32 Gift Ideas for Cat & Kitten Owners

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There are so many cat lovers out there, that there are lots of gifts that are designed for them. However, you may have already given them quite a few or you might be rather overwhelmed by the selection. Therefore, we have put together a list of the best gifts right here. There are enough so that you are sure to find some that you like but you will not have that many to search through. There are gifts of varying prices and styles so you are bound to find something that will suit the cat lover that you want to buy a special gift for.

32 Presents for Cats and Their Human Slaves

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This quirky mouse pad has a humorous cat based message and design. It has cartoon pictures of cats on it in various poses and it says ‘I work hard so my cat can have nice things.’ It measures 9.5 x 7.9 inches, is made of a soft material to be comfortable to use and a non-slip rubber bottom so that it stays in place. Would look great on any desk.

This is a fun version of top trumps with a cat theme called ‘Who is the most mischievous’. Each card features a different breed of cat with a picture and some cat facts. It has scores for size, rarity, good temper, cuteness and a TT mischief rating. The game comes in a plastic case which is strong so keeps the cards all together in a safe way. A fun game which will help you learn more about cats.

This jigsaw would make a charming gift for a cat lover. It has a vintage look picture of a kitchen scene with lots of cats playing in it. There is an aga cooker, brass pans, old fashioned food packets as well as a table with gingham table cloth. The cats are getting up to mischief or just sleeping.  It has 1000 pieces and measures 695 x 490mm when complete. Comes in a space saving box.

This vintage look sign will let everyone know that there is a crazy cat lady in the house! It is made of three individual metal signs which are chained together to hang down on a wall. The first says ‘crazy’ and is white writing on a red background. The second says ‘cat’ and has a picture of a cat sitting on a chair with a white background and purple writing. The final sign says ‘lady’ in yellow on a blue background.

This highly attractive travel mug is a great gift for anyone that likes cats. It has a sturdy handle with a design of cute cats on the ceramic body and the words ‘crazy cat lady’ written on it. It has a plastic lid, measures 7 x 6 x 4 inches and holds 16oz of liquid. It is dishwasher and microwave safe and comes in a gift box all ready for giving as a present.

This is a really cute cat design pencil case. The case itself is made of canvas and is 8 x 3.5 inches with a zip along the top. It has a light blue background with lots of little cartoon cats all over it in different colours plus a few other characters. Due to its large size it can be used for makeup, toiletries, art items, stationery, coins or other small collections of things.

This very cute cat money box would make a lovely gift. It is 18cm and its light white colour means that it would fit in easily with any décor. The design is of a cat standing up with a very cute look on its face. Great to encourage saving as it has a slot in the back of the head for coins. It also has a quality rubber bung underneath so it can be emptied easily when required.

This printed mug is great fun and would make a gift for a cat lover with a sense of humour. The mug is 10oz with a white background and has this motto on it ‘yes my cats are my children get over it’ written in black and blue. It is dishwasher and microwave safe with good quality printing methods used to give it a good finish. It is a practical gift but also good fun for whoever is given it.

These cat based sticky notes are really useful as well as cute and fun. Within the pack are 10 thin pads of sticky notes each with a different cat head on the top so they look really cute. They can be used as bookmarks or for putting names on things. Each of the 10 pads has 15 stickers in it so there are plenty to use so you can put cute cats everywhere!

This Egyptian style cat figurine will add an elegant touch to any room. You can choose between a large or small size. The ornament is made from high quality resin and is mainly black in colour but it has gold coloured details on the ears, plinth and necklace as well as some coloured details as well. The cat was carved using a technique which makes it look like a vintage statue.

This fun picture frame comes in a box so is ideal for giving to someone as a present. It measures 16 x 21 cm and is glass with cream behind to form a frame. There is a gap to add a landscape photograph and below it is the word ‘Meow’. The word is black coloured on a cream background so it stands out from the black background.  Could be good for framing a picture of a cat or of family members holding their cat.

This stylised pair of cat mugs and spoons would look good in any kitchen and are practical too. There is a black and white mug with cat face design with spoons that have either a black or white cat head design. The mugs are 500ml and are dishwasher and microwave safe and suitable for hot or cold drinks. With the matching spoons they will make a very thoughtful gift for a cat loving couple.

This cat keyring is really cute and is great for anyone that loves cats or collects keyrings. There are three different designs to choose from: a black cat with red collar, yellow cat with white spots and brown collar and a black and white cat with yellow collar. They all have a bell on the collar too. They are made from high quality PVC, are 5.5cm x 6.5cm and the head rotates.

This unique wall clock is blue and heart shaped and has a large picture of a white cat on it. It is made from a quiet quartz movement so it does not tick and therefore can go in a bedroom without disturbing sleep. It is battery powered and made from acrylic. The clock measures 23cm diameter and the numbers of printed on in white so they are really clear and the black hands stand out really well too.

This car bumper sticker will let everyone know that the driver is a cat lover. This is because it says ‘cat lover’ on it and depicts three cats and hearts all in white silhouette against the black background. The decal is 152mm x 97mm, made from foil and fully weather resistant (including UV resistant). It is a top quality product by a UK brand and would make a unique gift.

This cuddly sleeping cat pillow comes in a range of colours and sizes. It is long and thin so great to hug but also to decorate a bed or sofa. You can choose between brown, grey or pink and different lengths: 19.5, 27.5, 35 or 45 inches. They are made from really soft crystal velvet fabric and filled so that they are wide and plump with a lovely cute cat cartoon look.

This memorial keepsake box would be a treasured gift for anyone who has recently lost their cat. It says on it ‘sadly missed. Your favourite chair is empty now, where you would lie and sleep. But the memory of our happy times, is mine to always keep’. The wooden box is hinged and is 30 x 20 x 13cm so a good size for keeping the cats favourite toy or collar in or other treasured posessions.

This backpack is a great way to carry your cat around. It has a see-through front so your cat can see out and watch the world as it is carried along with plenty of ventilation holes on the side and top of the bag. It is very light so easy to carry. It is made from a sturdy material but is breathable for total comfort for your cat. It measures 42x31x25cm and is yellow in colour.

These are fun teasers for cats. They are a wand with attachable feathers on the end that you can use to tease your cat and give them exercise. They will enjoy chasing around and trying to catch the feathers. There is 12 brightly coloured feathers which are really fun and attractive to cats and kittens. The wands are extendable to 32 inches.

This washable pet bed is a lovely design and would look good in any home. It is a lovely comfortable place for your cat to sleep and keep warm and snug. It is easy to clean with a detachable non-slip bottom and a short plush material outside and cotton inside which is skin friendly. It measures 46 x 35 x 26cm and is therefore a great size to fit most cats.

This stylish cat maisonette will look great in any garden or yard. It is easy to assemble and makes a lovely cat home with a weatherproof bitumen roof which protects it from light rain and wind. There is a shaded balcony, scratching board and inside sheltered area. The main part is made from natural cedar with water based pain and it is a light grey colour with a white trim.

This pretty cat duvet set would set off any bedroom. It had a pink background with a cat design on it and the reverse has a grey pattern with pink polka dots. It fits a standard UK double bed (200cm x 200cm)and comes with the same design of pillow cases (76 x 48cm). It is polyester cotton and can be washed in a machine and ironed and tumble dried on a low heat.

These cute canvases show the design of peeping cats and so would make a good present for any cat lover. They are frameless white canvas prints with the design of black cats, one on each. You get a set of three which are each 30 x 40cm. The simple cat design in basic colours will work with any room. You can choose to hang them as they are or frame them if you want a different look.

This is a quirky gift for anyone that loves wine and cats! It is a wine bottle holder which depicts a cat doing yoga. It is a metal sculpture which is hand made and would look good in a sitting room, kitchen or on a bar or drinks cabinet. The cute cat would also look good without a bottle of wine to hold, although there will not be many people who would not have a bottle somewhere!

L This jewellery holder has an elegant look and has a design with three lucky black cats, making it a great gift for anyone who is a lover of cats. It has saucer to hold pins, brooches and earrings and the cats will allow you to loop around bracelets, rings and necklaces to stop them getting tangled together. It even comes in cat themed packaging so great for giving away – if you can bear to part with it that is!

This cute cat cushion cover has images of coloured cartoon cats. It measures 18 x 18 inches and is made of durable cotton linen. It is white on the front with the cat picture and beige on the back with a hidden zip. It is even machine washable so really easy to keep clean. The bright cats will look great on any sofa or bed adding a feline touch to the room.

This sleek silver plated ring holder is in the shape of a lovely cat. It has white crystal eyes and measures 9cm in height. It has a long tail sticking upwards to slide your rings onto and keep them all safe. It would make an elegant addition to any bedside table or dressing table. It has free shipping and is boxed so all ready to give as a present to a cat loving person.

This shabby chic coat hanger has a really cute cat as well as two hearts on it. It is wooden and grey in colour with white details. There are three hooks, two with hearts above and the other with a cat above with a heart on its tummy. It is 28 x 17 x 5 cm in size and has 3 white metal hooks on it which can take 5kgs in weight.

This beautiful cat rug will be a welcome gift to any cat lover. It is in the shape of a cat with a very cute face, three whiskers and a very friendly look. It is made of durable material and is easy to clean so great for using in a childs bedroom or bathroom. It is mainly light grey in colour but has touches of pink, black, white and dark grey.

This humorous shower curtain will brighten up any bathroom. The curtain is white with a black cat design. The picture shows a cat sliding downwards to look like it has lost its grip on the shower rail. It is 150 x 180 cm or 180 x 180 cm and mould resistant as well as quick drying. It comes with 10 plastic hooks so that it can be easily installed on your shower rail.

This unisex cat slippers are great fun to give as a gift. You can choose between two designs either a smiley or an angry cat. The rest is the same, with a cat’s head on the front in a brown faux rabbit fur which covers the rest of the backless slippers.  They have non-skid soles and come in a variety of sizes and can even be hand or machine washed if necessary.

These fun cat socks make a really cute gift. They come in grey, white, blue, yellow and pink and have a cat design. The top of the sock is cut to look like ears and there is a face on the leg part and paw prints on the foot area. They are stretchy and comfy and made from polyester and cotton. You get 5 pairs in a pack which are in a suitable size for women.

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