25 Gift Ideas for Drummers - Snare Their Imagination

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If you are looking for a quirky, original or practical gift for a drummer then you have come to the right place. We have a really good range of different gifts that you can choose from. You will be able to see that there are many different things to suit different tastes as well as different budgets. From clothing and cups to drumming accessories and ornaments you will hopefully be able to find something that will suit the recipient well. Look through and you should be able to find the perfect thing to gift to the drummer in your life.

25 Presents for Drumming Fans

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This children’s hoodie has the words ‘eat sleep drum repeat’ on the front so would make the perfect gift for a child that loves drumming. It is available in ages 3-4, 5-6, 7-8, 9-11 and 12-13 and in lots of colours: royal blue, black, fuchsia pink, gold, grey, maroon, navy and red. They are made from a 50% cotton and 50% polyester blend and are good quality and child safe.

These brush drum sticks help a drummer to play with a lighter touch and a lower volume. Could be welcome in a small house which has a lot of drumming sound but also produces a jazz drum sound. They are 34cm in length and have rubber ends which prevent rusting and wear to the drum heads. The brushes themselves are made of wire. The wire length is 14cm. They have a retractable loop end.

This is a fun t-shirt that will be loved by any drummer. It has short sleeves and the word drums on the front which is part of an ECG heartbeat line. This is in white print. It is available in black asphalt, navy and Kelly green and is made from a cotton and polyester mix. There are different size options with small to 3XL for men and the same size range for women too.

This cap would make a great gift for any drummer as it has a picture of someone drumming on the front of it. The cap has a peak and is adjustable at the back. They come in one size in black and are suitable for men or women. They are made of 100% polyester and are washable. There are eyelet holes in the top to allow the head to breathe and the edges and peak protect from the sun.

This water bottle will make a really great present for a drummer as it says ‘eat, sleep, drum’ on it. The bottle is white with a black lid. It is stainless steel and holds 400ml. There is a clip on the lid which you can use to attach to a belt or bag. You can swap out this lid to a sports cap for easier drinking and this sports cap lid is attached by a loop to the neck of the bottle.

This fun stubby/beer bottle holder says ‘I’d rather be drumming’ on it. The writing is white and the product is black. You can choose from a short or tall one, depending on whether you want to use it for cans or bottles. The short is 10.5cm high and the tall is 13.5cm high and they are both 20.5cm in width. They are adjustable so you can make sure that they fit tightly around your bottle or can.

This drawstring bag has ‘born to play drums’ on it with a picture of a drumkit. It measures 37cm x 46cm and is therefore great to give to a child for use for their PE or swimming kit. It comes in a choice of colours: mustard, black, bottle green, bright red, burgundy, French navy, fuchsia or royal blue. They are made from 100% cotton and they all have a white cord.

This is a quality drum stick bag which allows all types of drum sticks to be protected. It is made from 600D oxford cloth with an inner PVC lining. It has three sizes of pockets to take different sizes of drum accessories, with the capacity to take 10 pairs of sticks. It even has a hook that you can attach to your floor to keep the bag safe and secure.

These professional drummers gloves are made by well-known brand Zildjian and are therefore something that would make a welcome gift. You can choose between small, medium, large and extra-large to suit all hand sizes. They have a vented back with soft lambskin palm and have a Velcro strap closure to keep them snug with the brand name on it. The first finger and thumb have finger grip patches to help with controlling the drumsticks.

These drum stick sets can be personalised with the name of the drummer that you wish to gift them to. They are made from high-quality redwood which is lightweight and are 7A and therefore suitable for all types of drums. You can choose what is engraved, so a name, motto, band name or things like this and you can even choose the font so it looks really special.

This is a fun rucksack with a picture of a hand holding drumsticks on it. It is ideal for keeping drumming equipment or music in but also for carrying anything. It is made of durable canvas which will not easily tear. It is 30 x 40 x 14cm which will fit a 14 inch laptop and has a main pocket as well as a small front pocket which have zippers and open pockets on the side which fit bottles of water.

These silicone earplugs are a must for any drummer. They will help to reduce damage to eardrums when drumming and being part of a noisy band. You get two packs with a carry case so if you lose some, you will have back-ups. They are brightly coloured which means they can be more easily found if dropped in a dark place and come with an aluminium case which has a chain on to easily attach it to keys, bags or whatever.

This is a really great keyring for anyone who loves to drum. It has a pendant which depicts a drum kit. Coloured in blue. Gold and black with a silvery base it looks really great. It measures 9 x 0.3 x 4.5cm and would look really good hanging on keys or a belt. It could also be used as a collectable to or hung up in a bedroom, from a bag or in a locker.

This wrist support strap made by Finburst is useful to support a drummer when playing. It will fit wrists up to 8.5 inches or 22cm, therefore fitting children and adults. It protects against the jerking movements made by drumming and avoids discomfort and pain as well as minimising the risk of injury. Can double up to be used for sports as well, so multiuse and therefore would make a very useful present.

These fun 1970’s style socks would make a great gift for a drummer. They have lime, turquoise, white and red stripes with the silhouette of a drummer on them and the pattern is all over the socks. They are made from polyester so are comfortable, lightweight and sweat-wicking. They are 30cm and are suitable for all adults; male or female and are great fun with their quirky and cool design.

This is a fun novelty gift for a drummer. It is a pack of two items a drumstick keyring and a drum tuning key. The drum key is suitable for drums with standard 1/4inch socket square tension rods. It is made of shiny antique brass with an ergonomic handle and it has a hole in the top so that you can attach it to a keychain like the Rayzm drumstick one that is included.

This hand exerciser is great for drummers to help them with their grip. It is designed to increase wrist and forearm strength. There is a dial on it to adjust the resistance between 10kg and 30kg so you can build up as you get more used to using it. It is made of plastic and steel and is orange and black. It is portable and very easy to carry if you wish to take it around with you.

This is a practical gift for anyone that plays golf and is also a fan of drumming. It is a small silver coloured tin with a picture of a drummer on it. Inside is a set of golf divot tools which also have the same drummer pictured on them. The tin comes with a set of 4 tools which are white and printed on one side. The tools are 30mm x 76mm x 4mm and the tin is 82mm x 52mm x 19mm.

This drum seat would make a fantastic gift for any drummer. It is saddle-shaped and the height can be easily adjusted from 45-68cm. It has three rubber feet to stop it slipping on the floor and the legs are made from galvanized alloy castings which are polished and electroplated. The seat is padded for comfort and braced in its construction for durability and stability. Easily comes apart to fold flat for transporting.

This quirky yoga mat has a picture of a drummer with a drumstick in their hand on it. It is non-slip and has no toxic smell. It is 72 x 24 x ¼ inches and is lightweight and durable so perfect for carrying to your yoga class. It has a lovely soft texture and a non-slip surface for safety. Suitable for use at home or in class and for yoga or Pilates.

This is a fun hip flask for any drummer. It has a picture of a drum on it and says ‘drummer: one who beats things with sticks’. It is made of stainless steel and has a screw-down lid and hinge. The lid is soldered to the body attached by rivets so that it cannot be lost when it is removed. It is a standard size of 7oz. It is easy to carry and can be used to store all sorts of drinks.

These jogging bottoms are the perfect design for a drummer. They are black and feature a white picture of a drum kit. They come in a selection of men’s sizes. They are soft and lightweight as well as breathable and quick drying so they are really comfortable to wear for sports or just for leisure. They have an adjustable waist which is elasticated and can be washed in a machine at 40 degrees.

This humorous sweatshirt will make a great gift for a drummer with a sense of humour. It is heather grey in colour with black printing showing a drum kit and the words ‘this dude bangs’. It is available in sizes small to XXL. It has a twill-taped neck and a classic fit with long sleeves. It is a cotton and polyester mix and suitable for cool washing in a machine.

This is a unique hand drum which would be a great way to add to the drum collection of a drummer. It is made of solid wood with strings and a painted design on the base in an African style. It is 6 inches and suitable for children aged 3-6. This means that it can be a great first drum for a child to try or something new for children that already enjoy drumming.

This novelty metal sign is a bit of fun for any drummer. It says ‘drummer parking only violators will get beat’ on it with a picture of a drum kit. It is 20cm x 30cm and has predrilled holes so that it can be easily hung up. It can be hung anywhere, outside or inside. It might suit a driveway the best but it could also work on a shed or garage, in a kitchen or the place where the drummer practices.

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