28 Presents for People Who Love Crossword Puzzles

By Louise
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Whether crosswords are just to pass the time away or are a serious hobby we have gift suggestions for puzzlers of all abilities and ages. Or where a little helping hand is required to complete the weekend newspaper crossword, we have that covered too. We also have some practical tools to aid the crossword puzzler such as: pens and crossword solvers to help with those tricky crosswords. We have novelty gifts to give the crosswords lovers for Christmas or their birthday’s in recognition of their love of crossword puzzles, such as clothing, mugs and even bedding and bathroom accessories believe it or not.

28 Gift Ideas for Crossword Fans

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A huge one hundred and twenty three paged puzzle book, packed full of challenging puzzles for grown-ups new to crosswords and older grown-ups to keep the grey matter working. With themes such as: vegetables, animals, birds, space and many more, this book is written using large text and will provide hours of fun. This puzzle book can also double up as a colouring book to provide serenity.

A crossword puzzle book for youngsters to keep them amused and that will also help them educationally, with an improved spelling ability and development of language skills and use of words. With puzzle themes ranging from animals living in the ocean, prehistoric animals, food and so many more that are covered in this humongous one hundred and twenty-three paged puzzle book. A great introduction to crosswords for the little ones.

A great little novelty gift for the crossword puzzler. A note book containing one hundred pages of ruled paper to make notes, write down ‘to do lists,’ make shopping lists or even use it as a journal. With a length of approximately 23 cm and a width of just over 15 cm, the text ‘Education is important but Crossword Puzzles is more importanter Notebook’ is featured on the front cover in white writing and six red stars on a grey background.

A fabulous and thoughtful gift for a youngster to give to their Grandma or even for an older family member or friend. Not only are crosswords included in this book but other types of puzzles too, such as wordsearches. A fantastic three hundred and twenty pages packed with puzzles. The cover of this book is beautifully designed with the type of puzzles contained in the book shown and artwork of a teapot, sewing machine, cupcakes and many more.

One for the young football player or fan! Action packed crosswords across sixty-three pages with a football theme. Aimed towards the ages between thirteen and eighteen years of age, this book will challenge the puzzler. Throughout the book there are football related motivational quotations. The size of this book is just over 15 cm wide with a length of around 23 cm, so perfect for doing on the school bus or en route to football practice.

Another crossword puzzle book for youngsters but this time aimed at children aged between eight and twelve. Not only will this book provide lots of entertainment, but it will also be thought provoking. These crosswords will support educational learning particularly in improving their ability to remember things whilst broadening their vocabulary. Sssh! Do not tell them but the answers are provided at the end of the book!

A huge three hundred and fifty-two pages of crosswords to keep your friend or family member who loves this type of puzzle entertained for a very long time. This book provides lots of challenging crosswords to solve whether as a one-off crossword or a long session of puzzle solving. This book measures 12.7 cm by 19.7 cm and is suitable for puzzlers aged 13 years and above.

An essential gift or tool for the puzzler that will help them when they are unable to find the answers to those tricky crossword clues containing hundreds of thousands of suggested resolutions. A substantial and robust book written by an expert in helping solve crosswords including analysis of enigmatic clues. This book will be well received by the puzzler of whom you gift it to.

The first one of the series, this crossword book contains four hundred and forty-six pages of two hundred abstract and obscure crosswords to solve with a high level of difficulty to challenge even the experienced puzzler.  Renowned for the level of difficulty this book is from The Times and is not for the fainthearted. A handy sized puzzle book measuring approximately 20 cm length by 12.7 cm width.

A crossword puzzle a day will … keep the mind sharp? Yes, three hundred and sixty-five crossword puzzles are contained in this book. Suitable for all ages over ten years old, this unique collection of crossword puzzles can sit on your desk ready for completion alongside a morning coffee. Measing just over 11 cm both width and length; this item is attractively packaged making a lovely gift for the crossword puzzler whether a stocking filler or birthday gift.

Another one from The Times, this crossword puzzle is not quite as difficult as our previous Times suggestion. In the general knowledge theme, there are one hundred and twenty eight pages of crossword puzzles covering a wide range of topics, with fifty actual puzzles included. Questions include ‘Small bats, the most common in the UK (12), and Composed of or resembling bones (6).

This very trendy T-shirt will be worn with pride by boys and men who love crosswords. This T-shirt is available in sizes small, medium, large, extra-large, double extra-large and triple extra-large for men and from ages four to twelve for boys. You can choose from a black, navy, grey, blue and green background colour which compliments the shirt design with the text ‘King of the Crossword,’ in red and white.

This groovy T-shirt is suitable for both men and women who love crossword puzzles and comes in sizes small, medium, large, extra-large, double extra-large and triple extra-large for both men and women. The design on the front of the T-shirt features a crown, with the words ‘cross word’ in a grid format which is all in white and the word ‘Queen’ in yellow. Made from natural fabric you have a choice of nine colours to choose from.

A super cool mug to gift the crossword puzzler featuring the outline of a crossword all around the mug and a black handle. A pencil is included in the presentation box alongside clues to complete the mug crossword on the outside. With a capacity of 355 millilitres this mug is sure big enough to contain enough coffee to keep you going during the first puzzle of the day, once you have completed the mug crossword of course! A lovely all-encompassing gift.

A novelty gift for the one who likes to cook but that loves crosswords! The front of the apron features an illustration of a crossword puzzle with the addition of lots of red hearts. It is made purely from a long-lasting synthetic fibre that is also easy to keep clean and comes with a tie in the same material. The length of the apron is just over twenty-eight inches with a width of twenty and a half inches.

A crossword puzzle for your crossword mad friend to focus on when your little ones are getting out of the bath or shower. Made from microfibre material that will result in easy cleaning of this mat, whilst the back reduces the risk of slips and falls. This particular one measures 600 millimetres in length by four hundred millimetres in width although it is available in larger sizes too.

With another bathroom focus, this bathroom set includes a mat for when your crossword friend is getting out the bath or shower, an item to go over the toilet seat, an item that fits snugly around the base of the toilet and a drape for the shower. All in the traditional black and white crossword themed design. All items wash well and will allow the puzzler to keep up with practice at any time!

These very cool set of four coasters will make a wonderful birthday gift or stocking filler for the friend or loved one who loves crosswords. The width of these coasters are ninety millimetres with a depth of four millimetres. The material used to make these coasters is derived from trees. The illustration on the top side of the coaster features a crossword puzzle with a pencil.

A mouse mat with the crossword theme so that your crossword loving friend or family member is never far away from the temptation of the crossword puzzle. This mouse mat measures two hundred millimetres width with a length of two hundred and fifty millimetres. Resistant to liquid and easy to keep clean this mouse mat can also be used as a table mat. A winning gift for the avid puzzler.

An individually designed backpack for youngsters or older people for college or work or just to store a packed lunch for exciting days out. It can also be used stored to store your technological items required for work. With a crossword pattern on the front of the backpack and the words ‘Pirate Crossword,’ the straps are black that can be adjusted to fit the individual.

A bumper pack of three crossword books to keep the puzzler out of mischief. The crossword books shown in the photo may not be the ones sent to you but will be of equal quality and challenge level! A present to pass the time of day and that can be put down and picked up again with ease. For dimensional context, the package delivered will measure approximately 21 cm by 16 cm with a depth of 3.3 cm.

One for all of us! This useful bottle for the cold drink of your choice has a simple design crossword theme. It has a black screw cap lid whilst the bottle part is transparent with the words ‘all I care about is crossword puzzles … and like maybe 3 people,’ in black text.  With a large capacity of nearly 600 millilitres, this supersized liquid container measures nearly 19 cm length with a diameter of just over 7 cm.

This crossword puzzle set includes two crossword puzzle books, book 1 and book 2 which cumulatively includes a massive two hundred and eighty crossword puzzles. The dimensions of the package that will be delivered to you with both of the two crossword books is 27.5 cm long by 24 cm wide and a depth of 2.8 cm and weighs approximately half a kilo. This will keep the mind ticking over!

For those super tricky crosswords where no matter what you try the answer is just not there, this electronic crossword puzzle solver will be the answer to your cries. As a perfect Christmas or birthday gift for the crossword puzzler who takes their hobby seriously, it comes pre supplied with a CR2032 battery. It also can help with other games and has a number of other uses such as an electronic numerical counter.

A paperback book to help the advanced crossword puzzler crack the ultimate in crosswords, the cryptic crossword! Either as a gift in its own right or with a cryptic crossword puzzle book, this is one gift that the loved one who loves a crossword will just love. The book contains one hundred and four pages of ideas and analogies to help solve the most difficult cryptic crosswords.

When your loved one spends their time completing crosswords, an item they will be grateful for is a pen, a good pen! But better still, this pen is a gel pen with an eraser. Literally the ultimate gift for the crossword fan. This pen measures fourteen centimetres long, is black in colour with silver text and writes in black. A pen that not only removes those little mistakes but also writes beautifully.

An apple a day keeps the doctor away; so a crossword a day? Is certainly good for the old grey matter. This book is bumper filled with crosswords and includes an incredible three hundred and sixty pages of crosswords, even covering that extra one occuring every four years! With two crosswords on each page, there is a date on each crossword. This crossword book is sure to keep your loved one busy.

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