32 Presents for People Who Love Chocolate

By Louise
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Lots of people really like chocolate and it can be great buying chocolate themed gifts for people. However, sometimes we want to find something that is a bit more original or unique. That is where we come in, as we have put together a list of items that we think chocolate lovers will really enjoy. Hopefully you will be able to find a good few things on the list that will inspire you and that you think they will like and will fall within your budget. There is a good variety of different chocolate related things to choose from.

32 Gift Ideas for Chocolate Fans

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This is a heart shaped wooden plaque. On it is printed ‘Chocolate comes from cocoa, which is a tree. That makes it a plant. Chocolate is salad!’ and there is a picture of a tree too. It is 10 x 9.5cm in size and comes in a transparent sleeve ready to give as a gift. It has a small hole in the top with some hessian twine threaded through so that it is easy to hang up.

This is a pair of white socks which says on the bottom in purple ‘If you can read this bring me chocolate’ in purple writing. The message on the bottom is made from a non-slip grip material which means that the socks can be safely worn on hard floors without any risk of slipping. They are made from luxury cotton and are in a plastic bag ready to give away as a fun gift.

This is a chocolate selection hamper. It contains a big selection of different chocolate bars all ready to be posted out to a chocolate fan. There is a Dairy Milk, Caramel, Flake, Daim, Picnic, Flake, Kinder Bueno, Snicker, Aero Mint, Rolo, Kikat Chunky, Yorkie, Lion, Fry’s Chocolate Cream, Turkish Delight, Terry’s Chocolate Orange Bar and Toffee Crisp. They all come in a cardboard hamper with a wicker style to it.

This is a kit to grow your own chocolate scented flowers. The box includes flower seeds, a coconut husk starter plant pot, coconut husk compost disc and plant marker. There is everything that you need apart from water to grow the plant. The box is 9 x 8.5 x 7cm in size so it makes a great stocking filler, Secret Santa or small gift. Great for a chocolate lover or anyone that enjoys growing unusual plants.

This is a slab of chocolate which looks like a game controller. It is made from milk chocolate and the buttons are made from different coloured chocolate and white chocolate so that they stand out. It is 70g in total and would make a great novelty present for a gamer that enjoys chocolate. Comes in a box which is 10cm tall with a see through lid so it is easy to see what is inside.

This is chocolate hamper for white chocolate lovers. It has Milkybar with Smarties sharing block, Milkybar sharing block, Reece’s white chocolate peanut butter cups, 2 Twix white chocolate bars, 2 x white chocolate Lion bars, Kinder Bueno white chocolate bar, Milkybar white chocolate button pouch and Smarties white chocolate buttons pouch. They all come together in a cardboard hamper which looks like a wicker basket with a ribbon around it.

This is an elegant box of Walkers milk chocolate pink gin truffles. They come in a drum shaped box which is pink and gold in colour. The truffles have a fine pink gin truffle centre wrapped in delicious milk chocolate and dusted with sugar. They make a lovely gift for anyone that is a fan of gin and chocolate and they look really pretty as well as being extremely decadent.

This is a chocolate body pen. Inside the pen is milk chocolate flavoured body paint which can be applied to the skin and then licked off. A great fun gift for couples that really enjoy chocolate and love playing games with each other. Not for the prudish or easily embarrassed! It has free shipping as well and so can make a great value and fun gift for a young couple or a couple that are young at heart.

This is a Bourneville dark selection pack. It contains a selection of different sized Bourneville classic bars: Bourneville giant buttons, Bourneville old Jamaica rum and raisin, Bourneville cocoa powder, Bourneville orange dark chocolate bar. They come in a cardboard box with some tissue paper and straw. They come with free shipping and make a great gift for a fan of Bourneville dark chocolate or anyone that likes different types of dark chocolate.

This is a set of three chocolate bars with a music theme. Each bar is 85g and there are three of them. They have rainbow colour splays on a white background on the wrapping and one has a keyboard, one has musical notes and the other a grand piano

This is a Green and Black’s Connoisseur collection. It is a 540g box of organic chocolate in different flavours. It has bars with ginger, hazelnut, hazelnut & current, almond, 85% dark, 70% dark, white, milk, butterscotch and sea salt. It is all Fairtrade chocolate and the mix of different flavours means that there will be something that will please everyone in the household. Comes in a very pretty presentation box so ideal for gifting.

This is a pack of Lindt golf balls. Each golf ball has a smooth hazelnut filling and Lindt milk chocolate shell. Inside the gold coloured box are three golf ball shaped chocolates which are each individually wrapped. The box is 13 x 4.3 x 4.3cm in size. Would make a great gift for anyone that is a fan of golf and also loves chocolate. Looks elegant too with the smart packaging. If you think they’d like golf more than chocolate, we have a full golf gifts section here.

This is a bar of chocolate with a personalised wrapper. It is a 110g bar of delicious milk chocolate with ‘Happy Birthday [name]’ on the wrapper. You can even specify their age to be put on it as well. The bar is Galaxy milk chocolate and you can even choose for it to be gift wrapped if you wish. A great gift for a chocolate lover who would love to see their name on a bar of chocolate so they can keep it all for themselves!

This is a chocolate hamper containing all Kinder branded products. It has all sorts of bars such as 3 Kinder Surprise eggs, 2 Kinder Buenos, 4 happy hippos and 8 Kinder bars and they all come together, nestled on straw in a round bamboo gift basket with a ribbon. A lovely gift to send to a person or family that are big Kinder chocolate fans. You can even include a gift message if you wish.

This is a variety box of Reece’s peanut butter cups. There are 12 different items in the box which include – 2 peanut butter cups, 2 peanut butter white, 1 dark, 1 Reece’s pieces cup, 2 x nutbar, 2 x big cup, 1 Reece’s sticks and 1 Reece’s minis. It is a great peanut butter and chocolate mixed pack for anyone that is a fan of Reece’s and is 484g in total.

This is a hot chocolate kit in a box. It has hot chocolate, white hot chocolate and orange hot chocolate powder in cute star shaped bottles. Then there are mini marshmallows, chocolate sprinkles and peppermint sprinkles to serve with it also in star shaped bottles. This all comes in a gold and red box by the Chocolate Tree Company. A nice selection for someone that likes different flavours of hot chocolate with all the trimmings.

This is a selection of Anthon Berg liquor chocolates. There are 10 mini bottles which are chocolate bottles filled with whiskey. There are two of each and they are – The Singleton, Dalwhinnie, Oban, Talisker and Lagavulin. Each bottle is made from 50% dark chocolate to compliment the flavour of the single malt inside. They are each individually wrapped to replicate the look of the actual bottles with a copper colour and a white printed label.

This is a set of chocolates with a horse theme. There is 100g of milk chocolate in total in five pieces. There is a horseshoe, riding book, riding hat, saddle and horses head they have different coloured chocolate on them, so you can see what they are more easily. It is all in a box which has a horse theme as well. It measures 20 x 29 x 12cm in size. Would make a great gift for someone that rides horses and loves milk chocolate.

This is a bundle of Toblerone chocolate bars. There are five bars in total of the Swiss chocolate: a 2 x milk chocolate bar with honey and almond nougat, dark chocolate with honey and almond nougat, a milk chocolate with raisins, honey and almond nougat and a white chocolate with honey and almond nougat. They are each 100g bars so you get 500g chocolate altogether and the bars all come together in a branded gift box.

This is a chocolate fountain bundle. There is a chocolate fountain machine together with a bundle of bamboo skewers, so that you can pick up fruit, marshmallows etc to dip in the melted chocolate. It is made of stainless steel and the paddles are removable so making them easy to wash. It is easy to use as well just pour in melted chocolate and switch it on. It is great fun for adults and kids for celebrations, parties or just family fun.

This is a fun plastic pig full of chocolate buttons. The buttons are Belgian milk chocolate with 33.6% cocoa solids in them. The pig can be used once the chocolate has been eaten, played with or painted or used to store things in. The container is 7cm x 9cm and there are 160g of chocolate buttons inside. The pig has a lovely red ribbon tied around it so it looks great for gifting.

This is a chocolate shaker. It is a metal container with a lattice lid to dust things with cocoa powder. It comes with a selection of stencils so you can make patterns on the top of your drinks, or it could be used to put icing sugar on the top of cakes. The stencil designs include hearts, tree, moon, sun, leaf, smiley face and ribbon. They come with free delivery.

This is a packet of Mr Stanley’s luxury chocolate fudge. There is 200g of fudge which has a delicious flavour of chocolate. It is mouth wateringly tasty and comes in a striped box which looks like the fudge that you buy when you are on holiday at the seaside. It has a traditional flavour and so is bound to appeal to anyone who is a lover of fudge as well as those that love chocolate as well.

This is a gift set of Ferrero Rocher chocolates. There are different sizes of boxes – 32, 48 and 90. There are three different types of chocolate in the box – Ferrero Rocher which is a whole hazelnut in milk chocolate and nut croquante, Ferrero Raffaello which is crisp coconut speciality with smooth coconut filling and a whole almond and a Ferrero Rondnoir which is a dark chocolate covered hazelnut centre in a smooth filling cover with fine chocolate.

This is a pop socket which is black and has white writing on it that says ‘Things are getting worse. Please send more chocolate’. It is for sticking to the back of your mobile device, so that it is easier to grip onto and it can pop out.  It can be used as a stand so that you can more easily prop up the device to watch films or video chat.

This is a fun chocolate tool set. It has a selection of four tools and they are all made of chocolate. The tools are a saw, hammer, wrench and screwdriver and there is a total weight of 80g of chocolate. They come in a box which says ‘milk chocolate tool kit’ on it with a building design, so a great gift for chocolate loving builders. The box is 21cm x 15cm x 2cm in size.

This is a box of mini chocolate pints. They are an official Guinness product and come in a box with Guinness packaging on them. There is 65g of chocolate in total. The base is dark chocolate and the head of each pint is white chocolate and inside there is a Guinness flavoured creamy centre which contains actual Guinness. There are seven mini chocolate pints in each box which measures 26.8 x 5.2 x 2.8cm.

This is a fun gourmet chocolate pizza. It is 260g of delicious chocolate which looks like a pizza. It has a silky smooth Belgium chocolate base with creamy white chocolate curls on the top and brownie and fudge pieces on top. The swirls look like cheese and the other bit like pizza toppings. It is 7 inches in size and there are 8 slices. A great fun gift for chocolate and pizza lovers and fun to share.

This is a fun chocolate fashion gift box. Inside the box there are two chocolate sculptures one is a high heeled shoe and the other a handbag and they are red. They are hand made from Trinitario cocoa and they are solid chocolate – not hollow.  Comes in a card box with a see through window so the recipient can clearly see what is inside. It is suitable for vegans and vegetarians and contains no alcohol.

This is a Nutella selection box for big fans of the chocolate spread. It comes with a 400g jar, a Nutella & Go, ten single serve sachets for when out and about and six Nutella B-ready. It all comes in a box with tissue paper and a branded sleeve with Burmont’s name on it who are the company that put the hamper together. There is the option of gift wrap and a free gift message.

This is a chocolate smartphone. It is a fine quality chocolate product which weighs 40g. It has all sorts of colours on it so there is a detailed design which looks like a smart phone with all sorts of fun apps on it. The chocolate itself weighs 40g and it is 5.6 x 0.5 x 11.3cm in size so it would work well as a cake decoration for a birthday cake or a small novelty gift.

This is a camera made of chocolate. It is a fun milk chocolate design and there is white and dark chocolate detailing so it looks more realistic. It comes in a box with a see through lid so you can easily see what it is. It is 70g in total and measures 14.48 x 10.67 x 2.03 cm. A great idea for someone that likes photography and also enjoys chocolate.

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