27 Presents for Crocheters of All Ages

By Louise
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Crafts have really grown in popularity lately including crocheting. This is something which you might find that some of your friends and family take part in, either as a new hobby or as something they have done for a long time. It is something that can be relaxing and fun and you might like to show your support for their hobby by buying them a gift that relates to it. However, if you do not crochet yourself, you may find it tricky knowing exactly what to buy for them. We have therefore come up with a list of suggested items that you could consider buying in the hope that you will be inspired.

27 Gift Ideas for Crocheting Fans

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This is a project of ‘easy to do crochet’. It is a kit which is designed for kids and beginners and has a selection of different projects to try out. You can crochet a bag, coasters of different designs and a mat. The kit includes two crochet hooks, 1 plastic needle, different colour yarns and full instructions for both left and right handed crafters. For adults and children over the age of eight years old.

This is a wall hanging which is made of macramé and crochet. It is made from beige cotton and attached to a stick. It is made from 100% natural cotton in a natural colour and is handmade in a traditional way with a butterfly floral pattern on it. It is 30cm x 72cm in size and has a wool hanger so that it is easy to display on any wall.

This is a crochet hook. It has an ergonomic handle which means that it is easy and comfortable to use even if it is being used for a long period of time. It has a gold plated soft tip with the rest being made of steel. It is 1mm in size and therefore can be used for really intricate patterns. It is a low price and even comes with free delivery.

This is a handmade crochet cotton lace doily. It is available in 22 and 26 inch diameters (although size may vary slightly) and it is available in white, blue, red, brown or beige. It has a waterlily design. It is made from a cotton material that is washable which means that it can easily be kept clean. It can be used as a placemat, for a dressing table or other decorative purposes.

This is a crochet set which has lots of different items all in a case. There are ten different coloured crochet hooks in different sizes made from aluminium, and some silver coloured hooks as well. There are also scissors, plastic needles, locking stitch makers, row counter, knitting gauge and stitch holder. It contains everything you need to get your started with crochet and is a useful additional kit for those that already have a few items.

This is a coaster which says on it ‘crocheting is my happy place’ and has a cute picture of a little girl doing some crochet sitting on a giant ball of yarn. It is a wooden coaster and will therefore protect the surface it is on from heat or cold and will not scratch the surface either. It is hard wearing and so will last a long time and it even comes with free delivery.

This is a special LED light which is designed for using when doing crochet or other crafts. It has a ‘U’ shaped design which means that it can be worn around the neck and there is a light at each end which means that it will light up whatever is in front of you. This can be extremely handy for all sorts of crafts or reading, when you need your hands to be available.

This is a paperback book called ‘The Ultimate Crocheting Project Planner’ which is red with a picture of a ball of yarn on it. The pages are designed to allow you to note the details of your project including a space to stick in a sample of the yarn that you are using. You can also note important information like the brand and dye lot of the yarn so that if you need to buy more you will be sure to get an exact match. There are 119 planner pages.

This is a book called ‘Crocheting for Dummies; by Karen Manthey and Susan Brittain. It is available in paperback or Kindle edition and has all sorts of information from how to choose the right hooks and yarns to how to complete your project. It includes patterns, stitches and techniques, covers common mistakes and how to correct them, has some information on how to be eco aware when crocheting, has links to free online videos that you can watch to learn more.

This is a white 10oz mug which has a design of a cute girl doing some crochet while sitting on a ball of yarn. It says beside her ‘crocheting is my happy place’ in black writing. It is sent in a branded box which means that it will be protected in transit and that it will be easy to wrap up when you receive it. It even has free delivery!

This is a set of cotton crochet threads. There are 16 rolls of yarn each in a different colour and each is about 8 meters long. Each has two shades of colour so they look really pretty. Each ball is 3.5cm x 4.5cm in size. They are high quality and made from 100% soft cotton which has a pearlized sheen and it is soft, silky and strong. Great for crochet as well as other craft projects.

This is a latch hook kit to make a cushion cover. It has a cute and colourful design of two owls and it has a cotton and polyester canvas with wool, already cut to the correct length to put in it. The idea is that you use the crochet hook to thread the wool through the canvas and knot it and follow the pattern to choose the right colours to make the picture.

This is a custom designed tag which you can buy so that you can attach it to work that you have made such as crochet projects. They are 40 x 30mm in size and have eight holes in so that they can be attached to an item easily. You just need to let the maker know what you wish to have printed on your label which is made of leather and a sand colour.

This is a tote bag specifically designed for keeping crochet items in. It comes in purple, grey or black and is made from durable nylon which is also scratch resistant. It has a large section to keep all sorts of things, such as thread, with grommets where you can thread it through to keep it tidy with fasteners to keep it in place when not being used. It has a zip pocket on the side with slots for keeping needles in. It comes in two sizes.

This is a book of ’25 Cozy Crocheted Slippers: Fun and Fashionable Footwear for all of the Family’ by Kristi Simpson. There are all sorts of patterns for designs such as Mary Jane’s and Loafers as well as elf shoes, owl boots and ruby red slippers. There are patterns for a variety of footwear and therefore this would make a great gift for someone that wants to make some funky and inspired projects.

This is a yarn ball winder. It comes in small, middle, large and XS sizes and can make pull thread balls. It makes winding balls much easier.  It just needs to be attached to a table and then can be used to crank the wool into a ball. The umbrella style winder easily folds down for storage but it is easy to put together and take apart again. Comes with a storage bag.

This is a very chunky ball of yarn. It can be used to make rugs and blankets as well as for other craft projects and comes in camel, cream, dark grey, jade, light green, light grey and light pink. It is 15m long and 25-30mm in diameter. It is made from polyester cotton and is washable and can be used with very thick needles or for massive projects and for novelty items.

This is a stainless steel coil ring. It is worn on the tip of the finger to help to hold yarns in place using the coils at each end. It is about 18mm in diameter and can be really helpful for all sorts of knitting and crochet projects. The stainless steel is silver in colour and shiny so it looks good and it will not rust or tarnish. Comes with free delivery.

This is a mouse mat which is 240mm x 200mm x 4mm in size, which has a black background with ‘It’s not hoarding if it’s yarn’ written on it in white with a picture of some balls of yarn, buttons, safety pins and crochet hooks. It is waterproof which means that it will last a long time and is easy to wipe clean. It has a non-slip rubber base so it will stay in place on the desk when being used.

This is a book containing 15 patterns for crochet neck warmers. There are different designs to choose from so the crafter can try them all out or choose the one that they like the look of the best to make for themselves or for others. They can mix and match the patterns and try them out with different colours and in different sizes as well. It is available as a paperback book or a Kindle edition ebook.

This is a book called ‘Hooded Scarves to Crochet’ by Barbara Shaffer. There are five different patterns in the book made with medium weight yarn. You can pick from Aruba Sea, Dramatic Stripes, Warm and Woodsy, Blue Shells or Gaelic Charm. The recipient could try out all of the designs or pick the one that they like the best and do that one. The book is available as a kindle edition.

This is a set of Kraft gift tags which say ‘handmade with love’ on them with a heart. They are available in white or brown and have twine to make loops so that they can be attached to handmade items such as crochet. They are 5 x 5cm in size and are made of 300gsm high quality card paper. The set contains 100 labels with 30m of jute twine for you to cut and attach to them as needed.

This is a paperback book by Janet Hobbs called ‘Crochet Rugs and Throws’. It has patterns for large items as well as small throws, baby rugs and pram covers. There are only six different stitches required which means that it is ideal for beginners to use. There are ten different patterns and they all have simple to follow instructions and straightforward patterns. The author is an award winning crochet designer.

This is a set of 6 balls of crochet or knitting yarn. Each is 50g and is made from acrylic wool and comes in varied colours. There are two sets to choose from which have different selection of colours most of which are two tone or have even more colours in them. They are soft and durable but easy to use and can be hand washed or machine washed carefully. They therefore can be used to make all sorts of items.

This is a crochet kit to make an easy baby blanket. It is for those that know some basic stitches but want to make an item using them. It is a cosy blanket in rainbow bright colours and the kit has 3 balls of yarn, a printed pattern, a 4mm crochet hook, 2 pretty stitch markers, yarn needles, organza project bag and a few extra goodies. The 5 page pattern is easy to follow.

This is a book with 26 easy patterns to ‘crochet cute critters’ by Sarah Zimmerman. The patterns are for beginners and they use the method of Amigurumi which is the Japanese art of crocheting stuffed toys. The book includes an alligator, fox, whales, yak, monkey, nightingale, giraffe, lamb, kangaroo, jellyfish, hippo, turtle, bear, fish, snail, unicorn, viper, bee and zebra with easy to follow instructions for the head and body.

This is a set of 15 bamboo crochet hooks. There are different sizes from 3mm to 25mm and they are durable and safe. They are smooth and environmentally friendly compared with other types of wood. They are light in weight and ergonomically designed and they feel comfortable to hold and make for smoother crocheting. They can be used for all sorts of crafts and also look really nice as well.

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