32 Presents for People Who Love Cheese

By Louise
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Most people enjoy eating cheese but there are some people that are almost obsessed with the stuff! Cheese can make a great gift, whether someone is a huge fan or just enjoys it and is even quite traditional at Christmas. It can sometimes be tricky though. To work out what to get for a cheese lover though is not always easy and so we have put together a list of items. We have tried to pick a good range of items including things that are original and different so that there is a good choice for you to look through and hopefully you will find something inspiring.

32 Gift Ideas for People Who Love Cheese

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This is a box of selected cheese. It is from the Snowdonia Cheese Company and there is a selection of six different truckles included. It includes Black Bomber, Green Thunder, Red Devil Leicester, Ginger Spice, Beechwood and Ruby Mist all in 200g sizes and in different pretty colours. It comes in a cardboard box, packed with straw so a lovely hamper to send as a gift and also has free delivery.

This is a bamboo cheeseboard which comes with a set of cheese knives. It has two hidden drawers inside it which hold the cheese knives on one side and the other side has a place for extra items. The board is 16.1 x 12.9 inches and the drawers are 9.4 x 7.7 inches in size and they can be pulled fully out if required. It comes with free delivery.

This is a fun novelty t-shirt which has short sleeves and comes in black, navy, asphalt, dark heather and heather grey. On the front of it, it says ‘That’s what I do I eat cheese and I know things’ and has a picture of a triangle of cheese. It comes in sizes suitable for children aged between two and twelve years and in fits suitable for men or women in sizes small – 2XL.

This is a cheese and chutney gift set hamper. It contains Scottish oatcakes with chilli, Tomato and red pepper chutney. Pear apple and ginger chutney and three 200g truckles of cheese – cheddar with mustard, oak smoked and medium matured cheddar. Includes a personalised gift card and next day delivery which is fully tracked. A lovely set for a cheese lover or a family of cheese lovers – everything that is needed for a tasty cheese board.

This is an Italian condiment set to accompany a cheeseboard. It includes five small jars of 35g each and they are truffle honey, red onion, green tomatoes and figs, sweet pepper sauce and mustard figs. They are all made in Italy so they are authentic products and all chosen to work well on a cheeseboard. They could add some new and unexpected flavour for a cheese lover. They have free delivery.

This is a variety box of biscuits for cheese made by Jacobs. Included are eight different varieties of cracker: cheddars, digestives, choice grain, water biscuits, Cornish wafers, cream crackers, high fibre cream crackers and salt and cracked pepper bakes. There are 900g of biscuits in the tub and there is a great selection with over 100 biscuits in total so great for a party, big family or for something that regularly eats lots of biscuits with cheese.

This is a Hoosier Hill Farm product and it is Stilton, Gouda and Cheddar Cheese Powder. It can be used as a flavouring in all sorts of dishes such as pasta, soups or for rubs and marinades, sauces, over salad or even over popcorn. It does not need refrigeration and is suitable for vegetarians as well as being Halal and non-GMO. It is therefore portable, so great for camping, boating or general use.

This is a fun cheese rainbow box. It is a selection of seven trickles of cheese, each of which has a different colour wax on the outside. The cheeses are different flavours – orange and whiskey, vintage, smoked, caramelised onion, margherita pizza, gin and tonic and flamin’ heart in the colours white, brown, yellow, orange, green, red and black. They come in a fun gift box with a mouse on it.

This is a kitchen grater set. It includes three different graters with different sizes of teeth. Each has a non-slip handle which has a heart-shaped hole in so that it can be hung up. The grater part is made for stainless steel so it will not rust and is easy to clean. Each is a flat piece which you great in one side, so good for grating last minute on top of a meal and they are easy to store.

This is a yoghurt cheese maker by Cuispro. It comes in either red or green and can be used to convert yoghurt into cheese. You get a plastic container with a fine mesh strainer and lid which is all dishwasher safe. It can be used with vegan yoghurt as well and you can add herb and spices to make a flavoured soft cheese or sugar and fruit to make cheesecake.

This is a special scratch-off poster which is 45.7 x 0.3 x 58.4 cm and made by Gift Republic. It has a big list of cheeses and you scratch off each one as you try them. It has 100 kinds of cheese so hopefully, there will be some that even the biggest cheese fan has not tried. Under each panel, is a picture of the cheese in a cartoon style and you can hang it up to display it.

This is a box of Grandma Wilds savoury biscuits and chutney selection. It contains oaty biscuits for cheese with cheddar cheese, cheese, tomato, basil & poppy seeds and cheddar cheese. The chutneys are sun-dried tomato and garlic, caramelised onion and sweet chilli. The chutneys are 35g sizes and the biscuits are 130g so a good amount to pop on the table with a cheese board for everyone to tuck into.

This is a beginner’s cheese-making kit made by Sandy Leaf Farm. It contains equipment to make mozzarella, ricotta, burrata, goat and mascarpone. It includes vegetarian rennet cheese salt, citric acid, cheese cloth and full instructions on how to make each cheese in just a few hours. It comes in a gift box which means that it is easy to wrap and great for gifting. A great novelty gift for someone that loves cheese.

This is a set of raclette spatulas. They are bright red and there are eight of them and they are made from heat resistant nylon so they do not scratch and they are non stick. They are designed to scrape off the melted cheese to add it to your dish of food and there is enough so guests can all have a go at their own. They are dishwasher safe as well so very convenient and come with a storage pouch.

This is a selection of cheese truckles. There are four flavours – spicy Jamaican jerk sauce cheddar, El Gringo chilli lime and tequila cheddar, garlic and cracked black pepper Cheshire and oak-smoked tomato and garlic. Each of the four truckles is 200g and they are waxed. They come in gift box with a free cheese club membership and they also have free delivery. A lovely selection for anyone that likes a really tasty cheese.

This is a table grill which can be used for all sorts of things. It has a grill and can also be used to cool things in pans or to make raclette. It comes with 4 mini wok pans which are each different colours and a batter trowel for making pancakes. It also comes with four wooden spatulas. Food can be cooked directly on the grill or in the pans provided.

This is a vegan cheese alternative. It is an applewood cheese which has a smoky flavour and melts well too. Many vegan kinds of cheese do not melt so this will be very different. It can go in all sorts of dishes and you get 8 x 200g packs. The cheese is free from dairy, soya and gluten as it is made from coconut oil with flavourings and thickeners and added calcium and B12.

This is a selection of fondu cheese. It is made by Emmi and it is original fondue cheese from Switzerland. It will give you the original taste of the cheese that you would expect and will remember from when fondu parties were all the rage. If you have no fondu set but still want the flavour then it can be used in toasties too. You get four packs of 400g in the bundle and it comes with free delivery.

This is a book called ‘Cheese’ by Michael Roux. It is available as a hardback or Kindle book and it contains over 100 recipes all based around cheese. There are lots of different varieties of cheese used and recipes include cheese straws, lobster gratin, soufflé, cheesecake and much more using hard and soft cheese from cow, goat and ewe. As well as classic techniques there are also inventive ways to use cheese in recipes too.

This is a hamper which includes wine, cheese and chutney. It includes a small bottle of Vistamar Merlot 187ml, Drivers real ale chutney 350g, a 200g truckle of Snowdonia Cheese Company Red Storm which is a vintage red Leicester cheese and some Figuli sourdough crackers. A great selection to either have after a meal as a cheeseboard or perhaps for a light lunch. It all comes in a basket hamper so looks lovely too.

This is a selection of Cheesies brunchy popped cheese snack in an Emmental flavour. You can choose from other flavours too such as Cheddar, Gouda, Red Leicester or goat and you have the option of a multipack too. You can choose to have either a selection of 12 or 9 packets each of which is 20g in size. Made from 100% cheese it has no carbs or sugar and is high in protein.

This is a cheese slicer which is designed for hard cheeses. It is a stainless steel cheese wire which will cut through any cheese or even butter. It is stainless steel so will not tarnish or corrode. It has non-slip rubber feet too, to make it easier to use. The cheese wire leaves a nice straight cut through the cheese and it comes on a stainless steel board. It even includes five replacement wires.

This is a cheese preserver by Tefal. It is a rectangular box, with a flat bottom to put the cheese on and a very deep lid to go over the top. In the lid there is an activated charcoal filter so that the cheese stays as fresh as possible, It measures 31 x 19 x 9cm in size and will be a great gift to a cheese lover as it helps to keep cheese fresher for longer.

This is a cheese and beer gift box. It contains a selection of ‘Just Jane’ themed items including a creamy mature cheese, a vintage cheddar and an oak smoked cheese with paprika. It also has an Aviator’s apple chutney with a hint of spice and a 50cl bottle of bitter which has layers of malt and hops with a fruity finish. The whole lot has a Lancaster Bomber theme to it which is fun and different.

This is ‘The Big Vegan Cheese Making set’ which has instructions to make six different vegan kinds of cheese. There are instructions as well as a recipe booklet and it contains ingredients so that you can make 20 batches. There is tapioca flour, agar, citric acid, nutritional yeast, salt, paprika, basil, lemon pepper a muslin cloth and a thermometer. You can make mozzarella, ricotta, mascarpone, Cypriot cheese, Greek cheese and Parmesan just by adding your own nut milk.

This is a fun set of cheese-themed sticky notes. There are 25 notes shaped like a chopping board, 50 like butter puff biscuits and 100 like a triangle of holey cheese. These make great fun and practical gifts which anyone that loves a cheese board would really enjoy receiving and they even come with free delivery! They are different sizes, with the cheese and biscuit notes fitting side by side on top of the chopping board.

This is a metal sign which measures 15 x 20cm. It has a black background and in white says ‘Sweet dreams are made of cheese, who am I to diss a brie I cheddar the world and the feta cheese everybody’s looking for stilton’. It has pre-drilled holes in each corner so it is really easy to hang up on a wall. It has a polished, glossy finish to it.

This is a cheese grater with a cat design. It is a handheld flat design grater with a black plastic frame that looks like a cat and its tummy is the metal grater part. It is 14.5 x 8cm and is made from silicone and stainless steel which means that it will not rust and is easy to clean. It is a fun novelty item and even has free delivery.

This is a jigsaw puzzle with a cheese theme. It has 250 pieces and the picture is a photograph of a cheeseboard with the names of the cheese written on. It has double Gloucester, brie, manchego, Emmental, Wensleydale, camembert, danish blue, red Leicester and morbier and there are also biscuits and chutney on the black cheeseboard that is pictured. It measures 33 x 26cm when completed and is made by Talking Tables.

This is a special cheese slicer blade. It is a tool made with a plastic handle and stainless steel top which is almost trowel shaped with a blade across it for cutting think slices of cheese. The handle is merlot coloured, although there is also an option for a saffron-coloured one and has a hole in so that can be hung up. It is easy to clean in the dishwasher and there are other items which match it too such as a vegetable peeler.

This is a novelty soap that looks like cheese. It is one 60g bar of soap which is suitable for all skin styles. It is handmade and is a triangle shape with holes in and is yellow in colour. It comes in a triangle box which also has holes in so it is all ready to give away to someone as a fun and novelty gift which also has a practical side to it as well.

This is a Talking Tables game called ‘cheesy jokes’ it comes in a round box which looks like the type a camembert cheese comes in. There are 64 cards inside which all have a silly joke on and they are suitable for all of the family – whatever age. ‘What did the cheese say when it looked in the mirror? Hallou-mi!’ ‘Which genre of music appeals most to cheeses? R ‘n’ Brie’.

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