21 Gifts for Cliff Diving Fans

By Louise
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There are lots of people these days that like extreme sports and cliff divers is one of these. If you know someone that likes cliff diving then you may feel from time to time, that you will want to buy them a gift related to this hobby.  However, it is not always easy to know what to get them. We have therefore put together a list of items we think that cliff divers might like in the hope that it will help you to choose or inspire you. There is a range of items at different prices ,so hopefully there will be something useful.

21 Gift Ideas for Cliff Divers

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This is a pair of water shoes for adults. They come in all sorts of fun designs and in sizes 3 – 12.5. They have a stretchy upper and are breathable. They fit like socks and are easy to get on and off. They have a durable sole which is anti slip and will protect the feet when walking on wet rocks etc. Very useful when swimming, driving and for general beach wear.

This is a fun notebook which has a black cover with an ornate pattern in yellow on the left hand side and says ‘A bad day with cliff diving is better than a good day without it’. It has 110 pages and they are lined so it can be used for all sorts of purposes such as: a journal, diary or general notebook for lists or anything else. It measures 6 x 9 inches.

This is a book called ‘Extreme Cliff Diving (Nailed it!)’ by Virginia Loh-Hagan Edd, which is available in paperback or kindle versions. It explains how to master the sport and has clear visuals to help with the clear explanations. It has all sorts of aids to make sure that the readers will fully understand the methods and will learn a lot from the text, which is also written in an interesting and engaging way.

This is an adult colouring book called ‘Cliff diving and extreme sports’. It has two copies of each image in the book, so that you can have a go at each one twice and it does not matter if you make a mistake. The patterns have geometric shapes incorporated into the images of people doing extreme sports, so are really original and will mean you will have to be really creative when colouring them in.

This is a chest mount and head harness for a Go Pro. It will fit with all Go Pro devices and many other action cameras as well. The idea is that you can mount the camera safely and securely and then film from that angle to bring about some impressive footage. Then you will be able to show it to all of your friends and family. Both are adjustable with buckles to fit all sizes of head and chest.

This is a t-shirt with a black silhouette of someone diving on it. It comes in sizes suitable for children aged 2 – 12 years of age and also for adults from small – 2XL, with fits suitable for men and women. They come in different colours – asphalt, slate, royal blue, white, silver, olive, dark heather, heather grey and heather blue and have a classic fit, with a round neck and short sleeves.

This is a white 11oz mug which is made from ceramic. It is black on most of the outside (with a white handle) with the words ‘born to cliff dive’ on it in white. It has a comfortable ‘C’ handle, so is easy to use and hold and it makes a practical and useful present as well as one that is a lot of fun. Great for hot or cold beverages.

This is a pair of compression socks which have a picture of someone diving underwater on them. They are blue and black in colour and very vibrant with the colour and picture over the whole of the sock. They are one size and 8.5cm wide and 50cm long. They are made from 97% polyester and 3% spandex so they stay up well. They have a smooth toe seam for comfort. They are suitable for men or women.

This is a poster with a picture of someone cliff diving on it and a motivating verse on it which starts ‘today is a good day to have a great day to smile more’. It is 11.7 x 16.5 inches in size and is coloured in a retro style. It is unframed and printed on semi gloss paper using sunlight and fade resistant inks, which gives great colour and texture which will last a long time.

This is a set of small stickers. They are black and show the evolution from ape to diver on them. You get three stickers in the bundle which are the same and they can be positioned just above a light switch or anywhere else you like. They are fade and water resistant and are easy to apply and to remove. They make an original gift and would be welcomed by anyone that is a fan of diving or cliff diving.

This is a sticker to put on a car and it measures 13cm x 9.8cm. It has a blue sky with birds and a white cliff with someone diving in the air on it. It can be used on all sorts of surfaces, will not fade and it is waterproof. Just clean the surface first – then you will be able to attach it and it will also be easy to remove.

This is a travel mug which is made from stainless steel and says on it ‘If you don’t like cliff diving then you probably won’t like me ….and I’m okay with that’. It has a plastic base, handle and lid, so that it can be handled easily and the lid will swivel, so that you can easily drink from it. It is 15.5 x 8cm and can fit in a car cup holder.

This is a bath towel which has a picture of a diver on it. The towel is black and blue and shows someone diving underwater on it. It is 80cm x 130cm in size and the pattern is on one side and it is white on the other. It is made from 100% polyester and can go in the washing machine. It dries really fast so a really useful and big towel.

This is a cushion cover which measures 16 x 16 inches in size. It is white in colour with a blue shield that has a yellow smiley face on it and says ‘cliff diving advocate’. The cover comes with an insert and so you can decide whether you want to include one or not, before you give it away. It is made of durable satin and has a fold over closure so it is hidden. It is machine washable and would work in any room of the house.

This is a selection of swimming hats, each of which has a different picture or pattern on it. They are 11-13 inches wide and 7 inches tall. They are made from 85% polyester fibre and 15% spandex, which means that they stretch to fit over the head. They are light and breathable and dry quickly. They are easy to get on and off and will not deform after swimming. They are a size that is suitable for adults and teenagers and have UV protection to protect the head and ears when used outdoors.

This is a piece of wall art. It has a black background and in white it says ‘I love my wife more than cliff diving ….yes, she bought me this’. It is a 8 x 12 print which is on a canvas that has been wrapped and it is printed using the dye sublimation method with a satin finish. It just needs a hanger put on the back to pop it up on the wall. It even has free delivery.

This is a coaster for drinks and it has a white background and in black it says ‘I love my wife more than cliff diving ….yes, she bought me this’. It is 3.8 x 3.8 inches in size and has a cork backing, which means that it will protect the surface that it is on and will not slip. It has a high gloss finish so that it can be easily wiped clean if necessary.

This is a pop socket which is black and says on the top of it ‘cliff jumping mode on’.  A pop socket is a useful item that can stick to your mobile device and make it easier to grip on to. You can pop it open so that you will be able to prop it up and use it as a stand to watch a video or use video chat. It is a useful device.

This is a wetsuit which is made from 3mm neoprene material. It provides good buoyancy and works well in warm water. It has tough shoulder and knee pads, which can be handy if used for surfing, but can also be used for diving and other water sports too. It helps to keep you warm in the water and comes in size S to XLS for women. It has free delivery as well.

This is a pair of diving shoes for adults and they come in a selection of different colours and sizes 3-12. The sole is made from non-slip rubber which is durable and will give a good grip even on wet rocks. They have a hook and loop fastening which means they are easy to get on and off – even with wet hands. They are made from a breathable fabric to keep the feet cool.

This is a changing robe for adults. It is made of terry towelling and has a useful pocket in the front. It has a hood as well and absorbs water. It comes in a selection of colours (slate, pink, black, aqua and red) and in sizes S-M and L-XL. It is made from 100% cotton and is 115cm long, so comes below the knee. It is suitable for men, women and teenagers to use.

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