28 Gift Ideas for Couples of All Ages

Updated on September 13th, 2021
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These gift ideas for couples can be really inspiring when you are looking for something unique to buy a couple that you know. Whether you want an engagement or wedding gift, something for Christmas or just any other time of the year, there are plenty of different things to choose from. Whether they are old or young, enjoy funny or more serious gifts and whether you have a large or small budget; there are suggestions for everyone. Take a look and you should be able to find a great gift that will suit the couple that you have in mind.

28 Presents for Couples, Married or Not!

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This paperback book is a great idea for a young couple with a sense of humour. It is called HIIT High Intensity Intercourse Training by Joe Dicks. It includes 60 different sexercises with diagrams and tips. Not only will this keep them fit but could make them more adventurous in the bedroom as well! This link is for the paperback version but there is a kindle edition available too.

This complete wedding planner journal makes a great engagement present. It has checklists, diary, folders and tips and tricks to help you plan well. It has a white hardback cover with attractive gold ring binding and has tabs to help you quickly find the relevant sections. It is designed to look pretty and be long lasting so it can be kept together with your wedding memorabilia as a memory of the big day.

This Truth or Dare book is a sexy game for couples. There are all sorts of naughty truths to ask each other and then dirty dares as well. Great for giving each other ideas or spicing things up in the bedroom and could even be used as an ice breaker for a party. The book is made by Ashley’s I dare you game notebooks. Available in paperback with free delivery.

This is a lovely book published by National Geographic called Ultimate Journeys for Two. It has all sorts of travel ideas written by Mike and Anne Howard who are officially the World’s Longest Honeymooners. They have used their travel experience to make recommendations of places to visit all over the world which are full of romance, culture and adventure. Would make a good wedding present or general gift for a couple that love to travel.

This is a bucket list journal for a couple’s adventures. The journal has a list of possible activities to do together and then you make your own list and tick them off when you have done them. There are also pages where you can describe the details of what you did when you completed your adventure. You can record your romantic adventures in this keep sake book. Suitable for any adventurous couple.

This is a great book for a couple with a sense of humour. It is a Haynes manual but rather than for a car it is for marriage. The book is a compact guide in a hardback with things like pillow torque, routine maintenance, spare tyres and handling discussed inside! It is all set out in the way that a Haynes car manual would be. Great for couples whether old or young.

This pair of his and hers wine tumblers come with lots of accessories to make them a perfect gift for couples. They come in a box with two stainless steel straws and a corkscrew. As well as wine they can be used for any drink, hot or cold. They are unbreakable so great for taking out and about and are vacuum insulated with a sliding lid that has a straw hole.

These matching hoodies are designed for a couple that like to coordinate their outfits. One has the word King on the front and hood and the other has queen and they both have a crown printed on them. They have a drawstring around the hood and a kangaroo pocket on the front. They come in different styles, sizes and colours so you can get just the right set for the couple you have in mind for them.

These humorous pillow cases make a great fun present for any couple. They have my side and your side written on them with arrows indicating how large those sides are but when you push them together you can see that ‘my side’ is shown to be much bigger than ‘your side’. They are made of high-quality cotton and polyester with non-fade digital printing. They are even machine washable quick drying and wrinkle resistant.

This is a pair of matching stainless steel bracelets. They have an adjustable band so will easily fit most wrists with the male version being 22cm and the female version being 18.5cm. They both have pendants on, with one saying ‘her prince’ on a black background and the other saying ‘his princess’ on a pink background. A great gift choice for a couple.

What could be more romantic than a pair of his and hers watches. The stainless steel watches are very similar in design but one is smaller than the other. When put together a design on the face of the watch forms a heard and the word love. The black or white face is decorated with rhinestones to make a great design for men and women alike. Comes in a gift box so easy to give away.

This board game is based on the popular TV series ‘Mr & Mrs’. It is a family edition so can be played by couples and their children or other family members or they can play on their own. As well as the game show format it also has a quick-fire paddle round. It has over 1,000 questions and is suitable for children and adults aged 10 and over. A fun gift.

These original keyholders allow each member of a couple to be able to store their keys securely. There are two holders one with a picture of a woman and one a man. They have a keyhole and a key. You put the key on your keyring and then you can put it in the lock on the keyholder and keep all of your keys secure and easy to find. Ideal for a couple that lose things a lot!

These are fun towels from Lex’s Linen. They are a pair of white towels embroidered with his and hers. His comes with a brown moustache picture on and hers some pink lips. Made from Turkish cotton they are machine washable at 40 degrees. There is also the option for a pair of hers and hers towels both alike. They have a decorative ribbon around them so are great for gifting.

This boxed pair of coffee mugs with spoon make a luxurious looking gift. They are handmade meaning each mug has a unique swirly marbled pattern. Mr Right’s mug comes in blue and Mrs Always Right’s is pink. They are dishwasher safe but cannot go in the microwave due to the gold wording and finishing. Both cups come with a lid and gold coloured spoon. The fabric lined gift box adds a really luxurious feel.

This pair of necklaces contain complimentary interlocking rings and pendants. The pendant has ‘I will always be with you’ written on it and the rings are black on one and a rose gold colour on the other. They are made of quality stainless steel and one chain is 50cm and the other 45cm in length and the widths are 3mm and 2mm. The design is simple and elegant and so should suit the taste of many couples.

This is a great, fun and novelty gift for a couple. It is a wooden container with see through front where beer bottle tops and corks can be saved. There are two compartments – his has a picture of a beer bottle and hers has a picture of a wine bottle. Each side has a hole in, through which you drop the bottle tops. It is 28cm high and 21cm wide.

This novelty, boxed sock set will make a great joint gift for a couple. It is an official Me to You branded product featuring a really cute tatty teddy (with blue nose and patches) design on the one sock – holding a heart which says ‘sole mates’. This is on the pink sock and the black sock is plainer with sole mates on it in white. They are one size.

This is great duvet for for a couple with a sense of humour. It has a black and white design and there is a white side with her side printed on it and a black side with his side written on it. The white side is as big as ¾ of the bed with the black side being very small. It comes in king or super king size and is 50% cotton and polyester woven into a fine percale.

This is a pair of his and hers coasters. They are made of mirror glass, so will add an elegant touch to any room. One is engraved with the word ‘His’ and the other with the word ‘Hers’ in a stylistic italic font. They would make a great wedding or engagement gift for a couple that like a modern and sleek look in their home. Great for a bedside table, coffee table or sideboard.

These his and hers t-shirts are great fun and would be a good gift for a pizza loving couple. They are black, long sleeved, ethically sourced, cotton t-shirts with a pizza motif. The mans t-shirt has 4/5th of a pizza on it and the woman’s t-shirt has the missing slice on it. The women’s sizes range from XS to 2XL and the men’s sizes range from small to XXXX-Large.

This is a cute and romantic elephant print with frame. The print can be personalised so that the name of the couple is on the picture. It shows two elephants holding trunks with a balloon between them which says ‘love is all you need’. You can choose between different sized prints (A5, A4, A3), different colours and you can even buy either a white or black frame to go with it.

These are laser engraved spoons which have either ‘his ice cream’ or ‘her ice cream’ written on them with a cute heart beneath the words. The spoons are made of quality stainless steel which will not rust or easily scratch. They are 19cm long so great for eating ice cream sundaes or stirring lattes. A lovely gift for a couple who love ice cream, coffee or novelty kitchen items.

This is a set of aprons designed especially for couples with a sense of humour. They are both white with black writing on. One says ‘I like her butt’ and the other says ‘I like his beard’ and both have a heart on them too. One size fits all as they have adjustable straps on them. Many couples like cooking or baking together or for each other and this would suit such a couple.

This pair of black baseball caps will make any couple stand out from the crowd. They are embroidered with the words King or Queen and you can choice to have it in either white or gold. They are the same size but both adjustable using a strap at the back and are 59-63cm. They are made of acrylic and have a wide brim to shade the sun off your face or neck.

Giving a couple this pair of gin glasses could make then feel very special indeed! One says ‘His Lordship’ on it in blue and the other says ‘Her Ladyship’ in gold. They both have a crown on them too. They have a unique design with a thin stem and large bowl and hold 540ml. They are 8sm diameter at the top and 10cm wide at their widest point and 14.5cm tall.

These are really cute his and hers piggy banks for a couple who are saving up or love fun novelties. ‘His money’ is printed on the gold piggy bank and ‘her money’ is printed on the silver piggy bank. However, they are stacked on top of each other and any money put into the top will automatically fall into her piggy bank at the bottom. Great for a couple with a sense of humour.

This boxed his and hers keyring set is made up of a love heart of which half is on each person’s keyring, so they have half a heart each. They can be engraved at no extra charge with names or a short message up to 20 characters on each half. You can even choose the font that you want. The keyrings are silver plated with a highly polished finish and have free delivery.

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