34 Presents for Kids - The Children Will Love These Choices

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It can be a lot of fun to buy for children, but sometimes you want something a bit different. Many toy shops might have the same sorts of items and they may have seen those sorts of things before. Therefore, you might be looking for something original and unique. This list should help you get some ideas of things that might be a bit different. Whether you want something that is educational, something that is fun or a mix of both hopefully you will be able to find something that you will want to buy and that will fit in with your budget here.

34 Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Children

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This is a cute interactive robot toy for children aged 3-9 years old. It has voice control and touch sense and can dance, sing and walk and has a recorder so that it can speak. It comes in a choice of colours: green, red, yellow, blue and pink. You can control it by touching the sense area and direct which way it moves or put it into voice control mode to order it. It needs 3 x AAA batteries and is portable as it is 3.9 x 3.7 x 5.1 inches.

This is a fun set of hair chalks. The pack includes 12 colours of hair chalk which easily wash out and are safe for children. The vibrant set comes with red, pink, orange, yellow, purple, dark purple, cyan, green, light blue, rose red and grey. They work on all hair types and colours and are non-toxic. They are long lasting for up to three days but are also easy to wash out.

This pocket microscope is made by the Natural History Museum. It is just 12 x 8 x 4.5cm so fits easily in the pocket to take out and about. It has 20x and 40x zoom with a really bright LED illuminator. The focus wheel can be adjusted so that you can examine things with great clarity and it even comes with slides, cover slips and a lens cloth so you have everything you need.

This is a great gift for a child that loves to sing. The ‘Kids Musical Theatre Anthology’ includes a book and a CD so that children can perform the songs. It uses the original scores and the songs have been picked with the children’s vocal range in mind. It includes songs from Singin’ in the Rain, Seussical: The Musical, Finding Nemo, Oliver, Peter Pan, The Lion King, The Little Mermaid, Mary Poppins and many more.

This is a fun explorer kit for children. It has loads of things that they can use when they are outside. It has binoculars, compass, hand powered torch, butterfly net, whistle, bug viewing container, magnifier, bug catcher and a drawstring bag to carry it all in. It even has some plastic bugs to play with. It all comes in a box so that it is really easy to wrap and then to give as a fun gift.

This is a lovely magnetic art board designed for pre-schoolers. The beautiful wooden box has a lid which has a chalk board on one side and a whiteboard on the other side. It comes with a selection of magnetic pieces which can be stuck on the board to make lovely scenes. Will help to entertain them and boost their imagination. It comes beautifully gift packaged all ready to give as a present.

This is a fun, mini, portable digital camera. It is rechargeable and in HD. It is lightweight and compact just 9.5 x 6.4 x 1.6cm and 69g and therefore easy to carry around. It is designed especially for children as it has a really sturdy shell so it can withstand rough handling. The camera has built in frames so that children can make fun pictures and it has a built in flash.

This is a large and really colourful kite. It comes in lovely rainbow colours and is top quality. It is made from nylon which is anti-rip and weather resistant. It also has string fibreglass rods which are reinforced to give strength and resist any bangs or crashes. It is really easy to assemble and there are coloured printed instructions to teach you how to fly it.  At 110cm wide and 65cm long it makes for an impressive sight when flying and the tails adds an extra 140cm to its length.

This is a weather station made by the Natural History Museum. It teaches children about the weather and how to measure changes in the weather. It includes a thermometer and a wind direction measure. You can learn facts about the weather and experiment with the greenhouse effect and make a mini greenhouse. It is suitable for children from the age of eight years and upwards. All boxed to make a great gift.

This is a set containing a water bottle which you can personalise by decorating with a selection of stickers. The bottle is BPA free and holds 560ml of liquid. It comes with 7 sheets of stickers which include glitter gem rhinestones and lovely pictures. The bottle can be easily cleaned with a bottle brush and has a flip lid which is easy for children to open and close. It even comes with a carabiner to hang it from a bag.

This is a lovely music box. It is a retro style with a handle to turn which will play a tune using a metal spike mechanism. There is a choice of songs – You are my sunshine, Twinkle twinkle little star, moon river and happy birthday. The box is small and light so easy to carry in a pocket, bag, etc. The outside is made from quality wood which has a lovely pattern on it.

This is a fun glow in the dark race car toy. There are LED lights which give bright patterns and turn the car sphere in to a glowing light. The cars go round and light up and do cool stunts using the keychain car clip. The car keyring can be used separately, worn on a bag or used for keys but the car can also be used with the ball as well. They can be charged using the USB charger included.

These are fun balance stilts by Walkaroo. They have adjustable heights so they can be used by young children as well as older ones. They have soft foam handles which mean that they are easy to use for a long time without being uncomfortable. They have rubber feet which will not slip and a rubber foot step as well. The steel poles are easy to adjust when needed and they are made of durable steel.

These are fun pedals on wheels by Pedal Go. The design allows children to pedal along and have loads of fun on wheels while still getting exercise. Can also help them with balance and coordination as well as fitness. Designed for lots of outdoor fun, great in a garden or park. If you feel children should be spending more time outside then this could be just the toy to do it!

This is a fun slime making kit. It includes everything you need to make lots of fun slime in neon colours. It has glitter and decorations as well. There are instructions for doing experiments which will glow, flow, stretch, break, bounce, foam, fizzle and ooze. Free from harmful chemicals it is eco-friendly, non-toxic and washable.  The child will feel like a proper chemist making their slime and choosing different colours for them.

These are cool dress-up capes which are great for party’s, Halloween or just general fun. This is a six pack of capes so there are different designs to choose from and each comes with a matching mask. The designs are spiderman, hulk, captain America, Thor and other super heroes. They are not official designs so children can use their imagination to decide what superhero characters they will be. The capes have a Velcro neck strap so that they can be fitted easily and with comfort.

This is a fun three wheeler tricycle, it is easy to ride because it is really stable making it suitable for young children and for use as their first bike. It is black and has a little plastic bucket on the front to put a toy, shopping, books or other things. It has large wheels to make it super stable and comfortable to ride. The handlebars are soft to hold and the seat is comfortable too.

This is a lovely white wooden chair which can be personalised. On the back of the chair initials can be put on it so that the child knows that it is theirs. It measures 28cm width, 29cm depth and 55cm height. The lettering can be in silver, gold, blue, pink, black or rose gold. Comes ready assembled so can be used right away. A lovely personalised gift that will make a child feel really special.

This is a lovely wooden eggcup that can be personalised. You can pick from a big range of pictures to have engraved on the eggcup and a name will also be put on top of the picture you can pick from many pictures such as a dinosaur, unicorn, chick, bunny, rabbit, car, train, digger, butterfly, fairy, fix, pig, lion, duck, turtle, sloth, elephant, sheep, robot, ghost, crown and many more.

This is a very cute gift in a tin. It is a George the giraffe sewing kit. It comes with the body, stuffing, plastic needle and thread so that a child from the age of six will be able to make their very own toy. The toy is already partly sewn to make it really easy for the child to just finish off. They will get a feeling of accomplishment but will not have to wait very long before they have a toy to play with that they have made.

This is a fun UFO flying toy. You just throw it in the air and it starts to fly. It is like a mini drone and contains rechargeable batteries. It has 2 speed modes and has an LED light to fly in dim light inside. It has no remote control making it much easier to fly than some other drones. Is strong and sturdy so does not break easily when it hits things. Comes in choice of colours blue, gold and red.

This is a fun headlamp for children. It has a T-Rex dinosaur design and the light comes from its red eyes and mouth. It even makes roaring sounds when the mouth light is being used. The headband is adjustable so can fit all sizes. The light is great for camping, reading in bed or walking in dim light. The LED light has three modes including a strobe light with roaring. The light has a downward beam to illuminate the path or a book.

This is a fun treasure hunt game for families. It is a scavenger quest for using inside or outside. An adult just has to lay out the trail and then the children solve the clues and follow the trail to find gold and eventually get the treasure. No trails are ever the same and the game is suitable for children aged 3-10 years old. Great for parties as well as general family fun.

This is a fun origami kit for children. It is suitable for ages 3+ and contains lines on the paper and directions to make it easy to make the animals. It is easier than doing origami with a blank sheet of paper and fun because the papers make the animals look really pretty and interesting. It has a nice selection of different papers enclosed in the box, along with some stickers too.

Skyjo is a really interesting card game for children over the age of seven. You need to trade, flip and collect cards and try to get the lowest scores possible. The rules are easy to learn and you can decide how long you play it for. Can be a really short game or you can play multiple rounds to make it last a lot longer. It is for 2-8 players so the whole family can get involved.

Magicyoyo are really responsive yoyos so great for doing pro tricks. It is made from metal and is available in red, black, purple pink or black, blue & pink. It comes with a string, drawstring bag and yoyo gloves. It has a high speed and stable spin meaning that it turns for more times. It is great for a beginner as it is easy to learn how to use. Looks cool and is very responsive.

This is a fun book of difficult riddles. They are designed for smart children but also great for family fun. The book has 300 riddles in total and they are split in three chapters and get harder as you go through the book. The answers are in the back though so if you really cannot guess them you will be able to look at the answer. They are designed for children over the age of 10 and their families.

This is a fun mermaid themed baking set. It includes cupcake holders, piping bag with nozzles, display stand, mermaid tail template for fondant icing and a sticker sheet. There is also an instruction booklet and recipes. It has real baking accessories so you can use it to make real cakes. It is for children aged 5 years and older to introduce them to the joy of baking. It all comes in a box so that it is ready to give as a lovely present.

This is a fun pop up play tent with a Peppa Pig design. So many children love Peppa Pig and so they will really like this design. It is a great item to use for playing indoors or outside and is really easy to fold up when not in use. Has Peppa Pig on one side and George on the other and a Velcro closure so it is easy to open and close.

These are fun all in one boiler suit designed overalls. They will protect children from the wet and so are great for playing in parks with water sprays or for wearing in wet weather. There are different prints and colours : a green camouflage, navy blue, red and royal blue. They are a polyester and cotton mix so are hard wearing and easy to look after and open right the way down the front to make it easy to take off and put on. They are available in ages 1 to 14

This is a lovely personalised wooden toy storage box. It is always handy to have somewhere to store toys and to have the child’s name on and it makes it a more special addition for their room. The box is white with a hinged lid and the name is put on the front with a star either side of it. The text can be printed in hot pink, royal blue, silver or gold. The toy box measures 62 x 40 x 47cm.

This is a fun LCD writing tablet. It is a paperless drawing board with a stylus. It comes in a choice of sizes and colours. There is a delete button which erases everything on the screen. It can be great for drawing and writing and it is reusable so saves loads of paper. Can even be used for note making, working out sums as well as doodling, sketching and writing.

This is a fun COOJA pyramid cube. It is a 3 x 3 speed cube which is rather like a Rubiks cube puzzle but in a pyramid shape. It is made from recyclable material and can be adjusted to make it smooth to use. It is a fun brain trainer, fiddle toy and educational aid for children and teenagers to have a go at. The irregular 3D shape makes it really challenging.

This is a fun bubble machine with a difference! It can be worn on the hand so that the child can ‘fire’ bubbles in whichever direction they please, It has a high performance motor to produce over 2000 bubbles a minute. It is easy to use, just put in the bubble solution and turn it on and the handle you hold it with will allow you to transport it wherever you wish.

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