32 Gift Ideas for Cats & Kittens

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Buying gifts for your cat can be so much fun. It is always lovely to treat your special pet to something nice. There are all sorts of fun toys and gifts that you can buy and we have put together a list here so that you can choose form the very best items and will be able to treat your pet to something really special. So whether you want something that will make your cat look smart, keep it cosy, stimulate it or for it to eat, there are lots of different things here for you to choose from.

32 Presents for Cats, Kittens and Pussies

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This bug shaped toy will keep your cat amused for hours at a time. In the pack you will get a set of five mini robotic beetles. When you switch it on at the bottom it will vibrate and attract your cat’s attention. They are made from sisal fibres so that they can be played with and bitten without being broken. Will help you to have fun with your cat and keep you and them entertained.

This remote control mouse will keep any cat owner amused. You can drive the mouse around the floor and watch your cat chase it about. The mouse is made with flocking which gives it a more realistic appearance and the remote control works within a distance of 10m away. There is a choice between grey and brown mouse or a grey mouse with LED lights for eyes so it can be seen in dimly lit rooms.

This cat tree will give a cat somewhere to sit as well as to play with. It comes in either beige or brown and is covered with faux fur and has a couple of hanging toys for entertainment. There is a red feather and a pompom. The central support can be used for scratching. It is easy to assemble even coming with the relevant tools. The dimension is 11 x 11 x 11.4 inches so it is perfect for a cat owner with small cats or kittens.

This pack of snacks is the perfect thing for your cat. All cats love treats and you can amuse your cat with this selection. These are Felix brand packets and you get a selection of 14 packs. You get a mixture of flavours such as seaside mix, cheezy mix and Felix crispies and they all have proteins, vitamins and omega 3 so your cat can be really spoiled. Buy in bulk like this to save money and postage.

Your cat will really love this super roller circuit. It comes with an illuminated ball which zips through the track and lights up to attract the cat’s attention. There are openings in the track and when the ball passes through these the cats can swipe at it and try to get it. It keeps the cats amused and stimulated and it will be fun to watch them play with it too.

This cat toy will be really appreciated by your furry friend. It contains three sardine shaped toys which have catnip in which cats adore. They even have a crinkly inside so the cat will want to play with it to hear the sound. A great way to entertain and stimulate your cat. Catnip is a herb which cats love the smell of and so they will really feel attracted towards these toys.

This raised cat food bowl will not only look attractive in your kitchen but it will help keep your cats head up while it is eating. Occasionally a cat may vomit from eating from a low dish and so this will help to stop this. The dish is deep too which stops the food form being spilled on the floor and the broad base means that it is unlikely to be tipped over. A great gift for your cat and you!

This catit digger encourages your cat to be stimulated as they eat. By putting food or treats into the tubes they will have to explore them to get it out. It will take time for them to find them and this will stop them eating too quickly or give them something to do while you are out of the house. It is easy to clean and has a wide base so it is difficult to knock over.

This cat toy has a bell and cat nip inside it. It is made from soft velvet cloth and is 1.4-1.9 inch in diameter so good for the cat to play with in their mouth but not too small so they do not swallow it. It will keep the cat amused and you will be able to watch the cat play or throw the ball around for it to chase after. Will make a fun cat gift.

This cat wand toy kit is a great idea. This is because you can make a wand that your cat will enjoy. It is fun to craft something like this and you will be able to decide exactly how to make the wand so that it suits your cat. The kit contains everything that you need and you will be able to choose the shape of the items that hang from the wand to please your cat.

This box and toys will keep your cat amused. The box has lots of holes so that your cat can have fun trying to find out the toys from inside or moving it around with their paw. It comes with two plastic balls and a mouse as well as a catnip ball. You could put in your own toys too or even cat treats. The holes in the box are different sizes which means that the balls only fit through one of them.

This cat bed or window hammock can be easily fitted for a small cat to sit on. It has 4 powerful suction cups so can be stuck on a smooth surface such as a window. It can take a weight of 10-15kg and the cat can sit up high. It has a sturdy wire rope and soft warm yellow fabric which is soft and durable so will be comfortable and safe.

This cat scratch box will be a great treat for your cat. Most cats love getting in boxes and they can happily play or curl up in this one. It is made from corrugated cardboard so it quite durable. In the bottom is a scratching pad. The box measures 17 x 11 x 8 inches which should give plenty of room for most cats. This should attract your cat and stop them scratching the furniture.

This cosy sleeping bag for your cat will keep them really snug. It is fleece and so really warm and cosy which means if it is too hot for them to sleep in it, they can curl up on top of it and still enjoy the comfort of it. It is 19.68 x 22.8 inches and will clean in a washing machine. A lovely cosy treat to please your cat!

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Donec ultricies luctus lorem, at This leash will fit on many cats as it is 17.5-21.5 inches in the chest. It comes with a seat belt as well. It is designed to keep your pet secure in the car. This means that if you are taking your cat anywhere, perhaps to the vet or on holiday, then you can use this to keep it safe. It is made from mesh material which is breathable so that they will not get overheated.

This is a great selection of cat toys all in one bundle so you can really treat your cat. It comes with 21 items including a collapsible cat tunnel, cat teaser wand, feather toy, fluffy mouse and crinkle balls. The tunnel has pom poms hanging from it to keep the cats amused and it is made of a material that is scratch resistant. The toys are colourful and designed to be non-toxic and durable.

This LED light will clip to your cats’ collar. It is designed to keep your pet safe when it is wandering outside in the dark. It will mean that it can be seen by motorists and other animals. It has an on/off switch so that you can turn it on when the cat is being let out and then back off when it comes again. It comes with a choice of six colours white, yellow, green, rose red, orange and blue with batteries.

These boxed bow ties would make a great gift for your cat. There are two in the box and they are in a tartan style, with one being predominately red and the other blue and they are made from a viscose polyester blend. You can choose the best size for your cat to ensure that it fits them properly. It can be put on with a collar as well, to give a really smart look.

This personalised cat food mat or placemat is great fun and can help to keep the kitchen tidy. It can be personalised with your cats name or a picture or message and has spaces to put down their food and water bowls. The printing is done so that the ink is embedded which means that it will not crack or fade. Can protect your floor from food and water spillages.

This is a high quality cat tower covered in comfortable fabrics with a fun design. It has four levels so there are plenty of places to explore and to sit. The posts holding it up are covered in sisal rope so great for scratching. The houses and boards are made from compressed wood and covered in faux fur to make the whole thing soft and cosy. You can choose a shorter tower if you wish and pick between beige or grey fabrics.

This collar is for your cat to wear if it has an injury or has had surgery to prevent it from licking its wounds. Unlike the plastic cones it is soft and cosy and also has a comical design. There is a choice between an avocado or slice of bread so your cat looks like it has put its head through one of these items. They can eat, sleep, drink, see and play normally with it on.

This cat toy will help to keep your cat entertained. It has suction plates to stick it on a window or other smooth surface. The cat will sit in front and see the coloured ping pong balls inside and try to move them around with its paw. The ball can be removed and put back in to attract the cat’s attention to the toy. Will keep them entertained when you are out of the house.

This mini grass set will allow your cat or kitten to get some grass to eat. Cats do tend to like some greenery but you will not want them to eat your house plants. Therefore, if you get them this, which they will really enjoy, it will help to prevent them eating your plants. They can also help their digestion and help to prevent hairballs as well as having vitamins in them.

This cat brush comes in a presentation box. It removes unwanted hair to help the cats coat not get matted. It has silicone pins which are really soft and give a massage to the cat while you make sure its coat is clean. The coat will start to get healthier and shinier as a result. Most cats really enjoy being brushed like this so it is a no hassle way to keep their fur in good condition.

This pet rocking chair can be a great toy for your cat. It is made from high quality wood and bamboo. There are four legs on the chair but they can be detached if you feel your pet will be happier without them. Without legs it rocks, with legs it is static so it depends what they enjoy the most. It is a cool place for them to be and has a comfortable smooth surface for everyday use.

This cat feed bowl is an easy way for your pet to get a drink. It uses special technology to dispense water as the cat empties the bowl. This means that you do not have to keep topping up their water and you can leave them if you go on holiday or to work and they will have water to drink. You can even choose between grey, pink and blue colours to match in with your decor.

This two way cat flap gives your pet the freedom to come and go as they please. It has a locking control so you can decide when your pet should stay in or out. It is really easy to install with universal fitting for use in brick, metal or PVC with a template and full instructions. You can pick between a white, silver or brown outside to match in with your door and there are three sizes so you can pick the best one for your pet.

This cat litter tray is not only practical for your cat but has an extra high rim to prevent spillage. The rim connects to the tray and can be removed so that you can clean it easily. It comes in taupe/cream and there are two size options. The tall sides are good for larger cats but you can add a step by the side (such as an old book) so that a smaller cat can get in.

This is a container to keep your cats litter tray or bed in so that it is out of sight. It looks like a cupboard and so no one would guess what is inside. There is a shelf above and surface on top too so you can use it to store your cat’s toys and treats or even other things that you need to store there. It is simple to assemble to with step by step instructions.

This is a safety belt for your cat when they are in the car. Cats are not known to take many car journeys but if you are taking them to the vet or on holiday then this can be very useful. It will make sure that they do not move around the vehicle and become dangerous. You can alter the length and then attach it to their collar and buckle it into a standard seat belt clip.

This is a very handy portable cat litter tray. It means that if you are taking your cats on a trip somewhere or they are staying with family while you are on holiday, this can be very useful. It can even be used in the car. It is quality material and 18 x 14 x 5.6 inches in size. It can fold up for storage and is made from oxford cloth which is durable. Suitable for cats up to 16lbs in weight.

These feed bowls are portable which is very handy if you are transporting your pet or taking them on holiday. They collapse flat so that they can be stored easily. They even come with a carabiner so that it can be attached to your belt, bag or just hung up somewhere for storage. When opened out it is 13cm diameter and 5.5cm high. It is made from silicone and you get two bowls so you can use one for food and one for water.

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