26 Gift Ideas for People Who Love to Walk Dogs

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Whether you want to give a gift to someone that walks your dog for you or you want to treat someone that walks dogs, whether their own or someone elses then you should be able to find something in this list for them. It is a list of special things which should particularly appeal to those people that walk dogs. Some are practical items and others are things which they might find fun. You will be able to choose the thing that you think will suit them the best. This could be anything from clothing to books – there are ideas here for everyone.

26 Presents for Dog Walkers & Their 4 Legged Customers

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L This is a fun and warm hoodie which has ‘This is my dog walking hoodie’ printed on it. It is available in sizes small to XXL and in a selection of colours – black, fuchsia pink, gold, maroon, navy blue, red, sapphire blue and olive green. It is made from 50% cotton and 50% polyester and has a drawstring around the hood and a pocket on the front for keeping hands warm or for holding dog treats!

This fun book by Edward Stourton is called ‘Diary of a dog walker: time spent following a lead. The author reflects on his time walking his dog and who he has spoken to along the way. It is a witty and wise book about romantic attachment, honour, heroism, guilt and depression all based around his walks with Kudu his dog. A charming and thoughtful book by the newspaper columnist and radio presenter.

The boot buddy is a fantastic tool for cleaning all sorts of things such as boots and bike wheels. It is hand operated so you can be gentle and use it to remove mud really easily and quickly. Just fill with water and unlock the flow and you can use the brush and water to very quickly clean things. It even has a scraper on the bottom to get large clods of mud off before you start. A simple design and portable item so that you can clean up before getting into your car or very quickly when you get home.

This is a really handy bag for anyone that walks dogs. It is designed to easily hold dog treats and toys with zipped sections for the walker’s keys and phone as well. It can be carried on a shoulder strap or around the waist and even has a handy poop bag dispenser. It has a folding cup as well as the dog can have a drink and a D clip to put used poop bags.

This is a special foot cream designed for dog walkers. It is Sweet William cream and comes in an amber glass jar and contains vitamin E and natural essential oils for reviving the feet after a daily dog walk. Will help to soften the feet as well and relax the feet especially if they are tired. A lovely thoughtful gift for someone that covers a lot of miles while they are walking their dog.

This is a fun t-shirt with short sleeves which says on it ‘Walker of dogs’ and has two dogs pictures on it. It is available in sizes small to XXXL and comes in a choice of colours: black, navy, asphalt or dark heather. The tops are a cotton and polyester mix and a classic fit. They are lightweight and have a double-needle sleeve and bottom hem and can be washed in the machine.

This is a little fun ‘dog walker’s survival kit’. It is a small organza bag (13cm x 18cm) tied with a ribbon, containing twelve items that will be useful for dog walkers. The attached card will explain why each of the items will be good for them such as ‘safety pin – because you keep each dog safe’, ‘playing card – to help you deal with any situation’ and ‘love hearts – because you love dogs’.

This Handipod poop bag dispenser is neat and compact and a great way to make sure that a dog walker always has a bag with them. It also has a hand sanitiser dispenser on it so that they can clean up afterwards. It is high quality and it can be attached to clothing or the dog lead so that it is really easy to carry. It is refillable as well – simply pop off the gel dispenser and replace with a new one.

This fun travel mug has ‘Keep calm I’m a dog walker on it’. It is sturdy and has a useful handle on it. It will fit in most car cup holders so good for taking out and about or on a dog walk. It has a non-spill lid which rotates to reveal drinking holes. It has thermos vacuum technology so that it keeps drinks hot for 5 hours or cool for 9 hours.

This fluorescent jacket from Red Leader Clothing will keep any dog walker safe. It says dog walker on the back in black print. It is bright yellow with 5cm width reflective tapes on the back and the front meaning that the dog walker will be seen easily in dim light. It is 100% polyester so is cool and has Velcro fastening to keep it on securely. It comes in a choice of sizes so there should be one to fit all dog walkers.

This is a smart and stylish Walker and Hawkes men’s wax bodywarmer jacket. It is sleeveless but has multiple pockets and a tartan lining. It is made of 100% waxed cotton and so is waterproof and has a collar to keep the wind and rain from the neck. It has a two-way heavy duty zip as well as poppers. It is available in olive or brown and in sizes small to 5XL.

This is a fun greetings card for a dog walker. The picture on the front shows all sorts of different people walking different dogs, old and young, big and small. The art is a really cute style and it has a pale blue background. The card is blank inside so you can use it for any occasion such as a birthday or a thank you card. It measures 5 x 7 inches.

This flat cap is the perfect thing to keep the head warm and dry when walking a dog. It is a unisex country wool cap and is available in beige, brown, grey or cream. It is 80% polyester and 20% wool for warmth with a stitched padded lining for comfort. It comes in sizes S to 3XL so should fit every head and can be gently washed by hand if needed.

This is a lovely Sweet William branded hand cream for dog walkers. Dog walkers hands really go through it, not only are they out in all weathers, sun, wind and rain which can damage the hands but the strain of the lead can also cause problems. This hand cream has cocoa and shea butter to soften the skin and also has jojoba oil and vitamin E to make skin smooth and supple.

This is a fun weekly planner made especially for dog walkers. It says ‘Ultimate dog walkers weekly planner’ on the front with pictures of five dogs. It is a two year organiser and notebook with pages split into a mix of weekly planner and lined notepaper. It is 6 x 8 inches and allows you to easily plan your week in the diary pages and then write any notes of explanation, shopping lists or other things on the other page.

These fun socks say ‘Trust me I’m a dog walker’ on them and have a picture of a dog holding a lead in its mouth on them. They are for ladies’ size 4-8 and have vinyl print on them. They are ankle socks and come in a striking purple colour with white writing and pictures on them. They came up above the ankle so would be good for wearing inside walking boots or in wellies with long trousers on.

This is a handy first aid kit for pets. It has over 40 items in a box. It includes a tick remover, vet wrap, syringes, bandages, dressings, tape, safety pins, CPR mask, blanket, iodine pads, rubber tourniquet, eye wash pads, carabiner, sting relief pad, scissors, gloves and lancets. It is designed so that you are able to help your pet out and give them some comfort before taking them to the vet.

This is a fun wall sticker or decal. It is black and depicts a silhouette of a man walking a dog on a lead. It is PVC and easy to apply to any wall. It is removable, durable, pressure resistant, shock resistant and moisture resistant. It will not damage the wall and will provide a striking image in any room to customise it or to add to a doggy theme.

This ACME dog whistle is made from plastic and is very useful. It has two pitches one is a high pitch 210.5 and the other is an Acme thunderer. This will be very useful for calling back a dog for someone who cannot whistle or does not find their dog comes back easily when they are called. It has a ring on it so that it can be attached to a lanyard or even a belt or keyring.

This is a really pretty mug which says ‘World’s best dog walker’ on it in pink and has a floral picture underneath. It is 11oz and the artwork is printed on both sides with the main mug being white. It has a C shaped handle and is comfortable to use. It comes packed carefully in a box for shipping which means that it will be all ready to give away or could be sent directly to the recipient.

This book is called ‘Walk yourself wealthy’ and is by Dominic Hodgson. It is a book all about how to use a passion for dogs to make a very profitable dog walking empire. It teaches five marketing secrets to allow a dog walker to learn how to charge lots of money for what they are doing without losing clients, how to attract lots of customers, how to market yourself and how to stand out and use your personality to get lots of money.

These Mountain Warehouse walking shoes are ideal for dog walkers. These ladies shoes have a breathable lining to make them comfortable and cushioned footbed. They have high traction sole which provides grip and support. It has a lace-up design so easy to get the right fit. They come in navy and dark grey in sizes 4-8. They are mainly made of textiles and have heel and toe bumpers to protect the feet and the shoes.

These Merrell men’s leather hiking shoes will be great for walking a dog at any time of the ear. They are an attractive brown pecan colour and come in sizes 6.5-15 so there will be a fit for every foot. They are fully waterproof but have a breathable lining to keep the feet feeling fresh. There is also a rubber toe cap to protect the some and the toes from impact. They have a gum rubber sole and a flat heel with laces to close them.

This Tacvasen ladies’ jacket is ideal for being out walking dogs in all weather. It is water-resistant and windproof meaning that it will keep the wearer warm and dry. It has breathable fleece and has a detachable hood. It comes in a choice of colours: rose red, purple, black, blue and watermelon red. It comes in sizes small, medium, large, XL, XXL, 3XL, 4XL, 5XL so should fit everyone.

These thermal gloves have special finer and thumb areas so touchscreens can be used when wearing them. They have an anti-slip grip so great for holding a phone and a dog lead. They have a warm lining and are made from a stretchy material so they stay snug. They come in a choice of colours, black & white, grey, black and rose. They are designed to be unisex and come in sizes large and extra-large.

These women’s waterproof trousers would be really handy when walking a dog. They are made by Regatta and are available in midnight blue and black. They come in sizes S, M, L, XL. They have a comfortable elasticated waist to easily fit over other clothing and are made of polyester. They can be washed in the washing machine and have a water repellent finish with taped seams. They are lightweight.

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