26 Gift Ideas for People with Diabetes

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There are many people that suffer from diabetes. When buying someone with diabetes a gift it is important to be thoughtful. This is because they need to be careful when it comes to sweet treats and they have to look after themselves extra well. Therefore, gifting can be tricky but it is important to still come up with some nice treats. We have come up with a list of ideas though, of things that might be suitable for the diabetics that you know. All sorts of ideas, practical and fun, with all sorts of prices so that you are sure to find something that you think will be suitable for them.

26 Thoughtful Presents for Diabetics

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This is a really lovely luxury diabetic hamper. It contains a selection of no added sugar treats that they can try out. There are Diablo hazelnut cookies. Diablo chocolate cream flavoured wafers, The Lite Chocolate Company dark orange bar and Sula butterscotch sweets. All of the items have no added sugar but use sweeteners instead which do not raise blood sugar in the same way. Comes in a gift box all ready to give away.

This comical mug is a great gift for a diabetic with a sense of humour. It is a white ceramic mug with ‘dealing with multiple pricks daily…..proud diabetic’ on it. The mug measures 9.5cm x 8cm and is suitable for use in dishwashers and microwaves. The message is printed using the dye sublimation method to make sure that it lasts. Would be a good gift for a diabetic that injects insulin.

This is a lovely gift-wrapped sweet hamper suitable for diabetics. All the sweets are sugar-free. There are eight packets in total and they are: chocolate limes, rhubarb and custard, assorted toffees, liquorice toffee, mintoes, sherbet lemons, sherbet strawberries and fruit drops so a really good selection of different flavours. The sweets are also gluten free and contain artificial sweeteners rather than sugar. All wrapped up and ready to give away or send directly to the recipient.

This is a very useful cookery book by Phil Vickery called ‘Ultimate Diabetes Cookbook’. The recipes are specifically designed to help a diabetic to control their blood sugar. There is a nutritional analysis for every dish and traffic light labelling as well. There is information about controlling weight, reducing refined carbohydrates, reducing portions and including nutrient-dense ingredients. The recipes are interesting, varied and fun with breakfasts, lunches, main meals, sides, and sweet things all included.

These comfort insoles are designed specifically for diabetics. They are made by PRO11 and can be trimmed to size, although they are available in a choice of 6/9 or 8/12. They have an EVA foam base which gives superb cushioning for the feet and has thermo-forming forming. Diabetics often struggle with problems with their feet and they can find shoes uncomfortable and sometimes even painful. These can provide some welcome comfort.

This medical alert card set can be a useful gift for any diabetic that travels a lot alone and is prone to hypos. The set includes two keyrings and a card which can be personalised. You can choose between having ‘diabetic’ or ‘type 1 diabetic’ on them and there is a space to write an emergency contact telephone number. On the card there is also room for medical information. There are also stickers included which could be put on a phone case, diary or something like that.

This medical alert bracelet says ‘type 1 diabetic’ written on it or that can be customised to say what you wish. It is an adjustable bracelet suitable for women, men and children and has a strap, like a watch strap so it can fit all wrist sizes or you can pick an elasticated strap. It comes in a choice of styles and colours. The stainless-steel surface is highly polished to give a comfortable feel and it is hypoallergenic.

This marmalade can make a great treat for diabetics. It is fine cut orange marmalade made by Stute with no added sugar. It is sweetened with sorbitol and has less calories than ordinary marmalades and jams. It does contain naturally occurring sugar from the Seville oranges. This is suitable for a diabetic that loves marmalade on their toast but avoids buying regular brands because they have so much sugar in.

This fun notebook would be a great gift for a diabetic with a sense of humour. It has a pink cover and says on it ‘be nice to diabetics we deal with enough pricks’ and has a picture of a syringe below it. The writing is white. The book is a blood sugar journal with charts that have enough space for blood sugar readings for two years if taken before each meal.

These Big Foot socks provide extra comfort for those with diabetes who might find it hard to get socks that fit. They are for UK shoe size 11-14 and are extra wide to give lots of comfort. They are made from 80% cotton, 18% polyester and 2% elastane and have a really soft feel. They have a hand linked toe seam and are machine washable. The pack comes with three pairs and they are black.

This Diabetes weight-loss cookbook is written by Katie and Gincarlo Caldesi. Gincarlo was diagnosed with type II diabetes and it was his experience of losing 4 stone and reversing his diabetes on a low carb diet that inspired this book. The couple work with a nutritionist to make sure that the recipes are healthy but not fattening. They are full of flavour though and there are family favourites such as steak and chips and curry as well as puddings like hot chocolate pots and cake.

This is a lovely charm bracelet which is made especially for diabetics. It comes on a card with a lovely message. It is addressed to a ‘diabetic warrior’ and has an empowering message on it explaining how the recipient is a superhero and how proud the giver is of them. It explained the bracelet is to remind them of their strength, capability and how loved they are. The bracelet has a suede cord of about 46cm with a charm.

This funny travel mug has ‘be nice to diabetics we deal with enough pricks already’ on it. It holds 14oz in its stainless-steel body and has a leak proof lid which is rubber based and a plastic handle and base. It is the right size to fit most car cup holders. The design helps to keep drinks the temperature that you wish with ice being kept cold for 24 hours and warm drinks being kept hot for 6 hours.

This is a lovely hamper box especially for diabetics. It contains a selection of treats that are suitable for diabetics that they may not normally be able to have. It contains a box of Belgian chocolates from The Lite Chocolate Company, and a bar of fruit and nut chocolate, as well as some Diablo boiled sweets in strawberries and cream and fruit flavours. It comes all wrapped up in wrapping paper and a bow.

This is a wallet which contains useful items for diabetics. It has a pack of chewable tablets, a bottle of berry juice and two tubes of gel. These all contain glucose and are therefore suitable for diabetics to take out and about with them in case their blood sugar gets low and they need to replenish it with something quickly. The products are free from caffeine, artificial colours and artificial sweeteners.

This nutritional supplement has been specially formulated for diabetics to safeguard their daily nutrient requirements. It is made by Vitabiotics and is called Diabetone original. It contains 21 different nutrients including chromium which helps the body to maintain normal blood glucose levels and it can be used instead of a general multivitamin. The tablets have been tested in independent nutritional research into wellbeing. There are 30 tablets in the box.

This is a fun top for someone who feels like they are really fighting their diabetes. It says on it ‘Diabetic Ninja’ and has a picture of a ninja holding a syringe on the front. It has short sleeves and is made from light but high-quality cotton. It is available in sizes 2XS – XL and a variety of colours – black, green, blue, grey, orange, pink, purple, red, white, and yellow. You can choose between different styles as well unisex t-shirt, ladies t-shirt, v-neck t-shirt, long sleeve, sweatshirt or hoodie.

This is a useful pocket counter for carbs and calories produced in association with diabetes UK. It is by Chris Cheyette and Yello Balolia. It can handily fit into pocket or bag so that it can be taken around while eating out, shopping or visiting people. It is very easy to use and has a photo of the food and clear figures showing nutritional information. It has over 800 popular food items.

This colourful fridge magnet says ‘Type 2 diabetic insulin-dependent’ and has a red star sign in the middle with blue circles on it. It measures 38mm and is round. It can just be used to decorate a fridge but also perhaps stuck somewhere prominent to remind visitors of the fact that there is an insulin-dependent diabetic in the house. Could be useful in the car too just in case the driver gets into difficulties.

This is a lovely charm bracelet for a diabetic. It is handmade and is made of glass silver pearls which are 8mm and 6mm in size with a pendant that heart shaped and says ‘Diabetic’ on it in capital letters. This means that it will alert people to the fact that the wearer is diabetic should they need medical help. The charm measures 2.6 x 1.7 x 1.4cm. The beads are held on jeweller’s elastic so that it can stretch to fit any wrist.

This mug is designed for diabetics. It is a white 11oz mug and has black writing on it which says ‘but first, insulin’. The motto is printed on both sides of the mug and the print is durable and long lasting. It has an easy grip handle and is suitable for hot and cold drinks. It comes padded in a thick cardboard box to ensure safe transit. A funny gift for a diabetic with a good sense of humour

This healthy portion plate will help anyone who is looking to make sure they eat healthily to do it right. The plate is split into labelled sections to help with portioning food up correcting. Half the plate is for salad or vegetables, a quarter for potatoes, pasta or rice and the other quarter is for poultry, meat or fish. The plate will eliminate the need for calorie counting or complicated weighing of food.

These memory foam slippers are designed with diabetics in mind. They come in sizes 4-9 and have a Velcro fastening so they can be fitted snugly. They come in a variety of colours: grey, burgundy, black, mottled black, light grey, light pink, pink, black and wine red. They are soft and have a faux rabbit skin lining so they are really soft. The memory foam in the sole helps to cushion the feet and support and soothe foot pain.

This is a very useful insulated case which is perfect for carrying insulin. Insulin has to be kept cool and so if a diabetic is out and about they have to find a way of keeping it cool when there is not a fridge they can use. This cool bag is not just an ordinary one as it has special pockets to keep the insulin and accessories in. Just add an ice pack to the bag and it will keep the bag cool for hours and the insulin products will be protected too.

This fitness tracker would be a great gift for a diabetic who is trying to improve their fitness levels. It is so important for us all to exercise but for a diabetic making sure they exercise to maintain a steady blood sugar level is even more important. This is a high-end device by Teminice and it will monitor heart rate, sleep, calories, steps and even has a camera, call reminder and alarm clock.

This popular book by Michael Greger called ‘How Not to Die: Discover the foods scientifically proven to prevent and reverse diabetes’ would be a great gift for a type II diabetic. It is based on scientific research and explains what health and diet choices can be made to help to balance or reverse diabetes and other diseases associated with metabolic disorder. It has practical advice for family health as well as individuals.

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