32 Gift Ideas for Dancers of All Ages

Updated on August 12th, 2021
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Many of us know someone that loves dancing. Whether it is a child that takes ballet, tap or contemporary classes or a couple that love ballroom or Latin dancing, it is likely that we will know a dancer. Finding them a gift related to dancing is a really thoughtful thing to do as they will really appreciate that you have noticed that they have a love of dancing and tried to put that into your gift. To help with this, there is a varied amount of different gifts in this list. Hopefully there are things that will suit a range of different ages, tastes and budgets so that you will be able to find something lovely for the dancer that you know.

32 Presents for People Who Love to Dance

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This turning board is very useful for any dancer that needs to practice balance. They are often used to practice doing pirouettes and similar movements. Ballet dancers do these a lot but they are also a big feature of contemporary dancing and they can make a big impression if done well. The board helps posture and balance and can take an adults weight as well as children’s and works for all sizes of feet.

This is a lovely print of a dancer which can be personalised. It is a silhouetted figure against a white background. The figure is made up of words which can be changed to be a name or personal words or phrases. You can choose 10-12 words or just have the name repeated throughout. You can choose from three colours, bright, pastel or grey mix. The print is all ready to frame and give as a gift.

This is a lovely ornament which is the figure of a dancer on a plinth. It is a ballerina standing and looking upwards based on the Degas sculpture from 1881. It is made from a bronze resin and is 10.5 inches tall. The figure is said to be fourteen years old so would be a lovely gift for a little girl. Comes ready boxed so all packaged ready to give away.

This useful notebook has a dance quote on the front. It says ‘It’s better to dance ‘cos it may be your last chance’. The notebook is black with white writing on. It is 6 x 9 inches in size and contains 120 lined pages which have white paper. It has a matte finish cover. Useful for use as a diary, journal, notebook, planning, school rough book or for making lists.

This PlumBand stretch band is designed specifically for dance classes. It comes with instructions and can be used to increase strength and flexibility. There is also a travel bag included for easy transportation to dance class or to the training room. The band comes in a choice of colours, blue, pink and purple and two sizes for the young and petite and for the taller and older dancer. Suitable for all experience levels.

This is a pretty jewellery stand ideal for giving to a ballerina. It is black and has a stand over a saucer which has four ballerinas on it in different positions. It is a cute little size and can hold necklaces, earrings, bracelets and brooches. It just needs minimal assembly and is then all ready to use. Will look good on any dressing table, bed side table or chest of drawers.

This keyring is really cute as it has a tap or jazz shoe pendant on it. It is made by Katz Dancewear and would make a great keyring to go on a dance school locker key, to hang on a dance kit bag or something like that. It has Katz written on the insole of the shoes. It is a mini version of a real tap shoe with a toe plate.

These knee supports are really useful for dancers. They come in different sizes to fit all. They have breathable wicking fabric for comfort, are elasticated for good fit but they are cushioned for comfort on the knees. They reduce the impact and cushion the knee as well as protecting it from bruising. Great for when practising knee slides or any movements where the dancer drops to the ground and lands on their knees.

This is a Tiaobug woman’s leotard with a criss cross back. It is made of cotton and polyester which is stretchy, soft and breathable. There are two designs to choose from, one with a pair of spaghetti straps with a gather at the bust in wine red or black and a higher cut one with a single strap in wine red, black, white or blue/green. They come with a bra lining for comfort and good fit.

This is a lovely iron on patch in a ballerina shape. It has a glittery finish and is available in silver, light blue, black, gold, pink, red or green and in two sizes 14 x 20cm and 20 x 29cm. They can be used to cover a small hole in clothing or just to enhance them. Can be ironed on to cotton, polyester, acrylic or similar fabrics. They come with instructions for use.

This fun mug makes a great present for a dancer with a sense of humour. It is a white mug with a turquoise background and the white writing says ‘this is what an awesome dancer looks like’ with an arrow pointing upwards. The mug holds 10oz and comes in a polystyrene box to keep it safe when posted. It is even dishwasher and microwave proof so extremely practical as well as lots of fun.

This lovely hoodie is perfect to give to anyone that enjoys ballet. It says on it ‘I’m a ballet dancer what’s your superpower?’ and has a picture of a ballerina on it. It is available in sizes 3-4, 5-6, 7-8. 9-10 and 12-13 and in pink, black, blue, grey or navy blue. It has a pocket on the front and is made from a 50% cotton 50% polyester blend. It can go in the washing machine.

This is a useful and fun water bottle. It is white with a black lid and says ‘I Dance What’s Your Superpower?’ on it in black writing. The lid has a hole in with a carabiner on it so that you can attach the bottle to your belt, bag or something like that. Around the neck of the bottle is a plastic loop with a sports cap attached to it. This means that you can change the cap when you want a drink.

These ballet shoe earrings would make a cute present. They each have a pair or ballet shoes with three crystals inside each shoe. They are made from sterling silver and the crystals make them look all sparkly.  They are small, discreet stud style earrings with butterfly backs for anyone that prefers their jewellery not to stand out too much. They measure 9mm x 7mm and come in a free gift box.

These pyjamas would make an ideal present for any girl that loves to dance. They say on the top ‘eat sleep dance repeat’ which is on a white background and the sleeves are black. The cuffs and collar have a purple trim. The trousers have a star and shooting star pattern on them with a black background. They are available in ages 9-14, are made from 100% cotton and are machine washable.

This pretty ballet dress would make a great dressing up costume or dance performance outfit. It is a V neck, sleeveless dance leotard with a bow on the waistband, a shiny dancer on the back and a ruffled hem around the skirt. It is available in ages 2-3, 3-4, 5-6, 78, 8-10, 10-12 and 12-14 years. It also comes in pink, black, blue, purple, rose and white. It is soft to wear.

These ballerina bookends give an elegant look to any shelf. Each bookend has a cut out of a ballerina which is in a pretty pose. They are different so each gives a different look to your bookshelf. They are black in colour so look particularly good silhouetted against a pale coloured wall. The edges are laser cut so that they are really smooth and they are made of steel which is non-slip. .

This pretty ballerina wall clock would enhance the wall of any dancer. Instead of numbers around the white face it has black silhouettes of ballerinas in different poses. In the centre is another dancer and her legs are the hands of the clock. It measures 30 x 30 x 6cm and needs minimal assembly and batteries to make it work. With a modern quartz movement it should keep good time.

This fun acrylic block will let any dancer know what you think of them. It says ‘world’s best dancer* superhero in disguise’ on it with a picture of the world. It is hand polished so the image is crystal clear. It is solid so it will free stand on a shelf, desk or table. It is 10 x 10 x 2 cm and the image is printed on the back and then viewed through the glass black, It has diamond cut sides so that it can be seen at all angles.

This is a fun coaster for line dancers that can be personalised. It says on the top ‘no 1 line dancer’ with a picture of a cowboy hat underneath. Then under that it has a name and then love and the name of who it is from. It is 9 x 9 cm and a high gloss coaster with a wipe clean surface. It has a wooden back so that it does not slip or mark the surface that it is on.

This funny drawstring bag says ‘sorry I’m an Irish Dancer I only Count to 8′ and depicts the silhouette of a dancer. It measures 37 x 46cm and is great for carrying dance clothing but also other things like PE kit or swimming kit. It comes in a selection of colours: black, bottle green, bright red, burgundy, French navy, fuchsia, mustard and royal blue. Made from 100% cotton with a white drawstring.

These ballet shoes are great for dancing or gymnastics. They have a split sole which is flat for easy movement and cross over elastic straps to hold them on. The outer material is canvas and they are cotton inside to make them comfortable. They allow free movement and good form while practising and dancing.  They are available in pink, light pink or black and come in a big selection of child and adult sizes.

These are Starlite brand leather jazz shoes available in either black or tan with a big variety of child and adult full and half size options. They are really easy to slip on and off due to the flexible leather upper and split sole design which makes them really good for younger children. The sole is made from gum rubber so that it does not slip easily and there is a 1cm heel.

This is a lovely sports bag for a dancer. It is black and pink and has the word ‘dance’ on it. Great for carrying dance kit to classes. There are lots of compartments outside and inside to store different items of clothing, makeup, hairbrush etc. It has a shoulder strap as well as handles. It measures 30 x 45 x 23 cm so roomy enough for dance kit and accessories to be easily carried in.

This is a lovely jewellery box for a little girl that likes dancing. On the top it says ‘I (heart) dance’ in pink. The white box is 12 x 9.5 x 6 cm and has pink hearts and silver stars on the lid as well as the writing. The lid is hinged and inside it is a mirror. The box is split into three useful compartments inside to keep different jewellery items separate.

This book will be an interesting and useful read for any dancer. It is ‘The Dancers; Study Guide: A Dance Guidebook of Dance History, health and Fitness, Performance Lessons, Tips and Advice’. It is by Anthony King, world famous dancer, choreographer and teacher and teaches how to be a professional performer with tips about health, nutrition, fitness, auditions and the right mindset. It also includes some dance history, techniques and psychology.

This is a leotard for boys to wear when dancing. It is a sleeveless one piece with short legs. It comes in a variety of plain and patterned colour options. This is a high quality piece with triple thread stitching and quality finish. It is breathable material for comfort and is a classic style which will not go out of fashion. It is available in a range of sizes and is easy to wash in the washing machine.

These ballet foot tongs will prevent toes from squeezing each other when dancing. They are breathable and provide cushioning for the feet as they are padded with a piece of leather under the forefoot. They are very flexible which means that they will fit on many sizes of feet. They are also well made so that they are very durable. Can help to prevent blisters and give comfort to feet while dancing.

This is the Fellie Ballet Barre and is adjustable from 10-120cm. There is an upper and lower bar which can both be changed in height. It is easy to grip and has a rustproof surface which is steel and therefore creates friction. The rubber feet keep it from slipping on the floor. It is sturdy enough to withstand weight of up to 50kg. It comes in a choice of pink or purple and is simple to assemble.

This is a dance cardio DVD. It is a great gift idea for anyone that enjoys dancing and wants to keep fit at home. The DVD is the Tracey Anderson Method 2 and it includes high impact aerobics which incorporate different dance moves. It is designed to build stamina, muscles and strength using a fun workout which will teach you some dances and keep you wanting to repeat it over and over again.

This DVD has 3 different belly dance programs which can be used to help with fitness as well as learning to belly dance at the same time. It has been designed to tone muscle, recharge energy, build confidence and dance away stress. It teaches the basics and then more complex moves with a burn section to build strength and stamina. A fun way to exercise and reduce stress levels at the same time.

This book by Jordan Matter is called Dancers Among us: A Celebration of Joy in the Everyday. It is a book full of photographs showing dancers doing different movements in everyday life situations. They might be leaping, spinning, kicking or lifting but they are in everyday situations such as at the park, in a restaurant, at the beach or whatever. The idea of the book is to show that dancing can express mindfulness in any situation.

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