30 Wonderful Gift Ideas for Cooking Fans

Updated on January 13th, 2021
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Many of us love to cook and recently many more people are cooking to try to be healthier. This means that you might very well find yourself in a position where you are buying a gift for someone that cooks. It can be fun to get them something which is linked to cooking and therefore this list is for you. There are many things on it and they range from useful to silly and you can decide which you think might be the most appropriate one to gift. There are things at a range of prices as well, which means that you should be able to find something that will be within your budget.

30 Presents for Cooks & Chefs

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This unique book called ‘Eat What you Watch’ is a cookbook for movie lovers by Andrew Rea. There are many movie moments where food features and this book has recipes for these things. For example, the butterbeer from Harry Potter, the apple strudel from Inglorious Basterds and the ratatouille form the film of the same name. This is a fun selection of recipes and very varied with over 40 dishes to recreate.

This lovely boxed selection of truffle oil would make a really lovely gift. It is an elegant box containing three 100ml bottles of truffle oil. There is white truffle oil, black truffle oil and English truffle oil in there. The white is flavourful and garlicky, the black is earthy and intense and the English is earthy with a nutty finish. The oils are made by blending shaved truffles into cold pressed extra virgin olive oil.

This egg cutter is a fun kitchen gadget for anyone that uses eggs when they are cooking. It is made of stainless steel and the design allows the user to slice the top off an egg really neatly so that they make no mess. It is made of stainless steel so is easy to wash and will not rust. Any cook that has trouble with getting eggshell in things will be eggstatic if you gave them this cracking gift.

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Donec ultricies luctus lore This chefs knife is decorative as well as useful. Each has a unique handle which has a mix of colours in an interesting design so that the knife really stands out. The razor sharp blade has a bevelled edge with high carbon content with 67 layers of Damascus steel. It is corrosion resistant and sharpened at a 9-11 degree angle. The knife is 347mm long with the blade being 203mm of that length.

This lovely cutlery set will set off any cooks table. It is a set for 6 diners and contains 24 pieces in total as there is a fork, knife, dessert spoon and teaspoon. The knives are 8.86 inches, forks 7.67 inches and spoons 7.67 and 5.7 inches. All of the pieces are approximately 1.8mm thick. They are made from top quality 18/0 stainless steel with a mirror polish and they are dishwasher safe.

L This kitchen knife sharpener will help any cook. It is by Kitchen Shark and has a non-slip suction base for safety. It has tungsten carbide sharpening teeth which will sharpen most knives including serrated and hardened steel blades such as Sabatier, Global and Victorinox. It is only 6cm x 6cm but is extremely efficient and can even be used one handed due to its suction base. Comes in a handy box.

Most cooks will like this book – ‘The Avocado Cookbook’ by Heather Thomas. Avocado is a trendy and delicious ingredient and so most people will enjoy the recipes in the book. The recipes include hot and cold dishes and even puddings. The avocado is so full of protein and nutrients that all of the dishes will be really healthy as well as tasty. Traditional uses such as burritos are there but also more original things such as avocado Eton mess and cheesy avocado fritter.

This elegant black and silver juice blender and smoothie maker by Cooks professional will lighten the load for any cook. The string blades and 250-watt motor will make milkshakes, juices, smoothies and protein shakes really quickly and easily. It has a 600ml capacity so you can make a decent amount every time. There is just one button to operate and it is really easy to clean. The manual even has some recipes to start them off!

This is a really great book to get children into the kitchen. It is called ‘Kid chef bakes’ and it is by Lisa Huff. The book is written with 8-13 year olds in mind and has recipes which are suited to them. It has tips and tutorials and over 75 different recipes including mini triple chocolate muffins, sprinkle cake pops, white chocolate blondies, roasted strawberry shortcakes and little chicken and mushroom biscuit pot pies.

This is a really fun modern gastronomy kit for a cook that wants to make something really special. It comes with recipes to make all sorts of concoctions such as mint chocolate pearls, watermelon caviar, gin and tonic spheres, apple gel, sour cucumber puree, coconut fluid gel, elastic flexible caramel gel, rose air, orange glass, chocolate soil and olive oil powder. Comes with scales, measuring spoons, mould, syringes, pipettes and instructions. A chemistry set for the kitchen!

These digital kitchen scales are a must for any kitchen with a serious cook or baker in it. They are made by Kitchen Tour and they are high accuracy digital scales. It can measure in different units – g, oz, ct, gn, ozt and dwt. Just place your bowl on it, set it to zero and add the ingredient. Then you can set to zero again to add the next ingredient. A very useful item and also has a sleek and stylish look.

This is a stainless steel Netilat Yadayim cup which has a blue and gold painted design on it. It has the look of a ceramic washing cup but is durable so will not chip or break. It will look great on a shelf or in a cupboard but particularly good when brought out on the table for use at Pesach seder. It would make a lovely gift to enhance a Pesach or Shabbat.

This fun apron will allow any cook to shine! It has ‘kiss the cook’ written on it in white with white lips. It is available in one size in black, blue, pink or red and has two pockets on the front of it. It is made from a cotton blend which is machine washable. It measures 33 inches high and is 23 inches wide with a loop around the neck and a tie at the waist.

This electric potato masher will ensure smooth mash every time. It is a Masha brand and can be used to make any sort of mashed vegetables really quickly. Could be useful for baby food as well. It has a rotating blade and aerator to make really smooth and creamy mash but can even be used to make soup, sauces, desserts or to whisk eggs and can be used right in the saucepan, no need for another bowl to be dirtied!

This fun t-shirt says ‘head chef’ on it with a picture of a chef’s hat and will let anyone know who is top dog in the kitchen. They are available in sizes XS-3XL and have short sleeves. The print and picture is professionally printed onto premium jersey so it should not fade or wash off. The tops are made of cotton and therefore are good quality and feel good to wear.

This Bosh! Healthy Vegan cookbook is a must for any kitchen. Whether you are a vegan, a family member or a friend, if you entertain a lot then there is likely to be a chance that there will be an occasion when you need a vegan recipe. It can be hard to find healthy vegan food unless you make it from scratch and even then a lot of recipes are high in sugar, salt and fat and therefore it can be great to have a healthy selection of recipes to choose from.

This is a fun mug for anyone that really enjoys cooking. It says on it ‘born to cook forced to work’. The mug is white on the outside with black writing and a choice of red or black inside. The word cook is in orange and has cutlery images within it. The mug comes carefully packed in a box with an image of a ribbon on it so it is all ready for you to give as a gift.

These bookmarks could be a great gift for a cook to mark pages in their cookery books. They have cooking related slogans on them such as ‘don’t be upsetti eat spaghetti’, ‘good food=good mood’ and ‘you are eggcellent’. They are different colours and designs and will bring a smile to anyone’s face. They are sturdy and waterproof so really useful for using in a kitchen where they could get damp.

This is a really practical spice rack with 20 jars full of spices. The stand rotates for easy access and there are 20 glass jars with stainless steel lids which have the names of the contents etched on each one. They contain bay leaves, parsley, cinnamon, chilli flakes, curry powder, oregano, thyme, mixed herbs, ginger and rosemary, chives, coriander, basil, ground cumin, turmeric, ground coriander, marjoram, sea salt, chopped garlic and onion salt. Made by precook.

This children’s cooking set is bright and colourful to encourage any child into the kitchen to do some baking. It includes a spoon, whisk, rolling pin, cake cases, cookie cutters and a spatula. There are 14 items in all, made of silicone so they are heat resistant up to 230 degrees and dishwasher safe. All the items come in a box so easy to wrap up and give as a gift.

This non-stick griddle pan could make a welcome gift. It is made by Savisto and is 28cm and cast aluminium. It is non-stick and works on gas, electric and induction hobs. The handle is detachable for easy storage and without it the pan can go in the oven. The non-stick coating means less or no fat needs to be used while cooking and the griddle pattern can achieve a striped or criss cross mark on meat, fish or vegetables.

This is a fun cookbook full of ideas for delicious puddings. It is called ‘Dessert Cookbook : Fast and Easy Recipes for the Mediterranean Diet.’ Mediterranean desserts tend to be more elegant and healthy than most and therefore can be a great option. The book is full of easy to follow recipes for a selection of cakes, puddings, pastries, fruit pies, muffins and cookies. So you can indulge and not feel so guilty!

This is a Masterclass non-stick fluted cake ring measuring 27cm. It is heavy weight with a soft embossed interior. The ring has a pattern in it which will make all of your cakes look really elegant. It is electroplated and sandblasted to give it extra durability so that it wont corrode, flake or warp. It is covered by a 20 year guarantee and a 5 year non-stick guarantee so you know that it will keep working for a long time.

A blowtorch is a must for any serious cooks kitchen. This Kitchencraft Colourworks blowtorch will look good too as it comes in a stylish colour – red, blue, purple, green or pink. It has a piezo trigger ignition, a refillable cylinder and an adjustable anti-flare flame so is really easy to use. It can be used for all sorts of kitchen jobs –  not just melting the top of your crème brulee.

This professional truffle shaver will add a touch of sophistication to any kitchen. It is made by Truffle Hunter, comes in a lovely box and has a beautiful rosewood handle. The razor sharp stainless-steel blade is adjustable so that you can get different thickness of truffle as you shave it. It can also be used to shave chocolate, cheese, mushrooms or vegetables as well. It is really easy to use.

These heavy duty barbecue cooking tongs will be really handy when the weather is warm. They have really long handles to keep hands well away from the hot flames and a silicon grip to stop them slipping. They come in two sizes 12 and 16 inches. Having two in the set is really handy as you can use one for putting raw meat on the barbecue and the other for turning and serving the cooked meat.

This is a really useful egg poacher made by Sapphire. The pan contains 4 egg poacher cups and has a vented glass lid for making the perfect eggs every time. It has Phenolic handles and knob. It is a 20cm pan and it is suitable for cleaning in the dishwasher. No more worries about trying to make the perfect poached egg with this handy pan. It even comes with free delivery.

This novelty baby grow or vest has the words ‘born to cook’ on them so great for a child who has a parent that loves to cook. It is available in sizes from 0-3 months – 18-24 months. It is black with white and yellow writing on which is printed using highest quality flex and vinyl transfers which will not irritate baby’s skin. It is made of 100% cotton with short sleeves and poppers to fasten underneath. It is machine washable.

This fun mug is a great for any cook who loves curry. This is because it says ‘born to cook curry’s’ on the white mug in black writing. The mug has a 10oz capacity and the words are printed on both sides. It is suitable for using for hot and cold drinks, is microwave and dishwasher safe and comes in a box so all ready for giving to someone as a present.

This microwave bowl will make cooking noodles a breeze. It is made by Siestema and is designed specifically for cooking noodles in. It has an 840ml capacity and measures 15.6 x 17.2 x 9.7cm. There is a steam release vent in the lid. It is not only microwave safe but can also go in the dishwasher (on the top rack) or the fridge or freezer. It is phthalate and BPA free.

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