33 Gift Ideas for Dogs. Your 4 Legged Friend Will Love These

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Our dogs are our best friends and so buying them gifts can be lots of fun. You may wonder what your dog might like, but there are lots of original, quirky and practical ideas for gifts that we can buy for our dogs. We have picked a selection of what we think will be great gifts. There all sorts of different ideas from the very practical to completely silly, so that you can pick something which you think you and your dog will really like. With a range of different prices, you will find that there should be something that will suit everyone.

33 Presents for Dogs & Puppies

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These grooming gloves can be a great treat for you and your dog. They can either be used when bathing your dog or grooming them or just to give them a massage. They have 180 silicone tips on which will collect the pet hair. They are soft and safe so that they can feel good for your pet. It will massage and stimulate them. It has an adjustable strap for a good fit and comes in a choice of blue or yellow colours.

This rechargeable device is a nail trimmer for your dog. It is a painless way to cut their nails without the risk of cutting them too short which can happen with standard clippers. It works for all pets and is low noise and low vibration so that it does not startle them. It charges using a USB slot such as that on a phone charger or PC so it is really simple to use.

This is a twin pack of shampoo formulated especially for dogs. The Animology true colours brand is a unique shampoo which enhances the colours in your dog’s coat. It is a mild formulation does not strip essential oils but cleans deeply to remove dirt and odour. It also is easy to rinse so that the washing time is kept to a minimum. It is suitable for all breeds of dog from 6 weeks old.

This lick pad is a unique idea to help keep dogs occupied and still when you are washing them or otherwise needing them to stay still. Smear some soft food on it and they will be occupied with licking it off while you bathe, groom or trim them. It sticks to any shiny surface so can be used anywhere you need it. It comes in blue and red which can be easily washed by hand or in the dishwasher.

These wipes are sunscreen for dogs. The Doggy Sunwipes provide an SPF 15 sunscreen for your dog. They are jumbo size so great for all sizes of dog. Just wipe over the dog for instant sunscreen. Especially important for their sensitive ears, nose, muzzle, pink areas and for light-haired dogs. It provides them with essential sun protection without being irritating to their skin. It has a non-greasy formula and smells similar to human sun lotion.

This heavy duty retractable dog leads come in funky colours and is suitable for most dogs. It comes in neon pink or blue so looks great and it will work on dogs up to 20kg. It has a non slip handle which is comfortable to hold firmly so will not burn your hands. With 5 meters of lead, the dog has the freedom to run away from you but you have a break button to prevent more lead being pulled out if they get too far away.

These temporary tattoos are great for anyone that loves boxer dogs. They have a selection of different boxer dog designs in different colours and are really easy to apply to the skin. They are great fun and you can use them and show them off when you are walking your dog! They are very easy to put on using just water and you can stick them to skin or nails.

This giant tennis ball is a great fun toy for your dog. It measures 9.5 inches and is a great ball to throw for your dog to chase and collect. It is big enough to be seen in the park, fields or the garden and the bright colour helps this as well. A great fun treat for any dog, large or small to play with and have lots of fun.

This dog whistle can be really helpful when you are training your dog. It produces and ultra-sonic sound which is easy for your dog to hear. You can use the whistle to get their attention so that they come back to your when let off the lead or train them to obey you through different whistle sounds. It Is small and therefore easy to carry. It is made of stainless steel and therefore very durable.

All dog owners need a good collection of waste bags to take with them on walks. This selection has 8 rolls with 15 bags a roll. Having a smaller roll means that they are easier to carry in your pocket while out walking. The bags are 9 x 14.25 inches and are easy to tie up. They have a double seal of the bottom to make them nice and strong and an embossed texture so that they are easy to open.

This cute dog print backpack is useful for keeping all your doggy things up together or just for general use. It is black with a multicoloured and patterned chihuahua print design on it. It has drawstrings on the top for easy access to the things inside. It is 10 x 4.9 x 6.3 inches and is waterproof and very easy to carry. It has a zip at the bottom for easy access.

These rope toys are a great way to entertain your pet. They are made from natural cotton and are therefore non-toxic. They are also very strong so can make a great chew toy. They can help reduce plaque build-up on the dogs’ teeth due to the chewing action helping them to massage the gums and prevent gum disease. There are five different toys included such as balls, donut, carrot and knotted rope.

This microfibre dog towel can be personalised with the name of your pet. The towels can have up to 12 characters printed on them above the paw design which is in black. It makes it easy to identify that this towel belongs to the dog and should not be used by anyone else. It is light and folds up small for travel purposes and is easy to machine wash. It measures 110 x 60cm and is a beige colour.

This special ball is a great toy for your dog. It is is non-toxic and bite resistant. It is designed as a chew ball but also for feeding treats to your dog. It Is made from very tough rubber with good elasticity so it will last a long time and it will allow them to clean their teeth. You can between either blue and green or yellow and red.

This is a bathrobe towel for your dog so that they can dry quickly after a bath. It is designed to fit the unique contours of your pets’ body and is made of ultra-fine fibre material so that it is gentle and fast drying. It is really easy to put on using a loop around the neck and a strap to keep it in place. The towels can be machine washed and tumble dried.

This ball should be really entertaining for your dog. It is multicoloured so they can see it well and has different textures. It makes a sound when it is shaken and it smells and tastes of beef. Your dog should have such fun with it. It comes in the option of either a small or medium size so that you can choose the appropriate one for your dog. You and your dog can have lots of fun with this.

This is a fun dog toothbrush toy. It is in the shape of a cactus and has lots of sticking out prongs. This allows the dogs teeth and gums to be cleaned as it chews the toy. It is made of natural rubber which is non-toxic and bite resistant. There is a hole in the top where you can add toothpaste and it will get squeezed out as the dog chews the toy and spread on its teeth. Suitable for a 20-40lb dog.

This is a very smart dog collar and lead set which comes in a presentation box. The collar is adjustable in sizes 40-63cm and 2.5cm wide in a tweed tartan wool fabric with metal rose gold colour clasps. It is reinforced with nylon to make it really strong. It is washable by hand so it is easy to keep clean and dries quickly. Comes in either light brown or dark brown.

This cute crocodile will bring a lot of joy to your dog. It has a squeaker inside it that they will really enjoy. Its bright orange colour will be attractive to them and it will help to stop them from getting bored. It is made of non-toxic rubber so it is really strong and has been tested on many dogs. It can be cleaned easily by hand with water and soap. It is 10.4 inches long and 3 inches across.

This handy dog paw cleaner is great to use on your dog after walks before they come in the house or get into the car. It has soft silicone brushes to gently massage the dirt form the paws and can be used with water or sanitiser. Everything comes apart so that it can be thoroughly washed after use. It measures 10 x 8.5 x 15cm and so fits large dog paws.

This lovely chest is ideal for storing your dogs belongings. It comes in various sizes (31 x 20x16cm, 37x25x18cm and 42x30x20cm) and has a cut out paw print design in it. You can order one box in the size you wish or a complete set with one box of each size. Ideal for storing dog’s toys, lead, blanket, treats or other accessories, to keep them neat and tidy in one place.

This Furbo dog camera works with Alexa to help you to communicate with your dog. It allows you to talk to your dog when you are not home and to see them as well. You can hear what they are doing and you get an alert if they are barking and you can give them a treat. It is stable and flexible and the downward camera angle allows it to be placed on a safe shelf.

This slate heart can be personalised to make a lovely memorial for your dog. It is 110 x 100mm and at the top it says the pets name and then you can put in dates. Below it says ‘you left a paw print on our hearts’ and you can choose some pictures such as paw prints or hearts. It comes with a Perspex stand so that you can put it anywhere you wish.

This is a lovely memory foam bed for your dog. You can pick between four sizes so that you can get the right one to fit your pet. It has nonslip rubber on the bottom to prevent it from slipping and an inner waterproof cover. The outside cover is removable and machine washable. The edges are cotton-padded so it is comfortable if they want to rest their head on them.

This bone shaped chew toy is designed especially for dogs that are aggressive chewers. It comes in medium or large size so that you can choose the most appropriate one for your dog. The chewing helps to clean teeth and control plaque levels to promote good oral health. It has a bacon flavour to encourage them to chew on it. Additionally, it helps to reduce boredom in your dog.

This is a set of beer for your dog. It is called Woof and Brew and is a 2 bottle gift set and you can choose different options with regards to the specific brew. Do not worry though it is a healthy drink for your dog as it is non-alcoholic and non-carbonated. It has vitamins, minerals and antioxidants in it and is safe for all dogs or all breeds and sizes.

This antler dog chew is a practical gift for your pet. It is hand cut and sanded so that it is ready to chew with no sharp edges. It is long lasting and will help to keep the dogs teeth clean. It is also low calorie and fat free but mineral rich. There is no mess or smell so there is no cleaning up to do if it is used indoors.

This doggy gift set has all sorts of really special treats for your dog. It contains a bottle or bottom sniffer dog beer, a tweed animal toy, squeaker, bow tie, dog biscuits and dog crisps. It all comes in a lovely presentation box. You can pick from other options for different box contents as well if you wish. This one is specifically a pub dog gift. All have free delivery.

This book contains lots of information to help keep your dog stimulated. Brain games for dogs by Claire Arrowsmith shows you how to bond with your dog using mental stimulation and reward-based teaching methods. You learn all sorts of ways to play with your dog and to have lots of fun, teach them tricks and do activities to form a friendship together. The author is well-qualified so knows what she is talking about.

This is a fun pull toy for your dog. It is designed to be thrown like a frisbee for our dog to catch, but also has rope handles for them to chew and you can pull on the handle on one side while they chew the other. It is made from heavy cloth and rope to withstand heavy use. A great toy to entertain your dog which you can play with them or they can entertain themselves when you are busy with other things.

This is such a cute pet feeding bowl and it has a cute picture too/ It says on the outside and has ‘I (heart) my Jack Russell and has a photo of a Jack Russell on it and some paw prints around the outside. It is mainly white and yellow in colour with red hearts and brown writing. It looks pretty sturdy so that it cannot be easily tipped over when being used. It is 20cm and therefore ideal for your Jack Russell to feed from.

This is a huge treat for any dog. It is a luxury hamper full of all sorts of things your dog will love. Includes treats such as meaty chews, dog biscuits, bedtime biscuits, snack bars, popcorn, doggy beer and meaty sticks as well as toys such as a rope stick and poop bags. Such a big variety of different items and brands will keep your dog spoiled for a very long time.

This is such a lovely dog bandana which will keep your pet looking super stylish. It is pink and purple tartan and handmade in Ireland. You can select different sizes (10,12,14,16,18,20,22,24,25 inches) to fit your dog. It is machine washable so easy to care for and designed to be comfortable with safe snap buttons to hold it securely. The back is not tartan but soft fleece for comfort. Will keep any dog looking smart!

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