28 Gift Ideas for Car Owners

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Everybody knows someone who loves cars but finding them a gift can sometimes be tricky. Buying them a car or car part is normally out of the question, but there are plenty of car themed gifts that you can choose from which they will really like. There are things for all tastes and ages as well as all budgets which means that you should be able to find a suitable item that will please them. There are practical items, novelties and humorous things too. So, from books to mugs, ornaments to socks there will be something for every car lover to enjoy.

29 Presents for People Who Love Their Cars

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This short-sleeved t-shirt is ideal for mechanics or anyone that likes to tinker with their car as it reads ‘Eat. Sleep. Fix cars. Repeat.’ It comes in sizes suitable for men (small – XXX Large), women (small – XXX Large) and children (ages 2,3,4,6,8,10,12) and you can choose between black, navy, brown, olive and dark heather with white and yellow writing on. They are a cotton mix and suitable for machine washing at a cold temperature.

This is not just an ordinary autobiography. It is by Adrian Newey who is the worlds most foremost designer in Formula One. His book ‘How to Build a Car’ is about his 35-year career in Formula One describing the cars he designed as well as the drivers he worked with and the various races and notable events that he was involved with. It even includes drawings that have not been seen outside of this book.

This is a fun activity book for adults all themed around cars. So, there are crosswords, word searches, trivia questions, colouring, drawing and cars to customise and it is in large print too so suitable for all ages. Lots of activities to do which are all car themed and will keep a car enthusiast amused when they are not driving, repairing their car or watching car racing on the TV!

This is a great fun mug for a car enthusiast with a sense of humour. The high quality 11oz white mug has ‘I might look like I’m listening to you but in my head I’m thinking about cars’ written on it in black on both sides of the mug. It is microwave and dishwasher safe and comes carefully packed to ensure it does not get broken in the post.

This is a fun, novelty miniature clock set in a gear shift. This miniature gear stick has 1,2,3,4,5,R on it and the clock is set below. It is a quartz analogue dial with hour, minute and second hands and clear numbers. The clock face is black to match the gear shift with white writing on it. It measures approximately 7xm x 6cm. Would be great for someone who collects timepieces or loves cars!

This is a unique 3D illusion lamp. It has wooden plinth then a car shape which lights up. It has a 3D effect so looks like the car is about the drive away. It has an LED light which works by plugging into a USB so perfect for a desk lamp as it can plug into a desktop computer or a laptop. It comes in a gift pack so is ideal for giving as a present.

This creative mug has a very unusual design. The British Classic car is an iconic design of the 60’s but is also coming back into fashion now. It looks like the car is parked in the mug itself. The car is hand painted and you can choose from either a red or black. The mug is suitable for microwaves and dishwashers and the colour will not fade. It is 10cm x 8cm and has a 200ml capacity.

This is a great keychain to give to a partner, husband or boyfriend. It has a pendant on it which says ‘Drive safe handsome I love you’ and has two interlinked hearts. The pendant is 4 x 1cm and it is attached to a ring which has a 3cm diameter. It is made of stainless steel so there is no risk of it rusting, fading or getting misshapen. It is sent in a gift bag ready for giving away.

This sports car wireless mouse is a fantastic novelty gift. It comes in either blue or black and the rear lights illuminate when it is used. It is a good size for all sizes of hands, so adults and children. It has plug and play so does not need to be installed with a driver and is compatible with Windows, Linux and Mac operating systems. It needs 2 x AAA batteries which are not included.

These unisex ankle socks in adult size 6-11 have multiple pictures of British mini cars on them. The socks are black and the cars are red, green, blue and grey and there are four on the foot part and four on the leg part. They are 55% cotton and 44% polyamide and 1% elastane and made by The Tie Studio in London. They are machine washable so make a practical and fun gift.

This is an auto log book which can be used for drivers of any vehicles to keep track of repairs and maintenance done to their car. It has 110 pages all set out with a mileage log with a place to track repairs and maintenance. This means that you can keep the book up to date with everything that you or a garage have done to your car when it next needs servicing.

This is a popsocket, grip and stand for a mobile phone. They are extremely practical and this has a car gear shift design. It is collapsible so the phone can be stored more easily but you can easily expand it to watch videos, use facetime or things like this. The adhesive allows for it to be moved from one device to another. The car related design make it really stand out.

This hardback book by Andrew Noakes is called Aston Martin DB 70 Years. It is a celebration of everything that Aston Martin has achieved over the last 70 years through its DB brand. It contains over 250 photos from the Aston Martin Heritage Trust of cars from the original until 1976 and the very modern special editions, so ideal for anyone that admires their craftmanship and the beauty of these cars.

These Glart branded microfibre cloths are super absorbent, thick and plush. They measure 40x40cm and can be used for polishing, cleaning, washing and drying any car. They create a great shine with no scratching and can even be used to apply polish or wax. They are practical too as they can be washed at temperatures up to 60 degrees. If you know someone who likes to keep their vehicle gleaming then they would really appreciate one of these.

This is a car themed personal expense tracker. The notebook has a car design on the outside with two pictures – one of human DNA and the other of Car DNA. Inside the pages are printed so that you can use it to track your expenses. You may like to use it for general household expenses but it perhaps might be better for specific car expenses as it is a car themed book.

These car themed wall stickers are great for bedrooms, dens, man sheds or any other wall that needs cheering up! The stickers are of London taxis and black cabs in different colours. You get 8 altogether and they are separate so you can design them how you like or put them in different rooms. They leave no marks on the wall when you want to remove them either. You even get to choose between polyester fabric or vinyl stickers.

This car cleaning set up looks like lots of fun as well as being practical. It is a 5 piece set to ensure that the car is kept looking its best at all times. It has a foam cannon which can attach to a Karcher K series pressure washer or other compatible one. It also comes with a microfiber cloth, cleaning mitt, wax pad and chamois leather so there will never be an excuse for a dirty car again!

This striking poster shows an orange super car driving along a mountain road with a dark sky. It is A1 in size which is 90 x 60 cm and has no border so the picture goes right to the edge of the poster. It is on high quality paper which is 180gsm so mid weight and thicker than regular posters. It is suitable for attaching straight onto a wall or framing, although a frame is not included.

This classic car inspired gift wrap shows vintage MG vehicles as well as union flags. There are two sheets of gift wrap as well as two gift tags which have a red satin ribbon and union flag printed on them. They have a semi-gloss finish and measure 50cm x 70cm. The car design is taken from watercolour illustrations so it has a real artistic feel to the style of it.

This bottle opener has a car theme so it is not only practical but fun as well. The pendant has a gear shift design showing gears 1-6 and R and is attached to a ring so you can keep it with your keys. It is hand made and good quality with a silver and bronze look to it. The pendant has a glass protective cover over the gear shift design.

This is a fun mouse mat with a retro racing car design. There are rows of cars in a classic racing car design. A practical gift idea for anyone that loves cars which can either be used as a mouse mat or even framed to hang up and provide a colourful look to a room. Good for car and computer nerds as it will brighten up any desk or office space.

This pocket watch design necklace pendant has a gear shift design. The outside is made from a metal alloy and is bronze in colour and is designed to look like a pocket watch casing and the gear shift design is covered with glass to protect it and add shine. It measures 1” in diameter and is hand made. It comes in a gift bag so is all ready for giving to the car enthusiast in your life.

This pair of unique gear shift design earrings are a great idea to give to car enthusiast. They are handmade and the fixings are silver with the gear shift design being covered in protective glass to also add a stylish shine. The earrings are identical and they are mainly white with a black gear shift design on them. They come in a gift bag so are all ready to give away to someone.

This is an aluminium metal sign which reads ‘Home is where the Dodge is parked’ and is coloured white, red, black and silver. It is 10cm x 45cm and highly decorative. It is very smooth and has good quality printed graphics. It is rustproof and waterproof and generally weatherproof so is ideal for hanging outside as well as inside. There are even predrilled holes to make it easier to attach to the wall.

This novelty pendant has a vintage look speedometer display and comes with a matching chain. The image is printed on premium matte photo paper so is really clear and sharp. There is glass covering it so it is protected and also looks more 3D. The chain is 24” long and the chain and pendant are water resistant and waterproof. The cool, retro look and shape should please anyone who loves the vintage car look.

This metal wall sign reads ‘mini parking only all others will be crushed’. It is perfect for hanging on a wall either inside or outside to show off someone’s love for minis. It has a weathered look which should not change as it is weather resistant. It even has self-adhesive stickers on the back so that you can easily attach it to the wall. Great for mini and car lovers alike.

This is a fabulous Lego Technic Top Gear racing car. Although recommended for ages nine and over this is an advanced model which would be suitable for adults and children. It can be controlled using a free app so you can accelerate, reverse, drive, steer, brake and there are even sound effects. From the Top Gear series so you can pretend to be a real life Stig in your own home!

This Special Lego Creator set allows you to make your own James Bond Aston Martin DB5. Suitable for ages sixteen and over it is a detailed model that once built, would look fantastic on a desk, shelf or even bedside table. It even has some fun 007 gadgets such as a rotating number plate, raiseable bullet shield and working ejection seat. The car measures 10cm high, 34cm long and 12cm wide.

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