight space on its back. It is crafted in Thailand from acacia wood which is sustainable. It measures 5cm tall by 8cm across and makes a lovely and cute ornamental piece as well as a candle holder. It comes with a tealight candle already in it so it is all ready to use.

This is a special candle holder which lights up when a tealight is put inside it. There is a plate to stand the candle on and a shade to fit over it with a hole in the top to allow the smoke out and oxygen in. The shade has a pattern of a Westie dog on it which lights up and is prominent when the candle is lit but also shows when there is no candle inside too so it can work as a decorative piece all of the time. It is 14.6 x 14.6 x 11.2cm.

This is a set of 5 mini elephant shaped candles. They are each around 4cm in size and there is a ceramic outside to hold the candle and each has a different colour candle inside which matches the colour of the elephant. There are five and they are different scents with lavender, jasmine, rose, strawberry and lemongrass. They come in a card base with plastic wrapping so they look pretty and ready to give as a nice gift.

This is a candle in a tin. On the lid of the tin it says ‘There’s nothing that friends and gin can’t fix!’ And it has a glass pictured on it. The candle inside the tin has a scent of gin and tonic. It has a 20 hour burn time. It is hand poured in Scotland and has a divine aroma which is kept inside by the lid on the tin.

This is a Prosecco scented candle which is in the bottom of a wine glass. The glass is green and has a white sticker on with the name and brand of the candle. The candle is 10 x 9 cm in size. The candle has a deliciously fresh and fruity fragrance and comes in a branded brown box so it is easy to wrap up and give away as a gift.

This is a set of wick holders for making candles. There of 12 of them and they are made of metal. The idea is that it holds the wick central while you are pouring the wax so that the candle looks good once the wax has set. It is 9.5 x 2.4cm so can be used in lots of different sized containers. They are high quality and durable and ideal for anyone that makes candles.

This is a candle accessory set. It comes with a candle wick trimmer which trims the wicks to 1.4 inch length and even catches the trimmings. There is a wax dipper which will extinguish the wick without smoke and primes the wick for future use and there is also a candle snuffer to extinguish it without splattering wet wax. It comes with a tray to put them on when not in use.

This is a brandy and cognac warmer with a tea light candle. There is a stand which will hold a glass on its side with the snifter of drink on it. Underneath there is a space for a tealight candle and the heat from the candle will gently warm the glass and the drink. The stand is 12.5 x 10.5cm and the glass is 13cm x 8.5cm. It is dishwasher safe and comes boxed.

This is a long sleeved t-shirt which comes in black. On the front of it, in bold white lettering it says ‘candle addict’ and the ‘I’ is a purple candle which is lit. It comes in sizes small – 2XL and is made from 100% cotton. It is lightweight with a classic fit and unisex with a round neck. It can be washed in a washing machine on a cold temperature.

This is a bell shaped candle snuffer. It is made from stainless steel and so has a lovely silvery colour and is really shiny. It has a long handle to protect the user from burning their hand and it is strong so it will not bend. The idea of using a snuffer is that it is safer than blowing out a candle which could blow the melted wax around and cause damage or burns. It has an elegant design and comes in a drawstring bag.

This is a pair of tealight holders. They have an elegant stem and a crystal bead partial sphere at the top to put the candle in. They are 35cm tall and the stems are made from a silvery coloured nickel plated metal. They come without candles in so you can choose to put in a pair of tealights in a colour you think will be appropriate or perhaps even give them a pack of tealights so they can use them frequently.

This is a candle making kit. It comes with a pouring pot, which is a metallic jug and spoon, candle wicks and a wick holder, beeswax, candle tins and wick stickers. It makes candle making really easy and fun and you can make lots of candles with it and even buy extra wax to make more than is included in the kit. A fun gift for someone that loves candles.

This is a special thermometer which is used for candle making. It has a 300mm probe which can be used to dip into the molten wax so that it is easy to check the temperature. It has colour coded temperature zones marked on it so that it is easy to see where you should be looking for the optimum temperature to melt the wax and to get the best surface on the finished candle.

This is a bag of soy wax flakes for candle making. Many people now prefer a soy wax candle, as they do not like the idea of using beeswax. There is a choice of a 1kg, 2kg or 3kg bag and they can work for container and tealight candles as well as other types. A soy wax candle burns cleaner and slower than paraffin which is another reason people like it and it melts at 55 degrees centigrade.

This is a children’s candle making set. It contains 7 candle moulds in different shapes, 10 wicks, a melting cup and five different colours of candle wax in pink, red, yellow, green and blue. There are also wooden sticks to hold the wicks central. There is enough wax to make fifteen small and cute candles. You can mix up the colours as well to make some different colours and mixing instructions are in the box.

This is a cute mini animal candle making set. There is no mess and you just have to soften the sheets with a hair dryer and use the moulds to make the cute animals preferably with an adult helping and there are accessories to add on to the candle. There is a lion, elephant, monkey, panda, rabbit and tiger. The kit is suitable for children from the age of eight years upwards.

This is a set of Epoxy resin pigment candle dye. There are 15 powder colours and 10g of each. There are lovely colours such as sky blue, blue green, purple, magenta, grass green, black pearl, flash white, yellow, light brown, yellow, glitter, rose red and orange. They can be used for all sorts of art and craft projects such as candle making as well as making soap, nail polish, art projects, epoxy resins etc.

This is a special wax melting pot to be used when making candles. It is 1.2l and made from thick aluminium so it can easily stand being warmed up. It has a handle made of a material that does not conduct heat so you can pick it up without burning your hand. It measures 12.7cm high and 11.6cm across. It is a good size to fit inside a water bath to met the wax to the ideal temperature.

This is a set of wick centring devices. There are 12 in the pack and they are made from durable metal. They are 3.7 inches in length and the idea is that they will sit on the top of the jar with the wick threaded through so it stays central when you pour the wax and it cools. Stops the wick from moving or falling into the hot wax which makes candle making easier.

This is a wick roll. It is a 200 foot roll and is made of hemp which is 2mm in size. It also comes with 200 wick sustainer tabs as well as wick sticks and wick holders. It has enough accessories to help out with candle making and provide enough resources for a long time. Has everything you need for the wicks, you will just need the wax and containers to complete the candle making set.

These are cute heart shaped tins for candle making. There are 14 tins in the set and they are 60ml each in size. They are silver in colour and have see through lids. The tin box measures 58 x 58 x 27mm in size and they are easy to open and close. They are an ideal gift for anyone that likes to make candles or you could make candles in the pretty tins and give them as gifts.

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