34 Gift Ideas For Celtic Fans - The 2nd Biggest Team in Scotland

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If you know someone that is a Celtic supporter then you might like to buy them gifts that are associated with the team. This can be really great for them but sometimes you might find that you cannot find anything original. Do not worry though as we have a big list of items here that you can choose from. There are all sorts of things that you can pick and you are bound to find something that they will like. Whether it is something fun or practical, useful or ornamental, you are going to find something here that will suit them.

34 Presents for Celtic Supporters

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In celebration of Celtic being gifted a league title, why not also gift the Celtic fan in your life an official replica of it? Like the “real” one, they don’t have to do anything to receive it! This trophy will take pride of place on the mantelpiece in any Celtic fans council flat.

As one of the very few players who were loved by fans on both side of the old firm divide, this Nacho Novo autobiography will be appreciated by Celtic fans both young and old. Read in Nachos own words the story of getting to the UEFA Cup final and scoring the league winning goal in his very first season.

This book of 100 million excuses is an essential gift for any true Celtic fan. After yet another dismal performance away in Europe, just whip the book out and start generating excuses. Nothing is ever Celtics fault and this book will prove it.

This is a fun cushion cover. It is coloured green and can be personalised. At the top is a space for a persons name then below it says ‘The Celtic fan sits here’. The writing is in white so it really stands out against the green. It measures 18 x 18 inches and is all ready to pop a cushion inside. It even comes with free delivery. Would look good on any sofa or bed.

This is a scarf which is in the Celtic colours. There are different options to pick from: a wide green band with smaller stripes of white and black, a green and white striped or a green and white striped with thick yellow stripes. They are 100% acrylic with double fringing and measure 145 x 20cm excluding the fringing. A great way to show your support for your team in a retro style.

This is an official Celtic FC training kit t-shirt. It is short sleeves and comes in a choice of black with white stripe or green with white stripe and has the club badge on it. It is 100% polyester and there is a choice of sizes: small, medium, large, XL and XXL. Great to wear when playing football, running or at the gym as it is lightweight. A fun gift for a Celtic fan.

This is an official licenced Celtic ring. It is made from stainless steel and has the club badge on it and stripes in white and green or a single black stripe. It is in size U which is a medium. Good for wearing to matches or all the time to show which team you support. It comes in a gift box with free delivery, so is all ready to give away as a present to a fan.

This is a fun 3 pack of car air fresheners with a Celtic theme. One has a white a green stripes shirt, one is a number plate saying ‘C3LTIC’ and the other is the club badge. They are all about 7cm x 7cm and have a string so you can hang them up in the car. These are an official licensed product and come on a header card but are each individually wrapped to contain their fragrance until needed.

This is a fun book called ‘The Funniest Celtic Quotes….Ever!’. It has quotes and quips from players and managers over the years such as ‘I felt the burning hostility, especially when a pie hit me on the chest’ by Tony Cascarino and ‘OK if I give him a skelp if he steps out of line?’ Jock Stein to Billy McNeill’s Mum. A paperback book with over 250 funnies it in.

This is a fun bib for a baby. It is white and says on it ‘Grandad and me support Celtic FC’. The word Grandad can be changed to another name such as Mum, Dad, Uncle etc. The writing is embroidered with green thread so it is safe to babies and it will not wear off which can happen with stickers or printed items. Great to give to a new parent that is a Celtic fan.

This is a real fun gift idea. It is a garden gnome who is a Celtic fan. The gnome has a green hat with the club badge, a green and white striped top with the club name on, white shorts, green socks and a white and green checked flag. It is made of resin and is 20 x 10 x 15cm. It comes in a presentation box which is green with the club name on.

This is a fun mug made by Generic Football Gifts Ltd. It has a Mr. Man type figure on it which is yellow with a green and white stripes shirt on, white shorts, green socks and black football boots. It says at the top ‘Mr Celtic Number one fan’. The cup is made from quality ceramic and comes in a gift box all ready for giving to someone as a present.

This is a fun 3D puzzle of Celtic Park Stadium. It is a Nanostad puzzle and it has pieces which slot together with no need for glue or special tools. It should take a good few hours to complete so can be really entertaining and then when done can be kept as an ornament. Can be a great challenge for a Celtic fan and entertaining too. Comes in a box with 179 pieces.

This is a useful Celtic themed bar set. It is official merchandise and includes a towel, glass and coasters. The towel is green with the club badge on it, the glass has the name and badge on it in green and the four coasters have white and green stripes with the name and badge. Great to go on a home bar but also just for use in the kitchen or dining room.

This Zippo lighter comes with a choice of football club logos on it, including Celtic. It is silver in colour with a satin chrome finish. It is windproof and the perfect size for slipping into a pocket or bag. It is a refillable lighter so will last a long time. It is also reliable and comes with a guarantee. It comes in an attractive black gift box so will be a great present for a Celtic fan.

This Celtic Quiz Book is an interesting gift for fans. It has 101 fun and interesting trivia questions to test your knowledge of the club. Will be a great gift for a fan to test their knowledge and see whether they really are a true fan. It is a paperback book and includes questions on trophies, managers, players, transfers, club origins, club legends and much more. Educational, Enjoyable and fun.

This is a Celtic FC stationery set in a smart carry case. It includes a notebook which is green with the football club name and badge on the front, a green ruler with badge and name on, 2 green pencils with badge and name on, 1 rubber with badge on, 1 pencil sharpener with badge on, 1 paper grip with badge on and a green pencil box with club name and badge on.

This is a pretty vintage looking tobacco tin with an aerial picture of Celtic Park on the top as well as the name Celtic Park in yellow. It has a foam seal in the lid and was originally designed to hold 2oz tobacco but could be used to hold anything small such as nuts, bolts, screws, nails, pins, tacks, sweets, cables, beads, buttons, USB sticks etc. Great and original gift for a Celtic fan. Comes with free delivery.

This is a useful boot bag with a Celtic design. It is in green and white, has the Celtic badge on it and the name. It is made of nylon so is strong and has a zip all around three sides so that it is easy to use. It measures 40.3 x 19.8 x 4.6cm so will fit most sizes of football or rugby boots. Great for use at school or to carry your boots down to the park for a kick about.

This is an official licensed Celtic wristband. It is a green silicone band with the Celtic club badge and ‘The Bhoys’ written on in white. It slips over the hand so one size fits all. It is a great way for a Celtic fan to show how much they like the team as it can be worn with any outfit. Even comes with free delivery, so a great budget gift.

This is a sleek travel mug for Celtic fans. It has a black body and has the Celtic badge on it and says ‘Celtic Football Club est. 1888’ around it. It is thermal stainless steel and has a nice soft feel to it. It is wipe clean and has a screw top lid with a drinking hole that can be opened and closed to prevent spills. It is 17cm tall with a swing tag showing that it is official merchandise.

These are official Celtic football club Clipper lighters. They have a white body with green badge and ‘Celtic football club’ written on them. They come in a box which states on it that they are ‘official merchandise of Celtic Football Club’. They are a handy size for popping in the pocket and carrying about so you will never be without a light. You get three lighters in the box and free delivery.

This is a fun sign for a Celtic fan. It is green and it has the Celtic badge on it and underneath says ‘Home changing room’. It is a 100% licensed product and even has holes drilled in it ready for hanging up but it could be propped up instead on a shelf. Will look good on the wall of a supporter’s bedroom or perhaps on a bathroom or bedroom door.

This green and white umbrella is just the thing to keep dry on the way to a Celtic match. It has the Celtic club badge on it so no one will be in any doubt as to who you support. It is 100% official merchandise and is a 62” dual canopy umbrella. It has an ergonomic handle for comfort and has 8 panels with half just printed in green and white and half with the green and white and the club badge.

This Sherpa fleece blanket is a very cosy piece of official Celtic FC merchandise. It is made of luxury fleece and is 100% polyester for comfort and softness. It measures 175cm x 125cm. It is black and white with the Celtic club badge on one side and plain beige on the other side. It comes with free shipping. Very thick and warm to keep you snug while watching the football.

This is an official Celtic FC cap. It is green with the club badge on the front in white. The cap fits an adult as it is 58cm with adjustable Velcro at the back. Has a swing tag on it. It has a large peak to shade the face when watching the match or just out and about. It even comes with free delivery which makes it really great value for money.

This is a smart wallet with a Celtic crest badge on it. It is black with an elegant leather look to it and it has the badge on it in green which looks like it is stitched. This is a great product to give as a gift to any Celtic fan as it will be useful as well as show the team they love. It comes with free delivery as well.

This is a sterling silver pendant on a chain. It is an official licensed product for Celtic Football Club. The pendant is 16mm x 16mm and shows the badge crest of Celtic FC. The chain is 49cm long. The pendant and chain can be carefully wiped clean if necessary. They come together in a gift box so all ready to give to someone as a present. It has free postage.

This is a lovely gift box containing three golf balls. The white balls each have the Celtic FC crest on them. This not only means that you will be able to show off which team is your favourite when playing golf, but you will be able to easily distinguish your balls from others because they will look different. This 100% officially licensed product comes in an attractive gift box with free delivery.

This is an impressive Celtic FC hip flask. It is an official licensed product and is about 6oz in size. It has a hinged lid so that you do not lose it when you are taking a drink. It is made of stainless steel and has a Celtic crest badge on the front of it. It comes in a gift box so makes a really lovely present for a Celtic fan.

This is a cute cuddly mini bear. It is green and has the Celtic badge on its tummy. It would make a lovely gift for a newborn baby that has Celtic fans as parents or for a child that is a fan. Looks soft to cuddle but might be as good on a shelf in a bedroom or anywhere else where there is a display of Celtic memorabilia. Has free delivery.

These are fun knitted gloves for a child. They are black and have ‘Celtic FC’ on them. They are an official licensed product with a swing tag and would make a great present for any child that is a fan of the team. Perfect for wearing at a match or just for wearing to school on cold days. They are good value for money as they come with free shipping.

This Celtic pulse bedding is 100% official merchandise. It has a reversible design so if you get bored of one side you can turn it over. It is green and white with the club badge on it. It contains both a single duvet cover and a pillow case to fit a standard UK single bed. There is also the option of buying one for a double bed size which comes with two pillow cases.

This is a great Celtic FC football. The size 5 ball has 26 panels and is mainly black with the Celtic club badge, ‘Celtic FC’ and ‘1888’ printed on it alongside a few white lines. It is made from synthetic material and is wipe clean. It is an official licensed product and comes flat ready to be inflated when ready to use. Has free delivery. A practical gift for any Celtic fan.

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