28 Thoughtful Gift Ideas for your Daughter

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Buying lovely gifts for your daughter may not be that tricky because you will know them well. However, sometimes you are looking for something a bit quirky or different, something fun or unique and these can be harder to find. This is why we have compiled this list of thoughtful gifts that should help to give you some ideas of some lovely things that you will be able to gift to your daughter and let her know how much you care about her. There are many different things, so you should be able to find something that will suit her really well and hopefully something that she has not come across before.

28 Perfect Presents for your Daughter That She Will Love

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This hardback book has been put together especially for a parent to gift to their daughter. It is called ‘Letters to my Daughter’ and is designed for parents to write in. To help there are prompts before each letter such as ‘I love being your parent because’ or ‘My wishes for you are’. These can be completed all in one go or over a long time to gift to your daughter when you feel the time is right.

This lovely music box would make a precious gift from parents to their child. It is simply hand cranked to play a tune. It has a message inside and you can choose for it to either be signed from Mum or Dad. It is 4.2cm x 6.4cm x 5.2cm and so fits in the palm of the hand. It is a wooden box with a lovely carving on it inspired by a retro storage box.

This notebook has a funny message for a daughter. It reads ‘You’re an awesome daughter keep that sh*t up’ which is written in white on an elegant black book cover. The book is 6×9 inches and is lined so can be used for note taking, to-do lists, as a diary, journaling, shopping lists or any other writing. Has 110 pages so plenty of room for putting lots of information in.

This lovely pendant is designed as a gift for a mother to give to her daughter. It has a love heart pendant which splits in half with mother written on one side and daughter on the other. Both also have a half moon on which is written ‘I (heart) you to the moon and back’. It is made from a metal alloy that is antiallergic and plated with 18k white gold. It comes with a 45cm chain.

This Darling Daughter keychain will let a daughter know that she is being looked after. It says on the box ‘I will remind you that wherever you go, whatever you do, loving thoughts will always follow you’. The keychain is a purple haired stuffed doll. It is a watchover voodoo doll to keep and remember that someone is always looking out for you. The doll is about 3.5 inches and hangs from a keyring to put with keys or hang somewhere special.

This silver-plated bangle makes a lovely gift as it comes in a beautiful lilac coloured presentation box. It is made by Equilibrium Jewellery specifically for Mothers to give to their special daughters. It comes in one size with a 22cm circumference and opens on a hinge for easy fitting and removal. It is engraved with the words ‘daughter . . . a little girl who grows up to be a friend’.

This lamp is designed to be a sentimental gift from mother to daughter. It says on it ‘My daughter, you are braver than you believe stronger than you seem, smarter than you think and loved more than you know, love Mum.’ The lamp comes on a wooden stand and can be charged using a USB. It has a switch underneath to change the brightness and changes colours between white and yellow light.

This light up bottle says ‘Daughter I love you to the moon and back’. The pretty pink bottle has a piece of shabby chic string tied around the neck. Inside there are some fairy lights which will make the bottle glow once you put in batteries and switch it on. The writing is in white with stars around it. A lovely gift from parents to their daughter to show how much they care about her.

This is a special handmade present to be given to a daughter. It is a jar which has quotes inside. The quotes are printed on bright coloured paper which have been rolled up and fastened with a ring. This means that they are hidden until the owner decides to open them up. Each quote says something about how lovely it is to have a daughter. The pretty jar comes in an organza bag all ready to give away as a gift.

This humorous plaque can make a great gift. It is made from wood and has two holes that string is threaded through so that it can be hung up. It has a mottled pink background and in the foreground writing in red, blue and black. It reads ‘I smile because you are my daughter I laugh because there is nothing you can do about it’. It measures 17 x 13cm and can be hung up or propped on a shelf.

This sentimental ornament is a lovely gift for any daughter. It shows two angelic figures holding hands, one much smaller than the other. They are standing on a pebble which reads ‘A daughter a gift of love’ on it. It is natural stone coloured and the figures have a simple design with just white, pink and brown colouring. It is made from high quality resin and measures 9.5cm x 8cm.

L This mug is a gift from mother to daughter. It has a sentimental message to a daughter on it expressing how much she is loved. In the background there is a picture of a mother and daughter outside in a field beneath heart shaped clouds. The mug has a base colour of white and is microwave and dishwasher safe. It has an 11oz capacity and is suitable for drinking hot or cold drinks from.

This cushion cover is white with black and pink colouring. It depicts a border of roses with the following words in the middle ‘I’m really very lucky, I can’t believe it’s true, of all the daughters in the world, I got the best one….you’. The simple design will fit in any room and it would take pride of place on a sofa or bed or even on a shelf as a decorative piece.

This is a very special Pandora bead charm with the word daughter on it. It is heart shaped and made of silver with a special pink zirconia stone in it in a heart shaped setting. It is 0.287 x 0.413 x 0.433 inches and so would sit nicely on a necklace or bracelet. It has a hole through to easily thread it onto a chain. A gift that will really be treasured.

This novelty gift is a fun thing for daughters to show them how highly they are thought of. It is an organza bag with about a dozen items in it. The label explains the relevance of each item and why it is important for a daughter to have them. Items include a candle ‘because you light up my life’ and sweets ‘because you are really sweet’. At the bottom of the label it says ‘you are an amazing daughter’.

This is a mini tin that you can give to a daughter to show her how much you care about her. It is silver coloured and has ‘I love you daughter’ on the lid with some entwined hearts. It measures 45mm x 45mm x 20mm and contains sweets. The sweets are mini, white, heart shaped mints. Once the mints are eaten the tin can be used to store small treasures.

This is a lovely case that can be used to store loads of make up. It would be a great gift for a daughter that has lots of different products and needs a solution for storing them somewhere, It has four trays with dividers so that you can easily organise everything that you have as well as plenty of other space to put larger items. It locks and there is a carry handle so you can take it anywhere you wish.

This cute tatty teddy bear is made specially to give to a daughter. It is made by Me to You and has blue nose and patched appearance synonymous with this brand. The fluffy grey bear has a flower on it and a red ribbon with a label which says ‘special daughter’. It measures 18cm and comes in a box which says ‘with love from’. Suitable for all ages from age 3 upwards.

This dressing table mirror would make a great gift for any daughter. It is white and wooden so would fit in with any room, It measures 46 x 47 x 12cm so great for doing make-up or hair. It is free standing so needs no fixing as it can just stand on a shelf, dressing table or bedside table. It comes with the swivel hinges installed so it is all ready to use.

This Burt’s Bees Beauty gift set makes a lovely gift for a daughter. It can be used for travelling as the items are small or just enjoyed for general use. It includes a deep cleansing hand cream, hand salve, body lotion, foot cream and a lip balm which all include beeswax. They all come in a pretty presentation box which is all ready to give away as a lovely gift.

This memorial frame is a way to remember a daughter that has been lost. It says on it ‘special daughter tears in silence often flow for you dear daughter i miss you so’. It has a black background with silver teardrops running down it. There is a space to insert your favourite photograph. The frame is made of glass and has a stand on the back so that you can easily put it on a shelf.

This is a fleece printed with a sentimental message form a Mom to a daughter. It explains that wherever the daughter goes the Mom’s love will always be with her. It has a black background with a moon and butterfly picture on it. It is lightweight and made from high density Sherpa fleece material. It is breathable and durable but silky soft and warm. You can pick between two sizes: 56 x 43 inch and 80 x 60 inch.

This is a fun personalised apron that would make a great gift for a daughter that bakes. It is available in a selection of child and adult sizes. The apron has a cupcake design and has a name on it and then ‘is a baking superstar’ so you can choose the name that is printed on it. It is made in the UK from 100% polyester which can be washed in a machine at temperatures up to 60 degrees.

This gorgeous babygrow has ‘best daughter ever’ printed on it. It is a short sleeved and leg free vest design with pop stud fastening at the bottom. There is a choice of colours such as white with blue trim, white with pink trim or plain white, blue or pink. It is made of cotton and can be washed in the machine. It comes in a choice of sizes from newborn to 18-24 months.

This hoody would make a great gift for a beloved daughter. It has ‘you’re looking at an awesome daughter’ written on the front and has a pocket on the front with drawstring around the hood. It comes in sizes from XS to XXXXXL and also some in different colours such as red, royal blue, purple, pink, black, burgundy, navy blue and royal blue and some have a two-tone effect with grey inside the hood.

This is a lovely journal to gift to a daughter. It has a lovely quote on the front as well as a feather and it says ‘to my daughter’. It has a leather cover and inside there are 120 pages with cellophane and card slots for keeping things inside it. It is great to use as a diary, journal or notebook as it has lined pages. It is 7.9 x 4.7 inches so that it can easily fit into a bag.

This book entitled ‘Daughter’ by Jane Shemilt would make a fitting gift for a daughter. This thrilling book was a Sunday Times bestseller and has great reviews. It helps you to examine mother daughter relationships and is a novel about the disappearance of a teenage girl. The mother searches for her daughter and discovers a truth that she could just not have guessed and this leads to a devastating ending.

This sentimental Lifecharms bracelet would make a lovely gift from a mother to her daughter. It is a pretty bracelet with gold and silver charms on a 5mm bead stretch bracelet which is plated with pure silver. The luxury box that it comes in says ‘The love between a mother and daughter is forever’ and therefore makes a great gift. It is even coated to prevent any tarnishing of the metal.

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